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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde10.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 10


                            Part 10

  After all her guests had gone home Linda turned to look at Tom.

He was still wearing the degrading pink bonnet and kneeling naked

on the carpet. His face was wet from tears and nearly as red as his

burning ass. There was a stack of wet diapers in a heap on the

kitchen floor and the living room was a total mess. He had been

thoroughly humiliated all day at her hands and the hands of her

friends and she decided a little more gloating before she called it

a night was in order.

  "Before I go home tonight I just want to let you know that I

think it was real shitty of you to embarrass me the way you did a

couple of weeks ago. You don't know it but you made me cry! I'll

bet if you knew you were going to wind up being a slave in a couple

of weeks that you'd have treated me a lot better. So, how does it

feel being my slave? I don't feel one bit sorry for you, Mr. Hyde.

You're getting just what you deserve and I'm just glad that I can

be one of the people who are doing it to you."

  "This must be real embarrassing for you, huh? Being stripped and

spanked in front of my girlfriends and jerking off and wearing baby

clothes and stuff? I'm glad that it embarrasses you, because I

think we should keep you like this for the rest of your life!"

  "Well, I gotta go now, but I just wanted you to know that I'm

getting even with you and that I'm gonna do even worse stuff to you

next week."

  With that, Linda got up to leave. She hesitated, then turned and

walked right up beside Tom. Kneeling as he was on his hands and

knees, his ass was still a perfect target. She reached way back and

with a terrific swing gave him a very hard slap on his sensitive

ass, causing him to jump and yell "Owwww!".

  "I'll see you next Saturday, Mr. Hyde. And so will my friends...

and maybe even YOUR friends! Hahahaha! G'nite!"

  Even after she closed the door behind her Tom continued kneeling

there staring at the floor. Very slowly he let himself collapse

onto the rug with his face buried in his arms and he cried. He

sobbed for about 10 minutes until, in complete exhaustion, he fell


  He awoke about midnight and managed to stumble into his bedroom.

He still had the bonnet on his head and as he got into bed he

noticed it and untied it and threw it onto the floor in the corner

of his room. Both of his sheets were missing but he drew the

blanket up under his chin and went back to sleep. He slept

fitfully, tortured by erotic nightmares, until he awoke the next

morning a little after 9:00.

  Tom showered and ate some breakfast. Per Linda's orders the

previous night he washed all of the diapers and gathered up the

bottles and toys and such and put them in the playpen which he

wheeled into the spare bedroom, where it would be available the

following week...

  He spent the day at home, scared to go outside, and equally

scared to stay inside. A couple of times he saw Linda come outside

and he feared that she might come over and visit with him, but she

seemed to honor his day off. He watched as she talked to the two

girls who had witnessed his humiliation the previous day. They

seemed to be laughing and enjoying themselves and eventually Linda

patted them on their backs and went back inside, apparently

satisfied that all was well.

  Tom watched a little TV that night and went to bed early, this

time with new sheets. It was his first normal day in nearly a week

but he panicked when he thought of the morning and the beginning of

a new week and his upcoming ordeals. If only he could find a way

out of this trap, but it was utterly hopeless.

  In the morning he woke early but he dawdled over breakfast. He

delayed going to work for as long as possible, but eventually the

time came when he had to leave. Carol, Marie and Louise were all at

their desks when he arrived.

  "How was your Saturday, Tom?" Marie chided. Tom blushed and sat

at his desk. As he reached into his drawer to get a pencil he found

one of the photographs of him taken on Saturday, on his back in the

playpen. He winced when he saw the degrading baby bonnet on his

head. His knees were lifted up and spread wide and he was

masturbating with one hand and holding a nippled bottle with the

other. His asshole was completely visible beneath his shaved crotch

and a young hand could be seen holding onto one of his feet.

  "Looks like Linda had a pretty good time. I can't wait till it's

my turn" she giggled mischievously. Louise didn't know what was

going on but she suspected that the two younger women had been with

Tom over the weekend.

  Most of the day was as normal as could be expected. Mrs. Peterson

arrrived at 9:00 and went out to visit a client just before lunch.

Tom's nervousness caused him to make a couple of errors and Louise

took the opportunity to pull him by the ear into Mrs. Peterson's

office. She stripped and spanked him, this time in full view of the

younger women. She made him crawl around the office naked on his

hands and knees for a half hour while they answered phones and

conducted business. He was petrified that someone might come in and

see him that way, but after 30 minutes he was allowed to kneel in

front of Louise and apologize for his mistakes, and then get

dressed and back to his desk.

  Mrs. Peterson came back around 2:30 and once again got a nod of

approval from Louise that all had gone well in her absence. At 5:00

Tommy got up to leave for home.

  "Say hello to Mrs. Whitford, Tommy!" Marie laughed as he walked

out the door and down the stairs to his car.

  Mrs. Whitford was sitting in her usual spot on her front porch as

he pulled into the driveway. He paused and looked at her

expectantly for a moment but when she made no movement to

acknowledge him he went inside his house. 

  A couple of minutes later the telephone rang. Hesitantly he

picked it up and said 'hello'.

  He heard Mrs. Whitford's cackling voice at the other end:

  "You remember what night this is, don't you Mr. Hyde? Take a

shower and scrub yourself squeaky clean. And I mean EVERYWHERE. I

want you over here with your tools in half an hour, sharp!"

  After the phone clicked Tommy rushed about, taking his tools out

of the closet in the spare bedroom while getting undressed. He

showered quickly but thoroughly. He didn't want to give Mrs.

Whitford any more of an excuse to be angry with him so he soaped

his ass and crotch up several times and thoroughly dried himself

before slipping on a pair of jeans and a pullover shirt. He walked

outside and across the lawn to Mrs. Whitford's house. She was gone

from the porch so he knocked on the door.

  She opened it and told him to come inside and put his toolbox on

the floor by the closet.

  "Beverly gave me one of them pictures that Linda took of you on

Saturday. My my! Looks like those girls sure had some fun with


  "I'm not gonna do any of that stuff. I'm too old for that

nonsense and besides, I got a lotta chores 'round here needs be

taken care of. Stand right there and strip off all your clothes,

boy. Everything! Hurry Up!"

  Although Tom was expecting this command, he still blushed at the

thought of standing in Mrs. Whitford's hallway completely nude

while she watched him. Her blue eyes smiled in her sharp, thin face

as she stood there and appraised his smallish form. 

  "Not a whole lot of meat there, but I guess you'll do."

  She read off a list of chores she wanted done, including simple

little things like tightening up the loose screws in the handles of

her cabinet drawers and putting some oil on the slider of her patio

door. She also had him get a ladder and replace some light bulbs in

the ceiling while she stood at the base of it and let her eyes, and

her hands, run up and down his thighs and buttocks.

  When he finished these she gave him a bucket with some soapy

water and a sponge and told him to scrub her kitchen floor on his

hands and knees. She sat at the kitchen table, smoking cigarettes

and admiring his ass as he moved around the floor. 

  His next chore was cleaning the bathroom and she took the liberty

of slapping his ass whenever she saw a spot he missed or felt he

was slowing down. When he finally finished that chore she handed

him a pair of old cloth gardening gloves and told him she wanted

him outside in the backyard weeding her garden. When he paused a

moment, staring out at the sunlit yard, she walked up and gave him

two hard slaps on his ass and warned him:

  "Don't disobey me boy or I'll tell Beverly and you know what

that'll mean! Nobody's gonna see you out there 'cept me, unless of

course someone comes wanderin' into the yard, but that's not very

likely. Get out there, now!"

  Tom opened the sliding glass door and walked out into the

brightly lit yard, feeling more naked than he did in the house.

  For the next hour Mrs. Whitford sat in a lawn chair and watched

Tom bending over her begonias and marigolds. She made him stand

with his legs apart and knees only sightly bent and bend from the

waist while he worked. She liked the way his ass jiggled as he

tugged at the weeds and eventually a soft sheen of sweat built up

on his skin. She let him sit down on the grass cross-legged during

a five minute break while she reminded him about last week when he

called her an old witch for cutting down one of his bushes. She

told him that if she ever heard him talk that disrespectfully to a

woman again she'd haul him out into the street and spank his bare

ass to tears for the amusement of all his neighbors.

  At around 9:00 she told him he could go home for the night. She

handed him his clothes in a ball and told him to tuck them under

his arm and jump the fence to go home. Next week she wanted him to

come over the same way, naked. He could leave his tools at her


  When Tom let himself in through his back door he showered and

then climbed sorely into bed. This had been a hard week so far, and

it was only Monday!

  The next morning Tom got into work a little early and was sitting

at his desk when Carol and Marie walked in together. Marie seemed

all excited. Although Carol's night was not until tomorrow, Marie

had been coaching the younger girl and told her she wanted a full

report of her first night with Tommy. She reminded her that even

though she might have had a little crush on Tom before all this,

that was all in the past. Tom was their slave now, and that's all

he'd ever be, from now on. He was to be used for her own enjoyment

without any regard for his own feelings, and he was to be punished,

severely and quickly, for any mistakes, in order to train him

properly for his life's role serving women.

  Tom sat at his desk listening as Marie told this all to Carol

without any apparent regard for his presence. Tonight was Marie's

night and he already knew she was going to be a real bitch.

  Louise walked in about ten minutes later and Mrs. Peterson

arrived a little earlier than normal. She said she was going to

have to leave at noontime and would be out for the rest of the

week. Tom felt his heart sink as he noticed the little smile on

Louise's face and saw Marie wink slyly at her.

  After Mrs. Peterson left at noontime, the three women just sat

there and glanced at each other for a couple of minutes. It seemed

they all knew what was on each other's minds, but nobody seemed

willing to say anything. Finally Marie started giggling and when

Carol joined her Louise simply said "Oh, shit. Why pretend? We all

know what's gonna happen. Let's just do it..."

  She didn't even bother dragging Tommy into Mrs. Peterson's

office. She made him strip down naked right there in front of all

of them. When he stood there naked she made him spread his legs so

they could get a really close look at his shaved crotch. She then

bent him over Carol's desk and used a ruler to wail his ass till he

was hopping from foot to foot and pleading for her to stop. 

  The phones were ringing but the women were too busy to answer

them. By the time Tom's hairless ass was a bright red, he was

dancing a little jig and twisting away from each slap of the ruler.

Louise finally stopped but left him bent over the desk, sniffling.

  "What should we do with this bad little boy we have here?" she

mockingly asked the other women. "Do you think he's been properly

punished yet?"

  "No! No!" Marie and Carol both answered, laughing.

  Louise pushed all of the papers aside and made Tom climb right up

and kneel on all fours on top of Carol's desk. She positioned him

so he was facing outward with his ass pointed directly back at the

young blonde, who sat there somewhat startled. A few slaps on his

thighs with the ruler got him to spread his legs wide as he

crouched there, his erection pointing straight out just an inch or

so above Carol's desk. She told Tommy to keep his head down on the

desk, between his two hands and handed Carol the ruler.

  "Every time he moves a muscle, hit him hard with this."

  "But what if someone comes in?" Carol asked, somewhat shakily.

  "Marie is sitting right by the door, she can see if anybody's

coming up the stairs. Tom can hide underneath your desk until they

leave. As long as Marie keeps her eyes peeled there shouldn't be a


   For the next 20 minutes or so Tom knelt there while Carol talked

on the phone and conducted business. Every once in awhile when Tom

would shift his weight a little to take the stress off his knees

Carol would give him a sharp slap or two with the ruler.

  "Stop fidgeting Mr. Hyde!" she warned him. But she would also

reach out and cup his dangling balls, weighing them in her small

hand, or lightly brush a piece of paper along the crack of his ass

just to see him jump and to watch his stiff cock bob up and down,

bouncing against her desktop.

  Once, Marie called out that two people were coming up the stairs

and Tom started to panic and get down but she only laughed and said

that she "must have been mistaken, sorry!"

  Carol seemed to be having difficulty talking on the phone and

getting her work done so Louise eventually made Tom get down and

crawl right in front of the door and kneel there with his ass

pointed back towards the office. Louise told him to reach back

between his legs with his right hand and to stroke himself while he

knelt there.

  "I want you hard as long as you're there. If I look down and see

you soft, or if you cum, I swear I'll call downstairs and invite

the girls from Dr. Sorenson's office up here to see you. I'm sure

they'd get a good laugh out of this. If you don't believe me, you

just try me!"

  Tom reached back between his legs and grabbed hold of his cock.

It was already hard and sticking out straight but he began very

lightly stroking it to make sure it stayed that way. He had to be

careful to stop occasionally in order not to cum, but he managed to

keep himself stiff for the next half hour or so while the women got

back to work. His teeth were chattering and his hips wiggled a

little in small circles as he kept himself near the edge, terrified

of cumming, but nevertheless feeling a perverse desire to keep

himself as close to the edge as possible. The thought of the women

in Doctor Sorenson's office seeing him humiliated like this both

terrified him and at the same time made the base of his penis throb

in a perverse manner, as he imagined them staring down at him this

way and laughing. Finally, Louise let him put his clothes back on

and get back to work, but she warned him not to make any more


  As the time approached 5:00 Marie seemed to get more and more

anxious. She had invited a couple of her friends over for a few

drinks and a few laughs and she could barely wait for the evening

to begin. When it was finally time to go home she told Tom not to

bother going home first but to follow her home in his car.

  He followed her to a small house close to the center of town.

They parked on the street, opened a chain link fence and walked

through the short front yard onto the porch and into the house. It

was moderately but tastefully furnished, with a TV and a stereo in

the living room, a very small den with a couple of chairs and an

aquarium on a stand, and a good size eat-in kitchen. She shared the

place with her roommate, Donna, who she said should be home


  Not wasting any time, Marie sat down on the sofa in the living

room, crossed her legs sexily, and smiled at Tommy.

  "So, what do you think of the place, Tom?"

  "It's v-very nice." Tom replied, looking around nervously.

  "Why don't you take your shoes and socks off, and remove your

pants while you're at it."

  Tom sat down on a chair and slowly untied his shoes and removed

them. Then he pulled his socks off and placed them in the shoes and

tucked them behind the chair. Marie watched him, smiling, as she

sat there bouncing one shapely stockinged leg on her knee and bit

at the end of one of her fingernails.

  When Tom stood up and undid his belt buckle she leaned forward in

her chair, her eyes shining, biting a little at her lower lip. She

made no attempt to hurry him along, preferring instead to enjoy his

discomfort as he lowered his pants to the floor, then stepped out

of them. He wasn't allowed to wear underpants anymore so when he

kicked his pants aside he stood there staring down at the floor,

looking silly in just his shirt and tie.

  She made him stand there in her living room and play with himself

until he got hard, then told him to turn around and bend over and

rub his ass for her. As he was doing this there was a sound on the

porch and the front door opened. A young woman in her mid-twenties,

wearing a short black skirt and a blazer walked into the house

carrying a bag of groceries. When she saw Tom and what he was doing

she gasped and then giggled:

  "You're early! This must be Tom, I presume? I recognize him from

that tape we watched last week."

  Donna put the bag of groceries down on a table and Marie made Tom

walk over to her, shake her hand and introduce himself to her. She

was really pretty! Only about 5 foot 1, with light blonde hair and

a really cute figure. He blushed as he saw her eyes staring down at

his bare legs and stiff penis hanging just below the bottom of his

white shirt and striped tie.

  "Nice to meet you, Tom. Why don't you take your tie off and make

yourself comfortable?"

  Tom glanced at Marie who nodded at him and said:

  "You're to do anything that Donna or anyone else in this house

tells you to do. Do you understand?"

  "Y-yes, Marie." He answered, looking down.

  "Look at me when I'm talking to you! I want to make sure you

understand what I just said. In this house you're our slave. You're

to do whatever we say, immediately and without question. If we have

guests over you are to obey them instantly too. Do you understand

that Tommy?"

  "Y-yes, Marie."

  "And don't call me Marie in here. You're to address me as M'am.

The same goes for Donna. Do you understand?"

  "Y-yes... M'am".

  "That's better, now take off your shirt and tie. I'm sure Donna

would like to get a better look at your body. Let her play with you

if she wants to. When she's through with you I want you to take a

shower and shave. When you've finished that go into the bedroom. I

have a few things laid out for you. We'll be having some company

over tonight and I want you to look nice for them."

  "Y-yes, M'am" Tommy replied as he began removing his tie, then

unbuttoned and removed his shirt to stand completely naked before

the two young women.

  "Oh! I love how you shaved him! It's so cute!"

  "That wasn't me. That was that young girl, Linda, that I told you

about. Remember the one in the movie? Beverly sent me a couple of

pictures that Linda and her friends took on Saturday. I just got

them today. Look what those girls did to him!"

  Donna put her hand over her mouth and gasped as she saw the

pictures that Marie showed her. She kept glancing back and forth

from the pictures to Tom, shaking her head and snorting. 

  "Looks like we've got a long way to go to beat that! But we'll

sure have fun trying!"

  Marie picked up the bag of groceries from the table and carried

them into the kitchen while Donna made Tom put his hands on his

head and slowly turn around in front of her. She told him to stop

when his back was towards her and she then used both of her hands

to slap and then grab onto his two asscheeks. She held them tightly

and squeezed the yielding flesh between her fingers while she

moaned, happily. She then gave him a playful slap on the rump and

told him where the shower was.

  Tom turned on the water and got into the shower. As he was

soaping himself up Marie walked into the bathroom and slid back the

curtain. She was completely nude and, to Tom's surprise, she

stepped into the tub next to him and closed the curtain.

  After all those months of sneaking peaks at her and Carol in the

office he was dumbfounded to see her stark naked and in the shower

with him! She took the soap and lathered up a facecloth. She

scrubbed Tom's back with it and then used her soapy hand to clean

between his legs from behind. She could feel his dick sticking out

and up like a pole as she rubbed her soapy hands on his ass and

balls. Tommy was shivering. When she handed him the washcloth and

soap and turned her back to him he just stood there for a moment,

looking at her naked form; her dark wet hair on her shoulders and

the curve of her waist and ass.

  "Well, are you going to soap me up or are you just going to stare

at me?" she teased.

  Tom soaped up the washcloth and began rubbing her shoulders and

back. Slowly he worked his way down to the small of her back and,

holding his breath, he hesitantly rubbed at her luscious round ass.

  "Mmmmm" she cooed. "That feels so nice. I'm gonna like having you

around here every Tuesday!"

  Marie turned around and let him soap up her breasts and stomach.

She took the cloth back from him and scrubbed his chest, then told

him to turn around and lean his hands against the shower wall while

she scrubbed his ass hard. They both rinsed off and stepped out of

the shower. Marie handed him a towel then took another and began

patting herself dry. Just then Donna walked in with a towel wrapped

around her tiny nude body. When she let the towel drop to the floor

and prepared to step into the shower Tom couldn't help but let a

small moan escape as his eyes feasted on her gorgeous body. She

looked back a little startled and giggled "Why, thank you!" then

stepped into the tub and closed the curtain.

  Marie and Tom patted themselves dry as they walked out of the

bathroom and into Marie's bedroom. In spite of all the previous

day's humiliations, Tom felt on top of the world. That euphoria was

short lived as he stopped dead in his tracks and looked with horror

at what was laid out on the bed. Surely not for him! Please God,

those couldn't be for him to wear!

  Marie saw him staring at the bed with his jaw hanging and said

"Those are your clothes for tonight, Tommy. Aren't they great? I'll

help you get into them!"

  "Oh please, Marie. Please don't do this to me! Don't make me wear

those things... especially if there are other people coming over!

Please!" He was begging her pitifully as he gazed in horror at the

garter belt and nylon stockings! There was also a little white

maid's cap... and nothing more!

  "P-l-e-a-s-e!" he whined, his shoulders shaking.

  Marie looked at him with a mischievous little gleam in her eyes

and told him that he was going to be wearing those clothes tonight

and that was final!

  She grabbed him by the hand and led him over to the end of the

bed. She sat him down, picked up one of the stockings and slowly

began working it over his right foot and up his leg. It stopped at

about mid-thigh. Tommy sobbed silently as Marie repeated the

process with the other stocking. She then made him stand up and

step into the lacy black garter belt. She worked it up to his waist

and then snapped the garters onto the tops of the stockings.

  Tommy could see himself in the dresser mirror and he was shamed

beyond belief to see what they looked like on him. Marie, on the

other hand, was delighted with the effect and smiled broadly.

  She picked up the hair dryer and spent a few minutes drying and

then combing his brown hair, then picked up the starched white

maid's cap and fastened it onto his head with two bobby pins. She

then grabbed a large pair of high heeled shoes that Tom hadn't

noticed before and steadied him as she slipped one onto each foot.

Surprisingly they were the right size, though a little narrow, and

Tom wobbled a bit as he tried getting used to the balance.

  By then Donna had finished her shower and joined them, with just

a small towel around her lithe form.

  "Oh, he looks terrific!" she beamed. Even the shoes look like the

right size! I can't wait for the others to get here. They'll go


  "He does look good, doesn't he? But I've still got one little

chore to do. Looks like a little stubble has begun growing back on

his crotch and I want him completely smooth down there."

  She got a couple of razor blades and made Tommy lie back on the

bed. Still wearing the high heels she made him pull his knees back

and wide apart while the two women bent over him and carefully

shaved the stubble from his crotch. They pulled his cheeks apart

and got down into the gully around his anus until he was smooth as

a baby's bottom. Donna couldn't resist slapping his upturned ass a

couple of times as he lay in this vulnerable position and Marie

laughed and told her there'd be plenty of time for that later on.

  They let Tommy get back up and Marie straightened his little

white maid's cap. Both women touched and admired how smooth his

crotch now was. Marie gave him a pat on his ass and told him to

come into the kitchen so he could begin getting things ready for

tonight while she and Donna finished dressing.

  About fifteen or twenty minutes later both women were dressed,

Marie in a pair of designer jeans and Donna in shorts. This was to

be a casual affair, just a couple of friends stopping over for a

few drinks and some chatter. Marie had told them about Tommy and

they were anxious to come over and see him, but she lied to Tommy

and told him that he was supposed to be a big surprise to the other

women! Tom gulped when he heard that and blushed, just as Marie

expected he would. After that she explained Tommy's duties to him

and outlined the proper behavior that she was going to expect from

him. Tommy's ears reddened as he listened to her. This was so

degrading! He didn't say a word but looked at her pleadingly. Marie

and Donna both had to laugh as they saw his sad blue eyes, silently

begging them as he sat there dressed so shamefully, waiting for her

guests to arrive.

  About 6:30 the doorbell rang. Tommy was still in the kitchen and

he was grateful when Donna went to answer the door. He was afraid

they would send him. Donna opened the door and Tommy heard the

sounds of two new voices in the other room as Donna welcomed her

friends inside. There was a bit of giggling and then Donna called

out to Marie: "Jessica and Kathy are here! You want to show them

our surprise?"

  Tommy panicked and was nearly rebellious. He was biting his lower

lip and tears started to form in the corner of his eyes as he

quietly pleaded with Marie once again to please not do this to him.

From the other room the three women could hear the turmoil going on

in the kitchen:

  "I told you to get in there and say hello to my friends! Now get


  "P-p-l-e-a-s-e, don't let them see me dressed like this. Please!!

I'd rather go in with NOTHING on than wearing these things! Please

Marie... Please!"

  "That's the second time you've used my name in this house. Didn't

I tell you that you're supposed to refer to me as M'am? I let the

first offense slip by, but not this time! And your defying me in

this way calls for extra punishment!"

  "Ow-w-w-w! Ow-w-w-w! Stop, please... Ow-w-w-w!" Tommy cried as

the women heard several loud slaps coming from the kitchen. It was

obvious that Tommy was getting a licking, and Marie taunted him as

she continued slapping him:

  "You think they can't hear this? You think they don't know you're

getting a good licking in here? They're waiting for you Tommy, now!

And as further punishment for letting my guests hear how rebellious

you are, you can just CRAWL in there! Now get down on the floor.

That's it... not on your hands, down on your arms...  that's

right. Now go on in there and let them see who the bad little boy


  Tom's face was flushed with shame. He knew exactly how degrading

he looked dressed in just the sheer nylon stockings and maid's cap.

The garters framed his small ass perfectly and called attention to

the rosy hue and the handprints. He blinked back tears of shame and

began crawling through the doorway and into the living room, where

the women were seated and waiting for him. There was a gasp from

the newcomers as he came into view. Tom looked up and saw, in

addition to Donna, two new women dressed in slacks and sitting on

the couch. 

  Now it was Tom's turn to gasp! One of the women, Jessica, looked

to be in her early forties, with a hint of gray in her hair. But

Tom's attention was immediately fixed on the other woman... Kathy!

My God! It was his cousin Kathy! Tom stopped dead in his tracks. He

knew that Marie and Kathy knew each other, but he never dreamed

that Marie would be so cruel as to let Kathy see him like this! 

  Kathy was nearly as shocked as Tom. She had been told what to

expect when she got to Marie's apartment: that Marie and Donna had

a young man as a slave who was into female domination and abject

humiliation. But she never could have guessed that the little

pervert would turn out to be her own cousin Tom! This was just

unbelievable! He was so shy she had to shake her head and look

twice to make sure it was really him!

  "P-please, M'am... please don't let her see me like this!"

Tommy's shoulders heaved as he cried his guts out, in full view of

everybody in the room. "Please, I beg you. Send her away!"

  "I'm afraid it's too late now Tommy. Besides, Kathy said she

wanted to see this naughty little boy that we had over here get a

good spanking! I'm not going to disappoint her. Anyway, she's

already seen you so you might as well stand up and say hello to her

and to Ms. Jeffries."

  Tom slowly stood up. His penis was rock hard and stood out

prominently from his shaved crotch, pointing directly at the

ladies. He saw their eyes lick at him, up and down, then come to

rest on his bobbing pole.

  "Long time no see, Tommy" Kathy broke the ice. "You look real

cute." She sounded a little disgusted as she shook her head a

little from side to side.

  "Kathy, I can explain... they MADE me do this. Honest!"

  "You're calling me a liar, in front of my friends?" Marie hissed

at him venomously. She handed Kathy some of the pictures Beverly

had given her that Linda had taken on Saturday. Jessica looked over

her shoulder and they both gasped again and began giggling at what

the young girls had reduced him to. Tommy looked down and sniffled.

  "You're definitely spending Friday night at the lake for your

behavior here tonight" Marie told him.

  "Oh, please Marie...M'am" Tommy corrected himself. "Please don't.

I didn't mean that you were lying, honest! Please give me another


  "Your performance over the next couple of hours will determine

your fate, little boy" she sneered. "Right now I'd say you've got

a very slim chance of making up for your mistake. Your mouth is

what got you into trouble, so maybe your mouth can help get you out

of trouble. Get back down on your knees and lick Kathy's shoes. Go

on, get down! Stop crying! " 

  Kathy looked down, a little uncomfortably, as Tommy began licking

the top of her shoe. She seemed to get a little more into it,

though, and moved her left foot next to her right so he could work

on both of them.

  "That's it! Enjoy yourself, Kathy. You too, Jessica. This is

supposed to be a punishment, but from the state of his little dick,

I'd say he's enjoying himself, don't you think?" She put her foot

on his lower back and pushed him so he fell forward onto his face.

He put his hands on Kathy's ankles to steady himself and the warmth

of her legs made him shiver noticeably, to the amusement of his

now-smiling cousin.

  When he had licked both shoes to Marie's satisfaction, he was

again allowed to get up. Marie made him "curtsy" to her guests,

which he did terribly, and go get them something to drink while

they chatted in the living room.

  The rest of the evening was one of bizarre humiliation for poor

Tommy. The presence of his cousin made it doubly so as she

witnessed his degradation. He served drinks and snacks to the

women, who took every opportunity to poke, pinch or fondle him. He

had to refer to his cousin as "Miss Hyde" and curtsy whenever he

offered her some refreshments. 

  After they'd all warmed up to the sight of Tommy they began

really putting him through his paces. They made him pose for them

and sensuously rub his body while they cheered him on. He laid on

his back on the coffee table so they could tease his cock while

they casually engaged in girl-chat, carelessly brushing his cock

and occasionally chiding him when his moans got too loud. Every

time he glanced at Kathy he saw her looking at him, still not quite

believing what she was witnessing, but nevertheless with humor in

her eyes. What scared him most was the pure lust he saw in the

faces of all the women whenever they looked at his stiff, leaking


  At one point during the evening Tommy spilled some pretzels and

Marie said it was time he got a good spanking to teach him to be

more careful. She sat on the sofa and made him lie down across her

knees, his stockinged legs on one side and his upper body on the

other. His perfectly framed ass was centered right below her eyes,

flinching as he waited for the first smack. She made him apologize

for his clumsiness and ask each of the women to forgive him. They

stared at his presented ass with interest as Marie lifted her hand

in the air and forcefully applied the first slap. The sound echoed

through the room and made them all jump a little, but not nearly so

much as Tommy, who twisted and squirmed on Marie's lap, trying to

avoid the punishing hand.

  She spanked him for nearly ten minutes, moving from cheek to

cheek and varying the tempo, sometimes hitting him in the exact

same spot several times in a row. By the time she was finished,

Tommy was the perfect picture of chastisement. He was sobbing and

rubbing his burning ass and promising between sobs to be more

careful. He thanked Marie for the spanking and got on his feet,

still a little wobbly in the high heels, then bent to clean up the

spilled pretzels on the coffee table. The women examined his

flaming red ass as he bent and even Kathy couldn't resist touching

it to see how hot it was!

  As a grand finale, Marie made him kneel on the floor and jerk

himself off, using his thumb and forefinger in a little 'o' as he

feverishly brushed it back and forth over his cock. When he got

close to cumming his whole body seemed to sway and his tongue

flicked in his mouth. He was told to catch all of the jism in his

hand as he spasmed, shooting his thick spunk into his palm, though

some dripped onto the carpet. Marie made him lick his own cum from

his palm for the amusement of the women, then told him to get a

damp sponge and clean up the carpet.

  When the women were ready to go, he had to curtsy to them, then

bend over and present his ass so they could each give him a little

pat as they left. Marie promised to have many more little `get

togethers' like this on Tuesdays and Jessica and Kathy both said

they'd love to come back. Marie suggested that Kathy might want to

drop by Tommy's house next Saturday afternoon to see him with the

teenagers. She was sure that Linda wouldn't mind and Kathy said she

just might do that. She might even bring a friend along too!

  After their guests left, Tommy helped clean up the house. Marie

told him he could go home and get some sleep but she made him wear

only the stockings and garter belt, and carry his regular clothes

under his arm. She also ordered him to wear the garters and

stockings to work under his clothes every Tuesday from now on so

he'd be ready for her at the end of the day. She giggled when she

thought what Louise and Carol would say next week when they found

him dressed like that underneath his pants! She put the little cap

and shoes in a closet where they'd be waiting for him next week,

then kissed him lightly on the cheek as she showed him to the door.

  "G'nite Tommy! See you tomorrow at the office!" 


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