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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde11.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 11


                            Part 11

  Tommy drove home, his eyes blurry from crying, his sore ass and

the garter belt clips reminding him that all of this had been real,

not just a perverse nightmare. Oh God! Kathy! How could Marie have

done that to him? How could she have had the heart to invite his

cousin over to see him like that, and to make him do all those

things while she watched? How could he ever talk to her again after

tonight? Her comment about stopping by on Saturday to see what

Linda and the girls would do to him drove home the reminder that

this wasn't a one shot deal. This wasn't just one horrible week for

him to somehow survive. This was only the FIRST week! This was a

life sentence, and every Tuesday from now on he'd be at Marie and

Donna's mercy, subjecting himself to unimaginable indecencies and

humiliations just to satisfy her perverse pleasure... And EVERY

Saturday Linda would be over his house... And EVERY Wednesday he'd

be at Carol's apartment... and so on, from now on! And Kathy said

she might bring a friend over with her next Saturday to see him!

His mind reeled as he tried to imagine who it could be and he

shivered with shame at the thought of anybody else he knew seeing

what those young girls were going to do to him!

  When he got home he nervously dashed into his house, removed the

garter belt and stockings, and climbed into bed. As he laid there

he thought about how all this had started exactly one week ago. One

week ago tonight he had decided to stop into that tavern near his

office for a few drinks and to kill a little time. He couldn't

believe his good luck at being picked up and taken home by a

beautiful, classy woman like Beverly. Could all this have happened

to him in just seven days? Each day had taken him deeper and deeper

until he found himself utterly trapped with no way out. Seven days

later he was the abject slave to seven women, who used and degraded

him beyond anything he could have ever imagined. He slept fitfully,

waking several times with an erection. In the morning he showered

and shaved. He even took a few minutes to shave his crotch. He felt

that if he did this himself each morning he would avoid the

humiliation of having it done for him in the evenings. He didn't

realize it but he was already becoming conditioned to his slavery.

  When he arrived at work Marie was already there, chatting with

Carol and telling her about the previous evening. Carol, too, was

shocked that Marie had invited Tom's cousin Kathy over to see him

humiliated, but Marie explained that she had had even more

degrading plans for him but decided to hold off on several of them

till next week.

  "You can't have any pity on him. He's just a pig. You've noticed

him leering at us and staring at our asses every time we turn

around. Well now it's our turn to see how HE likes being on

display. Fortunately he doesn't like it at all! That makes it much

more fun to humiliate him, and if bringing Kathy over to see him

added to his shame then I think we should do a lot more of that

sort of thing."

  She didn't even pause in her conversation as Tom walked in and

sat at his desk. A few minutes later Louise came in and they all

sat down and got to work. Any time Tom had to have any dealings

with Marie he shivered as he saw her mocking smile. Tonight was

Carol's night and he wondered what his fate would be at her hands.

He stared at her as she got up and bent over to get some files and

she looked back and caught him at it. He cringed a little as he saw

her knowing smile that seemed to say "Go ahead, look all you want.

Tonight is MY turn!"

  Needless to say, by the time noon had rolled around Louise had

found some new excuse to strip and spank him. She made him duck-

walk around the office with his hands on his head, pausing in front

of each of the ladies and begging them to tug on his erect penis.

When he was so hot that his teeth chattered Louise let him

masturbate lying on his back on the floor with his knees spread

wide and the soles of his feet pressing against each other. He felt

so depraved doing this in the office, but it also made him hot to

think that anyone could walk in and catch him like that!

  He squirted his seed into a kleenex, then Louise made him bend

across each woman's desk for a few hard slaps before he was allowed

to get dressed and go out to bring them back some lunch.

  At the end of the day he looked at Carol questioningly. She gave

him her address and told him he could go home to change and eat but

she wanted him at her apartment by 7:00pm sharp.

  Promptly at 7:00 he rang the bell at Carol's apartment. She

opened the door and smiled as she let him in. She was dressed in a

pullover and tight, tight jeans that were pulled up right into her

crotch, and in the back separated her ass into two round globes.

She looked fantastic! Her long, straight blonde hair hung down over

her shoulders and her little breasts poked out through her top.

Tommy had never been to her apartment before. It was rather small

and sparsely decorated, but then again she was just out of school

and only working for about six months.

  Tommy walked in self-consiously and Carol told him to sit down on

the couch. She asked him if he had had a good time with Marie last

night but he only gulped and looked down at his shoes. Carol

giggled and said that Marie had described the evening to her and

she guessed it must have been pretty degrading to him. She then

told him not to worry, she didn't have anything like that planned

for him tonight. In fact she didn't have anything planned at all.

She just liked the idea of having a man at her disposal all evening

to do anything she wanted. She then told him that Marie said to

call her if Tommy wasn't cooperative, and she'd come right over.

That little threat wasn't lost on him and he straightened up a

little on the couch. Carol then admitted to him that until last

Friday she had never seen a man completely nude before, let alone

do the things he had done. She said that it embarrassed her at

first but that she also found it rather stimulating, and pleasant.

She told Tommy to stand up and slowly remove all of his clothing

while she sat in the chair and watched him.

  This was a little tough, for Carol had always been rather shy

herself and Tommy always went out of his way to impress her so she

would look up to him. Now he was meekly following her orders to

strip naked in her apartment so she could watch him.

  He slowly removed all of his clothes, folded them and put them in

a pile. When he finally stood naked before her she made him stand

with his legs slightly apart and his hands clasped behind his back

as she looked hungrily at his limp dick.

  "What's the matter? You're not happy to see me?" she seemed

disappointed. She then told him to sit down on the couch but to

ease forward and lean back, slouching a bit. She made him spread

his legs and throw one leg over the arm of the sofa, keeping his

crotch spread wide for her.

  "Now stay like that for awhile. I'm going to change into

something a little more comfortable and I want to find you just

like this when I return."

  Tommy oggled her beautiful ass and legs as she got up and walked

into the bedroom. His penis had already started to stiffen up a 


   He stayed like that for about five minutes. When Carol returned,

his dick sprang to attention almost instantly! She had changed into

a little white Teddy nightgown! Her long smooth legs extended

beautifully below the hem and her little nipples were visible

against the nearly shear top! Tommy couldn't believe she even owned

anything like that and he was sure no man had ever seen her in it

before. She was definitely too shy for that but now she was taking

advantage of the situation to wear it in front of Tommy.

  "Wow..." he gasped, quietly. He didn't even realize he said it

but Carol heard him and smiled. Her nipples were pointing straight

out at him and she was barefoot.

  Carol sat down in the chair directly opposite Tommy. "Do you like

what you see?"

  "Oh... yes!" he said, licking his lips. She spread her legs apart

just a little and then told him to look at her and begin


  Tommy grabbed hold of his now throbbing cock and began slowly

pumping it while she watched intently. His hips began rotating and

he was breathing noisily through his teeth. Carol told him to keep

it up but warned him that if he came, she would call Marie and

they'd both whip his ass the rest of the night. Looks like shy

little Carol had grown some teeth!

  As he sat there masturbating, careful to pause whenever he felt

too close to the edge, Carol put her own hand in her little panties

and began rubbing herself too. After awhile she pulled the material

to the side, completely exposing her beautiful young pussy, nestled

in a little downy patch of blonde hair. Tommy almost lost it right

there! He had to stop and breathe heavily while his hips convulsed.

He was so near the edge he didn't think he'd be able to pull back!

Panic gripped him but to his relief he found himself slowly ebbing

away from that dangerous precipice.

  Carol continued fingering herself. She was so wet that she

glistened and her fingers began making small sucking noises as she

worked them in and out, rotating her ass as she did so and offering

little glimpses of her tiny anus.

  "Keep it up, Tommy. Don't stop, or you'll be sorry! Don't cum. I

want you watching me, hot and ready all night, but I don't want you

cumming. That's my job tonight!"

  Tommy groaned and began touching himself again. This time

lightly. His cock jumped and leaked a stream of pre-seminal fluid

down to his belly and he was terrified he wouldn't be able to keep

from going over the edge.

  Carol began moaning, louder and louder, and then thrashing a bit

on the chair. She threw her legs over each of the arm rests and

suddenly stiffened, clenching her little butt cheeks tightly and

moaning. Tommy could see a little liquid seeping out of her cunt

and finally she was cumming. She threw her head back and moaned as

she spasmed several times. Finally she exhaled and settled back

down in the chair. Her eyes were half closed and she smacked her

lips and said "Mmmmmmm... that was good!"

  Poor Tommy was going nuts! He wasn't allowed to cum but his body

was screaming at him for release.

  "Don't you dare defy me, Tom!" she warned. An all-night whipping

by Marie is not something you'll want to go through. And knowing

her, you can just imagine that she'll invite some friends along to

watch... some embarrasing friends?"

  Poor Tommy was frantic! He was now just barely touching his

penis, but he was constantly only seconds away from a dangerous

orgasm and he had to be soooo careful!

  Carol got up and walked over to him; swaggered was more like it.

She swayed her hips sexily and confidently, smiling at him as he

sat there, spread wide and dripping. She held her hand, the one

that had been in her pussy, up to his face, right under his nose.

She smeared a little bit of it under his nose and on his upper lip

so he could smell her, then lowered it to his lips and made him

lick her hand clean.

  He whimpered as he licked and begged her to let him cum, or at

least to stop! Carol laughed at him and told him he could stop

masturbating, but to remain spread like that so she could enjoy

looking at him some more.

  Carol's confidence was boosted watching Tom shivering with lust

for her, yet obeying her completely. How could she have been so

impressed with him when she first started working at Venture? He

looked so pathetic now, lying there with his legs spread wide and

his penis poking straight up in the air! He was terrified of

cumming, yet he wanted to so badly! And SHE was in complete

control. She could let him cum if she wanted to, or make him sit

there and suffer - all night if she wanted! And he would have to do

anything she wanted! Right now she enjoyed seeing him helplessly

teased and at her mercy. What a turn on!

  Carol got some potato chips and a Cola from the refrigerator,

then turned on the TV set and sat down on the couch next to Tom.

She told him to kneel down on the floor in front of her and put his

forehead on the carpet and his buns in the air. "Open your legs

wider so I can see your balls dangling while you kneel there!"

  Tommy obeyed her instantly and she then crossed her feet and

placed them on his rump, using him as a footstool as she watch TV

and snacked. When she saw something particularly funny she'd slap

her feet against his butt while she laughed.

  After the show was over she started feeling horny again. This

time she told Tommy to sit on the chair and throw is legs over each

armrest while she took the sofa.

  Carol pulled her panties completely off and knelt on the sofa

with her own ass on display to Tommy's eager eyes. She rubbed her

ass and lifted one leg up so he could see her pussy. She then

pulled the top of her Teddy off and turned around so she was

sitting on the couch, completely naked, with her legs spread wide

while she rubbed her tits and licked her lips. Tommy was forced to

watch this and his dick was once again throbbing for release. 

  Again she made him touch himself and watch her as she played with

herself in front of him. She rubbed at her clit and rotated her

hips, then stuck two fingers into her pussy and started frigging

herself off. She would never have had the nerve to do this in front

of a man, but she was having a ball teasing Tom and watching him

gasp and buck his hips. He wanted her and that made her even

hotter. She came twice more while Tommy sat there whimpering,

lightly stroking his own penis and trying his best not to cum.

  After another half hour of this exquisite torture, Carol felt

like a new woman. She was completely confident of her power over

poor Tommy and decided to give him a reward.

  "Would you like to cum, Tom?"

  "Oh YES! Please Carol! I'm so hot I think I'm gonna burst. He was

sniveling and she almost decided to change her mind and let him

suffer some more, but she had a change of heart.

  "Get down on the floor. Sit there with your legs crossed and wait

for me. And don't you dare touch yourself while you're waiting!"

  She walked into her bedroom and immediately began grabbing

clothes from her closet and drawers. She had another wild fantasy

she wanted to indulge and she tugged on a pair of pantyhose and put

on her black skirt and blouse. She clipped on a pair of earrings

and put her pearls around her neck. As a final touch she put on a

little perfume then stepped into her heels and looked at herself in

the mirror. She was pleased. In about two minutes she looked like

she was ready to go out on the town! She quickly brushed her hair

then walked back into the TV room.

  Tommy was still sitting there on the floor, his penis hard and

pointing up and back towards his navel. Carol told him to spread

his legs wide and bend his knees. She then stood right in front of

him so that he could hunker there pathetically and gaze up at her,

dressed to the teeth. This contrast made the situation seem even

more bizarre to her and it added greatly to Tommy's shame as she

looked down at him and ordered him to jerk himself off.

  Tommy grabbed hold of his erect shaft and began pumping

furiously. Carol told him to look up at her and she gazed into his

eyes and smiled at him as he sat there, naked and pathetic, and

jacked himself off at her feet.

  It didn't take long for him to stiffen and groan and start

spurting his seed all over the room. Some of it landed on the rug

and a glob of it landed square on Carol's skirt. She was furious!

She made him kneel before her and lick the cum spots off her skirt,

then told him she was going to send him the dry cleaning bill. She

made him get a damp cloth from the kitchen and clean the spots on

the rug while she stood behind him, slapping his ass and belittling

him for being so careless.

  When he finished, she told him he could dress and go home, but

next week she wasn't going to be so easy on him! Marie had already

talked to her about combining their days so the two women could

have two whole days with Tommy. They might even make him take a

day's vacation so he could stay at Marie's house. They would tie

him so he couldn't touch himself and ask a couple of college

students that Donna knew to stay with him to make sure he stayed

aroused the whole day. They'd have a party the second night and

invite many of Tom's friends over to see him in his disgrace. Well,

that was down the road a bit but it was fun planning things they

could do to him. For now, though, it was getting late and after she

let Tommy out the door, Carol undressed and got into bed. In spite

of the three orgasms she had already had that night she began

rubbing herself off under the covers while she let her mind race

through all the scenarios that she wanted to try. Having Tommy as

a boyfriend would have been nice, but having him as her slave was

turning out to be fantastic!


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