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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde07.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 07


                           PART 7

   Tom managed to get through the rest of the day, somehow. Louise

sent him out to get sandwiches for her and the girls at lunchtime.

Mrs. Peterson returned to the office around 1:30 and noted that

things seemed fairly normal. She looked questioningly at Louise as

she walked to her office and received a positive nod from her that

everything was OK. Maybe she had made the right decision giving

Tommy one more chance to keep his job. As long as Louise was around

to keep watch over things nothing could get too out of hand...

   At the end of the day Tom got up from his desk to go home.

Louise called out "Goodnight Tom, see you on Monday?" The question

was more of a taunt, and she smiled at him as she waved goodbye

with her fingers. 

   "Goodnight Louise" Tom managed without looking her in the eye.

"Goodnight Tom!" Carol and Marie echoed, but Tom was already out

the door and heading down the stairs.

   He got into his car and drove home. This was the worst day he'd

ever had. He was still in shock over what Louise did to him in Mrs.

Peterson's office. Was she planning more of it next week? She knew

she had him and there wasn't anything he could do about it. He

thought about seeing Carol and Marie looking at him through the

window while he was doing all those things and he shuddered. Louise

was wrong about one thing. He didn't like being exposed in front of

the girls that way. It was horrible! Carol and Marie would never be

able to look at him again without remembering him on Mrs.

Peterson's desk, or kneeling in the corner with his red ass on


   How could all this have happened to him so quickly? He had only

met Beverly on Tuesday night... three days ago! Last weekend he

spent mowing the lawn and washing his car. He was outside and

everything was normal. After three days of Beverly his life would

never be the same! It was like he'd become an entirely different


   When he got home he saw those same four young girls hanging

around in the street in front of his house. They ran after the car

as he pulled into his driveway. He got out and with his head down

walked quickly towards his door. "Hello Mr. Hyde!" they all yelled

and giggled. He went into his house, closed the door and locked it.

He looked out his window and saw that Linda had come outside and

was sitting on her front steps. She was wearing those same white

cut-off's that she had worn two days ago and he looked at her long

legs. Those same legs that he'd laid across bare-assed while she

spanked him in front of her friends. Remembering that made him

blush with shame but it also caused him to get an aching erection.

In spite of all that he'd been put through today, or perhaps

because of it, and the fact that he'd had no relief of any kind at

the office, he was horny! 

  The base of his cock tingled as he thought about what must have

been on those tapes that Carol and Marie had seen. He rubbed his

stiff cock through the thin fabric of his slacks and he shuddered

a bit. He saw a small stain begin to appear on the front of his

pants and he decided to take them off. He unbuckled his belt then

unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles. He took his

open hand and lightly rubbed it under his dick. This caused the

tingling to get even more urgent. He said "Oh, Shit!" out loud then

kicked off his shoes and socks. He stepped out of his pants and

then took off his shirt and watch. This left him completely naked

with his clothes in a pile at his feet. He lay down on his back in

front of the door and tried to imagine Linda on the other side of

it, sitting across the street on her steps, in those little white

shorts and those long legs and small buns. He closed his eyes and

pictured her walking around in those shorts. He could see how

perfectly her calf tapered to her knee. Then the smooth long length

of her thighs, and finally the little suggestion of a crease where

the backs of her thighs met the round lower curve of her ass.....

his balls felt loaded and as he continued to finger himself he felt

he would explode in his orgasm any second. He wanted to prolong

this so he began lightly and quickly stroking the underside of his

penis and squirming until the sensation subsided enough to touch

himself again. He began to softly moan: "Oh, please spank me Linda,

and your friends too! Oh p-l-e-a-s-e!" He squirmed as he fantasized

about two days earlier. He began flicking his tongue like a snake

and repeating "Please spank me Linda... I REALLY want it.. oh,

please... " He was writhing on the carpet now, lost in his own

self-debasement, teasing his penis. He slit his eyes open a tiny

bit for just a second... and saw two forms standing in front of

him! His eyes popped open in an instant and his confusion turned to

shock. There were Beverly and another woman, standing right there

in front of him, looking down at what he was doing! 

   "Don't let us interrupt you, Tommy" said Beverly with a smile.

But Tommy had already stopped, although his penis was still rampant

and twitching from his activities.

   "Tommy, I'd like you to meet my friend, Karen. Karen, this is


   "Nice to meet you, Tommy" Karen said, bending down and offering

her hand to shake. Tommy just stared at her dumbly, "How...?"

   "Last night while I was preparing dinner I found a spare key in

the kitchen." Karen drove me over here about a half hour ago - we

parked down the street. Since you weren't home yet I didn't think

you'd mind if we waited inside. We were in the bedroom when you

came in."

   "Don't let us stop you Tommy, you looked like you were about to

cum." Beverly smiled down at him. Tommy didn't say anything but

blushed deeply. "You DO want to cum, don't you Tommy?" When Tommy

just looked down and shook his head Beverly brightened.

   "Oh! You mean you LIKE playing with yourself but not cumming,

right? Well, I think we can help you with that, don't you Karen?"

   "Sure can, Beverly!" Karen laughed. "It would be my pleasure!"

Beverly continued smiling down at Tommy while Karen went back into

the bedroom. She returned with an aluminum pole about four feet

long. It had straps at the ends and in the middle. "We brought you

a toy, Tommy. Let me help you to get into it." Karen placed the

pole by Tommy's feet. She attached his feet, one at a time, to the

straps at either end of the pole. After that she and Beverly

together lifted the pole up and then attached both of his wrists to

the strap in the middle of the pole. With all of the straps tied

tight and Tommy on his back, he was left in a similar position as

when he was handcuffed earlier, except that his hands were directly

over his head and this time his legs were spread wide apart and

fastened that way. Once again Tommy's genitals and ass were

completely exposed to the gaze of both women. 

  "He looks absolutely scrumptious, doesn't he Karen?" Beverly

asked. She was rubbing her palms together and looking down at Tommy

as he lay exposed on the carpet. "Let's give him what he really

wants... I told you earlier that I thought we could keep him teased

on the edge for AT LEAST a half hour without letting him cum,

didn't I? Well, let's really go for it. I'll bet you $20 I can keep

him squirming on the edge for.... a whole hour! If I'm right, you

owe me $20. If he cums before then I'll pay you the money... and

whip his ass good for making me lose the bet!"

  "It's a bet, Beverly" Karen laughed back. "But I'm not going to

make things easy on you. I intend to help him along all I can."

   The two women decided to get down to work. Beverly sat down

between Tommy's legs and began to lightly run her fingers up and

down the crack of his ass while he moaned "Oh... God!" She then

leaned over and began lightly licking at the base of his cock while

he thrashed about and pleaded with her to let him cum. Since he was

already so hot Beverly sensed that Tommy was ready to ejaculate so

she stopped what she was doing and watched him twitch helplessly

for a few minutes. Tommy started to cry as she once again began

touching his ass and licking his balls. As she ran her tongue up

his shaft to concentrate just under the head he once again

stiffened as if he were about to cum. Again she backed off, leaving

him bucking and begging for relief. After about ten minutes of this

torture Karen decided she needed to help swing the scales. After

Beverly had again pulled back leaving Tommy wiggling like a fish on

a hook, Karen pushed her pants down and stepped out of them. "Hey,

Tommy! Like what you see?" As Tommy watched her through teary eyes

she stepped out of her panties, leaving her nude from the waist

down. She had a lovely pussy lightly covered with soft brown hair.

Tommy had never actually seen a pussy this close up before and the

sight of it held him transfixed. His bent and tied legs began to

tremble as Karen turned her back to him and bent over from the

waist. Her ass pointed at him like a round target and she wiggled

her hips and laughed. "Hungry, Tommy? Guess what's for din-din..." 

  With that she stood up and turned around. She stood over him and

then squatted down so that her pussy was right over Tommy's face.

"You know what to do, don't you boy?" she teased. When Tommy didn't

budge she added "Maybe he doesn't! Have you ever eaten pussy, boy?"

Tommy was in agony but he managed to shake his head no. 

  "No!?" She gasped. "You mean you've never tasted pussy before?

Let me guess... have you ever been LAID before? Tell me the truth

now or it'll go bad for you." Tommy was in no position to lie. He

shook his head no while he continued to stare at the wet treat that

was just inches above his nose. "Well, I'll be!" said Beverly with

surprise. "We got ourselves a virgin here! Well Tommy boy, you

could have fooled me." Beverly laughed again while Karen said:

"Boy, you are about to taste your first pussy. Get used to it!" 

  Both women laughed out loud as Karen lowered herself right onto

Tommy's face. "Lick, boy. Get your tongue up there and lick it good

or I'll open this front door and let your neighbors see you like

this." Tommy stuck his tongue out and slowly licked at Karen's

pussy. "That's it!" she encouraged him. "Now wiggle it around a

bit. Concentrate on this spot right here..." and she opened her

cunt lips and pointed her finger to her little clit bud. "Ooooh,

that's right. Suck on it. Now move your tongue back down and lick

me inside and out as far as your tongue can reach... keep it up."

   Beverly resumed tormenting his ass and cock while he licked

Karen as ordered. He was really close now. Bucking his hips like a

bronco while Beverly's hands and tongue worked him over. Again, as

he was about to cum she pulled back and laughed at him as his dick

twitched helplessly in the air and leaked a little pre-seminal


  In this manner the two women kept him thrashing around on the

verge of cumming for what seemed an eternity. Karen moved around

and had him lick her asshole out while Beverly teased him on and

off without pity of any kind. Tommy cried as he licked and sucked,

his tied feet kicked in the air and his asshole opened and closed

in frustration. He came close to release several times, and at one

point Beverly actually thought she had lost him, but she just

managed to pull away in time, watching him twist and moan. "Ohhhhh

pllllease.....please.....PLEASE!" he begged, over and over again.

Karen tried to make him cum but Beverly proved to be too expert,

and as the hour timed out all three of them were exhausted and


   "I won!" shouted Beverly triumphantly. "I believe you owe me

$20" she said to Karen.

   "Fair and square", giggled Karen, but I'll get it back next

time. The two women decided they needed a shower but before they

got up they looked at each other mischievously. "Why not?" giggled

Karen, reading Beverly's mind. They got up and Karen reached for

the doorknob and swung the front door wide open! It was about

quarter past six in the evening and the summer sun was still high.

Tommy heard the sounds of outdoors as the two women dashed towards

the bathroom to clean up. 

  "Now don't you dare move an inch. I mean it!" warned Beverly. "If

we come out and find you've so much as rolled over you'll spend the

next two hours just like you are now on the front lawn!" Tommy

moaned and writhed in his shamefully exposed position. "If anybody

comes to the door looking for us, we'll be back in a jiffy, Tommy"

said Karen. Laughing hysterically the two women closed the bathroom

door and turned on the shower.

   Poor Tommy was still in agony. He had been aroused almost beyond

his senses. His body was twitching and his hips were bucking

involuntarily. His face was smeared with the slimy ooze of Karen's

cunt, and the smell of it kept him even hotter. To make matters

worse he was on his back in this most shameful position, about

three feet from his wide-open front door! He could hear the yells

of children playing somewhere. Occasionally he'd hear the sound of

a passing car. Could anybody see him? He tried to look between his

legs but all he got was the sight of his incredibly stiff prick,

dripping on his belly. His hips were still bucking pathetically

from the teasing he had received. He felt himself begin to rock

forward and he steadied himself with a panic. He believed that

Beverly would do exactly as she had threatened, so he kept his head

down on the floor and abandoned his desire to see out the door. Oh

God... if anybody sees me like this.... Dear God, make them hurry

up, please! He cried, but he continued twitching and bucking his

hips. He was sooo hot, he thought he would lose his mind!

  An eternity later he heard the shower stop. As he waited there by

the front door he heard the sound of giggling from the bathroom.

Finally both women emerged, smiling. They each wore one of his

bathrobes and had a towel wrapped around their head. Beverly walked

up to Tommy and smiled down at him, "Any messages while we were

away?" Tommy just moaned and bucked his hips a little,


   "Ohhhhh, what's the matter Tommy? Are you hot? Maybe a nice

little walk in the evening air will cool you off." Tommy panicked

but Beverly mercifully closed the front door and to his relief

began untying him from the pole. "Hurry up, we have to get dressed

if we're going out." Tommy winced as he tried standing up. His legs

had cramped from being tied in that position for the past hour and

a half. Beverly put her hands on his back and motioned for him to

stay down. 

  "If you don't mind, I'd like you to crawl into the bedroom. I do

so love watching your ass move when you crawl." Beverly laughed and

slowly walked behind him. "My, but your ass looks quite rosy this

evening. Did Mrs. Peterson do that to you today?"

   "No, Mistress Beverly" Tommy replied. "Louise did it while Mrs.

Peterson was out of the office." 

   "Well! That surprises me. She seemed so quiet and cool when I

was there. Did Carol and Marie see you `get it' from Louise?"

   "Yes, Mistress Beverly."

   "Excellent! Did they enjoy seeing you get spanked in the

office?" Beverly continued, tauntingly.

   "I-I don't know, Mistress Beverly." Tommy stuttered.

   "Well then perhaps I should call them and ask them, what do you


   "Oh, NO Mistress Beverly!" Tommy begged. "They enjoyed it FINE!" 

   "Well, that's good to hear" replied Beverly. As they entered the

bedroom Karen was already getting dressed. Beverly handed Tommy a

pair of gray sweatpants and a black tee shirt. "Put these on Tommy,

we wouldn't want the neighbors to get the wrong impression during

our walk, would we?" 

   "No, Mistress Beverly" Tommy accepted the clothes and began

pulling them on while Beverly got dressed in her own jeans and

pullover shirt. Beverly looked terrific in her tight designer jeans

and Tommy couldn't help looking at her when she turned around. 

   "Are you looking at my ass, Tommy?" Beverly asked. "What a nice

compliment. I'm glad you enjoy it. We certainly enjoy yours." Karen

chuckled at this and rubbed her hands along her own ass to tease

Tommy a little more.

   When they were finished Beverly and Karen grabbed their shoulder

bags and each took one of Tommy's arms. "We're going to walk down

the street to Karen's car, Tommy." As they left the house Tommy was

embarrassed to see that, since he didn't have any underwear on, his

enormous hardon was plainly visible pushing the front of his

sweatpants out in a pronounced bulge. The women noticed him trying

to cover himself and held his hands tightly to prevent this. They

passed by Mrs. Whitford's porch and Beverly waved and yelled "Hello

Mrs. Whitford!" Mrs. Whitford smiled and waved back. She didn't

know where they were going but instinctively felt that wherever it

was, it wasn't going to be good for Tom Hyde, and this pleased her.

They passed Laurie and Marcie Lyons. The two girls were headed back

from the store with a couple of bags of groceries. They lived a few

houses down from Tom. Did they pass by his house on the way to the

store while he was lying there with the door open? Could they have

seen him? Tommy was in agony. The two sisters smiled as they passed

him and he noticed they both couldn't help but look at the huge

bulge in his sweatpants. After they passed he heard some muffled

giggling and unintelligible whispers. They finally came to a late

model Buick parked by the curb. Karen unlocked the passenger side

then opened the door and reached in to tilt the seat forward.

"Climb in" she said to Tommy. Beverly then pushed the seat back and

got in the front while Karen went around to the driver's side. As

she started up the car Beverly leaned back over the seat and said

to Tommy, "I want you to lower your sweatpants down to your ankles,

then kneel on the seat with your butt up and your face flat against

the seat. If I catch you touching yourself, even a little, we'll

pull over and make you a very sorry little boy."

   Tommy did as he was told. His cock was still hard and sprang out

when he lowered his pants. It was a little awkward on the back seat

but he managed to achieve the required position, to Beverly's

satisfaction. Karen drove on while Beverly draped one arm over the

back of the seat and fondled Tommy's still red ass. After about ten

or fifteen minutes of driving, Karen pulled off to the side of the

road. There was nothing there except a field of tall grass and some

woods beyond. Beverly got out of the car and, grabbing Tommy's

hips, helped him to back out onto the grass. She told him to kick

his sneakers off and then took his sweats off from around his

ankles. She rolled them up and threw them into the back seat. Tommy

now had nothing on except his black tee shirt. His red ass stood

out even more below the bottom edge of the tee shirt as he waited

there on his hands and knees. Beverly grabbed hold of his tee-shirt

and quicly tugged it over his head and arms and pulled it

completely off. It joined his sweatpants and sneakers in the back

seat. Now he was stripped naked on the side of the road. Beverly

then told the bare assed boy to crawl ahead of them into the field.

She and Karen followed leisurely behind, watching him disappear

into the tall grass. When they got to the far end of the field

Karen gave Tommy a little goose with the toe of her shoe and told

him to keep on going, into the woods. Tommy picked his way

carefully over branches and shrubs for about a hundred yards before

they came to a little clearing. There was a small pond another

hundred feet beyond. Beverly and Karen both seemed to like the

looks of the place, so they ordered Tommy to stop. "I think this

will do just fine, what do you think Karen?"

  "Oh, I think it's perfect" answered Karen. "Tommy dear, see this

fallen tree trunk here? I want you to crawl over it and straddle

it... yes, just like that. Make sure you keep your ass up. Now hold

it just like that." Karen walked around to where Tommy could see

her. She slowly unzipped her jeans then pushed them down and

stepped out of them. She then took off her blouse and unclipped her

bra. Teasingly she rubbed her tits together then took the bra off

completely. When she finally removed her white panties, Karen stood

completely nude in front of the shivering Tommy. "You like what you

see?" she taunted as she shimmied a little in front of him, then

crouched down and rubbed her hard nipples against his lips. 

   Karen then got up and began walking towards the pond, looking on

the ground. Finally she found what she was looking for. A small

whippy branch about three feet long. She brought it back and then

crouched down in front of Tommy again. She slowly began stripping

the smaller branches and leaves off of it as she stared at Tommy

the whole while. She licked her lips sensuously then smiled and

said. "Do you know what I'm going to do with this, Tommy?" Tommy

shook his head `No'. Karen giggled and said, "You were a very bad

boy, Tommy! You hurt my feelings. Because I wasn't able to make you

cum when Beverly was teasing you, you made me lose $20. That's a

lot of money. I'm gonna make you wish you'd cum for me. First I'm

going to whip your ass with this switch here. Then I'm gonna fix it

so you'll be begging me to let you cum. You'll be begging ANYONE to

let you cum!

   With those last ominous words she finished stripping the switch.

She tested it by swishing it in her palm a few times before Tommy's

eyes. "Ow!" she exclaimed "I guess this will do just fine!". She

then got up and once again turned around and bent over from the

waist. She put her hands on the ground and peered back at Tommy

between the arch of her legs. She stuck her tongue out at him then

said "I just wanted you to see who's gonna be whipping your ass."

Beverly just sat on another log watching the whole scene with

interest. Tommy's hips started bucking again and the underside of

his hardon was barely brushing against the bark of the log he was

straddling. Karen straightened up then walked to Tommy's left. She

let the switch slowly trace a path along Tommy's back, down and

around the globes of his asscheeks, then finally she brushed the

tip down the crack and watched him jump a little.

   "You cost me $20, so I'm going to give you twenty whacks. Get

ready...." ...PHHHHSSSS K-RACK!... The switch cut through the air

and Tommy jumped and almost got up. "Don't you DARE move, or I'll

tie you down and give you two HUNDRED whacks! Now, count each one

aloud and say 'Thank you, Mistress Karen', or they won't count."

   Tommy's ass was on fire! It felt like he'd been burnt. The

thought of nineteen more of those was almost more than he could

take, but the horror of being tied down and getting two hundred of

them scared him to tears. "One... thank you, Mistress Karen", Tommy

managed to choke out. Beverly smiled at Karen and said "You're very

good at this. I'm impressed." 

   "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet!" Karen beamed, and continued

whipping Tommy's ass with the switch. She was clearly enjoying her

task immensely. By the time she reached twenty, tears were

streaming down Tommy's face. She hadn't broken any skin but there

were nasty looking ridges on his ass each place the switch had

struck him. Interestingly enough, his dick was still hard. Beverly

and Karen helped Tommy to back away from the fallen tree. They led

him a few paces away to a smooth, somewhat sandy patch of ground.

Karen said "Stop crying so much! That was just to warm you up" and

she cupped her hand over Tommy's blazing ass to confirm that he was

indeed warmed up. "Now comes the REAL fun!" With that she opened

her bag and took out some pieces of rope. She also took out a

couple of iron stakes and a small hammer. This woman came prepared!

Tommy was still on his hands and knees and she pushed him down so

that his face was on the ground, his cheek resting on the cool

soil. Both women then took his arms and pulled them underneath him,

between his legs, and tied his right wrist to his right ankle and

his left wrist to his left ankle. This left him bottom upwards, his

knees spread and his ass wide open. Each of his ass cheeks was a

round globe. The crack of his ass was no longer a crack but spread

wide open. His anus was like a little round 'O', spread open like

that. Licking their lips they dragged him back about a foot and

took great care to position him. If he could have seen where they

were placing him he would have really flipped! About an inch below

his asshole was the top of a good sized ant hill. Karen then took

the two iron stakes and fastened one through each of the ropes that

held his wrists and ankles. With the hammer she pounded them both

deep into the hard ground. This left Tommy permanently anchored in

that position, wide open, his vulnerable asshole like a hungry

little mouth directly over the ant hill!

   Karen seemed pleased with the results but Beverly wasn't quite

done yet. From her own bag she took out a small jar of honey. She

scooped out a nice dollop of it with her index finger and smeared

it right on, and then into, Tommy's open anus! She took a little

more and ran a small bead along the underside of his stiff penis,

put a drop on the underside of each testicle, then sat back in

satisfaction to observe their handiwork. Tommy finally realized

what was going on and he began to panic. He strained against his

bonds but couldn't even come close to budging from his position.

Beverly and Karen then sat back on the fallen log that Tommy had so

recently straddled, and prepared to wait for the fun to start...

   Within minutes the first ants began climbing onto Tommy's calves

and, drawn by the scent of the honey, began moving towards his ass.

   "Don't worry, darling. They're not stinging fire ants or

anything like that. Just your normal everyday ants. We thought they

might tickle your fancy". With that, both women began giggling at

the pun. By this time the first ants had reached Tommy's asshole

and begun probing the nectar they found there. As expected, the

tickling motion of these insects began to have their effect on

Tommy. He tried waggling his hips to ease the tickling sensation

but he was bound helplessly open to their invasion. The first

explorers returned to the hill but then scores of others began

following the trail they had left back to the honeyspot. Within a

few minutes their tiny feet and feelers had poor Tommy begging for

release. He managed to buck his hips a tiny bit but it turned out

to be just enough for his open anus to graze the top of the hill,

knocking the tip of it off. This brought out dozens more and soon

Tommy was wailing as his rump was covered by hundreds of the

maddening little creatures. Several of them were on each testicle,

licking away at the spot of honey deposited on them. Still others

had followed the trail along the underside of his erect cock and

were congregating just under the head of his penis. But, by far,

the greatest concentration had collected around his trembling

asshole. A few had ventured inside a bit and were scraping the

honey off the walls with their tiny mandibles. 

   The sensation was indescribable torment. While the hundreds of

tiny probing feet stimulated his nerve endings to nearly the point

of orgasm, the randomness of their movement, coupled with their

incredibly light touch, kept him from going over the edge! He was,

in effect, held prisoner, on the hairy edge of orgasm, without

relief, for as long as the tiny torturers remained. 

   These women knew their anatomy well and they watched

breathlessly as the poor boy, tied so helplessly exposed, was held

RIGHT ON THE EDGE by these maddening little creatures.

  "Ohhhhh! Help! I'm sooooooo close. Please! let me cum....

unnnghhh..." Tommy was blubbering. 

   Beverly and Karen were fascinated. They tried imagining the

sheer torment that Tommy was feeling and the thought made them

squeeze their thighs together. It was beyond their imagination. Ten

minutes of this should be unendurable, but Tommy was tied! He HAD

to endure it! An hour of this was completely unthinkable. To be

held at the edge of orgasm by these mindless terrors for a whole

hour, it was.... unthinkable! Nodding at each other the two women

finally got up. Karen put her shirt and slacks on as Beverly walked

over to where Tommy was trying to squirm. She patted his red ass,

careful not to disturb any of the busy ants and said "We've got to

go now, Tommy. It's getting late and soon the mosquitoes will be

out. We'll leave you with your new found friends. I'm sure they'll

be happy to keep you company tonight. We'll be back to get you in

the morning. Keep a stiff upper-lip!" 

   "Goodnight, Tommy!" Karen added as the two women began walking

back towards the field, and the car. As they walked they heard

Tommy's plaintive cries "Help! P-L-E-A-S-E, don't leave me like

this. Please let me cum! Mistress Beverly! Mistress Karen!

Pleeeaaase! ANYBODY! Please, I can't stand this. Let me cum....."

   His sobs and pleas grew dimmer as the two women crossed the

field. "I suspect this is a night he'll never forget" said Beverly.

Karen put her arm around Beverly's shoulder and said "Thanks Bev,

I can't remember ever having such a good time on a blind date!"


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