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Archive-name: Slaves/karens01.txt

Archive-author: Gyrfalcon

Archive-title: Karen's Story - Part 1

  (a fantasy)

  The night before, Thursday night, a bunch of us from work had 

been in a bar, late, unwinding after a hard day.  Lynn looked up 

over my shoulder and started giggling and we all turned to look 

at what.  Into the bar came a man in a suit, leading a woman by a 

leash connected to a collar around her neck.  She was well 

dressed for an evening on the town but was wearing cuffs on her 

hands and following this guy by the leash.  I guess they were out 

for what was called a "scene."

  Doreen scowled, "that's disgusting."

  "I don't know," I smirked, "it looks like it might be fun, at 

least it's probably better than what I've been getting lately."  

Everybody laughed.  My abysmal luck lately dating was well known 

in this group.  But I saw a glimmer in Linda's eye that I didn't 

understand just then.

  Then subject changed and I didn't think about it anymore that 

night until I went to sleep.  Then I was haunted all night long 

by the image of the woman in the dress with the collar around her 


  Just after lunch the next day, Linda came into my office and 

shut the door.  "Karen," she said. I quickly looked up from the 

terminal at her.  She was dressed like me, in a business suit:  

skirt just below the knees, blouse, and jacket.  Linda is about 

30 years old, and about 5'9" tall.  She has a body that catches 

many men's eyes, with good size breasts a slender waist and 

strong, but not large hips.  I have always been envious of her 

beautiful blonde hair, which she wore in a short page-boy.  She 

looked at me intently.  "What's up?" I started to say, but she 

interrupted me.

  "I'll do the talking here, I think," she commanded.  Linda was 

the supervisor of another group.  So although she was not my 

boss, she definitely ranked above me in the corporate hierarchy.  

Still, we had been friends since I had started and had always 

related as equals.  Today seemed different.  She had a very com-

manding look on her face.  I had seen her use that look on oth-

ers, but this was the first time she had used it on me.  She gave 

me a quick once over and gave a quick nod of approval.  I am 

about 5'6", with brown eyes and curly brown hair.  I keep my body 

in good shape.  Then her eyes locked on mine, staring me down.  I 

felt my will bending to hers.  I blinked and then looked down.

  "Huh?" was all I could manage, as I looked up sheepishly.

  "The scene last night intrigued you, hum?" she asked.

  "Yes, it did," I responded, very curious where this was lead-


  "Good.  Then it's your turn.  Remember last month when I gave 

you that lead and you said that you'd do anything to repay me?  

Well now's the pay-back.  For this weekend you will do as I say.  

I am going to show you what domination is about from the inside.  

Do you understand?"

  I was dumbfounded.  I didn't know what to say or even think.  

Before last night I had never even thought about it.  I didn't 

know Linda was into that sort of thing.  But something came over 

me.  I wasn't entirely sure why, but I nodded and said, "Okay, 


  "The proper response is 'Yes, Mistress', or 'Yes, my Lady.  You 

also may add my name.  Do you understand?"

  "Yes," I said, then falling into this thing, "Yes, Mistress 


  "Good!  You will do what I say until Sunday night at 8:00.  If 

you fail to follow my instructions, the punishment will be severe 

and public.  Until that time you are mine!  You will not eat or 

drink unless I say so.  You will need my permission so much as to 

go to the bathroom."  I nodded, very nervous.

  "First off:  at three o'clock I like a cup of tea.  You will 

bring it to my office at precisely that time.  It must be hot.  

The cafeteria has a nice Earl Grey.  I drink it black.  Do you 


  "Yes, Mistress," I replied.

  "Very good!  You also will bring a cup for yourself.  You will 

drink it with sugar.  Now, I'll have your panties and stockings."

  "What!"  I was not expecting that.

  "That's one demerit.  You are not to speak out of turn.  Your 

underwear, now!"  She glared at me.  I cowered back from the 

stare.  Embarrassed, I stood up and started to turn around and 

pull up my skirt.  "No, my pet, don't turn around.  You must 

learn to do things even when embarrassed.  You must learn to 

enjoy the embarrassment.  Now!"

  "Yes Mistress Linda."  I barely breathed.  As she watched in-

tently, I pulled up my skirt and removed my panty-hose and pan-

ties.  I straightened my skirt and placed my underwear on my desk 

in front of her.

  "Very good.  You learn quickly.  Now at three, when you bring 

me the tea I'll have your bra as well.  You can remove it in the 

Ladies' Room.  But don't go into a stall!  Remember you must have 

my permission to relieve yourself.  Remove it in the open where 

everyone can see.  If anyone asks why you are taking it off, you 

will just reply, 'Because I have to.'  Understand?"

  "Yes, Mistress."

  "When you come to my office, I will have something for you and 

instructions for later.  That is all for now.  Three o'clock pre-

cisely!"  With that she turned and walked out of my office.

  I found it hard to concentrate on my work.  A little while 

later, I got up to get a glass of water from the cooler.  I felt 

like everyone could tell I wasn't wearing anything under my 

skirt.  My face was burning.  I quickly returned to my office and 

shut the door.

  At twenty minutes to three, I quickly got up and headed for the 

bathroom.  There was no question in my mind at this point about 

following instructions.  When I entered the Ladies' room, Linda 

was standing at the mirror, fixing her makeup (although it looked 

as perfect as ever to me.)  She ignored me.

  "Hi, Karen," it was Melissa, washing her hands.  I nearly 

jumped through the roof.

  "Oh, hi, Melissa.  Sorry, you startled me, my mind is else-

where.  I'll talk to you later."  I babbled as she walked out.  

There were a couple of other women in the room, but I had my 

orders.  As Linda watched out of the corner of her eyes.  I 

removed my jacket and shirt and laid them on the counter.  As I 

got a couple of strange glances from other women, I reached 

behind me and removed my bra.  The embarrassment was acute, but 

somehow a turn-on as well.  I do not have huge breasts, but they 

are big enough that I usually feel more comfortable in a bra.  

Fortunately, no one asked what I was doing.  As Linda washed her 

hands, still mostly ignoring me, I put my shirt and jacket back 

on.  My bladder was starting to pressure me, and I glanced at the 

stalls.  But I was not going to ask Linda's permission here in 

public.  I could go later.

  I stuffed my bra in my purse and walked out of the room.  Linda 

had preceded me by just a minute.  We work on the 23rd floor of a 

fifty story building.  The cafeteria in on the tenth floor.  The 

elevator was slow getting there and I kept glancing at my watch, 

nervous that I was going to be late.  Three o'clock precisely, 

she had said.  I rushed quickly through the line and got two Earl 

Grey's.  One black for her and one with cream and sugar, as I 

like it and put tops on them.  I rushed back and just missed one 

of the elevators.  I got on the next one and walked as quickly as 

I could to Linda's office.

  The door was closed when I got there.  I knocked nervously.

  "Who is it?"

  "It's Karen," I said nervously.

  "Come in," I entered, "and close the door behind you," she 

said.  Linda came from behind her desk and sat on the front of 

it.  "You may kneel there," she indicated the floor in front of 

her.  "You have my tea."  I handed one to her and knelt on the 

floor, sitting back on my heels.  She took off the top, "Oh, no, 

this will not do, this has cream in it.  I said one black for me 

and one with sugar for you."

  "Oh, sorry, this is yours," I burst out, handing her the other.

  She looked at me quickly, I dropped my eyes.  I had spoken out 

of turn.  She took the tea.  It was black.  "Well, at least you 

got one right.  That will be three more demerits though, one for 

the tea, one for talking, and one for getting a drink without my 

permission.  Do you understand?"

  "Yes Lady Linda."  I cowered, my kneeling position forcing me 

to look up at her.  I hadn't even thought about it when I had 

gotten the water.

  "Good, now drink your tea."  She handed back mine and took a 

sip of hers.  "I believe that you have something else for me."  I 

reached into my purse and took out my bra.  "Thank you, my girl, 

a very pretty bra, as were the panties.  You have good taste in 

lingerie."  She put her bra into her briefcase.  "You did well in 

the Ladies' room!  What were you thinking?"

  "I was embarrassed, Mistress," I replied making sure I ad-

dressed her correctly.  "But it was exciting, too."

  "Good.  Good.  Now finish your tea."  I quickly drank it down.  

Linda placed hers on the desk and walked around to the other 

side.  The tea flowed right through me.  I needed to go to the 

bathroom.  I shifted and opened my mouth to speak, but looked to 

Linda hoping for permission.  "Yes, what do you want?"

  "My Lady, I need to go to the bathroom."

  "What for?"

  "To relieve myself."  She tipped her head back slightly and 

looked down her nose at me.  "To relieve myself, my Lady," I 

quickly said, realizing my mistake.

  "I think not.  Not right now anyway.  You may ask again later.  

Now stand up and come over here."  I got up and walked to the 

side of her desk as she indicated.  She opened her draw and 

pulled out a belt.  On the front of the belt was a heart shaped 

device.  Around the belt were small batteries.  "This is called a 

Heart On.  You will put it on now.  Place the heart over your 


  Again embarrassed, I mumbled, "Yes Mistress."  I reached down 

and pulled up my skirt as she watched.  She handed me the belt 

and I attached it around my hips.  I adjusted the heart so it was 

over my pussy, centered on my clit.  My pussy was wet, the odor 

drifted up to me.

  "Very good Karen."  Before I lowered my skirt, Linda reached 

over and moved a switch on the belt and the heart started vibrat-

ing.  It was making a very pleasurable sensation between my legs.

   "You like it, I see," Linda said as I smoothed out my skirt.  

"You will wear it until I tell you otherwise.  It should be 

enough to stimulate you but not enough to bring you off.  Now 

back to your office.  You will return here no later than five 


  I hurried back to my office, sure that everyone was watching 

me, but in fact no one noticed a thing.

  Half an hour later, I could stand the pressure in my bladder 

and my pussy no longer.  I walked down the hall to Linda's of-

fice.  She had someone inside talking to her, but waved me inside 

anyway.  I sat in a chair, saying nothing, my bladder was full 

and my pussy was quivering.  Finally, Linda's guest left.  She 

looked at me, "Yes, girl."

  "My lady, may I have permission to go to the bathroom."

  "What for, girl?" Her tone was scornful.

  "I need to relieve yourself."

  "You have no permission to relieve yourself from the Heart On.  

Is that all?"  She looked at me as if I were wasting her time.

  My face was flushed with embarrassment.  "Mistress Linda, I 

have to pee."

  "Oh, well, I suppose that it has been long enough.  But I'll 

make sure that peeing is all that you do.  Follow me."  She led 

the way out of her office and to the fire stairs.  I docilely 

followed her down two flights of stairs to a floor of the build-

ing that was mostly empty.  Down the hall and into the ladies 

room.  She opened the door to a stall and waved me into it.  As I 

started to close the door behind me, she stopped me.  "No," she 

said.  "You will relieve your bladder only.  You will not relieve 

either your pussy or your embarrassment.  Keep your eyes on mine.  

Do not look away.  Now, sit!"

  I flushed.  I felt ready to die, but I lifted my skirt and sat 

keeping my eyes locked on hers as she commanded.  Before I could 

pee, she commanded, "Not now, girl!  You must wait until I say 

so."  The feeling was exquisite:  embarrassment, pressure, and 

complete lack of control.  I sat on the toilet, my skirt around 

my waist, holding in the pee.  Linda's eyes locked on mine.  I 

felt completely at her command.  "Ok, girl, you may pee now."  I 

released my bladder and the relief was immediate.  I almost came 

from the shear pleasure of it.  And Linda's eyes said that it was 

she who was giving me the pleasure.  I automatically thanked my 

mistress:  "Thank you, Mistress Linda."

  "You learn well, girl," she said.  "Now wipe yourself and 

straighten out your skirt."  After I did, she led me back up-

stairs.  "Five O'clock!" she reminded me as we separated.

  I got almost no work done the rest of the afternoon.  The Heart 

On kept vibrating against my pussy, driving me insane, but not 

letting me come.  I wanted to put my hand between my legs and 

bring myself off, but I knew that Linda would find out and I 

didn't want to find out what would happen.  She was right.  I was 


  At last five o'clock arrived.  I rushed to Linda's office.  

Unfortunately, before I got there, Tom intercepted me to talk 

about an account of his.  I spent five anxious minutes talking to 

him, knowing that I was going to be late.  I dreaded Linda's 

reaction.  I practically ran to her room.  She looked up from her 

work as I entered and then looked at her watch.  "You're late, 

wench.  That will be two more demerits.  Now, close the door, 

come around here, and kneel down to make your apology."

  I walked to her side of the desk and knelt beside her.  She 

turned toward me, still sitting and placed her feet before me.  

Somehow, I knew what was expected.  I lowered my head and kissed 

her feet.  "Mistress, I am sorry I was late.  I deserve the 

demerits."  And I sat back on my feet.

  "That is correct, Karen.  You do deserve them.  And you will 

deserve the punishment that comes with them later.  Now, I have a 

little work to do before we can leave.  Please stay where you 

are."  I stayed kneeling for the next fifteen minutes while Linda 

finished some paperwork.  Outside I could hear everyone leaving 

the office.  The place emptied quickly Friday afternoons.  Final-

ly, she finished what she was doing and she turned to me.

  "Well, my pet, the work day is over.  It is time to play.  We 

have a little drive ahead of us.  You will do the driving, so I 

think that we will remove that stimulation so that you can keep 

your mind on the road.  Stand up and hike up your skirt."

  I did as she instructed, rising to my feet and pulling my skirt 

up around my waist.  Linda reached over, turned off the vibrator 

and undid the clasp that held it on my waist.  Before I could 

lower my skirt, she reached behind me and gave my ass a squeeze.  

I flushed.  "Nice firm ass, girl, and how about the pussy?"  I 

was turning bright red as her hand ran around my front and swept 

by the front of my sex.  "Nice and wet, oh you must be a horny 

bitch about now, aren't you girl?"

  "Yes, Mistress, very horny!" was all I could answer.

  "No, 'a very horny bitch'.  Say it."

  I hesitated, but her frown caught me, "Mistress Linda, I am a 

very horny bitch."

  "Good, now drop that skirt and take my bags."  She handed me 

her brief case and a small overnight case.  "Follow me, remember, 

always two steps behind and to the left."  I took up my position 

and followed her out of the office feeling like an errand girl.  

We went to the elevator and down to the garage under the build-

ing.  Linda led me to her car, a beautiful red BMW convertible.  

She had me put her bags in the trunk and then I opened the door 

for her before getting in on the driver's side.

  "Very good," she purred.  "Now what can we do to make this 

drive a little more interesting?  I know.  Take off you skirt and 

let the truckers see that nice wet pussy of yours."

  I stared at her for a moment.  "You want me to take off my 

skirt here.  And then drive around without it on?"

  She slapped my face.  "I will not have you questioning me!  Do 

you understand?  Take that skirt off now, you cunt.  And I was so 

pleased with the way you had been doing."

  I felt completely chastened.  All I could feel was that I had 

disappointed my Mistress.  Choking back a sob, I lifted my hips 

and reached behind me to unzip my skirt, then I slid it off and 

down to the floor.  Without a word, she grabbed the skirt and put 

it behind my seat.  "Now let's get out of here," she said.  "Take 

the expressway north out of the city."

  Once we got out onto the expressway, Linda reached over and hit 

the switch to put the roof back.  Now my exposure was much more 

apparent.  I was driving down the highway with nothing covering 

my privates except the tails of my blouse and blazer.  And Linda 

took care of those with two quick sweeps of her hands.  Numerous 

times, a trucker would roll by, do a double take and honk his 

horn before continuing on.  I tried to keep my mind on the road.  

Then Linda pulled out a clipboard and a pen and started asking 


  "When was the last time you had sex with a man?"

  "Uh, three months ago."

  "That long, poor girl."  She made a mark on the clipboard.  

"Now, was it vaginally, orally, or anally?  Or some combination, 

be specific."

  Although I didn't want to answer, I did anyway, "I sucked his 

cock and then he fucked me."

  "Did you come?"

  "Uh, no."

  "Have you masturbated since then?  Do you play with yourself 


  "Yes, a couple of times.  No, I don't masturbate often."

  "When was the last time you had sex with a woman?"

  "What?  Never.  I never even thought about it."

  "Never even thought about it?  I find that hard to believe."

  "Well, maybe, sometimes."

  "My, we are a pure one aren't we?"  The next page of the clip-

board.  "Now, have you ever had sex with an animal?"

  "No!"  I was shocked.

  "Ever fucked two or more men at once."

  "Once, in college, when I was drunk.  My boyfriend and his 


  "Oh, we find some dirt.  Do you own a dildo or a vibrator?"

  "No," and the questions kept going on.  Eventually, she direct-

ed me to take an exit off the highway.  We were in the high 

hills.  We wound our way around some back roads and finally came 

to a large estate surrounded by fences and walls.  At Linda's 

instruction, I pulled up to the gate house.  A pretty blonde 

woman sauntered over to the car.  She was dressed in a guard's 

uniform:  a tan shirt and knee length brown skirt, brown leather 

boots, tie, and a night stick held to her waist by a leather 

belt.  She went to Linda's side of the car.

  "Good evening, Mistress."  Linda was obviously recognized.  

"You had a nice trip from the city I hope."

  I was being completely ignored.  "Yes Margaret.  Thank you for 

asking.  You may open the gate for us now."

  "As you wish, my Lady."

  The guard reentered the gatehouse and threw a switch.  As the 

gate opened, I was dying of curiosity about where I was and what 

was going on.  I parked where I was instructed to, and anticipat-

ing a command, got out and opened Linda's door for her.  Then I 

realized I was standing in the open, wearing nothing but a blaz-

er, blouse and heels.  "May I put my skirt back on, Mistress 


  "No, of course not.  Now, get my bags."  Chastened, I got her 

bags out of the trunk and followed her into the mansion.  I call 

it a mansion because I can't describe it any other way.  It was a 

beautiful, huge house, set in the trees and hills.  I looked all 

around as I followed my lady to the door.  "Is this yours?" I 

asked, unable to hold back.

  "No, silly girl.  It belongs to an old friend of mine, whom you 

will meet tonight.  Now, no more questions out of turn."  She 

climbed the steps and rang the bell.  The door was quickly an-

swered by a young woman in wearing a short, black maid's dress.  

The bottom of the skirt just reached the top of her white stock-

ings.  A white apron, a cap on her lustrous red hair, and feather 

duster completed the uniform.

  She curtsied.  "Welcome Madam Linda.  We are expecting you.  

Your usual room has been prepared.  Festivities begin in a half 

an hour.  Shall I call someone to get your bags."

  "No, thank you Jocelyn, my servant will take care of them.  But 

would you please have someone move my car."  Linda handed her the 

keys.  "And tell your mistress that I have arrived."  The maid 

curtsied again and left us alone in the hall.  "Maybe you can be 

trained as well someday, girl.  Come."  Linda said to me and led 

me up a grand staircase.

  We went down a hall and finally entered a large and beautiful 

room.  A stone fireplace was on one wall, and two walls had large 

windows rising from knee height to the ceiling.  A gorgeous cano-

pied bed sat between the windows of one wall.  On either side of 

the fireplace was a beautiful wooden door.  One was open to a 

bathroom.  An armoire, a tall bureau, two overstuffed chairs and 

a side table completed the furniture.  A soft deep rug covered 

the floor.

  "Now, wench, we must get properly attired for the festivities.  

Put my bags down by the bed and then take off the rest of your 

clothes."  As I complied without question, Linda went to the 

armoire, opened it and removed a couple of items then dumped them 

on the bed.  "Come here, slave."  She motioned me over next to 

her.  Then she reached out and put a leather collar around my 

neck.  "I think that you've wanted one of these since you saw 

that scene last night, haven't you slut?"  I could only nod.  I 

felt like her property, wearing her collar.  "And I have wanted 

to put one on you, to train you so that I could be proud of you!  

And that will be tonight.  Now your hands."  I lifted my hands 

and she clicked and locked on my wrists two metal bracelets one 

with a short chain hanging off it.  Then she handed my two more 

cuffs.  "Place these on your ankles then stand here and don't 

move.  I must use the toilet."

  As she walked into the bathroom I obeyed her.  I knew this was 

the last act of submission, placing the cuffs on myself.  But I 

was happy to do it.  I stood, naked but for the cuffs and collar, 

and waited for her.  I heard the toilet flush and my Mistress 

came out and walked to the closet.  She took something out of the 

closet and tossed it on then bed.  "Now you will be a lady's 

maid.  Probably a better position then you deserved," she 

scowled.  "Undress me.  And be quick about it."

  I knelt in front of her and as she lifted up each foot, I 

removed her shoe.  Then I moved behind her and took off her jack-

et.  Her skirt unzipped down the back and I lowered it as she 

stepped out of it.  After I quickly folded her skirt she turned 

around and I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off her.  This 

left Linda wearing a white bra, panties, and garters and nude 

stockings.  I assumed that I was finished and stood there waiting 

for her next command.  As soon as she realized I thought I was 

finished, she reached out and slapped my face.  "You lazy bitch.  

I knew you weren't good enough for this job.  Finish undressing 


   "Yes, My Lady" I sobbed and reached for the clasp on the front 

of her bra.  I couldn't help but admire how firm her breasts were 

when I took off her bra.  Her nipples were hard and I paused a 

second admiring them.  "On your knees girl and take off my pan-

ties," she hurried me along.  I dropped to my knees and pulled 

her panties down and off her.  They were wet from her pussy and 

her scent was overwhelming me.  Her blonde pussy was so pretty.  

"I want to...what, I don't know.  I'd better not stop!" I thought 

before I unhooked each stocking, rolled them down and took them 

off my mistress as she raised her foot.  Finally I unhooked her 

garter belt and she was undressed.

  "You are so slow, girl, I don't know what I shall do with you.  

No time to have you dress me and no time to beat you.  Hold out 

your hands."  I did so, and she connected the chain between my 

hands so I couldn't move them very far apart.  "Don't move!" she 

ordered, went to the armoire and got another chain that she fixed 

between my feet hobbling me.  Then a leash clipped to my collar.  

She pulled me to the door and tied me to a hook next to the door 

with the leash.  Finally she put a gag in my mouth.  "Now I can 

get dressed for the festivities," she sighed.

  I watched, fascinated as Linda picked up the clothes that she 

had tossed on the bed.  She put it on quickly.  It was a brown 

leather, sleeveless body suit with a zipper up the front.  It fit 

her body like a glove and showed it off oh so well.  She adjusted 

the edges around her ass and crotch and then went quickly to the 

closet and got a pair of knee-high, high-heel boots the same 

color as her body suit.  As she sat on the bed pulling on her 

boots, someone knocked at the door.  "Yes, come in." Linda 

called.  The door opened, it was the maid, Jocelyn.  She glanced 

at me with a dismissive look then curtsied to my Mistress.  "My 

Lady's compliments, Mistress Linda," Jocelyn said.  "The guests 

are assembled in the ballroom.  They await your arrival.  Still, 

my lady instructs you not to rush.  And she wished you to know 

that if the house has anything you need, you may consider it 

yours."  Again the curtsy.

  Linda was pleased, you could see that from her smile.  "Thank 

you, Jocelyn.  Please return my thanks to your Lady.  I will be 

along presently, depending on how quickly I can drag this little 

cunt along with me.  But first, come here, there is something of 

the house that I could use."  Jocelyn went over to my mistress 

and bent over to her as she whispered something in the maid's 

ear.  As she bent over, it became apparent that she was wearing 

no panties.  Jocelyn glanced at me and giggled, then stood and 

curtsied again.  "Yes, Mistress Linda.  It shall be done."  Then 

she hurried out of the room.

  Linda stood up and went again to the armoire.  The she came 

over to me a riding crop  in one hand.  "Well, my girl.  It's 

finally time for your training.  I'm sure that you'll be good.  

Come now, follow me."  She grabbed my leash and led me out of the 

room.  I hobbled along as best I could with my feet chained 

together.  Once or twice I stumbled, but Linda had no mercy.  She 

merely pulled at my neck and mutter, "Come on, you little bitch.  

We mustn't keep everyone waiting."  When I began to think about 

what she said, I became more and more nervous.  Everyone?  What 

did she mean by that?  Where were we going?  And who was every-


  We went down the stairs and to the back of the house and we 

came to a door.  Outside the door was a woman dressed as the gate 

guard had been:  brown shirt, and skirt, brown boots, and a tie.  

Linda seemed to be expecting her to be there.  "Ah, good, Anne!  

You will take control of this piece until I call for you."  Then 

she reached up and took the gag off my face.  "And if she speaks 

or does anything without being told, you are to slap her across 

her face!"

  The woman, Anne, I guess, smiled and said, "Very good, my lady.  

They await you within."  Linda nodded and slipped through the 


  As I waited, Anne looked me up and down a couple of times, 

smiling and then focused on my breasts.  I was embarrassed, and 

started to turn away.  Anne just reached out and turned me toward 

her again.  I heard some clapping and then the door opened.  

Linda stuck her head out and said, "Anne, please bring our train-

ee."  Anne grabbed my leash and pulled me into the room.

  The room was a beautiful, large ballroom, with two sides filled 

with windows looking out onto beautiful grounds.  In the center 

of the room was a semi-circle of eight chairs around a tall post 

and pillows on the floor.  In all but one chair sat a woman, each 

different and beautiful.  The women were all different shapes, 

colors and styles, but all were wearing formal evening gowns, and 

made up to the nines.  At the foot of each woman was another 

woman, curled up by her ladies' legs, or kneeling and holding 

some refreshment.  These women were all clad differently:  a 

bikini, a sarong, one nude, one dressed as a nurse, one in stock-

ings and lace underwear.  The lady at the center of the semi-

circle had two girls at her feet.  One, clad as a maid, was pol-

ishing the lady's nails; the other was seated at her other side 

in a baby-doll nightgown and was having her hair stroked by the 

lady in the chair.

  All their eyes followed me as I was lead into the room, follow-

ing Anne, who was following Mistress Linda.  I felt the blush all 

over my body.  They led me to the woman in the center of the 

circle, and the guard forced me down onto my knees.

  Linda spoke, "My Lady Eve, I present my newest trainee for your 

approval.  This thing of course, has not earned the right to her 

name yet.  I ask your permission to train her before you here."

  The woman, Eve, answer.  "Of course Linda, please proceed."

  Linda looked at me.  "This is the mistress of the house, girl.  

You will greet her appropriately."  As she said that Mistress Eve 

stuck one foot forward.  I took the hint and crawled forward on 

my knees and kissed her foot.  "Very good girl," Linda praised 

me.  Then she said "Anne, take off her foot chains and secure her 

to the spanking post."

  I felt upset, hadn't my lady just said I was doing well?  What 

was the spanking post for?  The woman guard roughly took the 

chains off my feet then hoisted me off my knees by my handcuffs.  

She then secured the chain of the handcuffs to a ring above my 

head on the post facing away from the women in the chairs.  

Finally she reached between my legs and roughly spread them, 

leaving me hanging mostly by my arms and off balance on my feet.

  Linda sauntered over and placed her hand on my rear-end, rub-

bing it.  She stood there, where I couldn't see for what seemed 

like an eternity, caressing my ass until she finally said, "Now 

girl, How many demerits did you earn today"

  I counted back quickly through the day, "Five, my lady Linda."

  Suddenly, her hand was removed and then I heard a swish through 

the air and I felt a searing pain on my ass.  I screamed in shock 

and pain.  "Wrong, you stupid little bitch," Linda yelled at me.  

"And who gave you permission to yell like that.  That will be 

another demerit."  She walked in front on me so that I could see 

her and showed me the riding crop  she had held in her hand since 

her room.  "This will be your punishment again, girl, if you are 

wrong again."  She moved behind me again and started caressing me 

with the riding crop .  She moved it around my ass, teased my 

asshole, and then brought it between my thighs from behind, 

rubbing my pussy.  My mind centered on there, I didn't want to 

think of anything else.

  Mistress Linda brought me quickly back.  "Ok, little cunt, 

let's try again.  How many demerits did you earn today, and this 

time you better name them."

  "Yes my lady Linda.  The first was for speaking out of turn 

when you first talked to me, then when I brought your tea, you 

gave me one for bringing the wrong tea for myself, one for talk-

ing and one for getting a drink without your permission.  Then 

there were two more for being late at the end of the day, oh dear 

that was six Mistress.  And you just gave me one more, for a 

total of seven.  Is that correct, Mistress Linda?"

  "Very good girl.  Much better.  Now I think that you deserved 

to be punished for your demerits.  Then you won't have to worry 

about them anymore.  Don't you agree?"

  I was afraid to do anything but agree.  "Yes Mistress Linda.  

Please punish me for my demerits."

  "Your punishment will be one stroke from the crop for each 

demerit.  After each you will speak the count aloud, thank me, 

and ask for another.  You may not scream.  Do you understand?"

  "Yes Mistress, please will you begin?"

  "Oh, girl, you learn so quickly.  At times like this it is a 

pleasure to have you as my slave."  Then I heard the swish 

through the air and my ass was stung again.

  I swallowed the scream that wanted to escape me as my eyes 

filled with tears.  I sobbed, "One Mistress, Thank you, may I 

have another."  The next landed on the backs of my thighs.  I was 

crying freely now, "Two Mistress, Thank you, may I have another."  

Again on my ass, I almost screamed again, "Thank you Mistress, 

three, may I have another."  Once more she struck me, and by now 

my eyes were not all that was flowing freely, my pussy as well 

was wet now, "That was four Mistress.  Thank you, please strike 

me again."  She returned to my thighs and I began to feel the 

heat building in my cunt.  "Five Mistress.  Thank you.  Again, 

please."  She struck again, crisscrossing my ass at a different 

angle, I felt the welts rising.  I was sobbing and writhing under 

the combined pain and sexual tension.  "Six Mistress, thank you, 

may I  have another."  Once again I was hit.  It almost took me over the 

edge.  I wanted to come.  I wanted her to bring me off, I took a 

deep breath, "Seven My Lady Linda.  Thank you.  May I have anoth-


  "Oh I don't think so.  Seven was the number," Linda chuckled.  

She turned me around so I faced the audience.  The ladies in the 

chairs all clapped politely.  I hung by my wrists and quietly 

cried, I wanted to come so badly.  "Now little girl, what is it 

that you want?" Linda asked me solicitously.

  "I want so badly to come, My Lady, please," I sobbed.

  "And do you think that you've earned that?"

  "I don't know.  Please My Lady." I didn't even care if the 

other ladies heard me beg.  I was past that embarrassment.  "Oh 

Mistress, I've tried so hard to be good," I begged in a little 

voice.  "I just need to come!  Please.  Please then you can train 

me more.  Please."

  "So be it, you slut.  I think that you have gotten the right 

attitude.  You know that your pleasure is at my control.  Anne, 

let her down from the post and lay her on the pillows.  "

  Leaving my hands cuffed together, Anne released me from the 

post and had me lay down on some pillows strewn around the floor.  

She spread my legs and then got out of the way.  Linda sat and 

put my head in her lap, my hands behind my head.  Then she called 

out, "Jocelyn, are you ready?  Please come here."  I looked up to 

see the maid, Jocelyn approach.  Only she no longer wore her 

maids outfit.  Instead she wore a black bra and garters and the 

white stockings, her beautiful red hair was let down and fell in 

front of her, and strapped to her crotch was a big dildo.  Sud-

denly, I understood.

  "Oh, no!" I said breathlessly.  "Please, Mistress, not like 

this.  Oh no!"

  "Oh yes, my pretty," Linda replied, her fingers stroking my 

cheek, then moving down and caressing my breasts.  "This is how 

you shall come.  My time, and my means!  Ok, Jocelyn, take this 

little cunt, she is yours!"

  Jocelyn knelt to the floor between my legs and I started to 

struggle, bringing my legs together and twisting back and forth.  

Linda held tightly to my head, then bent down and kissed me full 

on the lips.  I was captivated by the thought that I must have 

pleased my Mistress if she was kissing me and stopped my strug-

gles.  "That's better, girl," she whispered to me.  "Cooperate, 

now dear, or we will have to tie you up."

  My tears started again, as I relaxed and spread my legs, re-

signed to be fucked by this woman.  While Linda kept her face 

near mine, Jocelyn lay on top of me, and while she was licking my 

tits, pushed the dildo into me.  Then she started pumping.  I 

didn't care anymore who was fucking me.  I quickly had a small 

orgasm, coming with a shriek, then another climax started to 

build.  I reached my head forward trying to kiss Linda, but she 

moved out of the way and Jocelyn moved to kiss me.  I was sur-

rounded by her red hair and her face, which I started to kiss 

passionately.  She was obviously getting off on this too.  She 

built to an orgasm, and screamed, arching her back, and pushing 

the dildo further into me.  Then she picked up again, as I was 

building toward a peak.  I was moaning and making nonsense words.  

Then Linda said "Stop.  Now!"

  Jocelyn stopped immediately.  Linda moved Jocelyn's face out of 

the way and looked at me.  "Whose are you girl?"

  I knew the answer now.  "I am yours, Mistress."

  "And who owns your body, slut?"

  "You do, my Lady Linda."

  "And who gives you pleasure, slave?"

  "Only you!  Mistress."  I knew that was the only answer.

  "Very well, Jocelyn, proceed." Jocelyn took off again and I 

started screaming, "Oh, oh," at the top of my lungs as I built to 

an orgasm that came and passed by waves and waves over me.  I 

went completely limp.  Jocelyn brought herself off again and then 

got up.  She stood and the audience applauded.  I didn't think it 

was possible to curtsy when you are naked, but Jocelyn managed 

it.  Then she walked off and back out of the room.

  I was left looking up into the eyes of my Mistress.

  "Mistress, please."

  "Yes, girl, what is it?"

  "Please may I pleasure you now?"

  "Oh, lovely one.  You learn so well."  She stood and glanced 

toward Mistress Eve, "With your permission my lady," she said to 

her.  I didn't see what Eve did, but apparently the answer was 

yes, for Linda bowed, then turned back toward me.  She straddled 

my body, standing over my chest, and unzipped her body suit, and 

stepped out of it, leaving her in only her boots.  I looked up-

wards at her beautiful body, her firm breasts, and her lovely 

pussy.  I now knew what I wanted to do before, when I was con-

fused up in our, no, her room.

  She slowly lowered her crotch to my face, and crouched above 

me.  I wasted no time.  I wanted so badly to please my mistress 

and to taste her, to make love to her.  I picked my head up and 

licked her.  She tasted so good, tasting faintly of leather.  She 

tasted something like my fingers tasted when I masturbate, but 

oh, so different.  I did those things that I liked done to me on 

those rare occasions when some man would go down on me.  I licked 

and I nibbled, I thrust with my tongue and I squeezed with my 

lips.  I wanted to reach her with my fingers, but my hands were 

still chained behind my head.  Suddenly, she grabbed my head and 

pulled me even closer to her crotch.  I could barely breathe, 

surrounded by her pussy and lovely smooth thighs.  I didn't 

fight, knowing she was nearing climax, I started thrusting faster 

and deeper with my tongue and soon she let out an "Ahh!" as her 

pussy spasmed.  A flood of juices covered my face and she let go 

of my head.

  She wasn't finished though, and I was glad.  She slid her hips 

down my body and brought her tits to my face.  I went for them as 

quickly as I had reached for her pussy, and just as hungrily.  I 

didn't know what she liked, so I experimented.  I quickly found 

that she wanted me to nibble and bite them.  When I did, she 

writhed and ground her crotch into whatever part of my body it 

was lying on at the time.  I don't know if she got off from this 

alone.  By this time, I was getting hot again (still?), but I was 

unconcerned for myself.  I knew my Mistress would take care of me 

when I deserved it.

  Then she lifted her self from me and turned around.  She squat-

ted over me again, but this time she presented her ass to me, her 

cheeks spread from the way she crouched.  Her pretty little pink 

asshole stood out, beckoning me.  I knew what she wanted.  I 

reached for it with my tongue, as I saw her reach for her pussy.  

Her scent was strong here.  I could smell the leather, and sweat, 

and the juices from her pussy.  These combined with another 

deeper scent which all drove me crazy.  As I licked and probed 

her ass for all I was worth, Lady Linda's hands were rubbing her 

pussy.  She was making a lot of noise now.  Her hands moved 

faster.  She pushed her ass into my face and then backed off 

again.  I felt her come a number of times as the quivers of her 

cunt reflected through her ass.  My thoughts were only for her 

pleasure.  What was it that had just taken her over the edge?  Do 

it again.  Do it better!  Do it more.

  Finally, her whole body shuddered, she screamed, and then 

collapsed in a heap on top of me, her head on my legs.  Her 

crotch was still in front of me and I watched it quiver, and the 

still, and quiver again, like the aftershocks of an earthquake.

  Then the applause started again.  Stronger this time than for 

Jocelyn.  I looked up at the ladies in the chairs.  All were 

clapping.  All the women next to them were as well, except the 

nurse.  She knelt was between the legs of her lady, who had 

raised her evening dress to her waist, and was licking her lady's 


  My Lady Linda arose slowly, then undid the chains at my wrists.  

She led me in front of Mistress Eve, and motioned me to kneel.  

Linda bowed then said, "My Lady Eve.  This slave has done well 

for her first lesson.  Of course her training will require the 

whole weekend.  With your permission, I offer her the first 

initial of her name as reward.  Ladies, and slaves, this is K."  

The ladies in the chairs simply smiled and nodded their heads.  

The women on the floor all seemed pleased and clapped politely.

  Eve waited the moment until the clapping stopped then said, 

"Well done Linda.  You chose a fine one there.  I suspect that 

you would like to wash up and have K washed up before we contin-

ue.  Justine here," indicating the kneeling maid at her left, 

"will help you.  We will reconvene here in an hour.  I will order 

dinner brought to everyone where they wish.  Thank you."  Justine 

rose and led us back out of the room as the ladies also rose and 

all started talking.

  The weekend continued and I finally earned my whole name, but 

my first lesson will always remain my most memorable.


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