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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde06.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 06

                           PART 6

   Tom Hyde didn't sleep very well that night. After the girls left

he got up, closed the front door and cleaned himself off, all in a

daze. He went into his bedroom to lay down and try to sort things

out. What was he going to do! He began reviewing all of the

shameful things he had done the day before, the things that would

be on that damn video tape! Oh God! Each one was worse than the

other. And everyone at work would be watching that tape right now -

or would have already seen it! Carol and Marie! Louise! Mrs.

Peterson! Had they seen the tape already? Had they seen him lying

naked on his back, rubbing his dick and begging Linda to let him

cum? Crawling around on the floor on a leash, slapping his own ass

and pleading with Linda to put him across her knees and give him a

spanking! Oh God, what was he going to do! And Beverly's threat...

would she really do it if he didn't show up at work? Somehow he had

no doubt that she would. He began sobbing uncontrollably. He was


   He managed to fall asleep a little after midnight. He didn't

remember dreaming anything. The next thing he knew it he was awake

and it was morning outside. As he remembered what was going to

happen to him his stomach began fluttering. He got up and showered

and shaved. When he looked in the mirror at himself it was like he

was looking at somebody else, not him. He got dressed, picked out

a tie and went into the living room. He went into the kitchen to

make some coffee and found the dirty dishes still in the sink from

last night, and a bowl on the floor near the refrigerator. As he

bent down to pick up the bowl in his suit he felt like that

couldn't have been him last night. It MUST have been someone else.

He decided he wasn't hungry this morning, walked out the front

door, got into his car and drove to work. 

  He never remembered the drive to work being so quick before...

Next thing he knew it he was parked near his office building. He

walked into the building and slowly climbed the stairs to the

second floor. The offices of Venture Publications were right at the

top of the stairs on the second floor. As he reached the top of the

stairs he paused by the entrance to regain his composure. 

  Damn! It sounded like Carol and Marie were already inside. He

could hear them talking. He stood there and listened for a moment.

He heard a giggle and then Marie's voice in a high, mocking sing-

song "ooooh, puhleeese Linda, give me a spanking. oh please oh

please, I've been such a naughty boy!" Carol giggled at Marie's

impression, then she pitched in with "And did you see how young

Linda looked? And there he was lying across her knees while she

spanked him...and her two friends right next to her! I couldn't

believe what I was seeing!"

   "My roommate and I watched it last night" said Marie. "She

couldn't stop laughing. She kept saying, `You KNOW this guy?'.

We tried to replay it when it was over but the tape was blank."

   "So was mine!" said Carol. That woman must have done something

to it. I tell you, she sure did something to Tommy!" 

  At that comment there was more giggling. Tommy felt his face go

scarlet, He couldn't go in there now. Just then he heard footsteps

coming up the stairs. Oh no, it was Louise! With no place else to

go he put his head down and walked quickly into the office. The

girls were still giggling but they stopped instantly when he walked

in. Tom went right to his desk and sat down without looking up. The

room was silent. Just then Louise walked in. She stood in the

doorway for a minute, then walked right past Tommy and sat down at

her own desk, putting her pocketbook away and getting ready for the

day as usual. Maybe she didn't see the tape? Just then she looked

up at him with a small smile and said "Good morning, Spanky!".

Carol and Marie choked a little and then giggled. Leave it to

Louise... Tommy didn't say a word but kept his head down. A phone

rang and Louise answered it. He tried to do some work. Every once

in awhile he would glance up and find Carol or Marie looking at

him. Carol glanced away but Marie put the tip of her tongue between

her front teeth and smiled teasingly. He knew his face was red.

Every once in awhile he'd hear a whisper and then a suppressed

giggle. Why couldn't they leave him alone? And why did they have to

dress so sexy today? He shuddered a little and heard another small


   Around 9:00am Mrs. Peterson came into the office. When she saw

Tommy at his desk she told him she'd like to see him in her office.

He followed her into the office and she shut the door.

   Mrs. Peterson put her briefcase away and sat down behind her

desk. "Tom, I think we have something very important to talk


   Tommy looked down at the desk and didn't say a word.

   "Are you aware that your girlfriend came here yesterday


   "Y-yes" was all Tommy could get out.

   "Did you know that she was bringing video tapes of your personal

affairs with her?"

   "I found out about it last night. I'm sorry, I didn't... I

don't..." Tommy stammered a bit. He was close to tears with

embarrassment and couldn't think of anything to say.

   "Tommy, she gave the tapes to Louise, Marie and Carol, too."

   Tommy just nodded and sniffed a bit, still not lifting his eyes

above the desk.

   "What you do on your own time is no business of mine... but if

it spills over into the office... if it affects how we work here...

well, that IS my business. Frankly, I can't imagine how you're

going to be able to work with the others after this. I'm really

surprised you even had the guts to come in this morning." She

paused for a moment and when she got no response she continued "The

only way this office can work effectively is as a team, and right

now I don't see how that can continue to happen."

   "Tommy, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to let you go. You've

been a good worker and I hate to have to do it, but I just don't

see how it can work out."

   "It can w-work out, Gloria. Honest. I promise. I can do my job.

You don't have to fire me!"

   "I'm sorry Tommy. I'd like to believe you, but I really don't

see how it can work out."

   "Just give me a chance, please! I PROMISE that it won't affect

my work. I didn't know she was going to do that. You don't know

what she did to me... what she'll do..." Tommy's sentence faded


   Mrs. Peterson sighed. She looked at Tommy for a moment and said

"Well, if you've got the guts to try. I guess I can give you a

chance..." and she shook her head.

   Tommy looked up for the first time. "Oh thank you. Thank you

very very much." His eyes were wet.

   "But understand, Tommy. This is just a chance you're getting. If

it doesn't work out or interferes in any way with the smooth

operation of this office... well, you won't get a second chance."

She let that hang in the air a minute then continued.

   "You know that I've known Louise for nearly 20 years. I trust

her implicitly. Since I'm out of the office so often I'm going to

leave it to her to tell me how things are going on in here. If she

tells me it's not working out, you'll have to leave. Understand?"

   "Yes, Gloria. And thank you very much. You won't be sorry. I

promise." Mrs. Peterson nodded to Tommy to indicate she was through

with him and told him to ask Louise to come into her office for a

few minutes.

   When Tommy walked back into the main office all three women were

staring at him. He told Louise that Gloria wanted to see her in her

office, then sat down at his desk and tried very hard to get some

work done. He could feel the eyes of Carol and Marie on him but he

did his best to try to ignore it. Louise was with Mrs. Peterson for

about fifteen minutes. When she came back out Tommy glanced up at

her. She met his glance with a slight smirk and went back to her

desk. About a half hour later Mrs. Peterson came out and said she

had to go to a meeting and would be back in the office after lunch. 

  After she left, the office was dead quiet for about five minutes.

There were no phone calls and all four of them worked without any

small talk. At that point Louise got up from her chair and said

"Tommy, I want to talk to you in Gloria's office for a few

minutes", and she walked in. Tommy followed her. As soon as he

entered, Louise shut the door. She turned to Tommy with a big smile

on her face and said "Well, well. I must admit you surprised me.

Are you proud of that tape you made? Were we supposed to be


   "I didn't make that tape, Louise" Tommy snapped out. "God, I

don't know what happened, or how it happened..."

   "Gloria told me that you want a second chance to keep your job

here. She said it seemed very important to you. Is that right?"

   "Yes, that's right."

   "Why, Tommy? Why is it so important?"

   Tommy hesitated, "Because I really like my job and I feel that

this won't affect my performance."

   "Bullshit, Tommy. That's bullshit. All I have to say is one word

to Gloria and you're out of here on your ass. Tell me the truth.

Why, Tommy?"

    Tommy hesitated a bit, then he choked out "Because Beverly said

that if I lost my job she'd send out more copies of the tape... to

my family... my friends... everybody!" Tommy looked down. He was

breathing hard. Louise nodded her head for a moment.

   "Tommy, you've been a royal pain in my ass for over a year, you

know that? And there's one thing I've always wanted to do and now,

by God... I think I'll do it." She seemed in an angry mood all of

a sudden. She picked up a wooden ruler from Gloria's desk and said,

"I've wanted to blister your ass from almost the first day you came

to work here! You, still wet behind the ears, and you try ordering

me around this office I've been at for nearly 20 years. I may be

the secretary here but I've worked with Gloria since the beginning,

and I resented your coming in here like a big shot and trying to

push ME around! I'm gonna do what your mother should have done for

you years ago. What that hussy of yours is doing to you now, it

seems. Drop your pants and lean over that desk. You're gonna get

what's coming to you now!" 

   Tommy couldn't believe his ears! He just stared at Louise for a

minute without moving.

   "I'm not fooling around, son. You'll be out of here today if you

cross me. Understand? Now do what I said!"

   Tommy saw that he had no choice. There wasn't any way he was

going to talk Louise out of this. All he could do was hope she'd

get it all out of her system and be done with it. With a sudden

gulp he wondered if Carol and Marie would be able to hear them. Oh

God, please... he silently prayed. Tommy slowly unbuckled his belt,

opened his fly and let his pants fall to his ankles. Louise watched

him with the anger from her recent outburst still in her eyes. When

she saw that he wasn't wearing any underpants she shook her head.

"Man, you come ready for anything, don't you?" Tommy didn't say

anything. "Turn around and rest your arms on that desk... put your

head down and your ass up." Tommy did as he was told. Louise took

the heavy wooden ruler and rubbed it against his ass. Then she

tapped it against each cheek a couple of times, obviously enjoying

this. Finally she reared back and gave one tremendous WHACK! with

the ruler. Tommy jumped like he'd been shot! He'd been spanked by

Beverly and Linda, but they used their hands. This was the first

time he'd ever been hit with a ruler. 

   "Keep your head down and arch your ass back. That's only one.

We've got a long way to go before I'm satisfied." Tommy bent back

over and gritted his teeth... WHACK!...WHACK!...WHACK!...WHACK!.

She gave him four in a row so fast he didn't have time to move. His

ass BURNED! "Keep your head down I said! This is just the warmup.

Do you want me to call Carol and Marie in here? Do you? They'd LOVE

seeing you like this." She continued whacking him, moving from

cheek to cheek while he groaned. "Those girls have been teasing you

for a year. You know that? ...WHACK!... I think they get off on it.

You think they don't know you stare at their asses every time they

get up to move? ...WHACK!... You're so obvious. You think they

don't notice? They've been teasing you intentionally. ...SMACK!... 

Carol thinks you're cute. I wonder what she thinks now. ...WHACK!

... They'd love to see this, but this one's all mine! WHACK!...


   By this time Louise was breathing heavier and Tommy was crying

"Owwwww!" with each hard slap and wiggling his ass to get away from

her swing. Louise finally stopped for a minute to catch her breath.

Her eyes were like fire. She thought for a minute, like she was

coming to a decision, and then said "On second thought, take your

shirt and shoes off too, and your socks. Everything! Take it all

off. Now!" As Tommy was complying she began moving everything off

Gloria's desk and putting it on the credenza. "Up on the desk. On

your hands and knees. Quick!" and she whacked the ruler against his

naked ass. Tommy quickly climbed on the desk. He felt mortified.

What if someone should come in! 

   "Ahhh Yes!" and she rubbed the ruler against his ass some more.

"Get on your elbows and lower your head. I want to see that ass up

in the air.... gooood!" 

   "I always said you were too big for your britches", she laughed.

"I like you better without britches. Maybe we should keep you this

way whenever you're working!" She was taunting him now and enjoying

every minute of it. She swung the ruler at his exposed ass and

whacked him four more times. "Spread your legs a little. I want to

see your balls hanging down and your asshole winking at me." She

laughed at him as he adjusted his position, then she stood there

staring at his ass for a couple of minutes. He was wide open! She

could see everything he had, and she still wanted more! She wanted

to humiliate this little big shot yuppie bastard who'd been so

snotty to her for so long. "Mister big shot" she said aloud. "You

don't look like such a big shot now. Roll over onto your back and

lift your legs up like you did in your movie. That's right... now

reach up with your hands and grab onto your feet. Good! Now spread

your legs... as wide as you can get... keep your knees bent...

that's it!" When Tommy was in position she ran the ruler along his

dick, which was hard as a rock. "This turns you on, huh? I can see

that. I think deep down inside you enjoy getting spanked. Did you

like it when that teenage girl had you across her knees? Huh? You

really get off on this don't you?" She kept rubbing his dick with

the ruler and taunting him. She held his legs back with one arm and

swatted his ass a few more times while he was in that position. He

squirmed and his cock began leaking a little fluid from the tip.

"Now get down on the floor on your hands and knees. CRAWL slowly

over into that corner." As he began to move she started whacking

his ass again with the ruler. From the corner of his eye he saw two

faces looking at him from the window of the closed door. It was

Carol and Marie! Oh no... the window! How long had they been

watching him? Marie was watching intently with a lust in her eyes

that was almost scary. Carol had her hand over her mouth and was

nearly hysterical with laughter...

   As he slowly crawled to the corner Louise kept swatting his now

red ass and taunting him: "You like getting your ass spanked while

the girls watch, huh? Look how hot you are! You want them to see

you, don't you? Sure you do. I can see how hard you are!"

   Tommy was shaking. He was humiliated to tears and beyond all

control. This was worse than yesterday. These were his workmates,

his associates, people he'd have to work with every day, hell, they

were Carol and Marie laughing at him!" Tommy wanted to die of

shame. When he got to the corner Louise said, "I want you to stay

like that, with your nose in the corner and your red ass on display

for the next half hour. And I want you to think about just how much

you really want to continue working here! After that you can get

dressed and get back to work."

   Tommy wasn't sure of the time, but for what seemed like the next

half hour he stayed in that position. During that time Louise came

back in to straighten up Mrs. Peterson's desk. Carol and Marie kept

finding excuses to come into the office looking for files and such.

Each time, they'd stare at Tommy's ass before leaving. He could

hear laughter coming from the main office. When he was pretty sure

that a half hour was over he slowly got up and got dressed.

Hesitantly he walked back into the main office. He had no shorts on

under his slacks and his hardon made the front of his pants stick

out obviously. Carol and Marie didn't look up at him, but he heard

a muffled laugh as he sat down gingerly at his desk and tried to

get back to work. It was going to be a long day...


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