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Archive-name: Slaves/julie3.txt

Archive-author: Doctor X

Archive-title: Julie's Anniversary - 3

                       PART 3- THE TEST CONTINUES

     Julie's nipples were standing straight out from her striped breasts. "Ahhh,

your nipples are hard, you know what that means..." The nurse grabbed two

strange looking nipple clamps and showed them to Julie. "I thought I'd show these

to you, as they are somewhat different to the clamps that you are used to." The

clamps had roughened areas where they gripped the nipples, but there was a

needle attached to a screw that when turned, advances the needle through any

area that is clamped. "We use these clamps to pierce slaves' nipples. It is a lot

slower, and more painful than your ordinary piercing."

     The nurse applied the nipple clamps to Julie's nipples by grabbing her

already erect nipples, placing the clamps over the nipples, and letting them snap

shut. A loud scream came from Julie, her nipples now throbbing. She new that

there was no way out of this, and she knew that pleading would only make things

worse. Julie thought about her position: strapped wide open in this modified GYN

table, her breasts striped, burning from the alcohol bath, and now clamped. She

knew what came next.

     "Now, we can't have your lovely breasts sagging, can we?" The nurse

picked up a 2 lb weight, attached two "bungee" type cords to her breasts, and

then attached the bungee's to a single rope threaded through a pulley on the roof.

She pulled the cord taught, stretching Julie's breast slightly, attached the weight,

and let it drop.

     Julie felt like her breast were going to be ripped off of her body, but the

bungees absorbed enough of the shock, so that there was just severe pain.

     "How does that feel? Going for a stretch? Now, we move on to your ass.

We have to figure out exactly how much your asshole can take." The nurse rolled

a machine that basically looked like a large box on wheels over to the table and

attached the box to the table so that the two were as one. The nurse opened a

drawer and pulled out a dildo looking device that was about 2" by 7". The dildo

had a metal tip, and there were metal rings around the dildo at 1/2" distances.

     "Now I know you can take something this big in your ass, so I'm not even

going to work my way up. This is the largest one we have: Don't worry though, it

does get bigger. MUCH bigger." The nurse attached the dildo to a small bolt on the

front of the box, and hooked up several wires to the back end of the dildo. She

flipped a few switches, and the box began to hum. She flipped a few more, and

the dildo began to do things that Julie couldn't see.

     "It's in perfect order. Now, I'm going to put this dildo up your ass. As the

machine runs its cycles, the dildo will get bigger and smaller, repeating the cycles

many times. Overall, however, the dildo will get bigger and bigger. The dildo will

get both thicker and longer, with the machine being able to sense when damage

will occur, so you will be in extreme pain, but no permanent damage will occur.

The metal rings around the dildo will administer electric shocks of varying intensity,

from mild to severe. The multiple rings allow the device to select what part of your

ass will get the shock. After each shock, the resulting relaxation of your rectal

muscles will allow the dildo to expand even more. You will understand after you

see the cocks on some of the males (not all human) around here why you need

stretched body cavities."

     The nurse places the head of the fake cock against the hole of Julie's ass

and forced about 3 inches into her ass. Julie felt the large intruder in her rectum,

feeling quite full, but not too painful.

     "I'll be leaving you now, I'll be back in about an hour or so, when the

machine pages me." The nurse flipped a switch on the machine, and Julie

screamed as the rest of the 7" length of the dildo was rammed into her asshole in

one push.


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