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Archive-name: Slaves/janet.txt


Archive-title: Janet

	There he was again. Every day for two weeks he had been in her

car on the subway. She had felt him staring at first and had smiled to

him politely. He did not approach her during the train ride or after, 

but for the 35 minutes it took to get her to her home station, he

watched her.

	To start, Janet was rather annoyed at the invasion of privacy, 

but as the days passed and she admired his muscular frame and soft blue

eyes she felt he was waiting for something.

	This morning she had decided to do something about it. She had

woken up early to prepare. Her outfit for the day included medium

heels, garter belt and stockings, blouse, short-cut skirt, bra, and


	As the train pulled away she arranged herself across from him. 

She caught his eyes and gave him a welcoming nod. He just smiled and

watched her.

	Over the next few minutes, as she 'read' a magazine, she

proceeded to cross and uncross her legs. Slowly, ever so slowly, her

skirt worked its way higher and higher along her thighs. When it was

less than an inch from revealing her stocking tops for all to see, she

looked up at him again.

	He was certainly paying attention. His eyes were riveted to the

spot between her legs, still hidden by the skirt. She smiled as she saw

his slacks had developed a very promient bulge and he kept pulling his

hand away from touching it.

	She waited until he looked at her eyes. She gave him a

questioning look, as if to say "Do you want more, sir?". He nodded


	Janet arranged her things beside her to create walls on either

side of her legs. The crowd was not yet enough to create standing

riders so only her watcher could see her legs above the knees.

	She hooked a finger under the edge of her skirt and began to

draw it back towards her fluttering belly. The excitement of this

exhibition had gotten her heart pounding and her pussy warm and moist.

	Her stocking tops and garters appeared next, causing an

appreciative ripple in her audience. Then, finally, some curly hair

peeked out at him. She shifted her hips to allow her legs to spread a

little. Each movement was arousing.

	Janet let one finger slip down into her hot pussy and draw out

a finger-full of juices. She brought it to her mouth out of desire and

sucked her finger clean of her hot musky juices. She looked back at


	He had his jacket over his lap and one hand led into the coat. 

The movement was almost unnoticable, unless you suspected someone of

masturbating on a subway train. Their eyes met.

	Janet ducked her head as if to see under his jacket. He looked

around really nervously and then tented his jacket quickly. Janet liked

what she saw. His cock was full, thick, and hard. She guestimated about

six or seven inches, maybe more if she was lucky. His jacket dropped


	Janet slipped another finger into her slit and began to pump it

in and out. Once he got the idea, he responded quickly to her offered


	Janet began to arrange herself as the train stopped for a

station with usually large crowds. They both rose to get off the

train, no where near their necessary stops.


Janet led the way from the subway train and up the long concrete steps

to the open air. Once outside, she looked around at the nearly deserted

parking lot. The evening wind was already chill and she could feel her

nipples react to the chill.

	He walked up behind her. He pressed himself into her, his cock

making an undeniable impression on her firm ass. He let his hands roam

the front of her outfit as he began to suckle the skin on her neck.

	She couldn't wait any longer to feel his prick inside her. She

spotted an out-of-the-way side of the Subway entrance, a wall hidden by

bushes and other walls. She led him quickly there.

	His hot breath in her mouth as they kissed fueled her passions

higher. His body pressed hers against the cold concrete wall. His hands

sought her breasts; helping her off with her jacket, and then the


	Her pussy was trembling with her undressing. Anyone might come

around the corner to find her being ravaged by this stranger. She

wanted them to come and see her, see the slut so controlled by her lust

to ignore their shocked stares.

	He started moving her skirt up out of the way. He ran his

fingers along the garter straps, tracing the tops of her silk stockings

and snapping the straps against her hot thighs.

	He unsnapped her bra with the moves of a pro, and she found her

nipples revealed to the night air, the blast of cold wind mixing with

their body heats to harden her nipples into bullets from her breasts.

	He took her nipples in his fingers and began to play with

them, rubbing, pinching, licking, twisting lightly. Her breathing was

laboured and short. Her face felt flush and her pussy juices were

beginning to run down her thighs. She was well on the way up on her

roller coaster of orgasm.

	She moved her fingers to his crotch and deftly released his

straining meat from its cotton prison. It fell hot and heavy into her

fingers. She pulled it towards her open pussy. He smiled at her in the

blurriness of two faces together and moved forward, slipping his cock

into her hot, dripping pussy.

	She felt the meat divide her and penetrate her. It kept coming

an inch after she expected it to stop and felt fuller than ever

before. His length was perfect, his width a delicious strain.

	Her nerves became hyper sensitive as the fucking commensed. She

felt every grit of the concrete against her back, every strand of his

hair in her fingers, his lips on her skin and his tongue butterflying

her lips.

	The buildup had been too long, and as much as she wanted to

feel him fucking her for hours, she knew that she'd start coming soon. 

She wanted to hook him, make him come with her.

	She started to flex her thighs and pussy muscles to stroke his

meat as it pistoned in and out of her. He began to moan in


	Moments went by of exquisite contact, flesh into flesh, a

carnal communion, she began to lose herself in the impending wave of

orgasm. She wanted to come so bad, she began to hump back at his

thrusts. Her moans became cries.

	He began to grunt and his thrusts lost their solid rhythm. They

began to come and his cock felt like it swelled inside her. She felt

the pinpoint heat of his boiled cum shooting into her, and she crested

her own orgasm, her pussy muscles milking his cock for every last drop

of come. She panted and whimpered, trying not to scream like she ached

to do. She grasped him tightly and wrapped her legs around his thighs, 

prolonging and deepening their intimate embrace.

	Uncounted moments later she let her legs slip down his thighs

to support herself. His cock slid out of her. He did not release their

embrace. They smiled at each other in their afterglow, nuzzling and

enjoying the decaying warmth.

	He began to speak "I'm..." when she stopped him with a hand to

his lips. She pointed behind him to the lit building across the

street. An elegant neon sign pronounced it the Charles Road Grand

Hotel. She questioned him with a look when he turned back to her. A nod

and they were cleaning up for the walk over...


	Registration was quick and painless. He used a credit card and

she waited for him out of earshot.

	The elevators were chromed and Janet looked at her reflection

in them. She saw herself, but it felt so far away from her normal

life. She was pursuing something that at any other moment in her life

she would never have done. She was following her lusts and passions, 

drinking deep of sex, and for that, she could not recognize the body

staring back at her from beyond the shining doors.

	He joined her and dangled the key from his finger. It had the

number 800 on it. Janet wasn't sure, but she thought that the eighth

floor looked like penthouse suites. All the better.

	The doors opened and a woman walked out. She was stunning and

dressed for display. From her walk and attitude, Janet guessed she was

a hooker. The woman was wearing a black leather miniskirt and stockings

attached to garters that peeked from beneath the skirt. Her top was a

blue satin bustier. Add a pair of spike black leather heels and she was

a pure sex object.

	Janet watched her reach the desk and give some bills to the

clerk. She also gave him a peck on the cheek.

	"Remember Raoul, you know where to find Cindy when you need

her," she commented to everyone in the lobby as she walked out. Janet

slipped into the elevator behind her lover. She filed the incident away

for further use as she returned her attention to the man beside her.

	They embraced as the elevator headed up, the floor indicators

rippling upwards with them. She held him tightly to her and their

tongues touched each other, searching for a more intimate coupling.

	The doors opened, presenting a short hallway with two doors. 

Janet followed his lead as they walked to the one marked 800. He opened

it quickly and stood back for her to enter the room.

	Suite 800 was huge. There was a hot tub in the middle of the

living room, a large bathroom, a kitchen and a delightfully large

bedroom. The tub was already hot and bubbling. Janet smiled as she

walked toward it. He closed and locked the door before following her.

	Janet stopped at a stereo and turned on her favorite station. 

She began to sway to the beat it was laying down. She pushed him on to

the couch facing the tub and began a strip tease for him.

	She danced to the music and stroked her body for him. She

smiled as she saw his cock hard again against his slacks. 

	First her jacket fell to the floor followed quickly by her

shoes. The barer her skin became, the more aroused and sexy she felt. 

After her blouse revealed her heaving breasts enclosed in her bra, she

looked at him. He had removed everything but his slacks and briefs.

	She looked into his eyes as she reached to her left and slowly

unzipped the side of her skirt. She turned towards the tub and let it

fall open over her panty covered ass, garters running under the silky

material. Then she let it slide slowly down her legs.

	Turning to him once again, she continued her dance, letting her

hands caress her flesh. Every nerve felt like an erogenous zone. Her

nipples were on fire as she pinched them through her bra. He was moving

on the couch now, his hand stroking his cock through his slacks, his

torso stretching and twisting.

	Janet unsnapped her bra from the front clasp and drew it back

from her burning breasts. She let it slide down her arms stretched

behind her, forcing her tits out in front of her. He was almost

drooling, and definitely aching to touch them.

	Next went her panties, drawn tantalizingly slowly down her

thighs and calves leaving her clad only in her garter belt and

stockings. Taking the safe bet, she left those on to entice him. Every

other man she'd ever had liked her to wear them.

	Now she went towards him on the couch. She stood before him

with her legs spread.

	"Lick my pussy. Make me come in your mouth." He smiled widely

as he scooted up to lean into her bush.

	She felt his tongue touch her cunt hair and thighs before it

began to push between her pussy lips. She was hot and wet and she felt

him licking and sucking at her lips. Ripples of pleasure shifted across

her body making her lips tremble and her nipples twinge. As his tongue

ventured deeper, she felt herself widening her stance to give him the

widest access to her cunt. She began to talk to him, saying everything

her lust wanted but her mind had never before allowed.

	"God, your tongue feels good in my cunt. My pussy is purring

for you. Suck my clit." He responded admirably and sent her a jolt

shock as he sucked her clit in between his lips and played with it with

his tongue.

	She rested her hands on his head, and ran her fingers through

his hair as his head bobbed in his eager work. She felt his nose

brushing through her hair.

	Her pleasure rose steadily over about 30 seconds, and she

arched her feet in response, eager to reach for higher sensations. She

pushed his head into her and gripped his head with her stocking-covered

thighs. Her orgasm hit her and she screamed out without any restraint

into the spacious suite.

	"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, suck me, 

lick me, I'm coming, here I come, here I come, God its good, ah, ah ah

ah ah aaaaaAAAAAAH" He kept up his work and kept her spasming with

subtle and direct stimulation of her clit.

	She almost lost consciousness as the pleasure gripped her body

from her lips and nipples to the goosebumps on her arms to her ass, 

pussy and feet.

	He laid her back on the couch and moved on top of her.


	His body was hot and hard as it moved over her naked flesh. She

felt his enormous hard-on beneath his slacks. He dry-humped against

her, staining the front of his slacks with her juices. Janet held onto

him and stroked his muscles.

	Soon though he had to get up and take the awkward time to

undress. He stood.

	"Reveal me." he said in a quiet but commanding tone. Janet

smiled as she took the position he'd had moments before. She stroked

his powerful legs through the slacks for a few moments, getting near

but never reaching his cock-bulge. She kept this up until he didn't put

up with it anymore.

	"I said reveal me." A little louder, but enough to get Janet to

obey quickly. She undid his belt with some difficulty, taking the time

to remove it from the belt loops. Then each button came undone to

reveal his hot thick meat. Janet quickly pulled the slacks down and off

of him and returned her attention to the cock protruding before her.

	Without a fanfare, she pulled the briefs from around his cock, 

hooked them under his balls and grasped his cock with both hands. The

head was still exposed and she began to make mouth-love to it. Her

tongue probed his cum-hole and her hands had began to stroke him when

he spoke.

	"Did I permit you to touch my cock?" Janet stopped, rather

confused. Some part of her suspected what was coming next and tingles

began again between her legs.

	He pulled her hands away from his cock. He stepped back a pace.

	"Touching my cock is a privilege and sucking it is your highest

aspiration. Do you understand?" Janet wasn't sure what was going on, 

but the juices in her pussy and the heat she felt certainly told her to

agree to anything.

	"Yes." He didn't look happier.

	"Yes... Master?" The frown disappeared somewhat.

	"For being a bad girl, what should happen?" She saw his cock

was still as hard and throbbing as ever, glistening with her spit. He

was loving this.

	"I should be punished." She added the Master after a brief

pause, cued by his reaction.

	"Correct." He walked to the dining room portion of the suite. 

He took a hard chair and brought it back to the area littered with

their forgotton clothes. He sat down. Janet didn't know what was next.

	He helped her.

	"Proper punishment is either a sound spanking or services to me

beyond your proper duties." Janet had never been spanked, but the other

services part was too vague for her to try just yet. She moved to his

side in order to lay across him.

	"What have you chosen?"

	"I deserve to be spanked because I was naughty, Master." He


	"Get your panties and put them on." Janet complied and returned

to her former position. He moved her across his lap so her ass was

displayed for him at her highest point. She closed her eyes and


	SMACK. She cried out a moment as the pain sizzled her

asscheeks. SMACK. She bit her tongue, but didn't speak. SMACK. A tear

welled up in her eye. She wasn't sure about this. SMACK. Another tear

and more electric pain.

	Then she noticed the electric jolts were connecting right to

her pussy. With each stroke she was getting wetter and hotter. The pain

was almost ignorable.

	By the twentieth smat, she was ready to beg for more. She

couldn't keep herself from shifting against his leg, ravenous for a

fucking. But he had positioned her so that his cock lay hot against her

stomach and would not reach her sizzling pussy.

	He stopped and carefully pulled her panties down to around her

thighs, far enough to trap her from spreading her legs. She had been

nearly naked with him before but this deliberate revealing felt more

exposing than anything else. She knew that she was only moments away

from an orgasm.

	"Have you learned your lesson?" She kept herself from yelling.

	"No, Master, I have not."

	"I thought so. Well, you will be spanked until you come!" He

moved his free arm around her until his hand rested against her pussy. 

He resumed the spanking against her exposed bare bottom as he played

with her clit. Not even moments went by before she spoke.

	"Yes, Master, I've been bad, punish me, spank me, spank me

harder, make me cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm

cum..cum..cumming, aah aah oooh aaah aah yes god I'm coming..."

	As Janet recovered from her orgasm, he lifted her back on to

the couch and returned to his chair. She saw the precom oozing out of

his cock and his hand couldn't keep from stroking it a little.

	"If only I had my toys, we could do this right. You seem eager

enough." They both smiled at that.

	"But Master, I may know of someone with the proper toys. May I

make a call?" He scowled.

	"Are you someone else's slave?" He asked almost disappointedly.

	"No, but I have a hunch. It will definitely be rewarding, 

Master." He nodded and she noticed him breathing quickly, either

through anticipation or thrill.

	A quick call to Raoul, a transfer to a line Raoul obviously

kept on his speed-dailer, and a minute or two of explanation.

	"Cindy will be here in 15 minutes, Master. What shall I do

while you wait?"


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