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Archive-name: Slaves/jeffsedc.txt

Archive-author: Rat

Archive-title: Jeff's Seduction

	Jeff had been to O'Malley's Bar a few times before, but he had never

seen the woman that was was sitting at the bar.  She was everything that Jeff

could ask for, and more.  Her hair was long and black, and pulled over her left

shoulder in a very alluring way.  He wondered what it would like spread over 

his pillow.  High cheekbones with a touch of blush accentuated her brown eyes,

which looked cold and hard as glass.  Her tight, perfectly shaped ass was

barely covered by a black leather miniskirt that hugged her shapely hips like a

piece of shrink-wrap.  A black tanktop showed the curves of a flawlessly shaped

pair of firm, round, braless tits, the nipples poking hard against the stretchy

fabric.  Her slim, tan legs ended in a pair of knee-high riding boots.

	Taking a deep draught of his Beck's, Jeff realized that he had a raging

hard-on from looking at the gorgeous chick at the bar.  He glanced over at the

clock.  It was 7:38 - still early.  The glass of beer in front of him was 

almost empty, so he swigged it down.  "I've got to take a piss," he thought to

himself.  He got up and walked to the john.  As he walked, he turned and looked

at the woman.  She flashed him a seductive smile and winked.  "Hmmm..." Jeff 

thought as he went into the bathroom, "I'm too fucking horny for my own good.

That chick *looks* like a dominant!"

	When he returned a few minutes later, the beautiful lady was gone.  He

looked around for her, but in vain.  "Shit," he cursed under his breath.  He 

walked over to his table, gathered up his newspaper and dug in his pocket for

money to pay for his beer.  Pulling a worn dollar out of his pocket, he looked

at the table, unconsciously looking for someplace to put a tip for the cute 

waitress with the nice ass that had served him.  Propped against the cheap and

ugly table candle was a black business card.  "What the..." he thought as he

picked it up, and read it.

		"_CUM_ to 876 NE Jefferson at 9:00 PM tonight.

			 _Don't_ keep me waiting!

					  -Your new Mistress"

	"Well, I'll be damned!" Jeff said out loud, causing an old man to look

at him in an unfriendly way.  Instinctively, Jeff knew the card was from the

beautifully tanned lady that had been at the bar.  He thought back to the last

time he had been a slave...  Whistling a happy little tune, Jeff paid his tab

and sauntered out of the bar, his dick hard as rock again...


	"Damn it!" Jeff yelled as he drove along Jefferson.  "Why don't people

put their fuckin' numbers on their houses?!" he asked the empty air.  858, 864,

870, there it was : 876.  Nervously, he checked his watch.  It said 8:58. "Man,

it's a good thing I didn't take a longer shower," he thought as he pulled into

the driveway.  The house was pretty non-descript, white with blue trim, two

stories, plain curtains drawn in the windows.  A few lights were on in first

floor windows.  Jeff pushed the doorbell and waited.

	After a minute, the door opened.  There she was - just like she was at

O'Malley's, only more stunningly beautiful up close.  "Come in and let me fix

you a drink", she said in a deep, seductive voice.  Jeff wasted no time.  He

walked in and sat down on the living room couch.

	"My name is Linda.  I'm going to make a drink.  What can I get you?"

she asked.  "A screwdriver sounds good," Jeff said suggestively.  "Yes, it

does," she said, going towards the kitchen.  Over her shoulder, she added, "I

hope your _screwdriver_ is as good as mine."  Jeff watched her beautiful ass as

she walked into the kitchen.  "YES!!" he said to himself as she went into the


	When Linda returned, she handed Jeff a glass, then sat down next to

him, being careful not to spill her glass.  Looking him in the eye, she said

"Finish your drink, then we'll get more comfortable."

	Without any further ado, Jeff upended his glass and finished his screw-

driver in one gulp.  He cast an enquiring glance at Linda.  She got up, saying

"I'm going to put on some music.  Sit tight."  She left the room again, her

hips swinging in delicious little arcs.  Jeff watched her go, his head spinning

and his eyes growing heavier by the second...


	Jeff woke up with a start.  His first thought was "Shit!  The bitch

drugged me!"  This was immediately followed by "God damn, it's cold!"  As his

head began to clear, he realized why - he was on his back, stark naked!  "What

the fuck?!" he said, and looked up.

	"Knockout drops.  I was beginning to thin that you'd never come round,"

a voice behind him said.  It was the sexy, deep voice of Linda.  He tried to

roll over on the bed, but strong leather cuffs held his wrists and ankles.

Chains rattled and clanked as he struggled against the cool leather bonds.

After writhing futilely for a minutes, he finally gave up the idea of escape.

He lay back and waited for his gorgeous captor to exercise her will on his body.

	"You are my slave from this moment until midnight tonight.  Whatever I

say, you will do.  If you disobey, or do not perform to my standards," she said

walking into his field of view, "you will be punished."  She stopped right in

front of him.  His eyes climbed up her body as she stood motionless above him.

	She had changed her clothes and redone her hair.  Her riding boots had

been replaced by thigh-high black patent leather boots.  They were laced all

the way up to her crotch, and had shiny steel buckles running down the outer

edge.  A tight leather G-string barely covered her shaved snatch.  The leather

was so soft and thin that Jeff could see the outline of her pussy through it.

Her ass was perfectly proportioned - smooth, heart-shaped, and tanned to a dark


	On her chest, she wore a harness unlike anything he had ever seen.

Shiny steel rings circled each of her firm tits, and were connected by leather

straps.  Other straps went over her shoulders and encircled her torso.  They

met at another ring in the back, and a strap went to the top of each boot, 

crossing over her asscheeks as the went.  She wore a wide, studded bitch collar

around her neck.  In her gloved hands she carried a riding crop , a slave collar,

a leash, a piece of chain, and another leather strap with an open lock on one

end.  The strap had several holes punched in it, each strengthened by a steel

grommet.  She set all but the riding crop  down by his left foot.  "Wow!  She's

fuckin' hot!!" Jeff thought.

	Brandishing the crop , she said, "From now until midnight, you will

call me 'Mistress Linda'.  Understand, slave?"

	"Yes," Jeff said.  The crop landed on his inner thigh just below his

balls.  The smack and sting reminded Jeff to answer correctly.  "Yes, Mistress

Linda!" he corrected himself.

	"That's better, slave.  Don't forget again, or I might not aim so care-

fully," Linda said, resting her crop on his balls.  The touch made him flinch,

ever so slightly, but she noticed, and a sardonic smile flickered across her

lips.  Jeff felt his dick becoming hard as she watched him lying on the bed.

She came over to the head of the bed, and stood behind his head.  The strong,

heady scent of leather that has been used sexually wafted to his nostrils,

making him slightly dizzy and arousing him more.

	"Raise your head, slave!" she commanded, grabbing a handful of his hair.

Jeff lifted his head, and his Mistress buckled the collar around his neck.  A

faint click told him that she had locked it on.  "Oh shit," he thought.  "I 

really am her slave, now."

	Linda walked slowly towards the foot of the bed, and stopped when she

came to his erect cock.  She grabbed it with her left hand, squeezing it a few

times.  With her right, she wrapped the short strap around him, between his

balls and his body.  Pulling it tight enough that it couldn't be slipped off,

she slipped the lock through the holes in the strap, and clicked it closed.

Jeff knew that it would stay on until his Mistress removed it.  Jeff noticed 

that it had a metal ring riveted to the end of it.  "No..." he started to say.

"Be quiet, slave, I haven't given you anything to 'No' about yet!" Linda said

in a stern voice.  Jeff shut up, and lay still.

	"Now, slave, we'll move to the dungeon."  Grabbing the ring, she locked

the two-foot section of chain to it.  Holding him by this leash, she released

his ankles and wrists from the cuffs.  "Stand up, dog!" she snarled.  Jeff stood

up, being careful not to let the chain get tight and pull on his balls.  As soon

as he was on his feet, however, Linda tugged on the chain, leading him through

the door and down a flight of stairs.  "We must be going to the basement," Jeff

thought as he walked down the steps.

	"Welcome to my dungeon, slave.  I think you'll enjoy yourself.  At

least, I hope so," Linda said, giving the chain a jerk.  "Oooph!" was all Jeff

could say to that.

	They were in a brightly lit room, filled with various ticklers, bars,

whips, and other things Jeff had never seen before.  She led him over to a T-

shaped black steel bar that was bolted to the floor.  It stood about a foot

tall, and had a heavy leather cuff riveted to each end of the horizontal bar.

A large ring was welded to the top of the T, right above the supporting bar.

	"Don't try to escape or struggle, slave.  If you do, I will torture you

unmercifully.  Understand?" Linda said.

	"Yes, Mistress Linda.  I understand," Jeff said.

	Linda closed the cuffs about his legs, buckling each one tightly.  Then

she fastened the chain that dangled from his groin to the ring in the center of

the T-bar.  It was taut - any motion caused it to pull on his balls.  Linda

also secured Jeff's wrists with heavy leather cuffs that were chained to nearby

posts.  Jeff rattled the chains a bit, but soon discovered that he couldn't 

move more than a few inches in any direction.  Jeff stood still, helpless.

	She pulled a large overstuffed chair into position about two feet in

front of Jeff.  Reaching behind him, she removed a large black feather from the

wall.  Jeff shuddered in anticipation, and a quiet moan escaped from his lips.

His Mistress looked at him, and said mockingly, "Oh no, my presumptious slave,

it's for me, not you.  You'll have yours later.  When I'm good and ready."

	Linda sat down in the chair in front of him and put her feet up on the

arms of the chair.  Looking Jeff square in the eye, she spread her legs wide.

Jeff could see her cunt spread underneath the tight leather triangle that clung

to her flesh.  His cock was rock hard by now, and he felt that if he didn't get

some release soon, it might explode.

	"Nice view, dog?" Linda sarcastically asked Jeff, whose eyes were fixed

on her tight pussy.  With that, she took the feather and began running it over

her tits.  She alternated, left, then right, then left again, first circling

her breast with the feather, then slowly moving up to tease her hard and dark

nipples.  Every time she stroked the feather over her nipple, she let out a

soft, cooing moan.  Her breathing began to get deeper and more ragged, and her

moans became throatier.

	Jeff's cock had been hard since he had awaken tied up on his back, but

now he felt as if his dick was on fire.  "Please, Mistress Linda, please give

me some release!!  Make me come!!  Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee!!!" he begged.

	"So, my slave feels left out.  You want some too, huh, dog?"  Linda got

up, and held the feather in front of Jeff's face.  "How's that?" she asked, as

she ran the tip of the feather down his chest.  Jeff felt chills go up and down

his spine as the feather circled his nipples, her expert touch teasing them

erect.  He was moaning loudly now, and close to orgasm.  "Please Mistress, make

me come!" he said between moans.

	"Not yet, slave.  If you're good, though, I might let you come later."

Linda said.  Jeff nearly fainted when she ran the feather slowly down the 

length of his hard cock.  She tickled her slave's balls for a moment, noting

his moaning and futile struggles with pleasure.  Just as Jeff thought he was

going to explode, his Mistress stopped and said, "Now, do exactly as you are

told.  Take off my G-string.  And don't you DARE touch me until I say you may."

	"How am I supposed to do that?!" Jeff asked.  "My hands are tied!"  His

Mistress didn't answer him.  She simply stepped up onto the chair in front of

him, and taking hold of the back of the chair, stuck her gorgeous ass in his

face.  "Take it off with your teeth, slave!" she growled in a deep, throaty


	Jeff leaned forward, and grabbed the back of her g-string in his teeth.

The heady aroma of leather and her recent excitement invaded his nostrils, and

the salty taste of her sweat came into his mouth.  He pulled the leather down

as far as he could, which was just far enough to put her crotch right at his eye

level.  He could smell her musk as she turned around and let the tiny leather

triangle drop to her feet.

	Jeff was presented with a close-up view of her tight cunt.  It was

perfect in every way, and maddeningly close.  He leaned forward to lick her, but

she pulled away, just out of his reach.  "Not yet, dog!" she told him.

	The gorgeous woman reached down and began to rub her middle finger over

her slit, plunging it into her pussy, then rubbing her engorged clit.  "Do you

think I have a nice cunt?" she asked Jeff.  He nodded yes, too absorbed with

watching her fingers on her wet snatch to speak.

	"Good.  Keep it in mind, slave," she breathed, rubbing her hand over his

lips and nose.  He licked her hot juices from his lips and inhaled her musky

scent deeply.  He was beginning to become dizzy from his excitement.  "Please,

Mistress!  Please let me come!" he begged again.

	"All right, slave.  You've had enough torture for now."  She sat down

in the chair and, grabbing the chain on his balls, pulled his cock to her eager

lips.  Alternating between sucking his cock deep into her mouth and caressing

the head of his dick with her tongue, she made him come to a violent orgasm

almost immediately.  He screamed as his hot come burst from his throbbing cock,

burst after burst.  After he was finished coming, he collapsed, hanging from the

cuffs on his wrists.

	After Linda had gulped all his jism down, savoring its thick saltiness,

she asked, "Feel better, slave?  Can we continue, now?"

	"Yes, Mistress Linda.  Much better, much better," Jeff panted roughly.

	"Good.  Now, you'll do me," Linda said.  She walked behind him and took

a keychain from a hook on the wall.  Unlocking the chain from the T-bar and from

the strap on his cock, she said, "Not this way, though."  After locking the

chain to his collar, she released his ankles.  Holding his chain leash, she then

removed the leather cuffs that held his wrists.

	Leading him lie a horse, she went over to a bed in the corner of the

dungeon.  She stood at the edge of the bed, and pulled him in front of her.

"Kneel, dog, but don't touch me.  Not yet," she said.

	Jeff did as he was told.  His captor then reached between her legs, and

pulled the chain from his collar until his nose was an inch from her glistening

pussy lips.  She locked the chain to the bed frame, saying "Now, slave, you'll

eat my pussy until I'm satisfied."

	Being unable to move more than about an inch from her wet cunt, Jeff had

no choice but to eat his Mistress' hot cunt.  Her breath quickened as he ran his

tongue up and down her slit.  "Stick your tongue in me, dog," she said, and

pressed her cunt into his face.  He was quick to follow his orders, fucking her

with his tongue.  Her moans got louder as he nibbled her clit, rolling it

between his teeth and sucking on it like a baby on a bottle.  After about three

minutes, she started bucking her hips and moaning ecstatically.  Her hot juices

flowed over his face and down his neck as her breathing slowly calmed.

	After a few moments, she looked down at him, and said, "That was pretty

good, slave.  I'm satisfied, but now I want your hard cock inside me."  She

reached under the frame of the bed and grabbed a key.  After unlocking the chain

from the bed, she told Jeff to get up on the bed, and to lie on his back.  Jeff

lay down, and she grabbed his arms.  She deftly looped the chain around his

wrists and, pulling his hands up to his neck, locked them to his collar.  "Just

for kicks," she explained.

	Moving down the bed, she teased him for a bit with her tongue.  When he

was rock hard, she placed one hand on his chest, and grabbing his cock with the

other, she straddled his hips.  With a swift motion and a wild moan, Jeff's

Mistress sank his entire cock into her slick, tight snatch.  She immediately

started off at a furious pace, pumping her hips up and down, pulling on her own

nipples and moaning loudly.  Her hot cunt juices ran down his cock, over his

balls, and down the crack of his ass.  Jeff could hardly do anything but lie

there and enjoy the mind-numbing ecstasy of her tight cunt sliding up and down

his prick.  Their moans echoed off the brick walls as Jeff came, pumping his

gorgeous Mistress full of his hot come.  She rolled off him, and put two fingers

into her cunt.  After licking them dry with a smile, she slowly licked Jeff's

cock clean.

	"It's twelve, slave.  You've performed well enough to justify my setting

you free again.  Your clothes are in the next room.  Go get dressed while I

clean up in here," Linda told him.

	Linda unlocked the chains from his wrist and removed the collar from his

neck.  Jeff walked through the door she pointed to, head reeling from the

night's activity.


	Jeff was buttoning the top button of his shirt when he heard a footstep

behind him.  Turning, he saw Linda standing there, still wearing her harness and

her boots.  She showed him out the front door.  Before she closed the door, she

slipped a finger in her snatch and rubbed it on his lips.  "Hold out your hand,"

she said.  Jeff held his hand out, and she placed something in it and closed his

fingers over it.  "A souvenir," she said, and closed the door.  He walked to his

car, a little stiffly, and got in.  He opened his hand, and discovered that his

"souvenir" was the strap that had been around his cock for the better part of

the evening.  It even had the lock and key on it.  "In case I need it again, I

guess," he said out loud.  Jeff laughed out loud, put the car in gear, and drove



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