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Archive-name: Slaves/julie6.txt

Archive-author: Doctor X

Archive-title: Julie's Anniversary - 6

"Don't feel so bad, it will get worse with the horses. Look at

what was in you." The nurse held up the huge dildo 7" X 12",

which looked like the weapon that it was. Unprepared, it could do

a lot of damage to a woman's vagina.       "Rest for a while,"

the nurse said, undoing Julie's bonds, "Take a shower in the next

room, but be ready in one hour for your next experience...The


                                The Laboratory       

A new woman came to pick Julie up. She had long streight black

hair, down to her ass. "My name is Andrea. Mistress Andrea to

you. I'm one on the scientists that developed the systems that

changed your body into the slut machine that it is now. I'm going

to show you the laboratory where we do some of our experiments. I

won't be showing you anything too scientific, just some of the

more interesting things."  

Andrea brought a wheelchair over to Julie and told her to sit in

it. There were two moderate sized dildoes on the chair, making it

obvious where she was to sit. Once  she was in place, Andrea

wheeled Julie into the hallway naked as a jaybird. The dildoes 

were having an effect on her, as each bump she went over pushed

the fake cocks deep inside her body.  

"First I will show you one the male experimentation rooms. In

this room, we have men who have been altered with the use of high

dose hormones, so that they experience enlargment of their

testicles, which produces large amounts of semen. Similar to your

breasts, which now produce milk, they must be milked once an

hour, every hour, and as soon as they awake, they are immediately

masturbated three times, to reduce the pressure in their

reproductive tracts. One of our best tortures, is not to let them

ejaculate for a few hours. The pain is incredible. They become so

sensitive that once we let them come, one or two strokes and they

are squirting it all over the place. To give you an idea about

how much the average orgasm is, they usually have about 25 hard

muscle spasms, with each spasm producing about 1/2 a teaspoon of

semen. Obviously, when I say that their balls are large..."  

The door opened, and Julie's eyes grew large. There were two men

tied to X frames, moaning softly. While their semi-hard dicks

were only slightly larger than average (about 7" long) their      

balls were HUGE!!! Each seemed to be the size of a tennis ball.  

"We have prepared a demonstration for you," said Andrea, "these

men were particularly bad, so they have not ejaculated for 10

hours, almost the longest ever. Can you imagine having 10 hours

of blue balls? Now, watch the demonstration. Another part of this

demonstration will show the dedication of our slaves once they

leave here."  

Two twin girls walked it and one said "We have been slaves here

since we were born. Our names are 'Slut' and 'Whore' and that is

what we are. Our lives are dedicated to serving our masters and

mistrisses."  Andrea said "these girls both love to swallow cum.

They adore it in all ways, and will drink it no matter where it

comes from. Now watch:" 

 One of the girls (Who had the name "Slut" tattooed just above

her pussy) went over to the first man and bent over and spread

her ass, revealing is to have been recently stretched and

greased. She quickly grabbed the man's cock, and shoved it into

her asshole. The man groaned immeidately and began almost

screaming. Julie could see the huge muscle contractions of his

crotch, as he pumped gallons of cum into the girl 'Slut'.

 After about 45 seconds, she began fucking him, and after about

30 seconds  he groaned again and began coming. During all this,

her sister was licking 'slut's' pussy and the cum leaking out of

her asshole.  After about four orgasms, the man went limp (and

not just his cock). 

Andrea said "now watch"  Whore lay down on the ground and opened

her mouth. Slut (obviously straining to keep the large volume of

cum in her ass) bend down over Whore's mouth and let loose. Cum

was streaming out of Slut's ass into Whore's mouth, and covered

her face. Whore and Slut were rubbing their own pussys, cumming

constantly. Julie saw what must have been at least two CUPS!!! of

come pour out of that asshole and into that mouth.

The cum was squirting out of Slut's asshole, covering Whore's

face, both moaning constantly. As soon as the last amount of cum

had come out of that puckered asshole, slut immediatly turned

around and began licking off all of that cum that was on her

sister's face.

After the cum was licked off of Whore's face, Slut bent over and

whore put her mouth to the still cum covered asshole and began

licking and sucking it until there was no cum left.

Meanwhile, the other guy was moaning even louder, now that his

"friend" has gotten off, but not him. The girls went to a cabinet

and removed a clear sheath, with a clear tube attatched to the

closed end. The other end of the tube had an enema nozzle on it.

Whore bent over, and her sister pushed the enema nozzle into her


Carefully, Slut poured some mineral oil into the sheath and

lubricated the inside well. Julie was moved over closer so she

could see the action. Slut slipped (slowly, so the man wouldn't

cum) the sheath over the man's straining cock. Once fully

enclosed, she began stroking the rigid cock, util the man let out

a moan and began coming. Julie could see the loads of cum pouring

out of the cock, and with nowhere to go, it went down the tube

into Whore's waiting ass. After the orgasm was over, Slut began

again. The man, who hadn't come in what seemed like weeks, began

coming only 45 seconds later, still producing 8-10 tablespoons of

the white creamy cum. Two more times the proceedure was repeated.

Slut then removed the sheath and placed it back onto the now hard

cock of the other man, and jerked him off twice.

Julie could see all that cum go through the clear tube into

Whore's ass (wanting to taste it, knowing how badly she needed it

by the puddle of juices she was sitting in, and her erect, but

unsatisfied clit). Slut pulled the sheath off of the drained man,

and removed it from the tube coming out of Whore's ass.

Slut put the tube into her mouth and began sucking the cum out of

her sister's ass while furiously rubbing her pussy (as was her

sister). After sucking about 2/3's of the cum into her mouth, she

pulled the tube out (holding it as to not lose any cum) and went

to her sister's mouth and poured the cum into Whore's mouth.

Whore then took the tube and sucked the rest of the cum OUT OF


The sisters then began kissing each other, passing globs of cum

back and forth between themselves.

Andrea said "Someday, you'll love cum that much.... But, now your

breasts must be getting a little heavy, I think we need to take

care of that milk in there."



THE BARN....******





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