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Archive-name: Slaves/julie4.txt

Archive-author: Doctor X

Archive-title: Julie's Anniversary - 4

                    Julie's testing: Her ass gets it


     "I'll be leaving you now, I'll be back in about an hour or so, when the

machine pages me." The nurse flipped a switch on the machine, and Julie

screamed as the rest of the 7" length of the dildo was rammed into her asshole in

one push.

     Julie felt the dildo sliding in and out of her ass slowly, as perhaps a good

assfuck might be. But she knew that this pleasant feeling wouldn't last too long.

As soon as she thought that, her entire gut wrenched up, as she felt the blast of

electricity surge through her. Her ass clenched around the dildo, trying to dislodge

it, without success. The shock stopped, and as she relaxed, she felt the dildo get

slightly bigger. Once again,  the dildo began sliding in and out of her now sore ass.

and once again, her entire body tensed up as the electrical shock hit her. She felt

the dildo get slightly larger, now stretching her asshole just a bit too much for it to

be considered uncomfortable. She also realized that as she tensed up, she started

those weights attached to the bungee cords moving, causing her breasts to start

painfully bouncing around.

     This stretching continued for the next hour. Her ass was rubbed raw,

bleeding slightly. SHe was becoming somewhat immune to the electrical shocks,

but each stretch of the dildo was a new experience in pain. But, she realized, she

had had at least 15 orgasms, each more draining than the first. She could feel the

pool of pussy juice (now mixed with blood) formed around her ass. 

     The machine began to beep softly, and she saw the nurse enter the room

again. "How are we doing? feeling open yet?" The nurse pressed one more button

on the machine, and Julie screamed as the dildo enlarged about twice the width in

usually grew, and it forcfully began reaming her ass. After a minute of this, Julie was

brought to a screaming orgasm, and she felt the dildo slow down, and finally stop

and pull out. Her ass felt so wide open, and her muscles were too weak to even

close up the hole.

     The nurse pulled the machine away from the exam table, and showed Julie the

new size of the dildo. Julie was amazed. THe dildo was at least 10" long, and 6"

wide, covered in blood. "You'll be given ample time to heal, which is the next

process before we go on to your pussy. Imagine, you'll get a dildo larger than this

one in your pussy after your ass is healed.

     "Here's what's going to happed to you next. You will have an Intravenous

line started in both your arms, one will contain nutrients, high in proteien and

minerals. The other will contain several chemicals. One will be a sedative: you will

be kept sedated for the next week while you heal, that way we don't have to

worry about you going anywhere. Another will be extremely high concentrations of

the hormones that make your body sexually exited. By the time you wake up, even

the slightest touch on your clit will bring you to a screaming orgasm. Still another

will make your vagina begin to secrete incredibley large amounts of lubrication.

Another will make your clit grow to about the same size as mine." 

     The nurse lifed her skirt up, to show her engorged pussy, with legs that

were completely soaked with pussy juice. Her clit was at least 3/4" long. "I have

never experienced the types of orgasms that I have now, since I had the treatment

you are about to receive." The nurse continued with the list of bodily changes that

are going to occur to Julie.

     "Another chemical will make use of the high concentrations of fat that will

be in the nutrient solutiion, and your breasts will grow to the DD size that mine

are. And last, but not least, you will start producing milk-not the little amount they

normally would, but several cups a day. To stay comfortable, you will need to be

milked at least twice a day.  One of the best (worst) tortures I have ever had, was

when my master didn't milk my breasts for 2 weeks. My breasts were so swollen

and purple by the end of the two weeks that just touching them made milk leak

out. He hooked me up to the milking machine and pulled about 1 1/2 quarts out of

by breasts, which he promptly gave to me as an enema. I have never felt so

relieved in my life. Of course, the milking machine is never a gentle way to get milk

out of your breasts. It's the same machine used to milk the cows that are on the


     "But enough chat. The technicians will be in to start you up. have a good

time. The nurse pulled on the breast weights a couple of times before she left the

room. Then, two good looking men, with collars with 3 stars on them came into

the room. Now Julie saw what those chemicals did to the men here: The men had

slightly larger than average penises, but their balls were HUGE. She didn't know

how the men stood having them swing so much. But Julie didn't get to play with the


     One tech roughly pulled the clamps from her tits, leaving a bloody trail, and

the other said "I'm going to put a tube into your bladder, that way, you won't piss

yourself while you are being medicated."

     The tech opened up a kit and took a foley catheter, put some sterile KY on

it, roughly pulled her pussy open, and pushed the catheter into her bladder. When

he inflated the balloon, she saw him grin as he put a few extra CC's of water in

the balloon: "Just to make sure that you don't accidentally pull the catheter out."

     She felt the sharp stings of the needles in her arms, saw the fluids dripping

into her arms, and the lights seemed to dim out utill......








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