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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde12.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 12


                            Part 12

   Tommy got up the next morning, showered and shaved, and somehow

managed to drag himself into work. He couldn't believe he'd

survived the week so far. Marie had been more cruel than he had

ever imagined she could be, but his treatment at Carol's hands last

night had been a real surprise. He had always shown off a little

wherever Carol was concerned. He acted like he was her big brother

as he took her under his wing, but he never missed a chance to

oggle her young body in the office. He was dying to ask her out but

he was too shy. He was afraid that if she said no then that would

be the end of his chances. She was a frequent subject of his wet

dreams and he'd undressed her in his mind a hundred times. Last

night, however, Carol shocked both him and herself by the way she

so easily handled him. She had worked him to such a fevered pitch

of lust that he had gladly humiliated himself at her feet and cried

tears of gratitude when she rewarded him by letting him cum!

  When he arrived in the office Carol was telling a wide-eyed Marie

how she had made him cum at her feet, then forced him to lick his

spunk from her skirt as she scolded him. When Carol told her about

slapping his ass as he cleaned the cum spots from the rug Marie

laughed hysterically and said "Oh my God! I never knew you had it

in you! Well, good! I'm glad you've seen the light because now we

can have a lot of good times with him together. Our two nights

combined, in addition to having him at the office every day, means

we'll get to use him more that any of the others do. I've got a lot

of really good ideas I'd like to try out and I was hoping you'd

want to go in on them with me."

  "Sounds great to me!" Carol said enthusiastically.

  Marie continued, "I still like the party idea. Maybe we can set

it up for either next Wednesday or the Wednesday after that, at my

place. I'll make the arrangements for Donna's friends to watch him

during the day. We already spoke to them and since they're on

summer vacation anyway they said they'd LOVE to keep him busy until

we get home. I told them that they can do whatever they like to

keep him aroused all day but they're not to let him cum! I want him

literally boiling when the guests arrive. It'll be so much more

humiliating for him to greet them with tears in his eyes and his

little stiff prick dripping, especially when he sees who I'm


  "Oh, you're so bad!" Carol giggled.

  "Donna and I will take care of the food and drinks. You can bring

a salad or something and feel free to invite whomever you like.

After all, it's your night too!" 

  Tommy sat there in shock, not quite believing what he was

hearing! Marie and Carol were talking about their plans for him as

if he weren't even there! He didn't dare say a word. He already

knew better than that, but listening to their dark plans and the

way they giggled as they discussed them made him want to disappear

under his desk. He shivered as he imagined what that horrible night

would be like! Please God, don't let them do that to me!

  They stopped their chatter as soon as Louise came in, but when

they glanced at each other again they got a case of the giggles.

  "What's going on here?" asked Louise.

  "Oh, nothing" said Marie. "We were just talking about Tom."

  Louise looked at Tom and noticed that his ears were bright red.

She smiled at him and winked, which caused Carol and Marie to start

giggling again.

  Needless to say, Tommy spent another miserable day at work.

Louise had him in Mrs. Peterson's office again, stark naked and on

his back on Gloria's desk, holding onto his ankles. She made him

stay like that for most of the morning. It was a slow day and the

three of them took turns going into the office to torment him.

Marie voluntarily took off her nylons and used them to tie each of

Tom's wrists to his ankles so he was spread wide open as he lay on

the desk. She then took a pencil from Gloria's drawer and used the

eraser end to start probing at his sensitive asshole. His anus was

spread wide and as she poked the pink tip in further, the puckered

walls grabbed onto it and held. Giggling, she moved the pencil in

and out in very short teasing strokes while poor Tom's legs

trembled and he begged her like a tied whore to let him cum. But

she wouldn't relent! She'd see him getting close to the edge then

she'd abruptly stop and laugh at him as he moaned and jerked his

legs. She kept this up for about ten minutes while Louise and Carol

took turns coming in to watch him squirm!

  "Quick! Someone's coming!" shouted Carol.

  Louise scurried back to her desk as Marie cautioned Tommy to be

real quiet or they'd let whoever came into the office see him. She

left the eraser tip still sticking in his asshole as she quickly

closed the door about half way and walked to her desk.

  A man and a woman dressed in business suits entered the office

and said they'd like to see Mrs. Peterson about some advertising

space they were interested in buying. Louise told them that Gloria

was not in but they could discuss the details with Marie.

  "If it's all right, we'd just as soon wait for Mrs. Peterson"

said the woman, a little snottily, as she started to walk towards

Gloria's half-opened door!

  "No! Ah, you see, Mrs. Peterson won't be back until Monday

morning. Are you sure there isn't something I can do for you?"

  The woman had one hand on the door edge as she looked back at

Marie. "Oh, well. Never mind. Please tell her that Carol Sanforth

and Mike Bressler from ALPHA ONE were here. We'll call her on

Monday and set up an appointment."

  Louise let out an audible sigh of relief as the woman turned and

began walking back out the door. Carol and Marie began giggling

uncontrollably after they left, and Marie said, in a loud, faked

voice: "Then again, maybe we WILL just wait here in case she comes

back early!" and she swung open the door, laughing as she saw Tommy

close to tears, still tied there so shamefully on display with the

pencil bobbing up and down from his asshole. He was sniffling as

she laughed and began teasing him again by jiggling the pencil.

  "That was close!" breathed Louise.

  "Relax", said Marie. "If you're afraid to take chances you'll

never have any fun. Besides, we would've found some way to talk our

way out of this. Who knows, maybe the bitch woulda got turned on by

the sight of Tommy here! It's not too late to call her back..."

  "That's OK. I'll pass on that one now" Louise said, regaining her

composure and chuckling a little. She walked over and began

fondling Tommy's bare ass as she looked into his eyes and said:

  "Poor little Tommy! We almost let that nasty woman see his little

dick and asshole! Do you think she would have liked to play with

you too? Or give you a little spanking?" She slapped his ass

lightly as she said this and continued chuckling. Tommy was moaning

as he looked at each of the faces of the women who were working him

over. Carol stayed near the front door on lookout, but she could

see what was going on in Gloria's office. Finally both women left

him and returned to their desks. Marie left the pencil sticking out

of his asshole and told him he'd be allowed to dress and work at

his desk all afternoon if he was a good boy until noon. She left

the door ajar and went back to her desk.

  A few more people came in that morning but Marie and Louise took

care of them without incident. As Tommy squirmed on his back on

Gloria's desk he nearly fainted each time he heard a new voice in

the office. Finally at 12:00 Louise came in and untied him. He sat

up and rubbed his sore limbs while the women wrote down their lunch

orders. He dressed silently, took the list, and went out to pick up

lunch. He spent the rest of the day at his desk, self-conscious and

nervous. At 5:00 he got up, blushed as Carol and Marie told him to

have a fun night, and drove home. Halfway home he began sobbing to

himself in the car. What had become of his life? What had those

women done to him? There was no escape... He couldn't imagine

another week of this, yet he also reminded himself that this first

week wasn't even done yet! He still had Karen to deal with tonight,

then tomorrow night he'd be at Beverly's studio, squirming under

her hand... if he was lucky! Then it would be Saturday again and

Linda and her young friends would be back.... Oh God! Over and over

again, getting worse and worse, deeper and deeper... 

  When he got home, he parked his car and went into his house. Mrs.

Whitford was sitting out on her porch but he kept his head down and

pretended not to see her smiling down at him. He cleaned up and had

a bite to eat. He was just clearing the dishes when the phone rang.

He thought about not answering it, but the memory of his long night

at the lake made him remember he had no choice. He picked up the

phone and meekly said: "Hello?"

  "Hello Tommy!" Karen's voice giggled in his ear. "It's Thursday

night! I want you at my place in 30 minutes, don't keep me

waiting!" She gave him the address and directions and told him to

hurry right over. Twenty-five minutes later he was parking his car

in the visitor's lot of Karen's condo on the other side of town. He

found the right unit and rang the bell. The door opened and Karen

greeted him in a pair of very tiny shorts and a tank top. She had

a can of beer in her hand and smiled as she let him in.

  "Karen, please... This has gone on long enough. You wouldn't

believe what those crazies have been putting me through. I know

you're a nice girl; can't we talk about this like adults?"

  Karen put her beer down on a small table then hauled back and

slapped him full force across the face. She reached back and hit

him a second time on the same cheek.

  "Owwwww!" he cried, startled. As he held his cheek he saw Karen's

smile turn into a sneer.

  "I'm a nice girl?! You want to talk to me like an adult?! Down on

your knees, this instant!" She swung her hand back again and held

it poised, ready for another slap as she stared into his eyes with

contempt. In an instant her mood had changed completely. Tommy

dropped to his knees in front of her, still rubbing his smarting


  "Beverly called me this afternoon and gave me a complete rundown

on what you've been through this week. I thought it was hilarious!

Having your cousin Kathy see you over at Marie's must have been a

real shocker, huh? Did you enjoy that? I just bet you did, you

little pervert! And I just LOVED the pictures Beverly sent me of

what those young girls did to you on Saturday! I laughed my ass

off! And you have the nerve to call me a 'nice girl'! I have half

a mind to slap your little ass all over this town tonight. I

thought about bringing you into a lesbian bar tonight, all leashed

and naked, and making you crawl around for the enjoyment of the

clientele! Would you like that? Huh? Wiggling your little ass

around while they drink and laugh at you? I could arrange it, no

problem, except I'm afraid you might like it too much! Maybe next

week... It'll give you something to think about all week!"

  "I-I'm s-sorry, Mistress Karen!" Tommy stuttered. She hadn't told

him to refer to her as 'Mistress' but he didn't want her any

angrier at him.

  She sneered at him when she heard his words and said: "Stay on

your knees, you little shit, but I want you naked in 30 seconds, or

I'll strip you myself. Only it won't be here! Now start!!"

  Tommy practically tore his buttons off as he removed his shirt.

He pulled off his undershirt and kicked off his shoes. He undid his

belt and pushed his pants down around his knees. Naturally, he

wasn't wearing any underpants. He bunched the pants under his knees

and pushed them back and off his legs. In a panic he pulled off his

socks and knelt there completely naked just as Karen yelled "Time!"

She looked down at him and nodded her head. "Looks like you just

made it, little worm." 

  Even as Tommy knelt there at her feet he couldn't help but be

struck by her awesome beauty. Her dark hair was pulled back and her

shorts showed off perhaps the loveliest legs he had ever seen. She

stood there for a minute looking down at him with her hands on her

hips and chuckling. Finally she bent over and lifted his semi-hard

penis in her right hand.

  "What's this? I love the shave but your little dickie here can't

decide if he's happy to see me or not. She began pulling on his

penis. Almost immediately it stiffened right in her hand. He'd been

teased all morning at the office and he had had no relief. Karen

laughed as she felt him stiffen so quickly.

  "That's a good little dickie. Maybe Mistress Karen will have a

little reward for you tonight, but first I want you to crawl over

to that footstool by the chair. That's the one, yes. Now bend over

it. Put your hands down at the sides and grab onto the legs on the

other side."

  Karen guided him so that he was bent completely over the stool,

with his head hanging down on one side and his ass raised up right

over the middle of it. She then took some white clothesline she had

ready and tied his wrists to the legs of the stool. She made him

spread his thighs wide and straddle the rear of the stool. She took

more rope and proceeded to tie his knees to each of the back legs

of the stool. This left him bent over with his knees spread wide

and his ass pointing up and back at her. His asshole was presented

to her, wide open and vulnerable. His butt cheeks clenched as she

ran her fingers lightly along the gully of his ass and he moaned a

little as she touched his puckering little hole.

  Karen laughed then straightened up and walked over to the dining

room table. Tommy lifted his head to watch her and he gasped aloud

when he saw her pick up what looked like a black riding crop ! She

walked back towards him, flexing the shaft of the crop and looking

at Tommy as he continued staring at every movement of the crop . She

could tell that he was petrified and his fear was giving her a


  Karen stood right beside him and lightly let the crop touch his

asscheek. Tommy clenched again and stiffened. "Oh no... not yet"

she taunted him. "I've got to play with you a little first." She

chuckled evilly as she continued lightly brushing his ass with the crop . First one spot, then a pause, then a little swish in the air

accompanied by another cruel chuckle. She ran the edge of the crop along his stretched open asscrack, then lightly tapped him on the

underside of his cheeks again. The entire time she taunted him,

saying "Ah yes... you like this, don't you. Sure you do. I'm going

to make you so happy tonight! I'm going to whip your ass all night

long, whip you till you scream! Don't worry, the walls of this

condo are soundproofed, besides, it's an end unit and our only

neighbors are in Brussels for the summer. You're all mine tonight,

little worm! I'm gonna whip your little ass red! But that's what

you really want, isn't it? Tell me that you want me to whip your


  "No, please M-mistress Karen. Please don't do it..."

   (Yeeooowwwwww!) The whip cracked with tremendous

force against his exposed ass, causing Tommy to howl in pain. He'd

never felt anything like that before; not when she birched him at

the lake, not when Louise used the ruler on his ass at work. This

was an incredible, searing pain that immediately brought huge tears

to his eyes and made him twist impossibly against the ropes that

held him.

  "Don't lie to me! Tell me you want to be whipped! Tell me, or

I'll strip all the skin off you! Tell me!!". Karen was raging now.

She swung again as hard as she could and again Tommy screamed at

the top of his lungs. He was sobbing uncontrollably. "Yes ,

yes... I really w-want you to whip me. P-please whip me, Mistress


  "That's more like it" she sneared. Her lip curled a little as she

looked down at his doomed behind. She continued thrashing him with

the crop while he squirmed and pleaded.

  "Please, no more! No more!" he coughed and sobbed as she slapped

him again and again. He felt as if his ass were on fire. He was

sure that his skin was being cut to bloody ribbons. In reality,

however, the crop did no physical damage other than reddening his

ass to a bright rosy glow. After the 50th swat his ass was actually

shiny, yet she continued thrashing him.

  " Yeowwww!..  Owwwwww...  Please!!"

  After about 75 swats she finally stopped, her chest heaving with

the exertion and her own pussy on fire with the heat. Tommy had

been reduced to a sobbing mass. He couldn't see for the tears in

his eyes. When she untied him and let him fall to the floor he

pressed both of his hands against his burning asscheeks and held

them, crying and twitching. She told him to kiss her feet and thank

her for the whipping or she'd do it all over again and he

practically wrapped himself around her long legs, kissing her feet

loudly and sobbing his gratitude for the whipping. Karen then sat

down and spread her legs. She told Tommy to kiss her pussy and lick

it through her shorts. Tommy struggled to his knees and began

alternately kissing the vee of her shorts and licking the soft

material between her legs while she watched him and laughed.

  After a few minutes of this she pushed his head away, then

unbuttoned and wriggled out of her shorts. She wore no panties. She

spread her legs wide and pulled her knees back. She told Tommy that

she wanted to feel his tongue inside her asshole, licking her until

she told him to stop. She cooed in ecstasy as she felt his cool wet

tongue trying to work its way into her tight little rosebud. He was

still sobbing from the whipping and his sniffles tickled her thighs

as he licked away. She began rotating her hips and grinding her ass

into his face but he continued licking as if his life depended on

it! After ten minutes of this she pulled his head up a little and

directed his tongue into her sopping wet crotch. She held his head

firmly in place as she came in his face, again and again, warning

him to keep licking and swallowing.

  "Oh... YESSS!" she cried, her knees now wrapped around his ears

and her hands pushing against the back of his head. "Use that

tongue of yours! Keep licking me, you little bastard! Don't you

dare stop!"

  After her fourth of fifth orgasm she finally relaxed her grip on

his head. She lowered her legs, sighed heavily, and leaned her head

back against the sofa back with her eyes closed. Tommy fell to the

floor at her feet, still clutching onto her ankles. His face was

slimy from her cum as he pressed his lips to her shoes and

continued giving her little kisses while he regained his composure.

  Karen sighed again, stretched her limbs catlike and gazed down at

the pitiful form that was wrapped around her ankles.

  "Not bad, little worm. I guarantee that you're going to become an

expert cunt licker. I'm certainly going to look forward to Thursday

nights from now on!"

  She kicked him lightly and told him to roll over onto his back

with his arms and legs spreadeagled. Tommy scampered to obey.

  "Now it's time to take care of little dickie!" she cooed. Karen

stood up and stood directly over him, her legs straddling Tom's

chest. She kicked off her shoes and slowly began stripping off her

clothes till she was completely nude. She then slithered down till

she was sitting on his chest, smiling at him as he lay there

trembling. She slowly slid back till she was kneeling between his

thighs then bent her head and gave Tom's still throbbing cock a

long slow lick, from the base to just under the head.

  "Ohhhhh..." Tom moaned. He writhed a little but remembered to

keep his arms and legs stretched out. Karen continued licking his

cock with long, deliberate swipes of her silky tongue. She flicked

her tongue across his balls and smiled as she watched him twitch

and moan. She licked back up the shaft and then took the head of

his penis between her lips, still using her tongue to flick away at

the sensitive glans below the head. Tommy began moaning louder and

twisting. He jumped a little as she swallowed his whole shaft into

her mouth and began pumping her head up and down the shaft, holding

the base with one hand and tickling his balls with the fingernails

of her other hand.

  "Tell me, Tommy. Did anyone fuck you during the week?"

  "N-n-ooo-ooo" Tom moaned, sucking air through his teeth then

licking his lips.

  Without another word Karen released his cock. She then crawled

forward, dragging her tits against the poor young man's chest and

tantalizing his thighs with her own furry pussy. When she was head

to head with him, looking down into his face, she reached under her

and grabbed hold of his penis. She carefully guided it till it was

resting just inside of her pouting cunt lips. She stayed like that

for a few seconds, moving up and down only a fraction of an inch,

teasing him nearly out of his mind. Then, with a single thrust she

lowered herself onto him, consuming his entire shaft within her

greedy cunt.

  "Ohhhhhh!" Tommy moaned again. So this was it! He was actually

getting laid! The feel of Karen's wet cunt completely enveloping

him and moving up and down felt completely different from anything

he had ever done before. It felt GREAT!

  "So, after all that's happened to you this past week you managed

to stay virgin! Well you're not a virgin anymore. I'm plucking your

cherry, little worm. Do you like it?"

  "Oh YES Mistress Karen! Unngh! Oooooh... Thank you Mistress


  Karen continued moving her hips up and down along his shaft. She

leaned down and held one of her tits to his lips.

  "Suck the nipple, little worm. Suck it! That's it. Gently, little

worm. Now lick it. Ahhh, yes. That's it. I'm going to train you

well, little worm. That's it. Such a hungry little baby!"

  Tommy was so hot by now that he was ready to shoot his load in

the first minute, but Karen kept a close watch on him and varied

her strokes, keeping him seconds away from his orgasm. Tommy's hips

began thrusting upward now, meeting her own. Nature was taking over

and he humped upwards as he continued sucking and licking the

offered nipple.

  "Oh, please Mistress Karen. Please let me cum! Please!"

  Karen smiled as she watched him beg beneath her. Finally, as she

felt her own orgasm coming upon her, she clenched her butt muscles

and bore down on his dick. She began vibrating, right on the edge

herself. Tommy let out a large gasp, his limit finally reached, and

he began shooting his seed deep into her. He felt his balls squeeze

as spurt after spurt of cum was fired deep into her. This triggered

Karen's own orgasm and they both began thrashing and rocking

against each other, moaning and churning. Tommy wrapped his arms

around Karen's back then cupped her ass as he continued pumping.

Finally, both of them spent, Karen collapsed onto his chest and

breathed heavily.

  "Ohhh, Mistress Karen!!! Thank you, Mistress Karen. Thank you!

Ooooh, I LOVE you Mistress Karen. I love you so much!" Tommy was

babbling but Karen lifted herself off him and smiled down at him as

he continued proclaiming his undying love for her. She loved


  "That's fine, little worm. I'm glad you love me so much." Karen

slowly stood up and watched the pitiful creature at her feet

continue to writhe. He looked up at her with slavish devotion in

his eyes as he cupped his own balls with one hand.

  She kicked at his hand and screamed "Didn't I tell you to keep

your hands and legs stretched out straight? Didn't I?"

  "Y-es, Mistress Karen." He immediately stretched out again"

  "You're DEFYING me! You say you love me and then you defy me! Get

up. Up!! Don't stand, little worm. Get on your knees. Stick that

ass back up in the air. Crawl over to the corner and stick your

head in it, on the floor! Hurry up!!"

  Karen walked over till she stood directly behind the trembling

young man. She had the crop in her hand again and her eyes flashed

with anger, and lust.

  "So, you say that you love me?"

  "Y-YES, Mistress Karen."

  "If you love me then be prepared to love this little whip here,

because I love IT! Kiss it, little worm. Kiss it and tell me how

much you love me."

  "I love you, Mistress Karen" Tommy's voice shook with fear as he

pressed his lips against the leather crop .

  Karen laughed, then swung back and cracked him hard against the

ass with it.

  "Oooowwwwwwww!!!" Tommy literally jumped off both knees. His ass

was so sensitive from the earlier whipping that he thought he would

faint from the first crack.

  "Don't you dare move, little worm!" She looked around then picked

up the discarded rope from the floor. She knelt down and tied his

wrists together beneath him. She then looped the cord around his

thighs just above his knees, holding him immobile. She stood up

then laughed at him.

  "You look all trussed up, little worm. Like a little piggy about

to get your bare ass roasted till you squeal! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"  

  She continued laughing as she thrashed him with the crop , over

and over again. She hit the same exact spot on one cheek about ten

times in a row while Tommy screamed and cried. She rotated from

side to side, then used one hand to pull one of his cheeks further

apart from the other, digging her fingers painfully into the flesh

and stretching his ass completely open. She took careful aim and

slapped the tip of the crop right onto his anus! Again and again!

Tommy was nearly hysterical with tears.

  "Squeal for me, little piggy. Squeal!!"

  Tommy barely heard her words through his own sobs. He made an

effort to stop his choking sobs and yelled: "Whhheeee...

Whhheeeee!" Karen laughed as she continued thrashing him. "Louder,

little piggy, louder!"

  "Whhheeee! Whhheee! Owwwwwwww!!!!" He cried and squealed at the

same time while Karen laughed and continued thrashing him. It

seemed to go on forever. Finally, however, she stopped. Tommy

continued squealing and crying as she stared at him. She was

trembling as she watched him. She pulled him back away from the

corner and turned him around, still trussed. Her own face was

flushed with excitement and she sat down on the floor and spread

her legs open in front of him. Her pussy was burning!

  "Lick me, little piggy! Lick it good, or God have pity on you!


  Tommy pressed his face between her thighs. His own ass was on

fire and he was still choking from his sobs as he buried his face

as deeply as he could into her crotch and licked for all he was


  "Ohhh! YES! YES! Keep licking!" Karen was practically crying

herself. She thrashed her head back and forth and buried her hands

in his hair, pushing his face deeper into her. She stiffened and

held his head so tightly between her thighs that he thought she was

going to break his neck, but he didn't dare stop licking. She

shivered and went completely stiff then spasmed wildly, rocking

back and forth and gasping as she came, again and again. Tommy

licked it up and drank her juices, making loud sucking sounds.

Karen was clicking off orgasms like a machine gun, one after

another till her body finally relaxed. She moved her head a little

from side to side, then licked her lips and actually fell asleep.

Tommy was still tied with his face buried in her snatch. Her slimy

ooze was sticking all over his face but he didn't dare move an

inch. Karen woke up about a half hour later, started to stretch and

smiled when she saw Tommy still pressed against her crotch.

  She slowly got to her feet then began untying him. She helped him

to stand up as his legs were very stiff, then she got a tissue and

began giggling as she wiped her juices away from his eyes. His face

was completely covered with the sticky goo and she made him lick

his lips as far as his tongue could reach.

  "Put your clothes on and go home, Tommy, but don't wipe that cum

off your face till you get in the car."

  As Tommy dressed, Karen stretched out lazily on the chair and

watched him, smiling very contentedly.

  "Don't forget next week Tommy... the lesbian bar, remember? I

think you deserve a reward so I'm going to show you off. I know how

much you'll like that!"

  Tommy groaned and Karen just laughed as she stood up and showed

him to the door. She gave him a little pat on the ass as she closed

the door behind him. Tommy walked to the visitors' lot and got into

his car. As soon as he shut the door he got some tissue from the

glove compartment and began cleaning his face. In spite of all she

had done to him tonight, he still loved her! God, she was

beautiful! The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he had

gotten laid tonight! He thought about what this crazy woman was

going to do to him next week though, and he shuddered. Oh God! A

whole bar full of women who despised men! And he was going to be on

his hands and knees, crawling around naked at the end of a leash

while they all laughed at him! Oh God, how humiliating! He sniffled

a bit, then started up the car and drove home. He tried not to

think about it, but couldn't help picturing himself at their



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