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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde05.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 05

                            PART 5

   Tom woke up the next morning and for a moment he thought the

entire day before had been a dream. Then as he sat up he winced as

his sore ass rubbed the sheets and he realized that it had all been

real. How could he have done those things to himself! In front of

Linda and her friends and the girls out by the car! God, even

Mrs. Whitford had seen him! 

   He showered and shaved and began to get dressed for work. He had

already put his jockey shorts on when he remembered that he wasn't

allowed to wear them anymore and he pulled them off. His trousers

felt weird against his bare ass and the soreness would be a

constant reminder of the day before.

   He made himself a cup of coffee and a piece of toast and opened

the door to leave. His car was still parked in the front of the

house where he'd left it yesterday. As he walked out to it he

remembered his last walk to this car and shuddered. He glanced

around but nobody was outside yet so he hurried and got into his


   The seats were still pushed up and he had to close the windows.

Another shameful reminder of what had happened here just a few

hours earlier. Tom drove to work, parked his car, and went into his

office at Venture Publications. He saw Carol and Marie sitting at

their desks, beautiful as always. They smiled at him and for some

reason he blushed deeply. Marie winked slyly at Carol. The two

women knew that he was stealing peeks at them and they delighted in

teasing him along. They purposefully wore sexy clothes to the

office and found excuses to bend over to get files and such when

they knew he was watching them. The secretary, Louise, was another

story. Early fifties, frumpish and widowed. She thought Tom was a

real yuppie bigshot and she avoided talking to him whenever

possible. "Too big for his britches" she said of him on several


   In the large private office sat Mrs. Peterson, his boss.

   "Good morning Tom, hope you're feeling better today" she said,

with only partial sincerity. She suspected Tom had been goofing off

yesterday and was irritated because it meant more work for her to


   "Good morning Gloria. Yes, I'm much better, Thanks. Say, I have

a doctor's appointment at 5:00 and I'd like to leave a little early

to make it. Would that be all right?"

   "Fine, Tom" Mrs. Peterson said, and made a mental note to

herself to have a talk with Tom if this skipping of work started

turning into a regular thing.

   Tom put in an uneventful day. Carol and Marie noticed he blushed

a lot quicker whenever they caught his eye. Louise just ignored him

and Mrs. Peterson had to go out for a good part of the day but was

back in the office by 3:30. At 4:30 Tom got up from his desk and

said goodbye to Mrs. Peterson and the girls. He left the office and

drove straight home. When he got home he parked his car in the

driveway. He saw Mrs. Whitford sitting on her porch as usual but

thankfully the rest of the street was empty. He quickly walked into

his house. As he glanced up at Mrs. Whitford's porch he saw that

she was watching him with a big grin on her face. Oh God...

   He was surprised to find the house empty. He fixed himself a

drink and sat in the living room on the sofa and waited. At 5:45

Beverly knocked on the door.

   "Hello Tommy, sorry I'm late but I had an errand to do in town."

She giggled then rushed into the kitchen. "I've got this meatloaf

to prepare and the girls will be here in 45 minutes. You'd better

take a shower while I start in the kitchen."

   Just like that, like nothing in the world was out of order. Tom

walked into the bathroom and took his clothes off. Beverly ran in

once just to make sure he wasn't wearing any underpants and smiled

sweetly at him when she saw that he wasn't.

   By the time Tommy came out of the shower the meatloaf was

already in the oven. He towel-dried his hair and started into the

bedroom to get some clean clothes.

   "Oh no, sweetie. No clothes tonight! Linda and her friends are

coming over, remember?" Tommy looked at her in disbelief but her

face suddenly turned hard and she said. "Down on your knees,

mister. You're going to be serving us tonight."

   She then went to her pocketbook and fished out the collar and

leash she had used the day before and fastened them on him again.

But that wasn't all. She continued fishing through her pocketbook

and came up with a piece of folded pink cloth. "Look what I got for

you to wear!" As she opened it he saw with shock that it was a

large pink baby's bonnet with little ruffles and a bow on each

side! She placed the humiliating thing on his head and fastened it

under his chin with a bow knot. "Oh it's so cute!" she giggled. 

   "Now Tommy, dear. I want you to be right here in front of the

door, on your hands and knees with your cute ass up in the air so

the girls will see it as soon as they enter. Hurry up, now. Don't

disappoint me."

   Tommy got into position, that damn bonnet made him feel even

more embarrassed, if that were possible, and he waited for the

girls to arrive. It was 6:15 and Beverly was setting the table for


   A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang and Beverly ran to

open it. It was Linda.

   "Hi, hope I'm not too early." When she saw Tommy she started

giggling and said "Like your hat, Tommy!" Tommy's face went

scarlet. Beverly went back to the kitchen and Linda sat on a chair

looking at Tommy. God, this was turning out to be fun! There was

another knock on the door and Linda opened it. This time it was

Tina and Ellen together. They saw Tommy kneeling there and started

giggling all over again.

   Beverly said that dinner wouldn't be ready for another fifteen

minutes and suggested that the girls take Tommy for a little walk

around the house. Linda said "Sure!" and picked up the leash from

the floor. She gave Tommy a light pat on the rump and said "Let's

go Tommy!". When Tommy hesitated slightly she said, tauntingly "You

do want to go for a walk, don't you Tommy?" and she blinked her

eyes several times at him and smiled.

   "Y-Yes, Linda". Tommy said.

   "Oh, that's another thing. I think that from now on I want you

to address me as 'Mistress' Linda. Is that Okay?" Again the eye

blinking and the smile.

   "Y-Yes, Mistress Linda" Tommy managed to choke out. Linda was

smug with satisfaction. Revenge certainly was sweet!  

   Linda began leading Tommy around the living room. Tina and Ellen

got up to walk with them. "Look at how white his ass is." said

Ellen. "You would hardly believe he got TWO spankings yesterday."

Linda walked Tommy into the bedroom. She tugged on the leash for

him to stop between the end of the bed and the dresser. 

   "Put your face down on the rug Tommy and lift your ass as high

in the air as you can. Good. Now spread your legs a little wider.

Fine! Now just stay like that for awhile." 

   Tina and Ellen began poking each other and snorting as they saw

that Linda steadied herself with one hand on the dresser and lifted

her foot so that her sneaker very lightly began to rub Tommy

between his asscheeks and around his scrotum. "Goose! Goose!" she

giggled as she touched the point of her shoe directly on Tommy's

puckering asshole. This made him jump slightly and his stiff penis

bobbed up and down beneath him. That set off another laughing jag

among the girls. Nothing worse than three teenage girls with a case

of the giggles...

   "Let's go, girls!" Beverly yelled from the kitchen. "Dinner's

ready." The girls led Tommy back into the kitchen. The three of

them sat down at the table and Beverly joined them. "Where's Tommy

going to sit?" asked Ellen.

   "Oh, he'll eat when we're through, Ellen" replied Beverly. 

   The four ladies picked up their forks and began eating. "I seem

to have dropped my napkin. Please get it for me Tommy.....thank you

dear.....Oh, please bring some more bread from the counter

Tommy.... thank you dear."

   They kept him crawling around the cold kitchen floor doing

menial errands while they ate and talked about the previous


   At the end of the meal Beverly got a large bowl and she scraped

the leftovers from all four plates into it and mashed it up. 

   "Here Tommy. It's time for your dinner now." She placed the bowl

on the floor next to the refrigerator and motioned for Tommy to eat

it. "No hands now, remember?"

   Was there no end to the degradation this woman could heap on

him? Tommy lowered his red face to the bowl and began to eat. The

girls got a case of the giggles again and Beverly got her camera

out of her pocketbook. Naked and leashed, on his hands and knees,

with a pink baby bonnet on his head and a stiff prick, Tommy looked 

hilarious. Beverly clicked away from all angles. "Lift your face

just a little, dear, so I can see it better...that's it... CLICK...

thank you."

   It was now around 7:30pm and Beverly suggested they all go into

the living room. When they got there they she made Tommy get up on

the coffee table and lie down on his back. "You should know the

routine by now, Tommy. Lift your legs into the air, spread them

wide and bend your knees." She opened her pocketbook and took out

the two pair of handcuffs she had used on Tommy two nights before.

"Remember these, honey?" she teased. She fastened the cuffs on him

again in the same manner. Left wrist to left ankle and right wrist

to right ankle. His wrists were cuffed to the inside of his ankles

so he couldn't close his legs. Once again this left him in the most

vulnerable and exposed condition he could imagine. He felt the eyes

of the teenagers burning into his ass like a brand, and he flushed

deeply and squirmed a bit. Beverly then produced a long feather

from her pocketbook and proceeded to brush it lightly up and down

the crack of his ass while the girls looked on in wonder. "WOW!

Will you look at him buck!" yelled Tina. "It's a good thing you put

those cuffs on him!" 

  Beverly continued tormenting him without pity. She'd concentrate

on the underside of his penis for awhile and when it looked like he

might be getting ready to cum she'd hold off while his hips bucked

and he pleaded "Oh P-L-E-A-S-E! P-L-E-A-S-E let me CUM!!!" But

Beverly would just wait a bit and then move the feather back to his

asshole or some other spot. Beverly continued the torment while she

started to speak to the room:

   "I'll bet Tommy here was wondering why I was late getting here

this evening. Well, I had a very busy day. Last night I took the

video tape back to my studio and watched it. All I can say is WOW!.

It came out great! We had Tommy rolling around on his back and

stroking his penis and begging Linda to give him a spanking... we

had him crawling around the floor and slapping his own ass.... more

begging in front of Tina and Ellen.....we had a lovely spanking

draped across Linda's knees... and at the end we had Tommy again on

his back, his reddened behind waggling on the floor, masturbating

in front of the girls and begging them to let him cum! It was

beautiful!" She kept tormenting Tommy with the feather the whole

time she spoke. "Anyway, I decided to make four copies of the tape.

I have some rather specialized equipment at my studio and the

copies came out superbly. I told Tommy to make sure that he left

his office by 4:30 so he would be in this house by 5:00pm sharp!

The reason for this is because I paid a small visit to his office,

at 4:45pm!" Tommy began to moan "Oh please no...please...please!"

But his hips were still moving frantically to the tune of the

tormenting feather. "I introduced myself to Mrs. Peterson and told

her I was your new girlfriend. I also met those two other lovely

young things...Carol and Marie? Yes. Well, they seemed a bit

surprised that you even HAD a girlfriend. Anyway, I gave each of

them a small package. Do you want to guess what was in those

packages? Exactly! Each package had one of the four copies of the

tape I had made!" The teenaged girls gasped. Tommy was sobbing, but

still bucking his hips. He had no choice in the matter.

   "Oh don't worry. I rigged each of the tapes in my studio with a

magnet on the take-up spool so that they can only be viewed once.

But once is all they'll need! Let's see, it's about 7:45pm...

they're probably watching those tapes right now!" Tommy was sobbing

loudly but his arms and legs were pumping up and down and his ass

was wiggling to keep the tip of the feather away from his sensitive


   "Can you imagine poor Tommy, having to go to work tomorrow

morning and sit in that office? And he will, too! You see, Mrs.

Peterson may want to fire you, Tommy, but you can't let her. You

had better find some way of begging her to let you keep your job.

You can cry, plead, promise anything you want, but don't let her

fire you. If you do, well, I can make LOTS more copies of that tape

and send it around to all sorts of people. This time without the

magnet so they can watch it over and over and over again!  I did a

little checking on you, Tommy. How would you like your sister in

Philadelphia to get a copy of that tape? Or your mother's friends

in Long Island? And don't forget the lovely snapshots I took

tonight!" Tommy couldn't believe what he was hearing. It had to be

a bad dream, but it was REAL. The girls thought it was pretty

amusing and giggled while they watched Tommy twisting in the cuffs

on the coffee table, still trying to escape the maddening feather.

   "Tommy, dear" Beverly continued. "Your punishment is going to be

an ongoing one, with no relief. Every single day you are going to

report to work in that office, knowing that each of the ladies

there have seen you as you were yesterday. The first night we met

you told me that your worst fear was being laughed at by a woman.

Those women at work are going to be laughing at you every day from

now on..." 

   Tommy was crying "Please... no, don't do this to me... please...

please!" Beverly put the feather down and got up from the couch. 

  "It's been a long day girls, and Tommy is going to have an even

longer day tomorrow. I have to go now, but you girls can stay here

as long as you want. Just unlock him when you leave." She dug into

her pocketbook and threw the keys to the handcuffs on the coffee

table next to the still writhing form of Tommy." Goodnight,

girls... it's been real!"

   The three teenage girls thanked Beverly and walked her to the

door. After she left they all converged on Tommy like starving

vultures. Linda picked up the feather and continued to torment his

asshole. Tina bent over and began licking the underside of his

penis. Ellen put her tongue in his ear. They all mocked him and

teased him saying "Come on Tommy, shoot! shoot!". Finally he went

stiff and began shooting thick spurts of white cum in the air. Some

of it hit the wall behind the coffee table, some of it landed on

his face. The girls were amazed.

   Linda said it was time they were going home so they all lined up

and each gave him a dozen hard slaps on his ass. Then they unlocked

the cuffs, walked to the door, turned out the lights and Linda said

"Goodnight Tommy! Have a nice day tomorrow!" With that they all

left, leaving the front door wide open. Tommy could hear them

laughing all the way down the street. 


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