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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde09.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 09


                            Part 9

  When Tina answered the phone, Linda nearly bubbled over with

excitement telling her about the arrangements Beverly had made, and

that Mr. Hyde was now a slave! Not only that but he was to be HER

slave every Saturday, from now on! 

  From his position on the floor, crouched crab-like on his arms

and knees with his bare ass up in the air spread wide and inviting,

Tommy could hear Tina's squeals of delight as both teenagers

chatted excitedly over the phone about their plans. On two

occasions Linda had to reach down and slap his already red ass and

warn him to stop fidgeting. Eventually she sat down in a chair and

crossed her legs on his rump, using him as a footstool while she

finished her conversation with her friend.

  "OK now, you're sure you can get the stuff? Great! You should see

him now... He's totally naked except for that pink baby bonnet on

his head and I'm using his rear end for a footstool! Yeah, he looks

miserable. Wait till tonight when the others come over! He thinks

he's miserable now! Hurry up and come on over. I'll call Ellen now

and see if she's home. See ya!"

  After Linda hung up she immediately dialed Ellen's number. When

Ellen finally came to the phone Linda repeated the whole story to

her, even pausing to slap Tommy's ass again just so he wouldn't

think she'd forgotten him. Ellen told her that she, too, could

bring over a few things and Linda told her to hurry because Tina

was already on her way. 

  After she hung up, Linda just sat there for a few minutes looking

at Tom. She used her toes to massage his asscheeks a bit and even

poked her toes in between them while she giggled and taunted him.

  "You don't look like such a big shot now, Mr. Hyde! Beverly

really did a number on you but now it's MY turn... I'm still pissed

at you, you know. You weren't very nice to me in front of my

friends. I'll bet you never thought that someday you'd be my slave, 

did you! Well, did you?" and she goosed him with her toe.

  "N-n-oo, Mistress Linda" Tom replied nervously.

  "No, I'm sure you didn't. But you ARE my slave!" She laughed.

"Now it's my turn to get even with you for being such a nasty shit

to me! I know that bonnet that you're wearing embarrasses you. I

can see that. That's exactly why you're wearing it! You're gonna

wear it in front of my friends, and that's not all you're gonna do!

You're gonna be soooo embarrassed, Mr. Hyde!" She giggled as she

continued massaging his ass. Tommy just sniffled as the doorbell


  "I'm coming!" Beverly got up and patted Tom's rump as she walked

towards the door and opened it.

  "Gimme a hand with this" Tina said, and both girls walked down

the steps. Tommy could hear them struggling to bring something up

that sounded like it was on casters. When they finally maneuvered

it through the door Tommy saw with horror that it was a playpen!

  "This is great, Tina! You sure nobody will miss it?"

  "Positive" Tina answered. "And I got some other neat stuff too,


  "All right, wow!" Linda exclaimed as she saw the Teddy bear and

rattle. "I hope nobody saw you dragging this thing across the

street. Even if they did you can always say that Mr. Hyde was baby

sitting someone and wanted to borrow it."

  They closed the door and rolled the playpen into the middle of

the living room. The two girls crouched down and began touching

Tommy all over and lightly stroking his hard penis. "Look what Aunt

Tina brought over for you, Tommy! Isn't it wonderful? Say 'Thank

You, Aunt Tina'." 

  "Th-thank you... Aunt Tina" Tom managed. Just then the doorbell

rang again. 

  "Hurry up, you guys. It's me!" 

  Tina opened the door and saw Ellen standing there with her arms

full. She had a couple of baby bottles with nipples and some

assorted clothes and things piled in her arms. She dropped them on

the sofa and went over to see Tommy. 

  "I brought the Polaroid over too. I've got a couple of fresh

packs of film with it."

  "Great! Thanks a lot Ellen. You guys sure came through!"

  "It was our pleasure!" Ellen laughed. "I've got all day today and

tonight too. I want to have some fun!"

   "That's fine with me", Linda replied. "I got an idea to get

things off to a good start. Take off your panties and roll them

into a ball." Linda shucked off her shorts and removed her white

panties. She put her shorts back on and stood waiting while Ellen

and Tina did likewise.

  "Fetch, Tommy! Bring it back!" She laughed as she threw the

panties to the other side of the room. She used her foot to push

Tommy in that direction. "Don't use your hands, just your teeth.

Crawl over there and bring them back to me."

  The girls laughed as they saw Tommy crawl over to the panties on

the floor. He lowered his head and picked them up in his teeth.

Linda sat down on the chair and waited for him to crawl back to her

with the panties dangling from his mouth.

  "Don't get too much drool on them! That's a good boy!"

  The other girls sat down on the sofa and began tossing their

panties around the room too. Tommy had to scramble to keep up with

them. If he took too long retrieving them the girls would slap his

ass and urge him to be faster. 

  "Hold them by the crotch, Tommy, not the waistband." Linda

ordered. Ellen snapped a picture and they all paused to watch it

develop. "Oh, he looks so cute with that pink baby bonnet on and

the panties hanging from his mouth. I'm sure Beverly will love this

one! Maybe Marie can put it on the bulletin board at work!" They

all laughed and resumed their game of fetch with a now truly

miserable Tommy.

  While Ellen and Tina continued the game, Linda got up and went

into the bedroom. She came back with a white sheet from Tom's bed.

She then got a pair of scissors from the kitchen and sat on the

floor, cutting.

  "Whatcha doing, Linda?" Tina asked.

  "I'm making Tommy some nice diapers. Help me out."

  Tina got down on the rug and helped Linda measure and cut four

large squares of cloth. "These look just about right! Come here

Tommy. We want to try one of these on you."

  "No, please!" begged Tommy, hesitating.

  "Oops, looks like I'm gonna have to tell Beverly you were bad


  "No, please don't tell her that!" Tommy panicked. "I'm coming".

  "Hurry up or I'll tell her!" Linda threatened as Tommy crawled

over to the girls. They folded the cloth into a diaper, then made

Tommy lie on his back with his legs up while they worked it under

him and brought the corners around his waist and between his legs.

  "Wait, don't forget the powder!" Ellen yelled, as she brought the

baby powder over and a handful of large safety pins. They sprinkled

him with powder then pinned the corners of the diaper in place.

  "Wow! Wait till the others see this!" Linda exclaimed gleefully.

  She made Tommy roll over again and sit up with his legs spread.

They made him suck on his thumb and pose for the camera while they

laughed at him. Ellen thought he had too much hair for a baby so

they undid the diaper and used the scissors to trim his groin hair

very low. Linda got some shaving cream and a razor and the two

girls went to work shaving his crotch and legs. In about ten

minutes Tommy's crotch was completely bald. They even pulled his

legs back and got the little hairs between his asscheeks and around

his anus. When they were finished they fastened the diaper back on

him and gave him a bottle with a nipple to suck on while they took

some more pictures.

  Tom was embarrassed beyond belief, but he was trapped. He had to

obey every command of these mischievous young ladies, his

neighbors, or he would face another night at the lake and that was

unthinkable. He crawled around on the floor in the diaper and

bonnet while they jeered and took pictures, knowing that he was

getting even deeper under their control with every flash of the

camera, but he couldn't rebel now. It was a one-way street and

there was no backing out at this point. He had no choice but

continue going down. He was shamed to tears, and this was only the

first day!

  The girls made him drink bottle after bottle of water from his

nipple. Eventually, nature began to call and he looked pleadingly

at them and asked to go to the bathroom.

  "Is it number one or number two?" Linda asked.

  "Number one" Tom answered uneasily.

  "Sorry Tommy, but that's what your diaper is for" she giggled,


  "Please Linda!" he begged pathetically "I really have to go,


  She was unmoved, and mischievously made him drink another bottle

of water.

  Tommy began squirming in agony. His legs were shaking and he was

doing everything he could to hold it in, but it was a losing


  "Please!" he begged again. "Don't humiliate me this way!" He

sniffled a bit and continued squirming.

  "You know, you sure cry a lot. Maybe that diaper and bonnet are

appropriate on you. You had better get used to them because you're

going to be wearing them every Saturday from now on. 

  "Please!" he struggled to hold it in, but he was shivering and

squirming on the rug. The three girls gathered around him and

watched and waited for the inevitable to happen.

  "I want you to look right at us while you wet your diaper, Tommy.

Don't look away or we'll make you sorry!"

  As he looked at the three teenagers smiling at him he couldn't

hold out any longer. He felt the first warm trickle into his

diaper. Once the floodgates were opened, he couldn't stop the flow.

He peed and peed, feeling his diaper getting sopping wet with the

warm liquid. The girls were laughing at him as they saw what was

happening. He was humiliated, but it felt so good to release the

flow that he actually sighed as he did it!

  When he was finished Linda warned him not to move too much.

"Looks like we're gonna have to get you some plastic pants to wear

over your diaper, Tommy! We don't want you staining the rug."

  In his wet diaper they made him crawl from the living room onto

the cool linoleum floor in the kitchen. When he got there they made

him lie on his back with his knees up and spread while they

unfastened the pins holding his diaper on. As they removed it they

could see his cock and little hairless balls, sopping wet. They

pulled the diaper off of him and used a washcloth to clean him off.

They dried him then left him lying like that while Tina got another

diaper from the living room. Linda sprinkled some more powder on

his genitals and ass while Ellen took another picture. Finally Tina

slid the new diaper under him and fastened it with the safety pins.

  "There! All nice and dry. Have another bottle, Tommy. We'd better

cut up some more diapers for you - you'll need them for tonight!"

  They made him sit on the floor and play with some of the toys

Ellen brought over while Linda got on the phone and called a few

more of her friends. By the time she'd hung up she had another six

girls who were coming over in about an hour. Most of them knew Mr.

Hyde and couldn't believe that Linda was serious, but Linda felt

they could be trusted and told them to bring some soda and chips

and they'd see for themselves.

  One by one the new arrivals knocked on the door, and one by one

they cracked up hysterically when they saw Tommy sitting on the

floor! When they had all arrived Linda made Tommy crawl to each new

girl and introduce himself as 'Baby Tommy' and thank them for

coming to see him. After that the girls cracked open the soda and

chips and began chatting about how Linda had got Mr. Hyde to do all

these things. They even found some beer in Tom's refrigerator and

passed that around too.

  Linda told the girls that Tommy loved being dominated by women

and that he was, in fact, a slave to six women, including her. Her

day was Saturday and they were all invited over any Saturday they

had nothing else to do. They could even bring along some friends as

long as they were sure they could be trusted to keep their mouths


  Linda took off Tom's diaper and made him get up on his hands and

knees again, wearing only his bonnet. The girls squealed with

delight as they stared at his shaved crotch and pink ass. She made

him suck his thumb as each of the new arrivals fondled his ass and

felt him up good. She then made him crawl slowly around the room,

slapping his own ass while they laughed hysterically. They each

took some pictures of him and even posed with him for a few, but

Linda made it clear that all of the pictures had to remain with


  She then made him climb into the playpen, and with his knees

lifted back and spread as wide as he could get them he had to jerk

off for them all as they watched in fascination. 

  It didn't take long for him to cum, spraying his white seed all

over the place, so Linda told him to just keep on going and to do

it again.

  He pumped furiously trying to get a second orgasm and his hand

was a complete blur. The girls were gathered around him, drinking

beer and soda and taunting him on. It took him nearly ten minutes

of jerking and twisting around in the little crib before he felt

close to the edge again. The girls noticed the change as he got

closer and Linda made him slow down and use only his thumb and

first two fingers. When he was right on the edge they made him beg

to be allowed to come while they laughed and stroked his thighs and

feet. Finally Linda gave permission and with a groan Tommy was

spurting all over his belly again. 

  They gave him his bottle and a Teddy bear and allowed him to rest

there in the pen while they listened to some music and talked about

some other ideas the new girls had for him. A short while later he

had to pee again so they put a new diaper on him and made him pee

in it again for the amusement of the new arrivals. Tina noticed

that two of the girls who had seen him being punished in his car on

Wednesday just happened to be out in the street in front of the house.

They hadn't said anything to anybody so far, so Linda thought they

might be amused to see Mr. Hyde having his diaper changed. She

called them and invited them in. When they saw Mr. Hyde in the

bonnet and diaper they covered their mouths and blushed deeply, but

there was laughter in their eyes.

  Poor Mr. Hyde had just about lost it by this point. His dignity

was completely gone and as he lay on his back with his legs in the

air he cried like a real baby as they removed the wet diaper,

cleaned him up, powdered him, and put on a fresh diaper. 

  Linda made him crawl over to the footstool and lie across it. She

then tugged his diaper down around his knees and invited the two

new arrivals to give him a good spanking!

  They were too embarrassed at first, but egged on by Linda one of

them walked up to Mr. Hyde and gently gave him a slap on his

powdered ass.

  "No, harder than that! Give him a REAL spanking! He can take it!"

  The girl gave him a harder slap, and then a harder one. Before

long her hand was leaving red slap marks all over his cheeks.

Tom wouldn't have believed how much a small hand like hers

could sting, but she put her whole arm into it and eventually had

him begging her to stop.

  Her friend then didn't want to be outdone and she continued the

spanking while Tom squirmed and pleaded with her to go softer. His

diaper hung loose around his knees and he shifted his weight and

twisted his ass, trying to avoid the painful slaps, but to no


  The whole room was laughing hysterically as Tom howled in pain

and cried. When the girls were done Linda made him kneel in front

of them and thank them both for the spanking they had given him.

They giggled and left, leaving Tom mortified beyond belief.

  The rest of the day was spent tormenting and humiliating him in

front of Linda's friends. He had several more wet diaper changes

and had to jerk off twice more until finally supper time arrived

and everybody had to go home.

  After supper Linda and Ellen came back, along with three of the

other girls from the afternoon, and they kept at him till around

eight o'clock. At that point it was time to call it a day.

  As they prepared to go home the girls thanked Linda and asked her

if they could come back again next Saturday.

  "Sure!" said Linda. "By then we should all have some really good

ideas to use on him... Poor Mr. Hyde.." she said with mock

sympathy. "He's going to be soooo embarrassed!"


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