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Archive-name: Slaves/jen.txt


Archive-title: Jen

	Jennifer Campbell sighed and layed her head down on her book.

This was the third night in a row she'd had to stay late studying at the library

and she was very bored with it. With a groan, she raised up and closed her book

and put it in her bag then looked at her watch and goaned again. "2:15, ugh!",

she thought. She decided to call it a night, or morning, rather. She fingered 

the buttons on her blouse and wished she was far away in one of her many fantasy

lands not realizing that she was about to enter one. She stood up and smoothed 

her long, flowing skirt. For some reason, she had decided to dress up this 

morning. She'd pulled out a long sleeve, semi-sheer, button down shirt and 

flowing skirt with black nylons and flats to match. She hadn't been out with 

anyone in a long time and maybe was looking to catch someone's eye. "Hmph.", 

she thought, "no one will ever notice me anyway. I wonder why I bother trying?"

She gathered up her bag and headed downstairs.

	It was bit chilly outside and she shivered as her nipples became

erect while walking to her car across the parking lot. She reached it

and began searching for the keys in her purse. "Dammit!", she cursed...and 

then froze as she felt two hands firmly grip her shoulders and hold her in 


	"Don't even think about screaming or running", a voice whispered in

	her ear.

	"I want you to do exactly as I say. Now keep digging for your keys

	and open the door."

	Jen shakily dug around in her purse finally coming up with the keys and 

	unlocked the door.

	"Unlock the back door, too." Jen obeyed. "Very good. Now give me the 

	keys and get in the back and lay down."

	Jen handed the man her keys and climbed in. He got in the front and 

	started her car while another man climbed in the back with her.  

	Jen caught a wiff of Drakkar on his clothes and his voice was deep with

	an edge of excitement or anticipation. He lifted her head and tied a 

	dark, black blindfold around her eyes. The material was soft and 

	covered them completely cutting off her vision. 


	"Give me your hands."


	Jen slowly held out her hands in front of her and the man begin

	to wrap a thin cord around her wrists.

	"Oh, God, no, not this. Please, don't..."

	"Shut up and don't say another word", the man commanded.

	He finished tying her wrists together. Jen tried to pull them

	apart but he had done a professional job. The man laughed

	at her.

	"Now, lie down accross my lap."

	Jen slowly streched out face down across the back seat with her

	feet at one end and her ample chest pressing against the man's legs.

	She shifted uncomfortably trying to keep her breasts from touching

	him. He laughed and pushed her down hard crushing her large breasts

	against his thighs. "You're very...soft", he said in an admiring tone.

	Jen blushed, embarassed, and tried to wiggle loose but he held her


	"Bend your knees so I can reach your ankles."

	She bent her knees and felt another cord tying her ankles together.

	She pulled experimentally on them but they were tied as tightly

	as her wrists. She had been so frightened at first that she hadn't

	noticed her car was moving but now realized that she was being 

	driven somewhere.

	"Wher...where are you taking me?", she asked.

	"I said no more talking!". He slapped her lightly on the ass.

	"Now, quiet."

	She felt the man's hand on her stockinged calf slowly slide down

	toward her knee. His fingers caught the hem of her skirt and begin

	to pull it up. Jen fidgeted nervously as her skirt rose higher.

	"Hey, Mike", he said, "you should see the legs on this one." 

	His hand caressed the backs of her nyloned thighs for several more

	seconds then slipped in between them and began to massage gently 

	working higher and higher up Jen's nyloned legs. She felt helpless

	as his hand stroked her legs and wished that he would just take her

	now rather than prolong her misery any further.

	"Please," she thought to herself, "just do it quickly and get

	it over with." Her thoughts were interrupted by the man in the

	front seat.

	"You know, he's not going to be too pleased if he finds out you

	were fondling his latest purchase.", Mike replied.

	"Yeah, I guess you're right." He quit massaging Jen's thighs

	and pulled her skirt back down.

	"What do you mean by purchase?", Jen asked in a small voice.

	They both laughed.

	"Exactly what you think we mean.", the man in front said.

	"We've been following you for several days. It seems a very

	important and powerful individual saw you and decided that

	he'd like you for his very own. We're the delivery boys."

	Jen layed in the back and prayed that it was a mistake. Or a dream.

	That's it, a dream. I'll wake up soon, scared, and this will all

	just be a dream, she thought.

	The car slowed to a stop  and the man in front got out and opened

	the back door. He helped her out and Jen stood dazedly trying to regain

	her balance without the aid of sight. Just as she was becoming steady,

	he picked her up and began to carry her somewhere.


	"Where are you taking me?"	

	"To your new home, Jennifer."

	He laughed. After a few seconds he stopped and she could hear the

	other man nearby fumbling with keys. She heard the soft click of a lock

	then the sound of a door opening and felt herself being carried through

	it. He crossed a long floor then began climbing stairs. He stopped and

	she heard the other man open another door for him and she was carried

	through this one as well. He set her down just after entering the room

	and she felt his hands on her wrists as he untied them. Jen's sigh of 

	relief was cut off as he raised her left arm and tied it to something 

	then did the same with her right. He knelt and untied her ankles next 

	then retied them as well. Jen tried to move but it appeared that she 

	had been tied spread eagled in a standing position. He stood and 

	removed her blindfold. Jen blinked rapidly as the bright light hurt 

	her eyes. They adjusted quickly, though, and she saw that room she was

	in was lit entirely by candlelight. She looked around dazedly. She was 

	tied between two floor to ceiling columms. In front of her on the wall 

	was full length mirror in which she could see herself and a large brass

	bed with railings behind her. A large maple cabinet with several doors

	stood next to the mirror. To her left was an open glass door with a 

	balcony beyond which was, unfortunetly, above ground. A cool breeze 

	floated in making her shiver and raising goosebumbs on her pale skin. 

	To her right was a marble bathtub that was almost the size of a 

	swimming pool. Her inspection was interrupted by the sound of laughing.

	She strained to see the men but they were standing just out of sight 

	in the mirror.

	"Bye, Jen.", they said together.


	"No, please, don't leave me here. I promise not to tell anyone if

	you let me go. Please.", she begged. Her only response was the sound

	of the door closing and then silence. Jen hung by her arms in despair.

	Her wrists ached from being tied so long and her mind was spinning

	with all that had happened to her in the last couple of hours.

	Why?, she thought. Why me? Please let this be a dream. Let me wake 

	up in my bed in my own home with no one there. She was so lost in her

	own world that she didn't hear the door open and close again.	

	"Hello, Jen.", a soft voice said.

	Startled, she tried to turn and see who spoke but the cords held

	her tightly in place. She watched in the mirror as a man approached

	and stopped directly behind her. He was about 5'6" with light

	red-blonde hair and amber eyes that caught the light and seemed to


	"Who are you?", Jen whispered knowing the answer already.

	"My name is Jay and I am your new master."

	Jen's breath caught as he reached up and touched her wrists then

	slowly slid his hands down her arms. His fingers were soft and skilled

	and his touch terrified and thrilled her. He continued sliding his hands

	down with his fingertips gently touching the sides of her breasts then 

	over her hips and down her legs. He stood and walked around in front of

	her looking her in the eyes. Slowly, holding her gaze, he kissed her 

	on the lips. His lips were full and soft but firm in their desire. His

	tongue was warm and wet and Jen felt her resistence begin to melt a 

	little. She parted her lips slightly and his tongue moved over them 

	slowly and gently then moved into her mouth in search of her tongue.

	She shivered as his tongue moved over hers delicately. His mouth was

	sweet and he smelled declicious. Finally, he broke the kiss and stood

	back to look at her.

	"Do you like the prospects of being a slave?", he asked.

	Jen didn't answer. He sighed.

	"I guess we should set some ground rules, Jen. First, no one in

	this house has any authority over you except me. No one will try

	to keep you from doing anything unless I order them to. Second,

	you will not want for anything. The world is yours just

	ask for it. Third, and most important, you are longer a free

	woman. You are my slave and I am your master. When I give you

	an order, I expect you to obey it. Do you understnad?"

	Jen's eyes blazed at his last sentence. "Fuck you, asshole," she


	Jay sighed again. "I guess you should have your first lesson now,"

	he said. He walked to the cabinet and opened one of the drawers and 

	pulled out a thin, black riding crop . He turned and walked back behind


	"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I promise I'll be good.

	I'll do whatever you say, " she said fearfully.

	"I know you will." He bent down and grasped the hem of her skirt

	and slowly pulled it up, his fingers caressing her long, black 

	stocking-clad legs, revealing her rear. With one hand he held her 

	skirt up while the other swung the crop . Jen squealed as the first 

	blow landed.

	"No...please...I'll be good," she pleaded remebering her last spanking

	as a little girl. She was sure this one was going to be worse.

	The crop landed again with a loud slap. Jen turned and twisted

	to avoid it but she was bound too tightly to move much. After

	five blows, she was sobbing from the pain and humilitation. Jay

	stopped. He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled

	her head back looking into her exquistly beautiful blue eyes. His mouth

	covered hers as he forced her to kiss him. She tried to resist but he	

	was much too strong for her. After holding the kiss long enough for her

	to realize how helpless she was, he released it.

	"Are you ready to begin your life as my slave, Jen?"

	"The hell with you!", Jen shrieked. "Let me go, bastard!"

	He began again with crop . Jen squealed and shrieked as it

	landed again and again on the soft flesh of her ass. Finally, Jen

	hung by her arms, sobbing, too weak to try and avoid anymore blows. Jay

	stopped after ten more licks. His fingers again wound into the

	hair at the back of her head and he pulled hard forcing her to look

	at him.

	"Are you ready to begin your life as my slave, Jen?"


	"What was that, Jen?"


	"Very good."

	He turned and walked to the cabinet replacing the crop and retrieving

	something else. With a smile, he faced Jen.

	"I have a present for you. Lift your head."

	Jen raised her head and looked him in the eyes. He held a silver

	and diamond studded collar before her.

	"This will be the mark of your slavery. You will wear it at all

	times. It will mark you as my slave to everyone you meet for the rest

	of your life."

	Jay placed the collar around her neck and locked the tiny padlock

	that accompinied it.

	"Now that you've learned a little discipline, Jen, I want to

	become more familiar with your body."

	He bent down and untied her ankles. She sighed as the pressure on her 

	wrists eased a little. Standing up, he ran his hands through her 

	beautiful, blonde hair. Pulling her head slightly toward him, he 

	kissed her and held it as his hands slid down from her neck to caress 

	and cup her breasts. Jen tried to pull away but his hands slid around 

	to her ass and crushed her body to his. Jay ended the kiss by gently 

	nipping her lower lip with his teeth. He stood back and breathed deeply.

	"I want to see the rest of you," he said.

	He began unbuttoning her blouse slowly, his fingers gently 

	touching her breasts occasionally. He undid the last button

	and held her shirt open to admire her ample figure.


	Jen blushed crimson.

	His hands moved to her skirt and unhooked it letting it slide to

	the floor with a quiet rustle. He bent and slid his hands along her 

	nyloned legs. She felt helpless against his touch and the feeling

	exhilarated her. She had never been so scared and turned on at the same

	time. He stood and faced her again.

	"Great legs, too." 

	She blushed again.

	Jay reached around behind her back and began unhooking her bra.

	Jen breathed rapidly as her bra slowly fell away from her

	chest. He pulled it up, over, and behind her head to get an unencumbered

	view of her luscious breasts. He admired her for several seconds then 

	knelt and began to peel her hose off with her panties following 

	shortly. She stood in front of him wearing only her unbuttoned shirt 

	with her bra pulled behind her head. Jay knelt and started gently 

	massaging her toes. He moved up to her ankles, then calves, then her

	thighs. He slowly stood and pressed his body against hers kissing

	her lightly again. His hands cupped her breasts and he delicatly

	fingered her pale nipples. Jen moaned a little her long dormant

	passion beginning to get the best of her. Jay bent his head and

	licked her right nipple lightly then her left.

	"Please, Master, please, don't tease me...."

	"You may call me, Jay. Would you like me to suck them?"

	"Oh yes...."

	Jay took her left nipple into his mouth and began to circle 

	it with his tongue. Faster and faster til Jen was moaning audibly

	then he pressed her nipple between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

	"Ummmmmmmmm....", Jen breathed. "That's wonderfulllll....."


	He began to bite lightly at first then harder as Jen's moans became

	louder. She pressed her breast into his face as his teeth clamped

	tightly on her nipple. She twisted and moaned long and loud. Jay 

	released her nipple and reached up to her wrists. 

	"No, don't stop, please don't stop..."

	He smiled and sucked gently again for several seconds then, with quick 

	motions, he untied her. Jen stood rubbing her wrists. Jay smiled

	and glanced at the bed. She bowed her head in submission and walked to

	it laying on her back and streching herself out spread eagled

	with her hands and feet each near a railing. She winced a little as

	her ass began to sting again. Jay followed her and retied her, hand 

	and foot, to the bed. Jen smiled shyly up at him blushing again.

	"Do I please you, Jay?"

	"Oh yes...", he said.

	He beagn kissing her left ankle working higher up her leg slowly. He

	switched to her right leg and continued his meticulous attentions

	inching inexorably upwards. After an eternity, he reached her hips 

	and began to lick gently between her legs. His tongue licked her 

	lips slowly and delicately. Jen sighed softly and gasped as his tongue

	probed further inside her licking, sucking, and massaging gently.

	She began to have a difficult time holding still as he probed around

	but not quite touching her clitoris. Finally, she felt his tongue

	slide softly over it.


	Jay slid his tongue around and over her clit then began to

	suck it softly between his lips. Jen groaned and pressed her

	crotch into his face. He slowed his pace, drawing her pleasure

	out. His tongue danced around and on her clit eliciting soft moans

	from her. With an evil glint in his eye, he beagn to spell her name

	with his tongue just above it. Unable to control herself,

	Jen twisted forcefully agasinst her restraints. A series of low gasps

	escaped her lips as he pressed his tongue harder against her. Her wrists

	strained at the cords that held her and she tried to wrap her thighs

	around his head. His tongue worked fast, hard, and furious while

	Jen's breath came in ragged, half forgotten gulps. She felt her body

	tense and jerk uncontrollably and she was unable to keep quiet as the

	incredible combination of emotions and sensations bombarded her. The

	feelings of helplessness, desire, pain, and pleasure finally coupled

	to push her over the edge.


	"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....", she gasped as she began to come. Jay continued

	with his attentions as she turned and twisted. With a

	final gasp, she lay sweating on the bed.

	"Ah...", she gasped. "Mmmm, that was lovely. I've never felt anything 

	like that. Thank you, Master."

	"You're very welcome, slave. I see you're becoming used to life

	here already."

	Jen sighed. "I guess I don't have much choice. The crop is very 

	painful and humiliating. I'd rather not be at its mercy very often. 

	So," she said staring into his eyes, "I guess I have no choice but to 

	please you. Master."


	Jay stood and smiled unbuttoning his shirt. Jen watched with 

	anticipation as he shed his clothes revealing a large erection.

	He moved over her and began kissing her face. He kissed her eyelids

	as he slowly entered her. They groaned together in mutal pleasure

	as their bodies and souls joined one another. Jay passionately made

	love to her and Jen responded with equal fervor. Their lips touched

	as their tongues gently caressed each others. Jen ground her hips

	against his as she felt another orgasm growing within her. With

	lips locked, they made love until, finally, they climaxed together

	and collapsed into a heap on the bed. Jay kissed her face and neck

	and then proceeded to the rest of her body covering every inch. Jen

	shivered with the pleasure of his soft kisses. When he was finshed,

	Jay untied her and rubbed the circulation back into her wrists and

	ankles. He streched out on the bed and Jen layed down in his arms.

	Together, they fell into a long sleep....


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