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Archive-name: Slaves/keeper.txt


Archive-title: Keeper

She wouldn't meet my eyes as she knelt there on the floor at the foot of

the low couch, naked.  Her hair was short, body finely shaped, breasts

small but beautifully round.  The nipples seemed to stand far out.

I couldn't quite remember how I had gotten there but I was dressed only

in a pair of tight running shorts and the view of the submissive maiden

was already starting to make quite a bulge.

Without saying a word or meeting my glance head-on, she motioned me to

stand in front of her, facing her, the couch behind me.  She pulled

down my shorts and gently caressed my feet as I stepped out of them.

By now, I was standing pretty far out and she easily was able, still

kneeling to take me gently into her mouth.  Her fingers ran down the

length of my cock and suddenly I felt a pressure as she locked some

sort of tight ring around the base.  Starting at the sudden pain, I

felt my cock pull out of her mouth as she toppled me back on the


I'll never know how she moved so fast but in an instant I found myself

bound to the couch, legs locked together, arms pulled down by my sides

and a tight band around my forehead forbidding any motion of my head.

The couch was shaped so that my pelvis was slightly higher than the

rest.  The ring around my cock was so tight that I feared it might cut

off circulation.  She stood beside me, legs slightly spread and a smile

of the sort that didn't reassure me at all.

She moved to straddle me and slowly lowered herself, taking me into her

tight but well lubricated vagina.  The friction was too much and I

tried to come; but the constricting ring only let me get a bit stiffer

without allowing the release.  The fear began to overwhelm any passion

and I felt myself try to wilt.  But again, the ring kept me painfully

firm and hard.

She moved up, down, forward, back until I could see that she was right

on the edge.  Then with a quick motion, she reversed herself and lowered

herself over my mouth.  At first I didn't move but it became clear that

if I didn't do something, I might suffocate... so I began moving my tongue

in, out, back, forth.  She moved herself a bit to let me get now in

front, now in back, now in the middle.  As she moved, I got quick breaths in. 

I could sense her getting closer and closer and suddenly she spasmed

with the first of a long series of contractions.  Almost immediately she

leaned forward and took me into her mouth again, doing something to

release the constricting ring.  As she almost swallowed the whole length

of me I came with a depth of intensity I had never felt and passed out.  

I felt people releasing my bonds and two people picked me up to carry me

away.  As we approached the door, I heard her voice for the first time:

``Not bad, not bad.  He's a `keeper,' I'll try him  again tomorrow.''


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