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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde13.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 13


                          Part 13

  Marie was sitting at her desk when Tom arrived at the office on

Friday morning. She smiled at him and asked him how his night with

Karen had gone.

  "Oh, fine" Tommy mumbled, keeping his head down. When he glanced

up he saw that Marie was grinning at him like the cat that ate the

canary. About 10 minutes later Carol showed up and Marie excitedly

filled her in on her plans:

  "OK, the party's all set up for next Wednesday at my place! Donna

called her friends up, the college girls who will be watching Tommy

for us during the day, and they said Wednesday would be fine."

  "Great!" said Carol. "Next week is OK for me too. As a matter of

fact I was getting a little excited thinking about it last night

and I'd just as soon do it as soon as possible. I think I'll bring

along one of my friends, if you don't mind. I know she'll get a

kick out of this."

  "Sure, bring whomever you want. Listen to this!! I talked to his

cousin Kathy on the phone last night and told her about the party.

She got all psyched up and suggested a really good idea! She said

she can contact a few of the girls that Tom went to High School

with and she thinks they'll come!"

  "Wow!" Carol exclaimed. "That's gonna be some reunion!"

  "Oh no!!!" Tommy gasped. "Please, PLEASE, don't do that to me! I

couldn't bear the shame of them seeing me like that! PLEASE don't

do that!" Tommy was whining and looking around like a scared


  "Shut up, you little creep! I don't want to hear a word out of

you. The whole idea of this party is to have some fun and I'm gonna

have a ball seeing you crawling around in your little garters and

stockings while those girls laugh their asses off at you! After

those college girls get through tantalizing you all afternoon

you'll be STEAMING and more than willing to wiggle your butt and

show your little asshole to our guests! Kathy said that there was

one particular girl who you and your buddies used to tease in

school. She said you'd probably know who she was talking about.

Anyway, Kathy thought it would be just the greatest thing to get

her to come to the party and see how you turned out! She made a few

phone calls last night and called me back to say that she'd already

talked to a couple of the girls she remembered and they said they'd

be there. She thinks that by the end of the weekend she can get at

least a half dozen of them!"

  "Oh no...!!" Tom wailed.

  "That is going to be soooo cool!" said Carol. "What kind of stuff

are you gonna make him do?"

  "I don't know yet, but you can be sure that at least some of

those girls are gonna wind up with Tommy across their knees for a

good spanking! Hell, I may even give him to one of them to take

home after the party! I'll bet SHE won't have any trouble thinking

of things to do all night! Ha-ha-ha!"

  Carol giggled, "That's not a bad idea, or, we could have an

auction, just like a real slave auction, and the high bidder can

have him for the night!"

  "Now you're getting into it Carol!" Marie beamed. "I also called

Beverly and she said she could fix us up with a fresh copy of that

video tape she gave us to watch last week. I'm sure his high school

sweethearts will get a real kick out of watching him begging Linda

and her friends for a spanking! That tape was a classic. We can

have the auction right afterwards!" 

  "Oh please, no! Please...." Tommy shook his head back and forth

in misery and sniffed. They wouldn't really do that to him, would

they? He knew the girl they were talking about. Franny despised

him, and with good reason. He and his friends used to ridicule her

and tell jokes about her because she was a little overweight and

had enormous tits for her age. It was all in fun. The thought of

Franny and some of the other girls he knew back then all grown up

and watching him crawl around the floor of Marie's apartment in

garters and a maid's cap..... Oh God! And Donna and Kathy and God-

knows-who-else would be there! It was going to be a party and he

was going to be royally humiliated in front of all of them! Marie

and Carol were snickering as they watched the shock on his face.

  "That's right, Tommy. They'll all be there and you can't IMAGINE

the shameful things we're going to make you do! You better make

sure you're nice and clean because your ASS is going to be the

center of attraction all night long! We'll show your movie over and

over again and you'll crawl to each of your friends and squirm

around at their feet till they laugh at you and slap your ass!

It'll be a reunion neither you nor they will ever forget! I'm

getting wet just thinking about it! Hahahaha!"

  "Oh p-l-e-a-s-e, don't do this to me.... " Tommy held his head in

his hands and sobbed while Marie and Carol laughed and teased him.

  When Louise came in she grabbed the sobbing Tommy by the ear and

pulled him into Gloria's office. She began stripping him down. She

undid his belt and let his pants drop around his ankles. She

continued undressing him with one hand while walloping his bare ass

with the other. Tommy continued sobbing and pleading with her to

stop but she kept whacking him and pulling the rest of his clothes


  Marie took it upon herself to pick up the phone and call Dr.

Sorenson's office downstairs. The dentist wouldn't be in for

another hour but his receptionist and dental assitant were usually

there by 8:00. When Cindy answered the phone Marie told her to

leave the phone off the hook and come upstairs FAST if she wanted

a good laugh! She could bring Nancy along too if she wanted.

  Meanwhile, Louise now had Tommy stripped down bare and was still

slapping his ass with one hand as she pulled his belt free of its

loops. She folded the belt in her hand and used it to whip at his

small buttocks as she commanded him to lie down on the floor, face

down. Just then Cindy and Nancy arrived, having run up the stairs

as quickly as they could.

  "So what's the big surp.... Oh my God!!! I don't believe it!"

  Cindy's jaw dropped and Nancy covered up her face with both hands

and shook her head, not quite believing what she was seeing. Tommy

was still lying face-down on the floor and Louise made him lift his

ass up as high as he could get it. She then made him use his arms

and elbows to drag himself back into the main office while she hit

his ass with the belt and warned him to keep it up high. When he

got back in amongst the other women she made him crawl right to

Cindy and Nancy. He had to grab onto Cindy's white-stockinged

ankles and then kiss her shoes.

  "Look up at her! I want her to see the face of the bad little boy

we have working here! That's it! Wiggle your ass a little for her!

More! Oh yeah!"

  Tommy was practically numb from the shame. He looked up at the

amused face of the receptionist and wiggled his ass like a happy

puppy, but his eyes were sad and his cheeks wet. 

  "Now do it for Nancy. We don't want her to feel left out. That's

right, lick her shoes Tommy. Now wiggle your ass and look up at


  Both womem were still shocked and nervously giggled as they

watched the nude young man crawl around at their feet and obey the

most degrading orders. Marie made him flip over onto his back and

lift and spread his legs into a wide "V". While the five women

watched in amusement, Tommy had to slap his own ass while rotating

his hips in a big circle.

  "How on earth do you get him to do these things?" Cindy asked,

not taking her eyes off the lewd spectacle before her.

  "It's easy. He LOVES humiliating himself in front of women! It

really turns him on! Is there anything you'd like to do to him, or

see him do?  Sorenson'll be in the office within an hour so now's

your chance!"

  "Gee... I don't know. This is too much just watching him spank

himself.... Say! Could he, like, 'touch himself'? You know, jerk

off a little?"

  Marie told Tommy to stop what he was doing and to stand up. When

he did, he felt quite embarrassed to be standing stark naked at eye

level with the room full of dressed women. Cindy and Nancy were in

their white uniforms while Carol and Marie were as sexy as ever.

Tommy stood there looking down at his feet. He couldn't meet their

laughing eyes as they stood around him.

  Marie told him to spread his legs about two feet apart and bend

his knees a little so that his ass was sticking out. She then told

him to grab hold of his cock with his right hand and start jacking

himself off! Cindy was astonished! Nancy giggled but didn't say a

word. Her eyes devoured the lurid sight before her.

  As Cindy and Nancy stepped forward to get a closer look, Louise

told him to rotate his hips while he was jacking off and look both

women in the eye so he could see them laughing at him. Tommy moaned

in shame but obeyed her. Marie motioned for the women to sit down

in chairs while they watched Tommy gyrate his hips and jerk off.

She told Tommy to flick his tongue from side to side like a lizard

and moan for the women so they'd know he was enjoying himself.

  "See? I TOLD you he liked doing this. Tommy, wouldn't you just

LOVE for Cindy or Nancy to give you a real good spanking on your

bare ass? Well?"

  "Y-yes Ma'am" Tommy stuttered.

  "Well then SAY it, boy! Don't look at me... look at them and say

it!" Marie giggled as she saw the mixture of lust and shame in

Tommy's face.

  "Cindy and Nancy.... I'd love for you to... g-give me a

spanking... err... right on my b-bare ass...."

  All of the women were laughing now. Carol was wiping tears from

her eyes and snorting. Cindy had a grin on her face from ear to

ear. She stood up and walked over behind Tommy. Her eyes travelled

down to his rotating hips and she lightly ran her fingers over

their smooth surface, keeping pace with his movements. She began

lightly slapping his ass with one hand while feeling his back,

waist and outer thighs with the other. She smacked her lips as she

continued slapping his twisting ass.

  "Keep it up, Tommy!" Marie warned. "Don't you dare stop or we'll

march you out into the hall this way!"

  Tom began pumping even harder and moaning louder as Cindy

continued slapping his lower cheeks. Nancy still sat in her chair.

Her cheeks were flushed from embarrassment. She couldn't believe

that Tom would subject himself to this treatment. She covered her

mouth and shook her head in disbelief but her eyes stayed riveted

on the incredibly sexy scene before her. Inside she knew she wanted

to be rubbing and slapping Tom's ass just like Cindy was doing, but

she'd never have the nerve.

  All of a sudden Tom went stiff. From force of habit he yelled out

"P-p-l-e-a-s-e, I'm cum-ming! Please, let me cum, please!!"

  "No Tommy, hold it right there!" Marie yelled out, knowing inside

he was already past the point of no return.

  Tommy groaned "Aaaaagghhh! I'm s-sorry!" and started shooting his

seed all over the office floor. Six, seven, eight spurts of hot

white spunk flew out from the tip of his cock, then he continued

pumping blanks and convulsing while he cried "I'm s-sorry... I'm

sorry... please, I couldn't stop!" He dropped to his knees

sniffling, knowing he was doomed...

  "Why you filthy little piglet! Just look what you did! You should

be ashamed of yourself for having so little control. Get down there

and lick up every bit of your disgusting spunk from our nice clean

floor! Hurry up! Cindy and Nancy have to be going soon!"

  Tommy got down on his hands and knees and began licking his cum

off of the short gray office carpet. Carol and Marie walked around

pointing out spots to him. He'd crawl to the spot and lick it dry,

giving the other women a view of his bare ass, parted wide above

the soles of his feet. He kept sniffling "I'm sorry. I'm really

sorry!" as he shuffled from spot to spot. Cindy and Nancy both

thought they'd die from laughing as they watched this latest

spectacle. Finally Cindy said that they had better get back

downstairs before the doctor came in and found them both missing.

Marie told her that she'd call them up again the next time Mrs.

Peterson was going to be away and they could come back up and


  "Oh, this was great! See ya later Tommy! Bye!"

  Both women waved and trotted down the stairs to their own office.

Tommy could hear their laughing begin to disappear as they got to

the bottom of the stairs.

  Marie was quite pleased. "That was fantastic! Y'know. I love

showing him off like that. It humiliates him so much..." Then, to

Tommy: "I told you we'd get even with you for all those times we

caught you staring at our asses, didn't I? Now, how do YOU like

having YOUR ass stared at, huh boy?" Marie gave him a stinging slap

on his ass which caused him to jump, then she sat down at her desk

and started hummimg a little tune as she shuffled through her


  Louise wasn't quite through yet. She knew that Gloria would be

back in the office on Monday morning so she wanted to enjoy this

last full day as much as possible. She told Tommy to crawl back

into Gloria's office. She then shut the door and knelt down behind

him. Slowly she began rubbing his ass and thighs, speaking softly

to him as if he were a skittish horse. She rubbed and patted his

rump, occasionally letting her hand slip though his legs to cup his

dangling balls. In spite of himself, Tom began getting hard again.

He rolled his hips as Louise continued fondling him all over.

Finally, when he was once again rock hard, Louise made him lie down

on his back with his arms and legs spreadeagled on the floor. She

licked her lips as she wrapped her own hand around his throbbing

pole and began stroking him off, very slowly. Tommy squirmed and

moaned but Louise kept the slow rhythm, pausing occasionally to

watch him twitch. She'd flick a single finger under his swollen

glans, then continue the slow tormenting strokes.

  "That's right, beg for it Tommy! Come on, boy. Beg me nice and

sweet or I'll keep you on the edge all morning. The girls can

handle the phones. Come on boy, beg me real nice."

  Tommy squirmed and his toes clenched tightly as he began to beg

Louise to let him cum.

  "Oh yeah, that's right! Keep begging me! It's like music to my

ears! Tell me how hot you are. Beg me real nice and maybe I'll let

you cum. If not, you'll squirm like this until noontime! Come on


  "Please! I'm right near the edge! Please let me cum! Please!"

  "OK, boy. You can cum. Use both of your hands and pump your

little dick till you cum! That's right. Ooooh yeah! Look at him

curl those toes! Lift your legs a little and keep pumping with both

hands. Yummmm! You look delicious, boy.... good enough to eat! Oh

yeah, I could roast you on a spit and just eat you up! Keep

pumping... yeah, moan some more! Oh yeah, I'm gonna make you do

this for me whenever Gloria's away from the office... Next month

she's going on vacation for two weeks! You're gonna be squirming in

here and pumping that little dick of yours every day. Won't Cindy

and Nancy be happy! Come on, boy. Jack it off! Lift your legs a

little higher... come on... come on... come on..."

  Finally Tom felt his balls itch and he stiffened and began

squeezing off shot after shot of cum. There wasn't as much of it

this time, but he jerked around as much as he did earlier in the

main office. When he was through he just collapsed on the floor,

gasping for breath.

  "Wonderful!" Louise clapped her hands in delight. "With a little

more practice, you're gonna be real good at this!" She snickered as

she turned and opened the office door. 

  "Stay there and rest for a little while, then put your clothes on

and get back to your desk."

   For the rest of the day Tom worked at his desk, answering phones

and talking to clients. Every so often Louise or Marie would find

some excuse to have him bend across their desk and lower his pants

for a few hard slaps, after which he'd pull his pants back up and

get back to his desk. They giggled at him as they watched him

fidgit uncomfortably in his chair. 

  Cindy popped in right after lunch for a few minutes to chat with

the girls and she winked at Tommy as he sat there in his shirt and

tie. His face was a bright red blush. Marie showed her a couple of

the pictures she had that Linda had taken on Saturday and both

women laughed as they made comments about how cute he looked in his

little bonnet and what naughty things he was doing to himself in

the crib. Tom sniffled a bit, but didn't say a word in response.

The afternoon crawled by with only a few minor incidents.

  At about ten minutes to five, Beverly showed up in the office.

All three of the women greeted her warmly and they chatted for

awhile. Beverly wanted to know if Tommy was behaving properly at

the office and Louise said he was doing fine but that he didn't

seem to be enjoying himself.

  Beverly gave Tom a little disappointed shake of her head and

promised Louise that she'd see a more EAGER Tommy next week. With

that she opened her pocketbook and took out Tom's collar and leash.

  "NO, NO. Please! Not here!" he whined. Beverly dropped her jaw in

shock and looked at him fiercely:

  "There's that NO word again! You'll pay dearly for that, little

man." She slapped him on the ass through his pants a couple of

times then put the collar around his neck and attached the leash to

it. She walked ahead of him and used the leash to lead him out of

the office, down the stairs, and out into the parking lot to his

car. He walked a pace behind her the entire way. A couple of people

saw this strange procession and stared in bewilderment. Nancy was

getting into her car as she saw them walk by and she smiled at

Tommy and told him to have a nice weekend. Her eyes followed the

curves of the statuesque brunette in the business suit who was

leading him. "Yes" she mumbled to herself. "I'm sure you'll have a

WONDERFUL weekend!" She giggled and got into her car.

  Beverly led Tom to his car and told him to get in behind the

wheel. She got in on the passenger side and proceeded to give him

directions to her studio, which was only a few blocks away.

  They arrived at a single story brick building that housed several

small businesses: a real estate office, travel agent, and a

photographic studio. The studio belonged to Beverly. It was also

where she did her graphic work and she had a small office for

conducting business. They parked the car and Beverly led Tom


  Once inside, Beverly immediately ordered Tommy to strip from head

to toe. She sat down in a large leather office chair and watched

him disrobe. When he was through she made him kneel upright before

her with his hands together in front of his chest in a begging

position while she folded her arms and looked at him.

  "You've had an interesting first week, Tommy. I've kept tabs on

your activities. I was particularly delighted with Linda's

treatment of you last Saturday. That young girl is very impressive.

She's got some real interesting activities planned for you

tomorrow!" Beverly paused to chuckle. "I was also quite impressed

with Marie. That young woman has a bit of a cruel streak in her,

though. I'd be careful not to cross her if I were you. I heard

about her plans for the party on Wednesday night. I'll bet you

can't wait for that! Imagine, having those girls you went to High

School with, all grown up and watching you roll around the floor,

masturbating and slapping your ass... Hahahaha!" 

  Tommy turned scarlet and closed his eyes.

  "Anyway, we seem to have a small problem. Marie told me that you

were slow to obey her on several occasions last Wednesday, and even

embarrassed her with your stubborness in front of her guests. I

guess you know that means we've got to take a little ride this

evening and you'll be spending another LONG night at the lake..."

  "Oh, please, Mistress Beverly! Please! Have mercy on me! I'd die

if you did that to me! I'm so sorry. It's just that I wasn't ready

for the things she made me do, and when my cousin showed up at her

house I kinda panicked. But I did everything she told me to!

Honest! Please give me another chance. I PROMISE I'll do better

next time! Please Mistress! Please!"

  Tommy had tears running down his cheeks as he knelt before her

and begged. Beverly looked regal and hard as she sat there and

casually tapped a clear plastic ruler in her hand. She considered

his plea for a moment then said:

  "I'm afraid it's out of my hands this time Tommy. I told you what

would happen if I got even a single complaint. Marie complained and

I've got to follow through. I tell you what I'll do, though. We'll

call Marie on the phone and you can ask her to give you another

chance. If she doesn't agree then I'm afraid I'll have no choice in

the matter." Beverly reached over to her desk and picked up the


  "You had better hope she went straight home after work." Beverly

added ominously as she began to dial.

  Tommy held his breath as he watched Beverly sit there examining

her nails while the phone rang, and rang, and rang...

  Beverly shook her head sadly and seemed about to hang up when she

suddenly  said: "Hello Marie? Hi! This is Beverly. Yeah, long time

no see." She paused to chuckle. "You probably know why I'm calling.

No? Well, I've got a very miserable looking young man kneeling

before me as we speak. We're getting ready to take a little trip to

the lake... that's right. Actually, you were the only one with a

complaint but I warned him what would happen. I know. That's what

he told me but he's got to learn to obey instantly, no matter what.

Yes, well, I told him it was up to you. I'm going to pass him the

phone, he wants to ask you something. Do you mind? Fine, okay, here

he is..."

  Beverly handed the phone to a petrified Tom Hyde and smiled as

she snuggled back into the chair and watched.

  "H-hello? Marie.. ma'am, ahhh. Please give me another chance! I'm

so sorry I hesitated last Wednesday. Honest! I know and I'm sorry.

Please! I promise I'll be better next time... Yes, I know that next

time is the party... She is? Oh, God, Kathy found her?"

  Tommy's face turned pale and he looked like he was ready to pass

out. It appeared that he'd just been informed that one of the major

guests said she'd be at the party! Tommy began crying and wiping

his eyes with one hand as he knelt there and pleaded into the


  "Please, ma'am. I know what that means... I promise I'll obey you

instantly at the party... yes, and at the office too. Yes, I'll

jump to obey you when they come up... or anybody else, yes. I'll be

more eager when they're around. Please, ma'am. I promise, just

don't make me spend another night at the lake... you can't

imagine... no, I didn't mean that! No, I'm sorry, please. Please!"

  Tommy paused for a few seconds, then handed the phone back to

Beverly. He watched her intently and tried his best to hear the

buzzing on the other end as Beverly laughed and chatted with Marie.

Finally Beverly hung up and turned to face Tommy.

  "Well, she agreed to let you off this time."

  Tommy let out a huge breath of air, then began sobbing, he was so


  "But!" And she paused a second or two. "But, she said you had

better damn well be PERFECT on Wednesday at the party, no matter

WHAT she tells you to do, and she's gonna make you do some real

humiliating things to shame you in front of her guests! She made it

clear she'd never give you another chance after this one. I agree.

One more complaint from her and last Friday night's episode at the

lake is gonna seem like a cakewalk compared to your next outing

there. I was just getting warmed up last week!"

  Tommy shivered in both relief and apprehension. What could be

worse than last Friday? He shivered again and tried not to think

about it. His sobbing subsided and as he knelt there he seemed to

remember himself and jerked his hands back in front of his chest in

the begging position. Beverly watched him and chuckled softly.

  "There's a shower stall in the bathroom through that door. I want

you to scrub yourself squeaky clean, especially between your legs.

Use one of my razor's to get any hair stubble on your crotch. I

want you back here on your knees, with your hair dried, in ten

minutes. Now, hurry up." 

  She expected Tommy to get up and dash into the bathroom. Instead

he turned, lowered his hands to the floor and quickly crawled

there. Beverly was impressed, but she didn't say a word. Only after

he turned on the water did he stand up and step into the stall. A

little over five minutes later he was drying himself off and using

the hairdryer. With over a minute to spare he quickly crawled back

into the room and knelt back up in the begging position in front of

Beverly's desk. 

  She reached into her desk drawer and took out a pad of forms. She

pulled one off the stack and filled it out.

  "This is a `Model Release Form'. Sign it right down here... It

means that you are legalling giving me permission to use any

photographs which I take of you in any way I see fit. It's a

standard form."

  After Tommy signed the form Beverly put it away in her desk and

picked up her Nikon camera. She focused on him kneeling there with

his hands in front of him and snapped a picture. The motor whirred

as the film advanced to the next frame.

  "That's terrific, Tommy. I've taken a lot of pictures with this

camera. Many of them were 'cheesecake' pictures, you know, glamour

shots in bikini's, even a few tasteful nudes. With you, however,

I'm going to be as dis-tasteful as I can. It's kind of like

therapy. Get over there on that mat in front of the screen."

  Beverly turned on a couple of umbrella lamps and positioned them

so that Tommy was illuminated properly. She then directed him in a

series of shots that literally made her tingle each time she

clicked the shutter. She did a lot of closeup work on his genitals

and his ass. She made him lie back and tease himself with a large

black dildo. After that she made him pose as he licked the dildo

clean, then he got on his hands and knees and pointed his ass at

the camera as if he were begging for something. Lot's of 'spread

shots' followed that, with and without bondage. She filled two

rolls of film before she glanced at her watch and said:

  "I'm expecting a client here in about 10 minutes. Come over


  From a closet she pulled out a large cage which had chicken-wire

on all sides. She opened the door and told Tommy to crawl inside.

It was just barely big enough for him to kneel in. He couldn't turn

around, or kneel upright. He couldn't even lie down in it, it was

too short. All he could do was crouch on his hands and knees with

his ass up in the air. Beverly took two pieces of clothesline and

fastened his ankles to each of the inside corners of the cage so

that his ass would stay open and his anus visible.

  "Now be a good boy and be very still" she said as she draped a

drop cloth over the cage. "Unless, of course, you want my guest to

see you..."

  Tommy heard her moving around the room, turning off the umbrella

lamps and shuffling papers. About 10 minutes later there was a

knock on the door.

  "Come on in, Jim. It's open!"

  Tommy froze. To him it sounded as if his heart was a loud drum,

beating quickly.

  Beverly and Jim exchanged amenities and then he heard some more

shuffling as Beverly evidently showed him some work she had been

doing for him. Tommy was only about eight feet away in the same

room but he practically held his breath to be as quiet as possible.

At one point, though, a muscle in his thigh spasmed and he shook

the cage a bit.

  "What was that?" Jim asked. "It looked like that tarp moved a


  "Oh, that's a dog I'm watching for my sister. He'll settle down."

  "Can I see him?" Jim asked with a smile.

  "I'd rather not if you don't mind, Jim. He's been a little hyper

and that tarp is the only way I got him to be quiet and go to

sleep. I don't want him howling again."

  "I understand" Jim replied. "Now back to this layout..."

  For the next 15 minutes Tom crouched naked in his little cage

against the wall while Beverly wrapped up her business meeting.

Finally Jim got up to leave and Beverly showed him to the door,

thanking him for stopping by.

  As soon as the door closed, Beverly walked over and pulled the

tarp off of Tom's cage. She smiled as she saw him kneeling there

with his ass up and his legs tied open.

  "Why don't you just stay there for awhile. I have to finish up a

little work and then drop some sketches off at a client's home.

  Beverly sat at her drawing board, working on her layout, while

Tom knelt quietly in the cage next to her. Occasionally she'd look

down at him and smile. She felt like taking some more pictures of

him but unfortunately she had a deadline to meet on this job.

  About twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door.

  "Who is it?" Beverly called.

  "It's Kerry and Lynn, Aunt Beverly."

  "Okay, be right there!" Beverly got up and walked over to unlock

the door. Tom cringed as he crouched there in the little cage. He

was fully visible from the door and the feel of cool air on his

anus reminded him that it was stretched wide open. His penis was

hard as a rock. It had been for the last half hour. 

  "Hi Aunt Beverly!" The girls chorused.

  "Hello girls. I'm glad you could come over. Remember that little

surprise I promised you? Well, there he is!" She stepped back and

nodded her head in the direction of the cage.

  "Oh, wow Aunt Beverly! He's all naked! And you put him in a cage!

This is unreal!"

  The twins, young, blonde and quite excited, immediately walked

right over to the cage and stared at Tom.

  "Can we touch him Auntie?"

  "Sure, dears. You can open up that little door if you want and

pet him, but try to keep the giggling down a bit, will you? I'm

almost through with this job I'm working on and it has to be

dropped off tonight."

  While Beverly continued working at her desk, Kerry and Lynn

crouched down beside the small cage. Lynn snaked her small hand

through the chicken wire and began petting Tom's flank. Kerry

opened up the door and knelt there. She had a marvelous view of his

ass. With his feet tied to the corners of the cage Tom's asshole

was stretched wide open and his balls were dangling halfway to his

knees. He could neither close his legs nor move out of the way as

she fondled his ass with both hands. She cupped his balls and

petted his asscheeks, giving him playful little spanks as her

sister giggled and tried to get her own hand in there for her turn.

  "Don't fight, girls!" Beverly warned. "He's going to be here all

night. We're in no hurry."

  "Now, I've got to go and drop this report off. I should be back

in about a half hour or so. Okay? Would you mind watching Mr. Hyde

while I'm gone?"

  "Sure. No problem" Lynn replied.

  "Fine" said Beverly. "While I'm gone keep the door locked and

don't let anybody in until I return. I'll do my best to get back as

quickly as I can."

  With that Beverly put her drawings and papers into a black

leather portfolio and walked out the door, blowing a kiss at the

twins as she left.

  "Here, let ME feel him back there" Lynn whined. 

  "I'm not through yet!" Kerry countered.

  "Come ON, Kerry. It's my turn!"

  "Oh, OK you little baby." Kerry gave Tom a vicious little pinch

on his cheek then slapped him hard across the crack of his ass and

stood up. "There, he's all yours. Don't take all night..."

  Lynn immediately got into position and started cupping Tom's

hanging balls with both hands and blowing into his asshole.

  "Look at him jump!" she giggled, then kept blowing. She let go of

his balls with one hand and used her fingers to stretch his asshole

open a little wider while she continued blowing. In spite of

herself her sister had to giggle appreciatively at the funny sight.

  Just then there was a rap on the door.

  "Who is it?" Kerry asked.

  "It's me, guys."

  "Oh shit!" Kerry whispered. "It's Lorraine. I forgot that we told

her to come over. Oh well, she's not a stranger so I guess Aunt

Beverly won't mind."

  She opened the door and let Lorraine in. She had her little

Shetland Collie with her on a leash. The small dog barked happily

when he saw the twins.

  "Hi Lorraine. Hello Max! Stay down! Good boy!"

  Lorraine nearly flipped when she saw Tom crouched and tied in the

little chicken wire cage!

  "This is Mr. Hyde. I think he works with our aunt or something.

Come on in, but just in case she gets upset you'd better be out of

here in about a half hour. Okay?"

  "Wow!" Lorraine repeated, still shocked. She dropped the leash

and put both hands up to her blushing cheeks. She managed to nod

her head as her eyes fastened on Tom's exposed rear end. 

  Max bounded right up to the cage. He sniffed around between Tom's

open legs and stuck his wet pointed nose right against his open

asshole. That nearly sent Tom through the roof but the twins were

pointing and laughing hysterically.

  "Looks like Max found himself a new friend. Look at him sniffing


  "Please! Get him away from me!" Tom pleaded as the dog continued

sniffing him with growing interest.

  While the others were watching, amused, Lynn opened the small

refrigerator in the office and rooted around.

  "Look what I found!" She beamed as she took out a sandwich

wrapped in a plastic bag. "Looks like corned beef hash to me. You

think Max likes corned beef hash?"

  The other girls watched with interest as Lynn opened the sandwich

and scooped a little of the hash onto her finger.

  "Come here boy. Look what I've got for you! You like hash? Don't

bite! That's a good doggie, lick it off my finger!"

  She smiled as she saw the dog lick the hash off her index finger

then continue licking the finger dry and whimpering for some more.

  Lynn took a little more and placed it right on Tom's asshole!

  "Come on boy. There's some more, just for you!"

  "Please, he'll bite me! Keep him away!" Tom pleaded but the girls

ignored him, watching intently as the dog sniffed Tom's asshole

again with more interest. Finally he stuck his tongue out and began

licking the meat that was there.

  "Look! He's licking it!" Lorraine screeched. "I don't believe it.

Here, give him some more!"

  Lorraine got another finger full of hash and this time rubbed it

right into Tom's vulnerable asshole. She had to push Max's muzzle

out of the way to do this but as soon as she finished, the dog went

right back to work, digging the juicy morsels out with his wet

slippery tongue.

  Tom's hips bucked and swayed but the dog kept his muzzle right in

there while he licked and licked.

  "Please, stop him! Ohhhhhh! Stop, please!" Tom wailed.

  "Oh shut up, you big baby!" Kerry shouted at him. "Stop whining

or we'll let every dog in the neighborhood have at your ass!"

  The three girls laughed and clapped their hands as the dog licked

every scrap of the hash out of Tommy's squirming ass. When he was

done, Max continued licking, trying to get every trace of the

delicious meat out of his ass. His tongue went deeper and deeper in

search of the taste of the hash, causing Tommy to squirm and twist

his hips. Of course the ropes kept him tied in place so there was

no way he could keep the greedy dog away from his poor doomed ass.

  After a few more minutes of this torturous licking Max backed his

head away and began sniffing some more, licking his chops and


  "Here ya go, boy!" Lynn said as she got another fingerload of

hash from the sandwich. "We've got plenty of that good stuff here!"

  This time she poked as much of the hash as she could into his

anus and spread some more up and down the crack of his ass. She

smeared a little more of the grease on his dangling ball sack and

even rubbed a little along the underside of his penis.

  "There, that oughta keep him licking for awhile" she said with a


  Indeed she was right. The three girls settled back and watched in

glee as the little dog dove right back in after the meat. He licked

all of the meat out of Tom's asshole in about a minute then began

licking the gully of his ass over and over, from the base of his

balls up to his asshole. 

  The girls giggled and taunted Tom as they watched him squirm,

trying in vain to avoid Max's tongue. When Max was through he began

whimpering some more. He put his paws on Tom's lower back and began

thrusting his hips. The girls noticed that the tip of his red penis

was visible between his legs.

  "Look!" Kerry exclaimed, pointing her finger so the others would

see. "I think Max found himself a girl-friend!"

  The three girls were laughing loudly now as they realized what

was happening. Tom realized it too, to his horror! He felt Max's

paws clamp tightly around his waist and felt the thrusting of his

furry hips against his backside.

  "NO! NO! GET HIM AWAY! PLEASE!" Tommy was frantic. He was

twisting his hips in desperation but he was tied wide open and

helpless to stop what was happening. He felt the tip of Max's penis

rubbing along the gully of his ass. The angle wasn't quite right

for penetration but Max kept at it, trying to find a hole...

  Max was lifting his hind legs one at a time and practically

climbing up the back of Tom's thighs in the search for the correct

angle. His tail was wagging madly as his hips thrust. The girls

were nearly hysterical as they encouraged the dog.

  "Come on, Max! You can do it! A little higher... that's right!

Yeah, boy, he's waiting for you! Hahahaha!"

  Suddenly Tom felt the tip of Max's penis touch the outer rim of

his asshole! The dog was still maneuvering, trying to get the

correct angle and with each thrust Tom could feel him knocking on

the door to his asshole. The hash that the girls had smeared into

his anus served as a lubricant, so once Tom felt the tip of Max's

cock enter, each additional thrust of the dog made his cock squirm

a little deeper inside him!


  Tom felt the dog's cock go deeper and deeper until finally one of

Max's thrust succeeded in burying his cock up to the hilt into Tom!

Tom was sobbing uncontrollably. Tied open and vulnerable, he heard

the three young ladies laughing as they watched him getting fucked

up the ass by a dog!

  "Look at him go! Go, Maxie! Wag that tail and pump your

girlfriend! Hahahaha!"

  Lynn picked up her aunt's Nikon and focused on the scene before

her. Both girls had learned a lot about photography from visiting

their aunt at her studio so often and Lynn now began snapping away

as Tommy cried and pleaded.

  "Please, get him off me! P-l-e-a-s-e!" Tommy's voice shook as he

sobbed and pleaded. He tried squirming his ass this way and that,

but Max had nailed him good and was pumping furiously, wagging his

tail and holding onto Tommy's hips with his paws.

  "Come on Mr. Hyde, look up at the camera...  That's it!

Aunt Beverly will be so surprised when she develops this roll!"

Lynn and Kerry both giggled maliciously as they watched Tommy

getting humped.

  "What's going on here!" Beverly's voice from the door startled

all three of the girls. They were so busy laughing that they didn't

hear the door open.

  "Oh! Aunt Beverly! We were just playing and Maxie jumped on Mr.

Hyde and then you walked in..." Lynn said, sheepishly. 

  "Hellllp! Please get him out of me!" Tom sobbed. Max's paws

reached around Tom's waist and held the front of his thighs. The

naked young man, bound wide open and helpless, was clamped tight

against the furry hips of the collie. He could feel the knotted

penis of the animal pistoning tightly in and out of his asshole in

short fast strokes. Just then Max reached his climax and began

pumping his load into Tom's ass.

  "Oooohhhhhh! STOP IT! STOP IT!" Tom wailed as the dog wiggled and

pumped. Tom could feel the hot spray against the inside of his

bowels as the dog's paws held him even tighter. 

  Beverly and the three girls paused to watch this climax. They

seemed to be holding their breaths in disbelief as the dog's

thrustings finally slowed, then stopped. Tom's body shivered. Max

withdrew from the young man and then immediately ran and hid under

the small desk against the back wall of the office.

  "Didn't I tell you girls not to let anybody in while I was gone?"

  "It was only Lorraine, Aunt Beverly. We didn't think you'd..."

  "You didn't think!" Beverly interrupted. "I'll say you didn't

think! I thought I could trust you two. You didn't stop to think

what could happen if word got out about this, did you? That would

be the end of your visits here. And what about me? Suppose Lorraine

told somebody about this and word got out that way. Did you stop to

think about that?"

  "Oh, Beverly, I'd never say anything to anybody!" Lorraine


  "That's not the point!" Beverly yelled. Then, more softly:

"That's not the point, Lorraine. I know you can be trusted. The

point is, I told Kerry and Lynn not to let ANYBODY in while I was

gone, and they disobeyed me. THAT's what I'm mad about. I'm not mad

at you, dear, but the girls have got to learn that when I tell them

something there's a good reason for it, and when they're in my

house or my studio I expect them to obey me. Now, please see if you

can get Maxie from under the desk. You can come back next week if

you like, but tonight I want to have a little private talk with the


  "Come on, Maxie. Good dog, come on... let's go home. Sorry if I

got you in trouble, guys. I'll call you tomorrow on the phone."

  "Good night, Lorraine" Beverly said. "Don't feel badly. It's not

your fault."

  After Lorraine and Max left Beverly looked sternly at Kerry and

Lynn, who were fidgiting uneasily under her gaze.

  "You know I'm going to have to punish you for this, don't you?"

  "Yes, Aunt Beverly" Kerry responded sadly.

  "Yes, Aunt Beverly" Lynn echoed. "But we really didn't think

you'd mind, seeing it was Lorraine and all."

  "That's not the point, Lynn. You've got to learn that when I tell

you something I MEAN it. Now both of you, get down on the floor,

right over there, in front of the wall. On your hand and knees,

Kerry..." Beverly sounded irritated. "I want you both to lower your

pants, I'm going to give you two a spanking right in front of Mr.

Hyde! I want him to see you getting punished for disobeying my


  "Oh, please, Aunt Beverly. I don't want you to do it in front of

him..." Lynn pleaded.

  "Hush!" Beverly commanded. "Come on, get those pants down. Your

panties too... It's not a real spanking if it's not on the bare."

  Kerry and Lynn slowly reached back and tugged their pink nylon

panties down, revealing a twin set of pert little bottoms poised

only a few feet from the front of the cage and Tommy's gaze. In

spite of himself he couldn't help but stare at those delicious

young bottoms waiting for their punishment. They each had dimples

on their butt cheeks and he watched them twitch nervously and shift

their weight from knee to knee as they waited.

  "Put your legs together, Lynn! You don't want to show any more to

Mr. Hyde than you have to, do you?"

  Lynn put her knees together like her sister and both girls knelt

there with their heads down and their bottoms clenched tightly and

poised for their punishment.

  The fact that Mr. Hyde was watching them being punished like

little girls upset them both, and their faces were scarlet from

embarrassment. Beverly walked over and picked up a thick wooden

ruler from her desk. She positioned herself next to Lynn then bent

over and rubbed the ruler against her quivering bottom.

  "Please, Aunt Beverly, not too hard!"

  "This is what happens to girls who don't know how to obey..."

Beverly said, then she swung the ruler and gave Lynn a crack across

both of her small cheeks.

  "Owwwwwwwww!!!!!" Lynn screeched. She reached back with one hand

to protect her ass but Beverly swatted at it.

  "Keep your hands down or you'll get double!" She then reached

over and swatted Kerry's bottom, prompting her to let out a similar

yelp of pain. Beverly lectured the girls as she took turns swatting

their asses. They were both slender girls and within a short time

their buns were warmed to a rosy red glow.

  "See what happens when you disobey me?..  .. Mr. Hyde

seems to be having a good time watching you girls get spanked! Are

you having a good time ..  .. knowing he can see you

punished like disobedient little girls?"

  "Owwwwwww... No Aunt Beverly . We're sorry, honest we are.

 .. Owwwwwww! Please, we promise to be good from now on!"

  Beverly really didn't want to hurt the girls, but they had to be

taught a lesson. She stopped swinging and stood there staring down

at their scorched bottoms.

  "I want you girls to remain like that with your punished bottoms

on display for Mr. Hyde to see. I'll tell you when you can get up."

  Beverly picked up the phone and made a call to a client. For the

next five minutes she talked business while the girls knelt there

uncomfortably. Kerry took a glance behind her and saw Tom staring

at both of them. His cock was hard as a rock and he was licking his

lips and involunatily thrusting his hips forward as he stared at

them. She caught Lynn's eye and motioned for her to look back. Her

shame at having her punishment witnessed by Tom turned to anger and

outrage at the way he was oggling them.

  "Well, girls, do you think you've learned your lesson?"

  "Oh yes, Aunt Beverly! Honest. We made a mistake but we won't do

it again."

  "Okay, you can both get up now and pull up your pants. I really

hate having to punish you like this but one little mistake like

that could've ruined everything."

  "We're really sorry" replied Kerry as she finished zipping up her


  Beverly got up and walked over to the cage.

  "Looks like Mr. Hyde got a little excited watching you girls."

She chuckled as she saw his engorged cock dripping a tiny stream of

pre-cum onto the floor. "Hmmm... Maybe I should turn him over to

you girls for the rest of the evening. What do you think of that?"

  "Oh, yeah! Great, Aunt Beverly!" Lynn replied, biting her lower

lip and beaming at her sister.

   "Come on Tommy" Beverly said as she untied his thighs from the

sides of the cage. "I've got a lot of work to finish tonight and

I've had enough distractions already."

  She helped him to back out of the cage, then made him crawl ahead

of them into one of the small offices behind her. Beverly pointed

to a spot on the floor and told Tommy to lie down on his back and

lift his hands and feet into the air. She opened a closet and took

out what looked like the same aluminum spreader pole she and Karen

had used on him at his house last Friday. The girls helped her to

fasten his ankles to the ends of the four foot pole and tied his

hands together to the loop directly above his head. Once again he

was completely spread wide open, fastened that way, as the twins

looked on eagerly. Kerry was licking her lips.

  But Beverly wasn't through yet! Directly above Tommy was a hook

in the ceiling. Beverly attached a small block & tackle to the hook

and lowered the rope till she could attach it to the pole just

above his hands. She tugged on the free end of the pulley rope and

managed to hoist the panic-stricken young man till his ass was

about three feet off the floor! She then tied off the rope and

stood back to survey her handiwork.

  Tommy was completely nude. His feet were tied WIDE apart and his

arms pulled up to the center of the bar so that his knees were

slightly bent and his ass was prominently displayed as he swung

there. His dick was hard and throbbing and sticking straight back

along his belly while his testicles hung down just below the cheeks

of his ass. The twins were nearly beside themselves with


  "There he is, girls. All trussed up and waiting! He's all yours.

He seemed to enjoy watching you both a few minutes ago. I suggest

you spend the rest of the night showing him just how much you

appreciated it. Have fun!"

  Beverly turned and left the room. She shut the door about three

quarters of the way and went back to her desk to work on a layout.

  The twins just stood there for awhile, watching Tommy swing. He

looked at them pathetically but didn't say a word. Finally Lynn

stepped forward and knelt down so her face was at the same level as

Tommy's swinging ass. She began fondling and pinching his asscheeks

as she taunted him. She wanted to know if he had enjoyed himself

watching her get punished.

  "I hope you had a good time, because now it's OUR turn!" Kerry

knelt down to Tom's left and the two girls began slapping Tom's ass

hard and giggling as they saw him twisting in his ropes.

  Beverly heard them and smiled as she continued working. It was

about time those girls learned the proper way to handle a man...

  The girls spent the rest of the evening punishing Tom. When their

hands got sore from slapping his ass Kerry took a ruler and swatted

him some more. Lynn looked around and got a staple puller from the

desk. She used it to pinch his asscheeks between the pincers,

causing him to yelp in pain. Kerry got a camel's hair brush and

tickled his open asshole, as her sister continued pinching him and

slapping his ass.

  An hour later his ass was beet red and he was pleading through

tears for the young vixens to stop! Beverly heard the slaps and

tears but left the three of them alone. Those girls tormented him

with whatever they could get their hands on, all the while laughing

at the way he was begging them to stop. He pleaded with them to let

him cum but they laughed some more and redoubled their teasing!

Tommy was spread wide open to their assault and cried as he twisted

in the air. His ass was on fire! His penis was itching for relief.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he begged and twisted...

  By 9:30 the girls had been working him over for nearly an hour

and a half. Tommy was sobbing and twisting his ass in circles when

Beverly walked in and told the girls it was time they were getting


  "Awww, Aunt Beverly. Just a little more, please?"

  "Sorry girls, but it's time."

  She untied Tommy's right hand from the pole, still leaving him

suspended by his feet and left hand. She told the girls to stand in

front of Tommy as she commanded him to use his free hand and

masturbate for them all.

  The twins squealed with delight and laughed at him! Tommy wrapped

his hand around his cock and began slowly pumping it as he swayed

there before them all. He was still crying, but eventually his hand

began pumping faster and faster. It didn't take long before his ass

cheeks were clenching and unclenching and his breathing became

ragged and forced. Beverly stepped forward and gave his shuddering

ass a few more slaps as he moaned through his tears and continued


  "He's gonna cum girls. Get ready!" Beverly said. Almost

immediately, Tommy stiffened and began shooting spurts of sticky

white cum into the air and upon his chest and belly. The twins

clapped their hands and jeered him as they witnessed his final


  When he was through, Beverly tied his free hand back to the pole.

She turned the lights off and left him sobbing in the darkened room

while she drove the twins home. 

  Tommy hung there in the dark. His ass was on fire and his body

wracked with sobs. He couldn't believe what Beverly had turned him

into in just ten days! Ten days ago he was an up and coming young

man with a good job and promising career. He enjoyed showing off a

bit in front of young Carol at work, but the truth was he was

terrified to ask her out on a date. Tommy was intensely shy,

especially about his body. The fact that he was still a virgin at

twenty-five was attributed to his fear of being awkward and having

a woman laugh at him. He enjoyed watching beautiful young women on

T.V. or at the beach but he had never in his adult life been naked

in front of one. The thought of a woman seeing him like that scared

him. What if he couldn't control himself and got an erection? Would

she laugh? He couldn't bear that...

  Ten days after meeting Beverly he was at her studio, stripped

naked and spanked to tears by her twin nieces. His red ass was on

display for anyone she cared to show him to! He had been humiliated

at work and shamed at his home in front of his neighbors. He had

been degraded, shamed and exhibited to strangers, friends and

family. He had become the abject slave of six women, including his

teenage neighbor and her friends! He existed only to be degraded

and humiliated while they laughed at him. His ass only existed to

be tormented, and his cock to be teased mercilessly while he begged

and cried for their amusement.   

  Tommy was no longer a man. He was a toy. The women quickly

realized his weakness and delighted in degrading him and inventing

new ways to shock him!

  A half hour later Beverly returned to the studio. She opened the

door and walked in. Leaving the lights off she closed the door and

silently walked to where Tommy was hanging. She let her fingernails

lightly play along his outer thighs and hips. He twisted helplessly

as she teased him then put her lips right to his ear and began to

taunt him:

  "Did you like that, Tommy? Did you enjoy being the plaything of

my nieces? They were so excited! I told them they could invite

Lorraine back next Friday... and Max too! But that's a long time

from now... You still have the whole week to go through! I don't

know what Mrs. Whitford has planned for you on Monday, but Marie

and Carol have BIG plans for you on Tuesday and Wednesday!" 

  "After they play with you Tuesday night, you'll spend your

`vacation' day on Wednesday tied up at Marie's, being tantalized by

two college students. I hear they're both real pretty. Their job

will be to keep you hot as a poker all day long. They can do

anything they want to you, EXCEPT let you cum! Heheheh! They're

gonna strip you and tie you up. You'll be teased all day long... a

little at a time, till you're stewing in your own juices. You're to

be brought to a fevered pitch just in time for the big party that


  "Ooooohhhhhh..." Tommy moaned. "pleeease....."

  "Then, wearing just garters, stockings, high heels and a maid's

cap, you're to be paraded around the floor for the enjoyment of the

assembled guests. Your cousin Kathy was thoughtful enough to

contact many of the girls you went to high school with, and you can

bet Marie will give you a good workout! Yup, you'll be crawling

around on the floor in front of them all, crying and begging them

to spank you, or let you cum! They'll be laughing their asses off

at you, snapping pictures, pinching and rubbing you, or just

watching you and smiling as you squirm on the floor at their feet!"

  "I gave Marie a copy of the video I made of you at your home last

Saturday. They're all going to watch it on the TV as you serve them

drinks and snacks. After that there'll be an auction and the lucky

bidder gets to take you home with her as her slave for the night!

It'll be a looong night!"

  "Unnnghhh!" Tommy twisted his hips and whimpered. 

  "On Thursday night, Karen told me she's taking you out on the

town. Seems she knows of a lesbian bar in the seedy section where

anything goes. Most decent folks wouldn't want to be seen there,

but YOU'll be seen there, all right! And very in-decently, I might

add! You'll be crawling at the end of Karen's leash, and you won't

be wearing anything! I'm sure the ladies there will be greatly

amused at the presentation! She said she's gonna whip your ass good

then pass you around the room. It should be an evening to


  Tommy was sobbing and thrusting his hips forward as Beverly

fingered him and whispered in his ear. As he hung there, shivering,

Beverly lowered the pulley till he lay on the floor. She kept

taunting him about what was going to happen to him, as she began

unfastening him from the pole. When he was free she made him get on

his hands and knees again, still naked. She fished through his

pants pocket and found his keys. He looked at her pitifully as she

put his car keys in his mouth then walked over and opened the door.

  "Go home, Tommy. Crawl out to your car, unlock it and get in.

People will probably see you as they drive by, but that's not my

concern. When you get home I want you to park in front of your

house and then crawl slowly to the front door, just as you are now.

Don't dawdle! I'll phone you in exactly 15 minutes and if you're

not there to answer the phone I'll take you on a walk around your

block tomorrow that you'll never forget... I'm gonna call Mrs.

Whitford on the phone as soon as you leave and ask her to watch and

make sure you do exactly as I say. You don't want to imagine what

will happen to you if you disobey me..."

  "Oh pwease, Mistwess Bevewy, pweease don't!...." Tommy mumbled

around the keys dangling from his mouth.

  Beverly just laughed at him and gave him a swat on his reddened

ass. She waited by the door as she watched Tommy put his head down

and crawl past her. She held her stomach and laughed out loud as

she saw his bare ass wobbling its way towards the car! 

  The night air felt cool and he could hear the sounds of the

traffic and see the lights from street lamps and passing cars. When

he was halfway to his car a passing car honked its horn several

times. Once again, as he neared his car, there was another horn

blast and the sound of laughing as a carload of young women went

by, apparently off for a night on the town. Tommy had tears in his

eyes as he reached up to unlock the door. As he stood up to get in

he saw that the previous car had pulled over and the women were

looking back through their rear window and pointing at him.

  He quickly got into his car and shut the door. The cloth seat was

cool against his ass and his bare feet felt strange on the gas and

brake pedals. His cock was sticking straight up and touching the

lower rim of the steering wheel. He sat there self-consciously and

waited. Finally, the girls in the car that had stopped ahead of him

began waving and honking their horn, then pealed off to continue on

their way to whatever nightspot they were originally headed for.

  Tommy started up the car and began driving home. He drove slowly

so as not to attract attention and slouched down in the seat when

he stopped at a traffic light and cars pulled up beside him. 

  It took him a little more than 10 minutes to drive home. He

parked at the curb in front of his house and sat there for a

moment. He wanted to make sure nobody was around when he got out of

the car, but at the same time he knew that the phone would be

ringing in just a few minutes. There was a strange car in Mrs.

Whitford's driveway, but nobody was on the street so he slowly

opened the car door and got out. He considered dashing into the

house, but what if he was wrong? What if Beverly had called Mrs.

Whitford and she was watching from the window right now? He didn't

dare risk getting caught defying Beverly, no matter what. 

  Tom put the car keys in his mouth and dropped to his hands and

knees on the street. Slowly he made his way around the back of the

car to the sidewalk. When he looked up again he saw that Mrs.

Whitford had come out on the porch and she had a friend with her!

  "Hello Mr. Hyde!" she yelled, "Is that you crawling around back

there?" The old woman cackled and he saw her flick on a flashlight.

Tommy hesitated a moment then decided he had no choice but to

continue, especially now. Mrs. Whitford came running down the

stairs with her friend lagging behind her. When she got close to

Tom she turned the flashlight on him, illuminating his white flesh

in the night. 

  "Coming back from your big date with Beverly I see!" She laughed

as she directed the white light directly on him.

  "Hello Mr. Hyde!" "Hi Mr. Hyde!". He was starteled to hear Linda

and Ellen's voices coming from his right. Linda flicked on another

flashlight and he was now illuminated from both sides as the two

teens joined the older women on the lawn. 

  Tommy was mortified as he crawled towards his house. The two

beams stayed on him the whole way and the younger girls were

shouting catcalls and whistling at him. As Tom began crawling up

the stairs to his porch Linda called out, "You look like you got a

spanking tonight, Mr. Hyde! Your bum is all red! Hahahah!" When he

got to the top step he heard the phone begin to ring inside!

  "Wait a minute!" Mrs. Whitford called. "Hold it right there! Your

red bum looks so nice there on the steps that I want to see you

wiggle it a bit! Come on Mr. Hyde, wiggle your butt!"

  The phone was still ringing and Tommy began to panic. He wiggled

his ass a few times as the women and girls laughed, then he took

the keys from his mouth and reached up to unlock the door.

  "Good night, Mr. Hyde! See you tomorrow!" Linda yelled out as

Ellen giggled beside her. Tommy was shaking from embarrassment. He

crawled inside the door, closed it and immediately got up and ran

for the phone. He stubbed his toe on the footstool and hopped

around yelping as he reached for the ringing phone. Just as he put

his hand on it it stopped ringing! He picked it up anyway and to

his horror he heard a dial tone! Tommy panicked! He flipped on the

light. He didn't know Beverly's phone number. He found his phone

book and flipped through it frantically! When he found the number

he dialed it with trembling fingers. "Please God, let her answer

it..." It was busy. He dialed right back. Busy again! "Oh no!" he

groaned. He collapsed on the floor with the phone and began to

panic. He must have dialed her 50 times before he gave up. It was

too late now anyway... He pulled his knees up into a fetal position

and began trembling as he thought about the things Beverly would do

to him! His cock was still raging and he reached one hand between

his thighs and began tickling it with his fingers. He imagined her

leading him around the block, naked and leashed, on his hands and

knees, in the middle of the day... perhaps stopping at the park or

schoolyard! He stroked his penis as he fantasized about being left

tied up to the fence, shivering and hard, and being laughed at...

Maybe she'd spank him right there! They'd tease him and laugh at

him as Beverly reddened his ass with her hand... If anyone asked

why his cock was so stiff if he was being punished Beverly might

explain how he loved getting spankings and they'd all laugh at him


  He kept pulling at his cock and moaning as he fantasized about

the most incredible humiliations she could heap on him. And she'd

do it, too! He knew that. Yes! The shame would be exquisite... more

than he could ever imagine! "Yes... yes!" He held his breath and

moaned as he hovered on the edge. Finally he was over the edge and

shooting his load all over himself and the rug, but he didn't care.

He wanted more! Exhausted, he fell asleep right where he lay on the


  He woke up around 7:30 in the morning. He went to the bathroom,

then got himself something to eat. He was still naked, and in a

perverse compulsion he put his food in a bowl on the kitchen floor

and got down on his hands and knees to eat it! When he was through,

he went into the bedroom and wheeled out the playpen that was left

stored there from last week. He set it up right in front of the

door. So close, in fact, that he knew it could be seen from the

outside if the door were opened! With trembling hands he tied the

pink baby bonnet on his head then climbed into the playpen. He got

onto his back and pulled his legs as far back as he could, resting

his feet on the bars. He wanted to make sure the girls would be

pleased when they saw him that morning! His cock was already hard

and he decided to lightly play with it to make sure he was as

aroused as possible for his young Mistress and her friends! He even

left his leash out on the coffee table in case Beverly came by and

wanted to take him for a walk!

                                            THE END


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