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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde04.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 04

                            PART 4

   Tom's mind was reeling. She couldn't actually be going to do

this to him, could she? She had been just using it as a threat to

get what she wanted, wasn't she? This was unimaginable shame! He

had just spent the last 20 minutes humiliating himself in front of

her and three teenage girls in his own house, begging until Linda

agreed to spank him while they all laughed. Now, was Beverly really

going to follow through with the rest of her plans for him? Oh God,

please don't let it happen...

   "What's she gonna do with him now?" Ellen asked. Linda and Tina

were too busy laughing to speak but Linda finally got her composure

and said "You ain't seen NOTHING yet! Just watch!"

   Beverly tugged on the leash and pulled Tom, naked and on all

fours, towards the front door. "You brought this on yourself, young

man. I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget. NEVER say

NO to me again!" With that she grabbed the handle and swung open

the front door, flooding the living room with light from the bright

sunny day.

   "Oh P-L-E-A-S-E don't do this to me Mistress!" Tom wailed. "I've

learned my lesson, honest! I PROMISE I'll never say NO to you

again. Only please don't take me outside like this. Someone might

see me!"

   "Someone's definitely gonna see you alright" Beverly laughed.

"Those four girls who were sitting on the lawn near your car are

still there! And that old woman is still on her porch. You'll be

seen alright. The question is, by how many and for how long?"

   With that she gave one more tug on the leash and led Tommy out

onto his front porch. The three teenagers inside were holding their

stomachs laughing again and their eyes were riveted to Tommy's

flaming red ass. Proof positive of the spanking he'd just received

over Linda's knees.

   Beverly bent over Tommy and whispered quietly "Remember that

tape I just made of you. I can have a lot of copies of that made up

by tonight and you wouldn't believe how vindictive I can get when

I'm not happy." 

   Tommy felt his heart in his stomach. Though it was a warm day

the wind felt cool against his naked body, especially against his

flaming hot asscheeks. With one final tug Beverly led him down the

steps and began the slow trek down the path to the car parked in

front of the house. Nobody had seen him yet. The four girls seemed

to be pre-occupied with their conversation. As they neared the car

one of them happened to look up and she inhaled a big gasp of air.

"LOOK!" she pointed. Immediately the other three girls stopped what

they were doing and looked up to see what she was pointing at. He

was about 20 feet from them, but by the time he got to the car door

he would be within 10 feet and in full view. His cock was still

stiff from his previous ordeal and his arms were shaking as he

crawled. This only increased his shame. 

   "That's Mr. Hyde!" one of the girls said. "What are you doing to

Mr. Hyde, m'am?"

   "It's a secret", Beverly said. "Can you girls keep a secret?"

   "YES!" they all chimed. "We won't tell... what are you doing?"

   "It seems that Mr. Hyde here has been a VERY naughty boy and I'm

going to give him a spanking."

   "You can't do that" one of the girls said. "He's too OLD for a


   "Oh no he isn't" replied Beverly. "He was VERY naughty and he's

going to get treated just like any other naughty little boy would."

   "Wow!" Another of the girls giggled. "Can we watch?"

   "I'm afraid not, but you'll be able to listen!" With that they

had reached the car and Beverly reached out to open the door.

"Ooops, it's locked. I don't suppose you have the key on you?" she

laughed. The girls laughed too. Where would he be carrying a key?

Tommy groaned and then Beverly reached into her pocket. "Here it

is, just teasing you!" Again the four girls laughed. Tommy wanted

to die of shame. Beverly opened the car door then reached in to

swing the seats to their most forward position, giving her as much

room as possible. She got back out and then ordered Tommy to climb

into the back seat and kneel on all fours on the seat cushion with

his face pressed all the way down and his rump up in the air.

Beverly climbed in after him and closed the door. The first thing

she did was to reach over and open all of the car windows. "My,

it's stuffy in here. Let's get a little air circulating." Tommy

just groaned. They'll hear all right, every slap. Before she

started, Beverly had a few words for Tommy: "Now listen, sweetie.

I'm going to spank you until you cry. Do you hear that? I don't

care how long it takes but I will keep spanking you until you're

crying like a baby. Now if you resist me, well that means that

we're gonna be out here a looooong time, drawing more attention

every minute. That's all I've got to say."

   With those terrifying words she lifted her hand up and delivered

the first stinging CRACK! right onto his already burning asscheek.

  "Owwwww" Tommy wailed. "Please...." he whimpered. Beverly gave

him no relief but continued slapping his ass, varying the rhythm

and moving from cheek to cheek.

   "Wow! He's REALLY getting it good!" he heard one of the girls

exclaim. The others just giggled, as young girls will. Another of

the girls crept around the back of the car and stood up to peep

into the window on the opposite side. When she did she was only

about a foot from Tommy's head. "WOW!" she said again. "You should

see how red his bum is!"

   That was the last straw. Tommy couldn't hold out anymore. He

began crying his eyes out just like a baby. His whole body heaved

and shook with sobs. He was suffering from far worse than the pain.

Tommy, who was still a virgin... who until last night had never

taken his clothes off in front of a woman... who's greatest fear

was that one might laugh at him... had sunk so low that he knew he

could never ever look a woman, of ANY age, in the eye again without

blushing red from embarrassment.

   Beverly heard the tears and stopped the spanking. She opened the

car door and got out, pulling at Tommy's leash until he followed

her. Back on all fours he was led again, up the path towards his

porch and open door. Mrs. Whitford was on her way there too. She

wanted to intercept them before they got into the house. As Tommy

was led up the porch stairs Beverly paused a bit so that Mrs.

Whitford could catch up. This left Tommy kneeling on the top stair

of his front porch with his red ass still facing the laughing

girls, who had followed him back to the porch. One of them reached

out and touched it. "WOW! it's hot!" she said. Each of the girls

wanted to touch his ass while Mrs. Whitford came puffing up the


   "I saw what you did!" she said to Tommy. "That was disgusting,

and in front of those young girls, too. I'm going to call the

police and have you ARRESTED!" 

   "Now wait just a minute please, m'am" Beverly said. If you have

him arrested then they'll take him away and give him clothes and

lock him up. If you don't say anything then he'll stay with ME, and

I have LOTS more things in mind for this young man!"

   At that Mrs. Whitford stopped short. She looked down at Tommy,

who was still sobbing uncontrollably and slowly a huge grin spread

across her face. "Now that you mention it, I guess I didn't see

anything after all... and I was out here on my porch ALL DAY!" She

leaned over so Tommy could see her face. "I'm glad you found a

woman who knows how to handle you, Mr. Hyde." She chuckled and

stood upright. As she walked down the steps she took the

opportunity to give his ass one more wallop and then walked back to

her porch, laughing the whole way. "Yup!" she yelled. "I was out

here ALL DAY and didn't see nothing!" 

   Beverly led Tommy back into the house and shut the door as the

four girls yelled "Bye, Mr. Hyde! We didn't see NOTHING either!"

The door swinging shut mercifully closed off their giggling. 

   Back in the house, the three teenage girls had been anxiously

awaiting Tommy's return. They didn't want to go outside in case

anybody saw them with Mr. Hyde like that. 

   "That was excellent, Beverly" said Linda. "I don't think I ever

had so much fun. The other girls agreed. "What are you gonna do to

him now, Beverly?" asked Tina.

   "That's about all for today, girls. Poor Tommy has had a very

hard day and he's gonna need his rest. He has to go to work

tomorrow. Speaking of hard, I don't think poor Tommy's had a chance

to cum yet. Tommy, would you like to jack yourself off for us

before the girls have to go home? I think you know the required


   Tommy moaned. Would this never end? The three girls went back

and sat on the couch again while Beverly resumed her position at

the video camera. Tommy crawled over and laid on his back in front

of the couch, facing the girls. He lifted his legs into the air,

widely spread and bent at the knees. Beverly warned him not to cum

until all three teenage girls had given him permission... or else! 

Tommy grabbed hold of his throbbing cock and began pumping it hard.

   "No, not like that" Beverly said. "Use just your thumb and two

fingers, and when you start getting close you'd better beg these

young ladies to let you cum. You wouldn't want to see me angry at

you again..."

   That's all Tommy needed to hear. He grabbed his cock in the

prescribed manner and began stroking it while the girls looked on

in wonder. None of them had ever seen an erect penis before today.

Now they were about to see a man masturbate right in front of them!

   It only took a short while before Tommy could feel the pressure

building up in him. He began to beg the girls "Please Linda, please

let me cum, please Tina and Ellen, please... " The girls were

mesmerized. They could see the sweat beading up on his forehead.

They could see him squirming and wiggling his ass on the carpet.

And best of all, they could hear him begging THEM to allow him to

cum! When he was thrashing around wildly, first Tina and then Ellen

told him he could cum. Linda was still holding out. After all, this

was HER revenge and she wanted to savor it. Finally, as he was

arching his back and begging her pitifully, she smiled a real big

smile and said "OK, you can cum... asshole". With that the girls

saw him go completely stiff. His balls seemed to rise up in his

sack and nest close to the base of his cock. Suddenly he was

moaning loudly and his balls were shooting jets of white cum up

into the air. While some of it shot over his head, most of it

landed on his chest and stomach. After he stopped thrashing around

Beverly said "That's it, show's over girls. I hope you enjoyed


   "Oh yes, thank you soooo much Beverly. We had a great time and

don't worry, we won't breathe a word of this to anyone, except to

ourselves of course. We'll be talking this over for a long time!"

   "Glad you could come, girls. Say, are you girls gonna be free

for dinner tomorrow night?" I could make a meat loaf and we could

have Tommy here wait on us! Would you like that?"

   "Great! Sure!" they echoed. "We wouldn't want to miss tomorrow,

especially after what we just saw today! Thank you. Thank you very


   As the girls left they took one last look at Tommy. He was still

on the floor. Then they closed the door behind them. Tommy could

hear their laughter as the door shut.

   Beverly began rewinding the video tape. "Well, young man. You've

had quite a day, haven't you!" I'm going to leave you now. I've got

some work to do in my studio. You get some rest and go to work

tomorrow. Just make sure that you leave work by 4:30. I want you in

this house before 5:00pm and woe betide you if you make me wait.

Tell Mrs. Peterson that you have a doctor's appointment or

something, but don't keep me waiting.... and remember, no jockey


   Beverly bent down and kissed him gently on the forehead. Then

she grabbed the tape and went out the door.


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