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Archive-name: Slaves/julie1.txt

Archive-author: Doctor X

Archive-title: Julie's Anniversary - 1


     Every morning, Julie would wake up at 7:00 and prepare for her mistress.

She would goto the bathroom and shower, washing her 36D breasts, and

shaven pussy well. She would then attach the enema adapter to the shower

head, fill the enema bag with a few quarts of soapy water, and clean herself

out. The night before, her mistress would select the nozzle that was to be

used. This one was in the shape of a short thick penis. It took a bit of work to

finally get the nozzle into her ass. From the shape of the nozzle, she know that

her ass would get a workout today. She shaved any stubble that formed on

her pussy, and then got out of the tub, relieved herself, and dried herself off.

She walked naked (as she must always be, except when given permission) to

her mistresses' bed, where upon she began to gently lick her mistresses'

nipples. Her mistress (Christine) smiled and rolled over so Julie could get a

better position. After licking and sucking Christine's nipples for several

minutes, Julie moved down to Christine's pussy (also shaved) and began

eating her with earnest. Licking the now getting wetter hole, and thickening

clit, Julie elicited a soft moan from the woman on the bed. Julie began sucking

Christine's engorged clit and after a few minutes, Chris moaned with orgasm.

Julie continued to softly lick until her mistress gave the word to stop.

      Julie had been Christine's slave for over three years now. Every

morning started out the same: Julie would prepare herself, and then wake

Christine up by eating her. Christine was extremely wealthy, due to the death

of her parents 5 years ago. Her parents sent her away to school as a child, and

had this buried anger in her that displays itself in her S&M tendencies. Julie

was purchased for $25,000 at a slave auction. She had been trained by one of

the best masters in the business, and had a lifetime guarantee for re-training if

needed. Julie would do any sexual (or other for that matter) task for her

mistress, including serve other masters and mistresses. Julie's love for

Christine is complete, as she was trained especially for Christine.   

     On mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, Julie worked as a secretary in an

office that Christine owns. Christine did this so Julie could be kept horny by

vibrators (sometimes remote controlled), butt plugs, nipple clips, etc..., or be

kept in pain by the same devices while in public so she would have to hide her

discomfort. Other days are spent doing various things from the regular to the

completely bizarre. Today is going to be a bizarre day, but Julie doesn't know

it yet.

     After waking Christine up, Julie went and ran Christine's bath. Christine

got into the bath and was washed by Julie. Julie shaved Christine's pussy to

remove the stubble. Christine got rinsed off, and was dried off by Julie.  

"Do you remember what day this is slave?" asked Christine.   

"Yes Mistress, it has been three years since you became my Mistress."  

"Correct. Today I have something special planned for you. We are going over

to a friend's place for a little 'celebration'."

     This sent a shudder of both excitement and fear into Julie. Whenever

they went to someone else's dungeon, Julie was put through the most painful

and most pleasurable experiences. Christine put on a black leather miniskirt

with no panties, and a short cutoff T- shirt that let the large globes of her

breasts show slightly at the bottom. Julie was told to put on a simple sundress

and sandals: nothing else. Christine had set up the special car seat-it basically

was like a leather seat cover, except it had a medium (2" X 7") dildo placed on

it, and it had a small, hard, leather, projection, about 3/4" high right where the

clit would go, so there was no place the person sitting could move to. The

small projection had a built in vibrator, and both were affected by the bumps in

the road.

     Christine had Julie raise her dress and slide the dildo into her pussy. She

was already wet enough so that it went in easily, with a sigh. She then had

her hands strapped to the small rings on the side of the "car seat" so she

couldn't touch herself. Christine started the vibrator and the car, and off they

went. Each bump on the road made Julie moan with pleasure.

"Enjoy it now, for there won't be much more pleasure soon" 

     They drove for about a half hour when Christine made Julie put a

blindfold on. After a few minutes, Christine pulled down a long dirt road, and

eventually into a mansions' garage. When the door was closed, Julie was

allowed to take the blindfold off and look around. A male slave opened

Christine's door, and then went and opened Julie's door. Julie was allowed to

get up. The dildo and seat was covered with her juice. She promptly licked the

cream off of the seat. She was told to remove her clothes.

     The male slave (Robert as she later found out) put leather restraining

straps around Julie's ankles, thighs, upper arms, and wrists. A wide leather

belt with eight rings was placed around her waist. Her arms were hooked

together and then behind her to the belt.

     Walking naked into the house, Julie realized that this was no ordinary

house. There were pictures on the walls of slaves, both male and female, doing

things that even Julie had never thought of. Several pictures included animals,

even large farm animals. There were a few male slaves, but mostly there were

women, bound tightly, with all sorts of torture equipment attached to their

bodies: nipple clips, butt plugs, dildoes, several women had vaginal and/or anal

spreaders (Julie was to become intimate with these). Many were covered in

come from head to toe.

     "These are the pictures of the best slaves, the ones allowed to advance.

The ones who didn't make it are still here."

     Knowing how old some of those pictures were, made Julie shudder and

realize that there may be slaves who have been here for years and years.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             THE PREPARATION

     "I will be leaving you for a while, Julie.", Christine said, "You will go

through your entrance exam, and your physical exam. When you are done, I

will come back and talk to you. You will listen to what any of the other slaves

tell you, or order you to do. One will explain the ranking system here."

     Christine applied a black collar around Julie's neck, and left her standing

in the room with her hands fixed behind her back. She didn't know how long

she waited until a pretty, young female slave, with a similar collar, but 2 silver

stars along the front came to get her. As the slave approached, Julie noticed

how beautiful she was.

     "I'm Susan. I'll be your mistress for your preparation, You will do exactly

as I say, and maybe you won't get hurt too bad."

     Julie studied Susan carefully. She had long brunette hair, Her breasts

must have been at least DD cup, which looked quite out of place on her small

body. Her nipples had large 2" diameter gold rings pierced at the base. Her

pussy was completely shaven, with rings through both her inner and outer

pussy lips.

     Susan noticed Julie's staring and said, "Do you like what you see?

You'd better, you'll be spending the next several hours with me."

     Julie was led into a room set up like a doctors' office, complete with

examination table. The difference with this office, was that there were several

different IV bags hanging over the table, and all sorts of bizarre looking

equipment all over the office.

     "Don't worry, you'll learn what each of these devices are for soon

enough." Susan said.

****To be continued in part 2:


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