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Archive-name: Slaves/julie2.txt

Archive-author: Doctor X

Archive-title: Julie's Anniversary - 2

                               THE PREPARATION

    Julie studied Susan carefully. She had long brunette hair, Her breasts

must have been at least DD cup, which looked quite out of place on her small

body. Her nipples had large 2" diameter gold rings pierced at the base. Her

pussy was completely shaven, with rings through both her inner and outer

pussy lips.

     Susan noticed Julie's staring and said, "Do you like what you see?

You'd better, you'll be spending the next several hours with me."

     Julie was led into a room set up like a doctors' office, complete with

examination table. The difference with this office, was that there were several

different IV bags hanging over the table, and all sorts of bizarre looking

equipment all over the office.

     "Don't worry, you'll learn what each of these devices are for soon

enough." Susan said.

                    JULIE'S ANNIVERSARY - PART II

                         THE PREPARATION

     "Get up on the table!", said Susan.

     Julie climbed on the table, and had her legs put in the familiar stirrups. Her

ankles, thighs, waist, arms, and wrists were attached to the table. Susan

proceeded to explain the evening's events:

     "Tonight you will go through your physical exam, similar to a regular OB

exam. Then you will have your limits exam, where we determine your limits. Trust

me, this will be like no experience you have ever had before."

     Susan said this with a smile that left Julie with chills. Susan placed a covered

stand next to Julie, then she left the room. Time passed, After some time, a pretty

woman, dressed like a nurse walked into the room. It was obvious that she too

was a slave, though a high ranking one, evidenced by the 5 stars on her collar. She

entered the room and took off her lab coat, also revealing DD size breasts with 2"

gold rings through the nipples and a shaven pussy.

     The nurse said, "first your standard exam." Julie had a standard OB/GYN

exam, complete with internal.

     "Now comes your limits exam. Here we will test your limits of pain and

pleasure, as well as how large your body orifices can get. First we will clean you


     The nurse brought over an enema bag setup that was like no other Julie had

ever seen: from the top of the bag came a hose that the nurse connected to a

faucet. The other end to the bag went through some type of meter and then to an

adapter. The nurse went to the covered tray, and picked something off of it. "We

give enemas a little differently here. This will spread your asshole wide open, then

we just flush you out."

     She applied some lube to the device, and inserted it into Julie's rectum. it had a

small handle that, when turned, made the device wider. The nurse spread Julie's

ass to about 2 1/2" wide. This was a little uncomfortable, but Julie had had larger

things in her ass before this.The nurse then slipped a long (1 1/2 FOOT) thin colon

catheter into Julie and turned the water on. It was warm water, and Julie's

embarrassment grew as she realized that she couldn't hold anything inside her, all

of the contents of her insides ended up on the floor.

     "There, you are nice and clean," said the nurse, removing the ass spreader.

"Now we can begin. First, we start with your lovely breasts. By the time you are

done here, your breasts will be as big as mine."

     Another female slave walked in, she looked only about 17 years old. She

was only 5' tall, about 100lbs, and she also had a DD size breasts with 2" nipple

rings. Her collar showed only 2 stars.

     "Nancy, take the needle whip and start on her breast, only light scratches.

Concentrate on the underside."

     Nancy picked up a short whip, with about 30 thin leather strands. As the

whip was brought closer, Julie noticed that there were fine silver needles affixed

all over the strands. At each stroke of the whip, Julie moaned quietly, and then

more and more loudly as the strokes got harder and harder. Each stroke left fine

scratches all over Julie's beautiful breasts. Soon, her breasts were swollen, and

covered with streaks of blood. After there was a fine covering of blood, the nurse

told Nancy that she could leave.

     Julie was lying on the table, moaning loudly. The nurse said, "so my dear,

how are we doing? We haven't even started to touch your limits have we? Don't

worry, by the time we are done, your asshole and pussy are going to be so

stretched, you won't ever have to strain to make a shit ever again. Now, we have

to clean off all that blood don't we?" The nurse pulled out a spray bottle.  "Guess

what we have here? Good old rubbing alcohol. We can't have any of those

scratches getting infected can we?" She sprayed a fine mist of alcohol onto Julie's

breasts, eliciting a blood curdling (sorry, no pun intended) scream from Julie's

mouth. Tears in her eyes, she watched the nurse spray more and more alcohol

onto her breasts, until the pain just died away. 

     The nurse roughly wiped the blood and alcohol mixture away, and said,

"well, time to move on. How about your ass now? It's been cleaned out, now let's

see how long you can hold your self under pressure."

     The nurse hooked Julie back up to the enema machine, only without the

spreader. "We'll start with only 1 1/2 quarts. Every enema you get here will have

some chemical additives. All the slaves get them. You will also get pills and

injections of similar medications. Some of these medications will enlarge your

breasts. Others will make your pussy increase the amount of lubrication that it puts

out. Look at mine." The nurse's shaven pussy lips were red and swollen, her clit

protruded at least 3/4" away from the hood of her clit, her juices had begun to run

down her leg. "Other medications will make you continuously horny, or enlarge

your clit like mine. If the masters decide, you make get stuff to make your breasts

start producing milk. Basically we can control every sexual function of your body."

     The nurse started the enema. Julie was used to at least 2 quarts, so she

was only slightly uncomfortable. "Well, lets continue. how about another 1 1/2

quarts?" After there were three quarts in her, Julie was visibly distended, and

moaning loudly. "Only 1/2 more quarts to go." 

     The nurse then told Julie that she had to hold the entire 3 1/2 quarts for 15

minutes without a butt plug, or face severe punishment:: a 4 quart enema for an

hour, with constant pussy whipping with the needle whip. The enema plug was

removed from Julie's ass. You could hear Julie straining to hold in the 3 1/2


     "Only 1 minute left Julie.........OK, almost there....." The nurse suddenly

grabbed a medium sized butt plug and rammed it into Julie's ass. Julie screamed

loudly:: "I thought you said I could let it out after 15 minutes!!"

     "No, my dear, I said that you wouldn't have to hold it after 15 minutes.

Now the butt plug will hold it for the next 15, and we'll add another 15 onto that

for talking without permission. I'll be back in a half an hour."

     The nurse strapped a 6" X 6" vibrating box to Julie's belly to make the

enema even more uncomfortable, and then left the room with Julie whimpering.

     45 Minutes later, the nurse came back in. "Sorry, I got delayed." Julie was

moaning loudly, with the vibrator humming away. Water had seeped out from

around the butt plug and dripper onto the floor. "Well, you got along relatively ok. I

guess I'll let you empty yourself out.

     Julie assumed that she'd be let out of the restraints to go relieve herself, but

the nurse went to a control box on the wall, and the table tilted up so that her butt

was directly above her face. "Time to go..." The nurse removed the vibrator, and

pulled the butt plug out of Julie's straining bowels. Julie tried to hold it, but after

an hour of enemas, 3 1/2 quarts of water sprayed up into the air, and down onto

Julie's face   and chest.

     Covered in the dirty liquid, Julie lay on the table, sobbing. This didn't last

long, as the nurse pulled a hose from the ceiling, and sprayed Julie with water that

was just above freezing. She then turned the table back to it's normal position.

     Julie's nipples were standing straight out from her striped breasts. "Ahhh,

your nipples are hard, you know what that means..." The nurse grabbed two

strange looking nipple clamps and showed them to Julie. "I thought I'd show these

to you, as they are somewhat different to the clamps that you are used to." The

clamps had roughened areas where they gripped the nipples, but there was a

needle attached to a screw that when turned, advances the needle through any

area that is clamped. "We use these clamps to pierce slaves' nipples. It is a lot

slower, and more painful than your ordinary piercing."


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