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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde08.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 08


                            Part 8

   Tom Hyde couldn't believe the two women would actually leave him

this way! They had thoroughly whipped his ass and left him tied up

in the small clearing by the lake. His wrists were tied beneath him

to each ankle and as he knelt there with his feet apart and his

face in the dirt, his red ass was spread wide open to Karen and

Beverly. The two women had positioned him so that his open asshole

was barely grazing the top of an anthill and they had pounded iron

stakes into the ground through his ropes to keep him in this

vulnerable position. The generous dollops of honey in and around

his anus and on his cock and balls added to their amusement and

within minutes the maddening little creatures from the hill were

driving him frantic! Too light a touch to allow him to cum, yet

persistent enough to keep him blubbering on the edge and begging

for relief. The two women sat there and watched him until he was

begging pitifully.

  "We've got to go now, Tommy. It's getting late and soon the

mosquitoes will be out. We'll leave you with your new found

friends. I'm sure they'll be happy to keep you company tonight.

We'll be back to get you in the morning. Keep a stiff upper lip!"

  "Help! P-L-E-A-S-E don't leave me like this! Please let me cum!

Mistress Beverly! Mistress Karen! Please! Anybody! Please! I can't

stand this! Let me cum..."

   As Karen and Beverly walked back to the car Tommy was thrashing

his head wildly and begging, but the tight bonds held his lower

body perfectly immobile to the ravishing of the mindless terrors

that tormented him. They were nature's most perfect torturers! An

hour of this and he'd surely go mad, or die of a heart attack. But

Tommy was young and strong and destined to sustain the torment of

the long night. 

  For over an hour his pitiful cries echoed across the lake and

through the woods, but there was nobody to hear him, no relief from

his torment. The ants did a number on him, torturing him senseless

with their tiny movements and scrapings, holding him sooooo close,

so very close to the edge of orgasm but not quite close enough to

send him over that elusive edge. He blubbered and shook and sobbed

and begged, but no mattter how close he got, the lightness of their

touch and the randomness of their movements would not let him cum.

If there was a hell, then he was in it. 

  After the sun went down the activity of the ants began to abate

and, blessedly, come to an end. But his ordeal was not over by a

long shot! With the night came the buzzing of the mosquitos...

Drawn to the warmth of his body and especially to the heat of his

whipped ass and groin, they congregated and fed. Throughout the

night he could hear them buzzing around him. He could feel them

ever so lightly land on his ass and thighs. Occasionally he'd feel

a sting as a particularly large mosquito inserted its proboscis

into his searing flesh and drank its full.

   Shortly after that the itching started, maddening him as it

drove him to wiggle his ass as much as he could, but he was still

held wide open by the ropes and stakes.

   The long night wore on and on... Somewhere Beverly and Karen

were sleeping, wondering how he'd survive this night of torment.

Linda and her friends were probably remembering their two nights

with him as they slept in their cozy little beds at home, their

knees pulled up tight and their fingers probing and tickling

between their thighs, rubbing themselves off to orgasm after

orgasm. For Tommy, however, it was a night of torment beyond

anything he could have ever imagined. He prayed to be able to fall

asleep, or at least pass out, but the buzzing and itching held him

prisoner to the long night. 

  After an eternity, the first rays of dawn and the chirping of

birds signalled an end to this worst of all nights. The mosquitos

began to leave him in peace, but, just like demonic relay partners,

the ants began getting active again! There were still traces of the

honey that attracted them back to those same familiar places. Once

again he was howling and crying as they drove him to the brink of

madness, not letting him cum, but keeping him ever so close... 

  When Beverly and Karen finally showed up around 9:00am he was

blubbering like a baby. In his wild thrashings he had managed to

loosen one of the stakes just a little so that he was swiveling one

of his hips, trying in desperation to drive the ants away, but they

continued to torment his anus and continued crawling along the

underside of his engorged cock. His balls, which were also covered

with ants, appeared bloated, filled with the semen from countless

hours of arousal and denied orgasm. They were heavy in their sack,

causing them to nearly touch the ground at the base of the anthill.

  Karen and Beverly surveyed the scene with intense interest. Tommy

looked like a sacrifice, or the main course in some unbelievable

feast. Indeed they were right! As he continued blubbering

nonsensically and pathetically swivelling his hip, Beverly walked

in front of him. She crouched down and held his face in her hands

and peered questioningly into his eyes. Slowly he began to

recognize her! He had been driven nearly insane, perhaps partly so,

but when he recognized her face he began begging pathetically:

  "P-p-lease, M-mmistress B-beverly" was all he could manage. He

had developed a pronounced stutter but it looked as if he had

survived the night. Gently Karen took a damp cloth and began wiping

the ants off of his body.

   "Wow!" came a hushed gasp. "I've never seen anything like this

before in my life!" "Me neither" piped up another, younger voice.

As Karen got rid of the ants Tommy realized that the two women were

not alone. Through his stupor he began to hear the sounds of

several other people standing nearby. Beverly and Karen had brought

some friends! When Beverly released his face he turned his head

slightly to take in the group. He squinted his eyes through his

burning tears and noticed, to his shock, that Marie and Carol were

both staring at his ass in wonder! He gasped again to see young

Linda, who he had humiliated a couple of weeks earlier, standing

beside Mrs. Whitford, who stood there rubbing her chin and

chuckling as she began to piece together the ordeal he must have

been put through!

  So that was it... Beverly and Karen had called the others and

invited them to come along this morning to see him like this! It

kinda figured, but even after the humiliation he had received at

each of their hands he was still mortified to have them witness his

punishment at the hands of Beverly and Karen. Mortified, but still

grateful for the release. He turned his head back to Beverly and

lowered his face to her shoes. He began kissing them, oblivious to

the shame, and begging her to please never make him go through a

night like that again. It would surely kill him. He cried on her

shoes and begged and stuttered his undying devotion to her as he

begged her never to do that to him again. He was so pitiful that

even Linda had to chuckle a little. Carol and Marie continued

looking at his ass in wonder as they saw the welts rising up from

the countless mosquito bites. They had feasted on him, all right,

and the itching was going to be a continuing torment and reminder

to him for many days.

  "Oooh, you poor thing..." Beverly cooed. "That must have been

awful! I hated having to do that to you Tommy, but I had to make

sure you would be obedient today. I certainly hope I never have to

put you through that ordeal again, but that's entirely up to you.

Will you be a good boy and obey everything I command?"

  "Oh, yes Mistress Beverly. Anything... I promise!"

  "Well that's certainly the right attitude, and a good start for

what's ahead." She motioned to the other women to seat themselves

on the fallen tree and a few large rocks as she turned her

attention back to Tommy, who was still groveling at her feet and

stuttering out his promises to her.

  "Tommy, I think you realize by now that you are no longer a free

man. You are completely at the mercy of my whim, and the desires of

these fine ladies here. Wouldn't you agree?"

  "Oh yes, Mistress Beverly! I agree!" There were a few snickers

from the group as he blurted that out.

  "That makes you my slave Tommy. Do you realize that? You are now

my slave, my property. I can do whatever I want to you, for no

other reason than my own enjoyment. Isn't that right?"

  "Y-yes, Mistress B-beverly. I'm your slave. I'll do anything you


  "Good! But you're not just MY slave, you know. You're also going

to become the slave of each of the women here.... Karen and Linda

and Mrs. Whitford, and even Carol and Marie! What do you think of

that? Any objections?" The other women glanced at each other and

Carol and Marie giggled a bit.

  "No, Mistress Beverly... I-I mean YES Mistress... I mean NO,

Mistress Beverly. I have no objections..." Tommy was sniffling a

bit, and more than a bit confused, but he was so scared of Beverly

right now that he was petrified of saying the wrong thing. "I'm

glad I'm their slave."

  "Excellent! Then you'll be happy to hear that I've decided that

you're to spend one night a week from now on serving each of your

new Mistresses. Since Linda lives at home with her parents I've

decided that her day with you will be Saturday. You will give her

a key to your house and you will be available to her to use, or

play with, or spank, or show off to her friends, or do anything she

wants all day Saturday... EVERY Saturday. Do you understand me?"

  Linda clapped her hands in delight as she heard Tommy stutter out

"Y-yes Mistress, anything she wants. I p-promise."

  "Good! Then Monday nights will be for Mrs. Whitford, Tuesday

nights will be for Marie, Wednesdays for Carol, Thursdays for Karen

and Fridays will be for me! That's every week from now on, slave.

Do you understand what this means? Anything they want! And Fridays

for me. Fridays will be very important to you, young man. Because

if any one of these ladies expresses even the slightest

disappointment with you during the week; anything, from being too

slow to lay across their knees for a spanking, to hesitating even

slightly if they want to show you off to their friends. Any

disappointment at all will cause you to spend that Friday night

back here with your little friends by the lake, only it will be

even worse. Do you hear me?"

 Tommy started blubbering again. "Oh please, Mistress Beverly.

Don't tie me up here again all night! It would KILL me! I'll do

anything you or the others say. I promise. Please...." and his

shoulders shook as the other women smiled and contemplated the

future. They each had their very own slave, for a whole night every

week. EVERY week! They could do whatever they wanted to him or make

him do whatever pleased them! This was wonderful!

  Tom hadn't had an opportunity to let all of this sink in yet. All

he knew was that he would do anything to keep from going through

another night like the one he had just had. When it finally hit him

that he was to be the permanent slave of six ladies ranging in age

from a perky teenager to a woman in her 50's he would nearly die! 

  Carol! Petite little Carol from work, who had always seemed so

shy. He was to be her slave! Every Wednesday night from now on he

would be at her apartment, across her lap if she wished, or bent

across a table or stool where she and her friends could spank him

and look at him whenever they chose! It was clear to him now that

Beverly had included Carol and Marie in on this just to humiliate


  Oh God, Marie! And she had a roommate too! She was always teasing

him at work. Well every Tuesday night from now on she and her

roommate would be teasing him... and more! He always suspected she

had a little cruel streak and he was about to find out exactly how

cruel she could be! She was into parties. He shuddered to think

about the treatment he'd be receiving at her hands. She'd have him

dancing to her tune all right. Serving drinks, maybe wearing a

little apron, entertaining in the most humiliating ways possible.

She'd make good use of him, that was certain.

  Mrs. Whitford had her own plans already. She hadn't had a man

around her house for a long time and she relished the thought of

this young man at her beck and call one night a week. She had

plenty of work for him to do. Carpentry and plumbing, household

chores and yard work. She smiled inwardly as she thought of him

doing all those chores in the nude! Even the yard work! Her back

yard was pretty secluded and bordered only by Tom's property and an

empty lot, so it was reasonably private. She could sit in a lawn

chair and watch him sweating in the garden, stark naked, bending

over and pulling weeds, trimming hedges. When it got too dark she

could turn on the floodlights so he could continue. All those

little jobs around the house would finally get done and she'd have

some fun watching it.

  Karen had completely different plans for Thursdays. She'd have

him on his knees eating her out for hours at a time. Whenever she

felt horny, and that was almost always, she'd have his tongue at

her disposal. If he didn't do it right, or even if she just felt

like it, she'd strap him down and whip his ass good. That always

made her even hotter, so soon she'd be sitting on his face again,

rubbing her pussy against his lips, rubbing her clit against his

nose, laughing as she saw his dick throbbing for her! He'd throb

all night as she alternately tormented and played with him,

depending on her mood. Karen would be a very demanding mistress


  Little Linda was going to spend her Saturdays exacting her

revenge for the humiliation he had caused her! Tina and Ellen would

be available to help her, and she could invite a few more of her

friends over whom she trusted. She had got a real thrill seeing

Tommy on his hands and knees with that ridiculous baby bonnet on

his head. She knew it had humiliated him greatly so she decided

that a lot more of the same treatment would be a good way to get

back at him. She'd put him in diapers and make him crawl and drink

from a bottle while her friends watched and took pictures of him.

She would get him a nice playpen so he could lie in it and jerk off

for them! She could even invite those four girls in who had seen

him being punished in the back seat of his car! She knew that the

spankings and diaper changes would amuse them greatly while causing

Mr. Hyde a lot of discomfort. He'd pay dearly at her hands!

  Beverly looked around at the scene she had before her. Tommy was

still tied up on his hands and knees, spread wide and sobbing at

her feet. His dick was throbbing and his balls were hanging low and

full. Around him were seated six ladies, each thrilled at having

him as their personal slave, if only for one night a week. 

  Things had turned out pretty well, it seemed! Certainly better

than she had planned when she'd first seen him sitting in that

tavern only four nights ago. But then again, she had always had the

ability to make the best of situations as opportunities presented


  As for her Fridays, well, whenever Tommy had proved to be

obedient and escaped the torment of another night in the woods,

she'd have him spend Friday nights at her studio in town. She was

going to use her night as an opportunity to indulge all of her

bizarre sexual fantasies. She now had a slave who couldn't say no

to anything and she planned to make good use of him.

  She'd spend her leisure time photographing him in all the

indecent poses her dirty little mind could come up with. The first

thing she'd do is make him sign a model's release form and then

she'd be free to do whatever she pleased with the pictures, even

sell them to magazines if she felt she had some particularly good

ones. She was smart enough to know that the best way to keep him

tractable was to keep him aroused and begging. When she was tired

of taking pictures or needed to get some work done she would keep

him in a little cage, or tied on his back with his legs bent in the

air and spread wide. It would be good inspiration to her and it

would also prove to be a nice diversion for her twin nieces, whom

she often had over to visit her. They could amuse themselves with

him in that position while she got her work done or ran an errand

or two. They were good girls, but a little devilish, and she was

sure they'd enjoy playing with him like that!

  Poor Mr. Hyde! If he only knew the full extent of his future

serving these women... but even if he did, it wouldn't change a

thing. He had gone far past the point of being able to do anything

to prevent it.

  Beverly licked her lips as she released Tommy from his bonds. She

made him crawl to each of the ladies, kiss their shoes and beg them

to keep him as their slave. He also had to lay across each lady's

lap for a sound spanking as he cried for it to end. It was

particularly embarrassing being spanked by Carol. She seemed almost

as nervous as he, but she soon warmed to the task of warming his

backside, egged on a bit by Marie's encouragement.

  After he had visited each of the ladies Beverly made him kneel in

front of the group and jerk off while they laughed and hooted and

told him how cute he looked. He was ready to shoot in less than a

minute but Beverly insisted he hold out for at least five minutes

before letting him release his pent-up load. As the timer clicked

off the last seconds, his face was beet red and the veins in his

forehead were bulging from the intense desire to release. Finally

he sprayed his hot white load high into the air and collapsed on

the ground, his body wracked with convulsions as his ejaculations

continued. Over a dozen spasms later he finally stopped jerking his

hips. The load from his balls had finally been released but even he

knew that this was only a temporary relief. It was Saturday, after

all, and he belonged to Linda the rest of the day.

  Beverly made him crawl back to the car and put him in the back

seat. When they got to his house she allowed him to put his

sweatpants and tee shirt back on for the walk from the car to the

front door. This was a temporary situation to avoid any

embarrassment on Linda's part as she went along with them into the


  Once inside, they stripped him down completely and made him get

on his hands and knees. Linda found the baby bonnet from the other

night and placed it back on his head while Beverly re-attached the

leash to his collar.

  "You have my number, Linda. Don't forget to let me know if he

even slightly disappoints you. I'll know how to handle him!" 

  Linda hugged Beverly and thanked her several times.

  As Beverly opened the door to leave, Linda was already picking up

the phone to call Tina and Ellen. They had a full day ahead of them

and a lot of preparations to make! She looked at Tommy crouched

crab-like on the carpet and smiled. He looked at her pathetically

from beneath the hated pink bonnet. The intense misery in his eyes

made her feel smug with confidence as she dialed Tina's number.

Life sure was great when you were young and in control!


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