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Archive-name: Slaves/invitat.mmd

Archive-author: Gary Ringenwald

Archive-title: Invitation - Part 1 thru 4

	First meetings are always a little scary for me, but the room #

you gave me is right in front of my face.  I check my back-pack just to

make sure I brought all my stuff with me, executioners hood, cod with a

zipper cod-piece, and the full facial hood with no mouth (soon I hope to

get more).  I zip the pack back up and knock on the door.  My heart jumps 

a bit when the sound reaches my ears.

	I stand there waiting.  I look around a bit, but there is no one

in sight.  The door opens quickly and a hand reaches out, grabs my coat,

and pulls me inside.  Before I get a chance to look at my sorroundings,

a blind-fold is placed around my eyes.  I put my hand out to see if I

can feel around for this person, but a hard slap accross my ass tells

me otherwise.

	"Don't move unless *I* tell you to move, got that BOY?"

	"Yes ... sir", I say, almost forgetting the 'sir'.

	You strips off my clothes.  I stand there wondering what you are

doing, and my cock is already stiff, pointing parallel to the ground.

	"Not bad," I hear you say.  A finger runs down my spine and

a shiver courses through me.  It slides down to my ass and begins poking

about.  "Tight hole," I hear you say to yourself.  

	A hand grabs my shoulder and pushes me forward while a second

keeps my hips still.  My hand involentarily go forward, ready to brace

myself from the floor, but your hands hold me still at a 90 degree angle.

I place my hands on my legs and expose my ass.  A hand smacks against my

bare ass and I almost loose my balance.  "Listen up BOY, while you are hear

I am to be called 'Master' and every sentance is to end in 'Sir', got that


	"Yes Sir!" I say.  SLAP!  I keep my balance but a small gasp escapes

my lips.

	I hear my bag being unzipped.  Then some of my leather stuff being 

pulled out.  After a few seconds of rustling, I feel a hand pull me by my 

cock, I walk forward and then I am forced to my knees.  The blindfold is 

pulled off.  I unfortunately don't get to see the face of my captor, because

you have taken the executioners hood out of my bag and you are wearing it.  

The only features I can make out are your mouth and chin.  The rest is 

hidden by the black leather.  Your eyes stare at me from the darkness inside.

I feel as if they will burn through me.

	"Take off my shoes and socks and make my feet clean" you say.  Happy

to be able to serve you, I quickly do as you order.  My toungue glides along

the top of your left foot and between your toes.  You lift up your feet and I

wash them underneath.

	"My feet taste good BOY?"

	"Yes Sir!" I say.

	"Well, maybe you'd like to clean something else."

	You stand up and begin to take off your pants.  I am anticipating

your cock with hungry eagerness.  But when you finally are stripped waist-

down, you lean over and give me your ass.  "Clean it boy."

	I bend forward and let my tougue slide along the crack.  I try my

best to get everywhere.  Soon I reach your hole and gently give it little 

laps up and down.  The heat from your hole invites my toungue inside.  I can

feel the warmth of this Master, and I want you to feel good.

	When you tire of this, you pull me onto the bed and tie me spread-

eagle face up.  You sit on my chest with your cock and balls resting on my

face.  "Just lick," you say.  I stick out my toungue and start caressing your

sex.  I see that you get hard and am pleased with me so far.  You abruptly

push your cock into my mouth and go all the way in.  I gag for a moment, and

you pull back out a little.  You force yourself back in, this time no gaging.

Your hips start to thrust you cock down my throat, and the slight taste of pre-

cum warms my mouth and through.  

	Then the blindfold is placed back on and you move off me.  A wet

finger starts to probe around my ass.  Your finger slowly enters me.  My hole

is tight and the second finger you put in makes me withdraw a little, but the

ropes are doing their job.  The third finger brings a sharp pain, but it 

subsides and the pleasure remains.  The finger-fuck you give me sends my senses

reeling, the random thrusts you give keep me unsure of what will happen next.

Abruptly you pull out.  

	Your hand comes out and gently touches my cock.  My body jumps from

the unexpected pleasure, then relaxes.  You do this a few more times, and

each time I try to move, trying to get my cock closer to your hand, but I am 

still confined.  Then next time you grab my cock tightly and pull on it.  The 

mixture of pleasure and pain that you are causing sends mixed messages and I 

don't know weather to moan with excitement or discomfort.  

	Still holding onto me, you get into position to mount me.  I can feel

you cock sliding along my ass.  "You ready to get fucked boy?"

	The slight hesitation brings a quick tug on my cock.

	"Yes, Sir,"

	"You don't sound like you really want it, do you?"

	"Oh, yes sir!  I want to get fucked sir!  My hole is hungry for a

man's cock sir.  Please fuck me sir.  Please fuck my hole!"

	Your cock comes to rest on the opening and you slowly invade me.  "Oh,

Yes Sir, Fuck me Sir!"  Only the head of your cock gets in before the pain 

rips through me.  You stop for a second and reach over to pull off the 

blind-fold.  My face is a little contorted, but I make no sounds to show my 

discomfort.  I open my eyes and see you leaning over me.  I still can't see 

your face because of the hood.  You begin to push in father, my hole still 

very tight.  All of a sudden it relaxes and you slide in easily.  Our bodies 

exchange heat and one final burst of pain comes, then goes.

	After all the pain goes, I say "Sorry for being so difficult to enter


	A smile crosses your face.  Looking up at your eyes peering through

the leather makes me feel safe and comfortable.

	At first the thrusts you give are slow and carefull.  Not hinting to

the power of your lust you are holding back for the moment.  "You got a nice

warm hole."

	"Thank you sir."

	"Let's see how much you can take boy."

	Your hips start to grind into me and the pace speeds up.  Still leaning

over me, you stare at me.  Your eyes and cock burning into me.  Then you start

thrusting hard and you close your eyes.  With the final rapid movements of

your hips you pull out, rip off the condom, and cum all over my cock and balls.

	The cum spurts out and hits my chin, your head is thrown back, your

body glistening with sex-sweat, your cock giving out your sweet man juice.  

You finish cumming and look down on me.  You take your

cum and rub it into me.  You reach for my cock and begin to jerk me off.

In a few moments I cum.  I thrash around, arms pulling, wanting to touch my 

own cock.  The years of jerking off has made me very sensitive, and the 

sensations are overwhelming, but still the ropes hold me tight.  My cock 

stiffens, my body arches, and with one loud UHHHHH I cum.  The initial burst

hits your chin unexpectedly, you push my cock up to aim it toward my face and

the second and third barely reach my neck.  You continue to make slight tugs 

at my cock, lengthening the orgasm, watching as my body twitches to every tug

you give.

	After it is over, you untie me and you look me over.  Our cum still 

intermingling on my body.  Surprizingly, you start to lick some off.  With one 

hand you rub some off and push it into my mouth.  The taste warms my throat.  

Then finally take off the mask so I can look at you.  I stare at you for a few 

moments, then you lean over and we kiss, with the cum mixing in our mouths.  

You cradle my body and head next to you, and I am soon fast asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

	I am awakened by a pulling sensation on my nipple.  I open my eyes and

look down to see you genlty pinching me.  "Ahh, the little boy has awakened."

you say showing a sinister grin.  "I've been wondering how long it would take

to wake you.  I took the liberty of putting you in some rubber underwear.  Do

you like?"

	I looked down over my chest to see a black skin-tight pair of underwear

covering me.  The outline of my limp dick is clearly visible.  The sight of it's

confinement begins to make it grow.  "I can see you do like it."  You look up

and give me another grin.  "C'mon, time to eat breakfast.  Let's get dressed."

	"Yes sir."

	"Oh, and until I make you mine you only have to call me 'Sir' when we

are 'in bed'."

	"Ok Tim" I say, almost expecting a little backlash.

	You push yourself closer and kiss me gently.  You back off, stand up,

and walk into the bathroom.  I watch your leg muscles flex and get a shiver.

Then I stand up and begin to dress.  My clothes are in a neat pile near the bed.

I put them on, grab my shoes, and wait.  A few moments later you walk out, open 

a draw and start pulling out clothes.  "You seem alot quieter in person" you 


	"I'm still getting over our little session."

	"You liked it that much, huh?" you give me a glance.

	"Well, yeah, I really enjoyed it."

	You grab your keys and we head down to eat.

     ******  uneventfull small talk here while we eat so I'll skip it  ******

	We return to your room.  You tell me to lie on the bed because you have

something to show me.  I relax and you pull out a suitcase from under the bed.

You zip it open and pull out a full leather body suit!  My eyes practically

fall out of my head!  You look at my reaction, and say "You better close your

mouth, something might get in there."  

	"I have never seen anything like that in my life!"

	"Yes it is a beauty all right.  Had it cusom made, this and another one.

One for the top, one for the bottom."

	"Which one is that?"

	"The top.  Only one person has worn the other suit, may last slave.  Boy

could he cook."  You pause for a moment.  You begin to tell me of the two slaves

you have had.  Neither really worked out, but both were good.  You had bought

the last slave at an auction.  The auction had been in California.  Not a REAL

auction, but one of thoses charity things.  The contract was for one month of

servitude, but he stayed longer than that.  He was really good, unfortunately 

he was a free spirit and slavery was really not his thing.  You both tried, but

the relationship was not working out.  So you broke-up.  "Maybe if I meet that 

right person I will wear this again, but until then it's just decoration."

	We sit silent for few seconds, then you say "So are you sweaty yet?"

	I think for a moment, then remeber that I still had the rubber 

underwear on.  "A little," I say.

	"Good, cause I need you nice and sweaty for tonight.  I got a surprize

for you for being such a good slave last night.  But for now, I have work, so

we'll meet later tonight here at say ... 7?"

	"Sure, I'll see you at 7."

	"Ok, don't forget your stuff."

	You hand me my stuff, We exhange a small kiss, and I'm gone.

        *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

	I arrive back on time.  Again the door is in front of me and I knock.

The door opens immediately.  You are standing in front of me.  You smile and 

move to let me in.  I enter and notice someone kneeling, face pointed down, by

the bed.  He is totally naked except for a collar and chain leash which is tied

to the bed.  I look at you, a little confused, and somewhat excited.

	"This is your reward for good service," you say as you point to the bed,

"and a little test.  I want you to strip exept for the underwear and lie on the

bed face-up."

	"Yes Sir."  I take off my clothes and lie on the bed.

	"Put your hands behind you head boy and listen carefully.  This dog on 

the floor is going to service you, but you are not to move, help, or show any

gratitude to it.  The only thing I want you to do is get hard and cum.  If this

dog is to hurt you in any way, I want you to say 'ouch' then explain where it 

hurt you, understand?"

	"Yes sir."

	"Good, now lets start."  You turn to the dog still on the floor and pat

him on the head.  "Now fido, I want you to service this Boy from head to foot,

starting with his feet."

	I hear a bark, then I see him stand up.  He has an excellently chisled

body, no hair except his head and crotch, which is dark blond.  The collar pulls

to the left where the chain hangs down.  He gets on the bed between my legs and 

pushes them gently apart.  He begins to sniff at my feet, then lick.  I can 

feel his warm tongue slide around my toes and underneath.  I almost sigh, but 

catch myself.  You move to a chair to my left and sit.

	Fido starts to move up my leg, sniffing and licking.  The underwear I am

wearing is showing a bulge.  Underneath I can feel the sweat from the entire 

day.  He gets to my crotch and begins to pull them off.  Immediately I hear and

see a belt come down across the dogs back.  He stops, apparently scared to move.

"Not yet," I hear you say, then you quietly slip back to the chair.

	The dog begins to move past my crotch.  He starts up to my chest, 

licking and sucking along the way until he reaches my left nipple.  The slight 

tugs and heat from his mouth send me reeling.  I want to move to push myself 

closer, but I resist the urge.  

	"Now," you say.

	Obediently the dog moves to my crotch and slides down the underwear.  I

immediately feel the cold air against my sweaty skin.  I also notice the aroma

of dick, and I begin to wonder how strong it must be.  The dog immediately 

buries his face under my balls.  I can hear him inhaling my scent.  I raise my

hips a little.  

	"Are you forgetting what I told you boy?" you say stearnly.

	I get a slight pang in my chest and relax my hips.  "No Sir."

	"Don't let it happen again or I will be forced to help you remember."

	"Yes Sir."  The dog is still there in my crotch.  I can feel his expert

toungue licking the very sensitive area under my balls.  He moves up and takes

my balls into his mouth.  He very gently rolls them around.  His hands have 

moved to my hips and are rubbing.  

	"Suck Fido," you say.  I begin to feel a hot mouth around my cock as he

swallows it down to the hilt.  My hips buck-up and I let out a whimper before I

realize what I have done.

	"Stop Fido."  You get up and walk over to me. "I said not to move, now

I'm gonna make sure you can't."  You reach under the bed and pull out a strap 

with velcro.  Three more appear and I notice the two on the end have what look 

like cuffs.  You go around to the other side and produce the same thing.  You 

take the ones closest to my head and put my hand in the cuff, you do the same 

on the otherside and velcro the two straps tight against the bed.  My hands are 

now outstretched and I cant bend my elbos.  You do the same to my feet.  Next

you take the two unadorned straps.  One you fit tightly over my chest, almost 

too tightly, the other you put right over my crotch.  I hadn't noticed the hole

in that one, which my hard cock is now poking through.  You tighten something 

around the base of my cock and balls.  "Now you can't move."  you say and let 

out a laugh.  "Fido, slap his cock around a bit."

	I immediately feel a slap accross my cock and it bounces against my

stomach.  I try to pull away but am held by my cock.  Another slap and a sign 

of discomfort passes my lips.  Two more slaps, then it stops.  I look up to see

Fido with an evil grin across his face.  I glance over at you and you too have

the same grin.  "Ok Fido," you say, "sit on his cock."  You hand Fido a condom.

He takes it and slides it down over my cock.  It now really sensative from

the slapping, tingles from his touch.  You stand behind Fido, and from what I

can make out, you are lubricating him.  Then you tell him to turn around and

sit.  He turns, and I notice you replaced the chain from his collar with a 


	Fido eases himself down on my hard tool.  I feel really vulnerable and

a little bit violated, but that seems to enhance what is going on.  Very slowly

I can feel the heat of his ass as my cock slides easily inside.  My hips are

now pushing on the straps, which are doing their job quite well.  I can't even

move an inch!

	I see you walk beside me.  You are now naked with a raging hardon.  You

climb over me and face Fido's back.  Now I am completely blind as to my lower

body because your ass is in my face.  "Now, Boy, I want you to service my ass.

I want it to feel good."

	"Yes Sir!"

	You sit back and my toungue begins to explore you.  I can also feel Fido

as he starts to fuck himself with my cock.  At first the sensations from my 

buried cock are not strong, but as my excitement grows from from a forced ass

in my face and my cock being controlled, it quickly builds.

	After a few minutes I can feel the first stirring of orgasm nearing.  My

hips try to thrust, but can't.  My mouth, now completely uninterested in it's

previous job, just moves due to the intense pleasure from down below.  I then 

feel Fido lift up off me.  My cock, almost ready to explode, sends a somewhat

painful sensation as it's stimulation ceases.  The condom is then pulled off

and Fido begins sucking again.  

	You move down on my chest, still sitting.  

	I feel the the cum beginning to make it's way out.  The sensations are 

too much!  I start moaning.  As I approach orgasm thesigns of pleasure escaping

my lips grows louder.  I want to bring my hand down to ease up on the 

sensations, but it pulls in vain.  

	With a loud yell I cum!  Fido pulls off and you stroke me.  The first

blast shoots out of my throbbing disk with force and I pull and yank at my 

reastraints.  All my muscles contract.  Another spasm from my groin sends more

cum flying.  Then another.  Seven more times it spasms.  Then it slows down.

I let out a whimper, which is all I can manage.  8 .. 9 ....10, until my dick

starts to loose it's stiffness.  

	I am breathing heavily.  My heart pounds inside my chest.  I can feel

cum on my stomach.  You rise off me and face me and I look at you.  For a moment

I don't see it, but when my eyes focus on you, I see 3 glistening spots on your

body.  One is under you left eye, dripping down to you chin, the other two are

on you chest, above your left nipple and right underneath.  You stand there and

let it drip.  I watch as Fido moves to you and hungrily eats my offering.  I

feel a slight bit of jealousy, after all, it's my cum. When Fido is done he 

moves to me and cleans off my body.  Sweat is still dripping down my face and 


	You sit back in the chair and Fido begins to suck you.  I watch, hardly

able to move, but still wishing that were me. 

	In a few seconds you say "Oh ....   Fuck yeah ....  yeah ....  Ohhhh

FUCK ... YEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!" and your body tenses.  I then see Fido lift his head.

The smile I see on you makes my face red with anger as he got your cum, not me.

	You look at me.  You can read the expression on my face clearly, but 

don't let on that you know.  While still tied down (and extremely tired) Fido

gets dressed.  Before he leaves I fall asleep from exhaustion.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                                One Week Later...

	I wait for the bus that will take me to your home.  I clutch the ticket

tightly in my hand.  A suitcase sits next to me with all my important stuff;

cloths, sock, underwear, etc.  I am still nervous.

	I open my carry-on and take out a piece of paper.  On it are written the



		I have decided to try you out for a period of one month.

	After which I will decide if I want to keep you as a full time

	slave.  I have enclosed a bus ticket.  Bring only your 

	necessities.  That is all.

						Master Tim.

Even after reading it 20 times this letter makes me hard.  The porter takes my 

suitcase and puts it in the compartment on the bus.  I climb in and find a 

comfortable seat in the back.  In a few minutes the bus rolls out.  

	It only takes 30 minutes to reach my destination.  Almost a waste for 

me to use bus for such a short trip.  I get off and am sitting on a bench in 

front of the stop.  I sit here for over an hour, but I see no sign of you.  I

begin to worry a bit.  There seems to be no-one in sight.

	Nature begins to call so I go around to the side of the station to use 

the mens room.  As I turn the corner I almost bump into you.  You are standing

there, between me and the bathroom, wearing a T-shirt and jeans.  Your 

expression never changes from the cool and dull look you are giving me as you

say "Glad to see you came boy, let's see how you greet your new Master."  

	For a moment I just stand there, your expression never shifting.  Then

it hits me.  I kneel down in the dirt and begin to clean off your boots.  "Very

good.  I see you can think on your feet.  Now get up and follow me."  You start

to walk away immediately.  I spring to my feet and follow.  You point to my 

bags as you pass and I grab them as fast as possible.  You open the trunk of 

your car and I put my stuff inside.  

	We get in the car and you lock the doors.  You start the car up and 

begin to drive off.  "Take off your clothes and put on the item you find in the


	In the cramped car I struggle to remove my clothes.  You seem to pay

no attention to me.  I am now naked and open the compartment.  Inside I find a

studded leather collar.  I put it around my neck and tighten it.

	You then begin to tell me exactly what you expect from me.  You tell me

That I will be expected to do all the house hold chores, will work out with you

4 times a week, always call you Master by name and Sir, will be expected to 

greet you everytime you come home, and various other things.  While you talk

you reach over and begin to play with my penis as we drive along.  I grows to

full length quickly and you poke, pull, and rub it.  I put my head back and 

close my eyes.  Seeing me relax causes you to give a hard pinch to the sensitive

skin under the tip.  My head immediatly snaps up and I open my eyes at the 

sharp pain.  "Pay attention when I speak to you shithead," you say stearnly.

	I begin to feel uncomfortable at making you yell.  

	You pull your hand away and continue driving.  I unconsciously continue

what you had started down there.  No sooner does my hand brush my sex when your

hand reaches out, grabs my wrist, and painfully squeezes it.  

	"I see you have a lot to learn," you say, then release your crushing

grip.  We turn a corner, and are driving down a street where the houses are 

spaced 500 feet apart.  We turn into the driveway of a blue, two-story house.

You click the garage opener and the door swings up.  We pull in and the door

closes behind us.

	"Get out," you say.  I open the door and put my feet on the cold 

concrete floor.  I close the door and wait.  You get out and go over to the wall

next to you.  You take a chain down, walk over to me, and hook it to the collar.

Without speaking you walk through the door way and tug at the collar.  I follow.

We walk down a hallway, then turn left into a pitch-black room.  You close the

door aan turn on the light.

	I let out a gasp as I see wall-to-wall bondage equipment!  Before I 

can get a good look, you put a hood on me.  There is a snap-on blind which you

quickly put in place.  I can smell leather.  My cock, which has been rock-hard,

now drips precum.

	The collar pulls me forward and I can hear you fastening the end to

something.  Then you speak.

	"Ok Boy, let's get started.  Pay attention as I want you to repeat what

I say.  Kneel down with your hands on you lap.  1, You are to refer to me as

Master in the presence of the people I specify, and privately.  2, You are to

follow ALL my commands prompty and to the best of your ability.  I will listen

to any objections you might have without punishing you.  Repeat those."

	"I am to refer to you as Master whenever we are alone, and only with

people who you say it is alright with.  I am to follow all commands promptly

and to the best of my ability."

	"3, until I feel you are sufficiently pre-trained, you are to do none

of the following without my permission: watch tv, use the phone, eat, drink,

bathroom, touch your penis, or speak.  Repeat."

	"Until I am pre-trained, I will not speak, touch myself, eat, drink, or

watch tv."

	You say wrong, then reiterate the list.  I get it right the second time.

You tell me that you will give me 3 lashes for forgetting one item.  

	I hear you take off your belt.  The jingling sound of the metal end 

scares me a bit.  Then I feel a sharp sting accompanied by a slap on my back.

I gasp out.  A second, then a third.  My back is not sore, but the sensation of

the belt hangs there.

	Next you pull me up and sit me in a sling.  You restrain my feet so my

ass is exposed to you.  You do the same to my hands.  Then I feel something on

my ass.  I hear your voice, "Ok slave, I would like to know who's fuck-hole this


	"Yours, Sir," I say.

	"And if it's mine, what does that mean?"

	"You can do whatever you want with it sir."  I feel a slight pressure on

my, uhhh..., your fuck-hole.

	"And that's because I have a lease out on it with an option to buy."

	"Yes Master."  The pressure increases.  My arms and legs hang from the 

restraints pathetically useless.

	"Well, now I think I'm gonna take it out on a test drive."  With that I

feel something huge enter me.  A slight pain teases my ass, but it quickly 

dissipates.  You push further in and now the pain returns.  I grunt, but you

still persist.  I now have a huge dildo impaling me.  You wait a second for my

ass to get used to this new insertion.  You start to pull it slowly out, then 

back in.  The instrument you are useing feels great!

	"Oh fuck me Sir," I say in a whisper.  The pace begins to pick up and 

now you start probing for my g-spot.  It doesn't take you long to hit it and I 

let out an 'UUUUUHhhhhhhh'.  

	"Think you can take it slave boy?" you say in a low tone.

	"Yes Sir!" I say, completely engulfed in the sensations you are 


	"Let's see how hard this hole can be fucked."  With that you pick up the

pace further and I begin to squirm.  I can sense a smile as you watch me writhe

in my bonds with a fat dildo shoved in me.  My dick is hard and standing up 

tall.  You start to really pound the tool into me.  I pull and yell in pleasure

each time you hit my spot.  My ass starts to burn with the speed and friction.

Before I can stop it I feel my cock twitch and tingle, then your hand grasps it.

That slight stimulation pushes me over the edge and I cum in hot gobs.  It hits

my stomach and drips down the side.  You hand never moves as it holds my hard

member.  I buck at your hand, my hips thrusting up, then it dies down.

	The explosion of pleasure was intense, and I can still feel the 

aftermath as you tug and stroke my cock.

	You then pull the device out of me.  I lay there, panting.

	Your voice, no longer filled with sexual tension but with warm passion,

greets my ears.  "Very good boy.  You have pleased your Master well so far.  I 

am going to keep you here for awhile.  If you need anything, just yell, I will

hear you."  A warm cloth wipes off my body.  

	You bend down and gently let our lips come in contact.  You pull off 

the blinder.  I look into your eyes and say "Thank you Master Tim."  A smile

crosses your face, then a grin.  You back off and push something.  Above me

I can see a tv screen, angled so as someone can have a perfect view when you

lie in the sling.  On it I see two men starting to make-out.  I look at you, 

and you stare back, grinning.

	"Be back in a while," you say, and leave the playroom.

	I sit back and try to relax as I watch the two guys 69.  Very soon my 

erection returns.  Unfortunately, I have no way to relieve it.  Sigh....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

	It seems like hours, then the door opens and you appear.  I look at you

lustfully.  The third porn show is running, nearing the last scene.  I have

watched 30 scenes in all, most containing leather and bondage.  Precum has been

leaking out of my pulsating rod and has formed a small stream down my side.  

You walk over to me and look at the stream of precum.  Your finger slides along

the trail and picks up a generous amount.  You place the same finger on my lips,

then push it inside my mouth.  The taste of my own cum is sweet, and it warms my


	"You have quite a leaky boy-cock, don't you?"

	"Yes Sir."

	"Would you like to cum again?"

	"Oh, Yes please Sir!"

	"What will you do for me?"

	"Master, I will do anything Sir!"

	"Will you?"  You lightly touch my cock.  I jump, almost cumming right


	I close my eyes and say, "Anything you want me to do Master, Sir!"

	"Good."  As you undo my straps you say "Do Not, under ANY circumstances,

touch yourself."

	"Yes Sir," I say.  My hands and feet are soon free and you help me off 

the sling.  You take the hood off me and kiss me deeply.  I can hear you 

sniffing the leather scent that eminates from my head.  You then slip tit-clamps

on me.  I pull back from the unexpected stimulus, but your hand grabs my ass and

holds me still.  You reach to the table on my left and open a drawer.  You pull

out a black clothes pin and put it on me in the middle of my stomach.  

	"Let's see how bad you want to cum.  For every clothes pin I get on you

before you say anything, is one second I let you masterbate."

	You push me to my knees, and take out your cock.  For the first time

I get a good look at you.  Your cock must measure at least 9 inches!  I wonder

how I was able to swallow that the first time, let alone having it up my ass!  

You grab my head with both your hands and pull me forward.  I open my mouth and

your cock slides in.  As you face-fuck me, you start placing more clothes pins 

on me.  The are all placed above my nipple line.  I can't keep track of how many

you put on but the pain is starting to get to me.  

	You pull your massive tool out of my mouth.  Various clothes pins adorn

my shoulders and back.  I want to say something, to tell you it hurts, but my

urge to cum overwhelms me and I stay quiet.  You start to put them down my 

sides.  You place one on my inner thigh.  That is just too much for me and I say

"Master, I don't think I can take much more."

	You look down on me and say, "I thought you might be able to take more.

But now it looks like you have only 17 seconds to jerk off.  If you don't start 

cumming in that time, you are NOT allowed to cum for the rest of the day."

	You start to take off the clothes pins.  Each one you remove causes a

sharp pain.  When you finish, you say start, and I begin to feverishly work 

myself.  I start to wonder if I'll make it.  You start counting, 10 ... 11 ...

the firast stirrings of orgasm hit me ... 12 ... 13 ... I feel my cock ready 

to explode ... 15 ... 16 ... the climax is just starting as you say 17.  My 

heart is racing from both the pleasure and nervousness.  You start to reach 

for my hand to pull it away when I cum.  It splatters all over my chest.  My

body arches, my hips thrust, and I hold mty breath as I release my juice.  

	I relax my body and release my grip.  You wipe up my cum and use it on 

your own sex.  You stand over me and pump yourself.  You cum in a minute, and 

the blasts hit my face and chest.  

	You take out the towel and wipe me off.  "Time to take a shower kid,"

you say.  

	"Yes Master Tim, Sir."

	I rise to my feet and look at you.  You hook a leash back onto the 

collar and lead me out.  We enter the hall and go up the stairs to the left.  

We enter another hall, with all the doors except one closed.  You lead me there,

every so often tugging at my collar.  

	Your bathroom is very clean, and rather large.  There is a sink on the 

left with a tiolet next to it.  On the opposite side is the shower with glass

doors.  You pull my leash down and I kneel down.  You secure it to a hook, then

you start to strip.  I watch you intently.  You pull your shirt over your head,

your chest muscles are very nicly defined.  You pull down your pants.  I see

that you aren't wearing underwear.  Opening the glass door, you motion me 


	The length of the leash gives me just enough room to lie in the tub.  

I see you loom over me.  The light behind you casts a shadow over me, your whole

front side seems darker.  You move closer and aim you cock at my crotch.  A 

yellow stream flows out of you and warms my own dick.  You slowly cover my 

stomach and chest with your hot piss.  The stream slows, then stops.  "Just

marking my property," you say.

	You turn on the water.  Its cold and splashes my feet and legs.  It 

heats up quickly, too quickly!  It is not hot enough to burn, but it is 

uncomfortable to say the least.  You take down the showerhead and hose me down 

again.  I let out a small scream as the hot water graces my tender groin.  The

water is bringing the clothes pin's pain back.  My whole upper body tingles with

pain.  My face contorts and my mouth betrays my discomfort.  

	"You in a bit of pain little boy?"

	"Not really Sir," but my tone tells you otherwise.  You turn off the 

water and start to wash me with a sponge.  

	After you clean me you unhook the leash and bring me to the living room.

My stomach growls a bit, you seem not to notice.  You sit me on the floor in

front of the sofa, sit down, then turn on the tv.  I can hear the news anchor

talking about something unimportant.  You lift your foot to my hand, and hold it

there.  I take it in my hands and start to massage it for you.  You relax a bit

and watch tv as I rub your arch.  The odor of your feet now coats my hand and I

can smell the sweet aroma.  You pull your foot away and give me the other one.

Something the anchor-man says catches my intrest and I turn to look as I 


	Your hand reaches out and grabs my hair.  You pull it back and with 

gritted teeth say "What did I tell you.  HUH?"

	"Not to watch tv without your permission sir."

	"This is your last warning, one more fuck-up and you'll be punished."

You give my hair a tug to emphasise punished.

	"Yes sir..."  You release your grip.

	When the time comes to eat, you place my food in a dish on the floor

next to your chair.  I have no utensils to use, and one napkin.  I wait

patiently as you eat, waiting for your permission.  I remain on my knees with my

eyes intent on my plate.  My hunger rips through my tummy and it voices it's

unhappiness.  You look down on me and say one word, "Eat."

	I dive into my chicken and rice.  My void is soon filled.

	You stand over me holding the leash as I wash and dry the dishes.  You

show me where each one goes by putting them away.  You take me to the bathroom

and tell me to go.  I sit there a minute.  You standing over me is making it 

difficult to go, but I finnally manage.

	Next we go to your room.  You hook the leash to the end of the bed.

"I want you nice and rested for tomorrow.  We have a lot of work to accomplish."

You pat my head then climb into bed.  I fall asleep quickly, and sleep very


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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