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Archive-name: Slaves/julie5.txt

Archive-author: Doctor X

Archive-title: Julie's Anniversary - 5

     She felt the sharp stings of the needles in her arms, saw the fluids dripping

into her arms, and the lights seemed to dim out utill......

     ......She woke up lying on the same examination table, with her legs spread.

She was somewhat groggy, but examined herself. She looked down her body, and

was amazed: Her breasts were huge, with large nipples protruding from them. Her

pussy!!! Her clit was at least 3/4" long. The nurse came up to her. "Well, you're back.

I'm glad. We'll start right now with the pussy stretcher." The nurse rolled the smae

machine that was used to work on her ass over, but this time, there was a HUGE

dildo attached. It was 3" in diameter and 9" long. The nurse started rubbing Julie's clit.

Shockwaves went through julie's body. SHe had never been as sensitive ats this.

"Yes, I know, you can't believe that your clit feels like this. Well, you haven't felt

anything yet. The nurse attached two clamps to her inner pussy lips, and attached the

other end to rings on the machine. This spread Julie's pussy wide open. Her jucies

were flowing copiously. She felt the nurse push the dildo into her pussy. She had

never felt so full. She then felt somthing being placed on her clit.

     "That is an electrical nerve stimulator. It can be used for pleasure....or pain. It's

is the extreme of both. It can make you come and come, or it can make you scream

with agony. You're lucky. You get the Watch."

     All of a sudden her pussy exploded with pleasure, getting her closer and closer

to coming. All of a sudden, she exploded in a blinding orgasm. As she felt her

muscles contract, the dildo resisted the contractions and got larger. Her body fell back

against the table, sweat covering her.

     "Well? What do you think? After each orgasm, the dildo will increase in size

1/4" in diameter and 1/3" in length, untill it is 7" thick, and 12" long. Then it will make

you have 4 more orgasms without and stroking. Then it will stroke you to 4 more.

THen you will just sit there, full for 10 minutes."

     The nurse flipped that magical switch, and left the room. Shockwave after

shockwave went through Julie's body. In less than 30 seconds, her first of god knows

how many orgasms went through her. Then the dildo got bigger. It was already

beginning to stretch her past any fist that had ever been inside her.

     Sweat was dripping off of her, pussy juice was in a puddle under her ass, and

her pussy was red and swollen. After 12 or so orgasms, the dildo reached full size

and began stroking in and out of her now tortured pussy. She was so full, that her

pussy lips could not even move. She was screaming inside form the pain and the

pleasure, as the machine registered her last four orgasms.

     The stroking stopped. She just lay on the table, exausted. A few moments later,

she opened her eyes and saw an amazing site: there was milk all over her breasts.

She haden't even noticed that with each orgasm, milk starting pouring out of her huge

breasts. She tried to look between her legs, but was too tired. 

     After the ten minutes (which seemed like an hour) the nurse came back in.

"Well, you certanly can hold a large cock in you. I don't think you will have a problem

fucking the horses on the farm. But first you will get the tour of the building, see the

experiments that we have going on here, and then you will go to the farm-where you

will get milked, and get your first taste of horse cum...and horse piss."

     She pulled the still huge dildo out of Julie's pussy, which continued to gape

wide open. So the nurse roughly jammed her fist in to the waiting hole. Feeling her

cervix, she balled her fist up and quickly pulled her hand out of Julie, who

subsequently screamed.

     "Don't feel so bad, it will get worse with the horses. Look at what was in you."

The nurse held up the huge dildo 7" X 12", which looked like the weapon that it was.

Unprepared, it could do a lot of damage to a woman's vagina.

     "Rest for a while," the nurse said, undoing Julie's bonds, "Take a shower in the

next room, but be ready in one hour for your next experience...The laboratory..."








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