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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde03.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 03

                            PART 3

   In the morning Beverly came to him and unlocked the cuffs. She

told him where the bathroom was and to clean himself up. After that

Beverly made them both coffee, toast and juice, while he called

Mrs. Peterson to tell her he was sick and wouldn't be coming in

that day.

   After they ate Beverly told Tommy to get dressed, but she held

back his jockey shorts. "Your days of wearing underpants are over

mister. From now on I want you bare underneath your pants." She

gave him a playful pinch and watched as he got dressed. They walked

out to Tommy's car and she said "Let's go over to your house. I

want to see where you live."

   They drove over in silence and soon came to a small white house

in a sunny neighborhood. There was a driveway off to the right but

Beverly told Tommy to park the car in front of the house and then

they both got out. It was about 11:00am on a beautiful sunny summer

day and there were four young ladies sitting on the grass near the

car giggling and playing some sort of a game. Mrs. Whitford, one of

Tom's neighbors, was sitting on her porch. She ignored him as they

walked up the path towards the house. She was still mad at him. She

had complained that one of his trees was blocking her sunlight and

when he didn't do anything about it she took it upon herself to do

a little midnight pruning. Tommy confronted her the next day and,

in a moment of unusual anger, he called her a lying old witch! Now

she wouldn't speak to him. Oh well, you can't have everything. The

girls looked up and said "Hello Mr. Hyde" and then Tom and Beverly

were on the porch, and then in the house.

   As soon as the door was shut Beverly grabbed Tommy by the crotch

and told him to strip naked. Tommy didn't know why he jumped to

obey her so quickly. Perhaps it was because he was still so horny

from his unsatisfied evening. At any rate, in less than a minute

his clothes were on the floor and he was stark naked. No jockey

shorts this time.

   "Very good!" Beverly said, obviously pleased. "Now today you are

going to do EVERYTHING I say. Not because I have a whole roll of

film of you last night, but because deep down inside you really

WANT me to take charge of your life." 

   Tom winced when she reminded him of the photographs but he also

knew that she was right. He did enjoy the feeling of helplessness

before her. It was something he never acknowledged to himself.

Perhaps this secret longing that he denied all his life was what

had kept him so shy and afraid of girls.

   Beverly then ordered him down on the floor on all fours. Tom

felt a little self-conscious, but at least the door was shut and

all of the window shades were down. As he knelt there Beverly

opened her pocketbook and took out a collar and leash. She put the

collar around his neck and snapped the leash onto it.

   "Now, wouldn't the neighbors love to see you like this?" she

teased him. Tommy gasped and blushed red as she tugged on the leash

and began walking him around the room. She walked him into the

kitchen and then into each of the two bathrooms, and finally the

bedroom. After this she walked him back into the living room again.

Tom's cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and Beverly was

obviously enjoying this immensely.

   "Thank you for the grand tour, sweetheart. Now lie on your back

and put your legs up in the air again with your knees bent wide.

You can hold onto your feet for support if you wish. Now listen

carefully. If you let your legs down for any reason, even for a

second, I'll chain you in position like I did last night and then

whip you." 

  Tommy rolled over and succeeded in getting into the required

position. Once again, with his knees bent and legs in the air he

was on complete display to the older woman. She walked over to the

telephone and said "Now, what's the phone number of that girl,

Linda, that you told me about last night?" 

   "NO!" Tommy snapped. Somehow he managed to retain his position,

but she was taking this a little too far!

   Beverly walked over to Tommy and bent down and gave him a hard

slap on his ass. "Don't you EVER say NO to me again, mister.

Remember that roll of photographs that I have. I can be awfully

mean when I don't get what I want, and right now I want you to keep

your legs up and to tell me the phone number of that girl!"

   Tommy sobbed, his whole body shook. "It's in the directory right

next to the phone. The name is Murray, Linda Murray... Oh God,

please don't..." 

   Beverly flipped down to the M's and found the number for Murray.

It was right across the street just like he'd said. She dialed the

phone and after a couple of rings she heard a young girl's voice on

the other end.

   "Hello. Is this Linda Murray? Wonderful! My name is Beverly and

I'm calling from Mr. Hyde's house. Are you very busy just now?...

Oh... your parents are out and you're listening to some records

with a couple of your friends. Well, honey, Mr. Hyde asked me to

call and tell you he's sorry that he embarrassed you in front of

your friends. He knows it was wrong of him and he wanted to

apologize but he was afraid you wouldn't want to see him... That's

right... If you wouldn't mind leaving your friends alone for

awhile, would you mind coming over here so he can apologize to you

in person?... I know, but he has something he wants to show you...

You would? Wonderful! He'll be sooo happy! See you in a couple of


   Beverly hung up the phone and walked over to Tommy, who was

openly sobbing and begging her not to do this to him. "One more

thing we've got to get straight between us, mister. From now on,

when you talk to me you will address me as 'Mistress'. You got

that? Now I mean it. If you ever forget to address me properly from

this moment on, well, you won't BELIEVE what I'll put you through.

You got that sweetie?"

   "Y-Y-ESS......Mistress" Tom managed to choke out. Just then the

doorbell rang and Beverly went over to answer it. Tommy was on the

far side of the room on the floor behind the sofa, so he couldn't

be seen from the door. He tried to stop his sobbing, hoping that if

he wasn't noticed Beverly...err.. Mistress Beverly would change her

mind and send the girl away with some excuse.

   Beverly opened the door and there stood an absolutely lovely

girl, just like Tommy had described her. She was about five foot

four with dark hair. She was wearing a pair of white cut-off jeans

that showed off her long trim legs, and a halter top. She looked up

at Beverly but was obviously still a little undecided if she wanted

to forgive Mr. Hyde just yet. He'd humiliated her, in front of her

friends, and that kind of wound does not heal easily when you're a


   "You must be Linda. Hi, I'm Beverly. Won't you come in?" Beverly

closed the door and stood right in front of her and said "Linda,

I'm going to show you something but I've got to make sure you can

handle it first. I know that Mr. Hyde embarrassed you in front of

your friends. It was wrong of him, but he's paying for that right

now. You see, Linda, Mr. Hyde has been very bad recently and he's

being punished for everything he's done. He's on the other side of

that couch right now and if you think you can handle it I believe

he'd like to show you just how sorry he is... and the terrible

price he's paying."

  "" came a choked moan from behind the

couch. Linda was taken back but then her curiosity got the better

of her.

   "Yes, I believe I can handle it Beverly. At least I THINK I

can." She was obviously interested and she lifted her head a bit

and stood on her toes trying to see where the noise had come from.

   Beverly led her through the room and around to the back of the

sofa. When she first saw him she gasped and took a half step

backwards. Then she caught hold of herself and walked a little

closer. Tommy had maintained position. He was lying there with his

legs up and spread wide and his knees bent. His eyes were closed

tight and he was shaking his head back and forth and murmuring

"No...please don't let her see me like this....pleeease....."

   "Look who's here to see you, dear. Open your eyes and say hello

to Linda." Tom slowly opened his eyes and saw the two of them

standing there. The tall mid-thirtyish woman dressed in casual

slacks and a blouse, and the teenager with the short cut-offs and

the legs that wouldn't end. Beverly was smiling at him with a look

of pure innocence, as if there were nothing wrong with this

situation, while Linda stared wide-eyed in disbelief. That

disbelief slowly changed into a look of smug satisfaction as she

turned to Beverly and said "Thank you Beverly. I'm sure I can

handle this. He's getting just what he deserves!"

   "Oh, it's not over, honey. Hardly even started, actually. You

see, Tommy has been such a bad boy that he's going to get a

spanking! Right here. And he's going to ask you to be the one to

give it to him. Isn't that right, Tommy?"

   Tommy's face was scarlet. In spite of himself he had also got a

raging hard-on and he knew that Linda was staring at it, along with

his exposed balls and his winking anus. He was already fucked. He

knew his life wouldn't be worth shit if Linda or Beverly told

anybody about this. "Yes, Mistress" he managed to choke out.

   Turning to Linda, Beverly asked "Wouldn't you like to give him

the spanking that he deserves?"

   "I don't know" Linda replied. I think he deserves to get one but

I don't think I want to be the one to do it. I wouldn't mind

watching, though!" She grinned smugly at Tommy.

   "Oh, well that's a real shame. Perhaps Tommy can change your

mind if he begs you well enough. He had better HOPE that you agree

to spank him..." she added ominously.

   "You see, in twenty minutes Tommy is going to get a spanking.

Either you or I will do it. If you do it, it will be right here in

the privacy of his living room. If he can't convince YOU to spank

him then I will do it myself, only I will do it outside in the back

seat of his car."

   Tommy almost choked when he heard this! He started to sob

uncontrollably. Beverly continued "If I have to be the one to do

it, I will lead Tommy outside just as he is now, naked and leashed,

on his hands and knees, right up to his car where those four girls

are still sitting. I will put Tommy into the back seat and spank

him until he cries. I will then take him out of the car and lead

him back into the house the same way. This isn't an idle threat, I

assure you I'll do it. The only way that Tommy can avoid this

ordeal is if he can get you to give him the spanking. It has to be

hard and at least 100 slaps. Anything less won't count. Now you

have a choice to make Linda. Are you mad enough at him to see him

humiliated like this, or would you prefer to administer justice


   "I...I just don't know," Linda stammered. "That would be

horribly embarrassing for poor Mr. Hyde..." but Beverly noted to

her satisfaction that Linda's young nipples were hard as little

bullets against her top and she still had that little smile on her


   "Well, I guess it's all up to Tommy then. Tommy, you have 

exactly 20 minutes to beg Linda to give you a spanking. I'm talking

REAL humiliation here! You're to wiggle your ass and beg and plead

and do anything you can to humiliate yourself in front of her and

if you do a good enough job, perhaps Linda will feel that you've

been shamed enough. If not....." She left the rest unspoken. "By

the way, I see that you have a nice little home entertainment

center here... what's this? Oh lovely, a video camera! I think I'll

just set this up here so I can have some fond memories for my

`personal' collection". She laughed as she set the video camera up

on a tripod, turned the power on and began to focus on poor Tommy.

   "First thing Tommy, I want you to reach around with your left

hand and insert your middle finger into your asshole. That's right,

now I want you to take your right hand and begin to jack off for

Linda and me. Remember, DO NOT CUM! If you do, your fate will be

sealed. Now, camera's rolling, you have 20 minutes starting NOW!"

   Beverly stayed by the camera but Linda chose to sit down on the

sofa right in front of Tommy, who was pumping with both hands.

   "Please Linda, please spank me!" He cried. "I was such a bad boy

to humiliate you in front of your friends and I'm really sorry.

Please spank me...p-please." 

   As the camera whirred, Linda warmed up to this unusual

opportunity. "Take your finger out of your asshole Tommy and use

your left hand to spread your asscheeks as wide as they'll go! Use

only two fingers to rub your dick!" She was really getting into

this. For the next ten minutes Tommy subjected himself to the most

intense humiliation possible. He told Linda that he was a naughty

little boy and that he really wanted her to give him a spanking. He

crawled around on the floor slapping his own ass as the camera

followed his every move. The two ladies were laughing hysterically! 

 "This is just too much!" Linda said, wiping her eyes. "You know,

I think I just might spank him, but before I do, do you think it

would be all right if I called my two friends over to see him beg

some more? They'd LOVE it!"

   "I think that's a simply marvelous idea, Linda! What do you

think, honey? Should you ask Linda to invite her friends over to

see you beg, or do you want to disappoint her?"

   "P-P-Please L-Linda... please ask your friends to come over to

see me beg..." Tommy was completely out of control. He had gone so

far out on a limb that he knew there was no stopping. Beverly had

so much on him right now that there was no way he could refuse her


   Beverly put the camera on hold and told Tommy to stop touching

himself, but maintain position. In the meantime Linda grabbed the

phone and anxiously punched in her number. "Hello Tina? This is

Linda, yeah I'm still across the street but you gotta see this!"

she blurted out in her teenage excitement. "Mr. Hyde is over here

with me and another woman and he's got no clothes on! That's right,

he's butt-naked and that's not all... he's being punished! In a few

minutes he's going to get this incredible spanking and I thought

that you and Ellen would like to see it... but listen up. This is

really important. You GOTTA promise never to say anything about

this to ANYBODY. You promise? Great! Come on over, and hurry!"

   This was crazy, Tom thought. Right now he should be at work,

doing his job while trying to cast covert glances at the luscious

asses of his two co-workers. Just 24 hours earlier he had been

doing exactly that. Now here he was waiting for three teenage girls

to look at HIS ass and hear him beg one of them to give him a

spanking! And there wasn't anything he could do about it. He had

degraded and shamed himself to a level that was almost

unimaginable. And it was all on tape! Tommy wiped the tears away

from his eyes just as he heard the rapping on the door. From the

giggling he heard on the other side he knew it was Tina and Ellen.

Linda rushed to the door and opened it. "Come on in, hurry!

Remember, not a word to anybody, promise? Wait till you see this!"

  She led the other girls over to where Tom was lying on the floor.

Just like her, they both stopped and took a half step back. But

then they both put their hands over their mouths and bent over

laughing. Perhaps it was because they had some idea what to expect,

or perhaps it was because there were three of them together, but

they warmed up to the sight almost immediately.

   "I thought you were joking!" Tina gasped, "but this is un-real!

Is he really going to get a spanking?" Both of her friends looked

at each other and started giggling again.

   "Yes" replied Beverly. "I can assure you of that. Right now it's

just a question of who... and where" she added looking down at

Tommy with a smile on her face.

   "Watch this!" Linda said, "Tommy, I want you to apologize for

lying about our...relationship". Then I want you to kiss my feet,

then Tina's feet, then Ellen's feet, and then return to what you

were doing before I called them over." Linda motioned to the other

two girls to sit on the couch with her as Beverly turned the video

camera back on.

   Tommy got on his knees in front of Linda. "I'm soooo sorry that

I lied to your friends when I said that I wasn't interested in you.

That was a bad thing to do and I beg you to forgive me." He then

put his head down and kissed Linda's sneakers. He crawled over to

Tina and Ellen and kissed their sneakers too. Then he crawled back

to where he had been, got back on his back with his legs up in the

air spread wide and his knees bent and began begging Linda once

again to give him a spanking.

   Tina and Ellen went nuts. They couldn't believe what they were

seeing! Tom began stroking his penis with one hand and spreading

his asscheeks with the other. His anus was opening and closing like

a fish's mouth, gasping in the air, while the three girls laughed,

and the camera whirred.

  After about five more minutes of this, Linda said "Okay Beverly,

I think he's shamed himself enough. I guess I'll give him a


   Tears of happiness flowed in Tom's eyes. "Oh Thank you! Thank


   Linda made a motion for Tom to get up and drape himself across

her knees. Both Tina and Ellen were still sitting beside her so

they got a great view. Linda lifted her hand into the air and WHAP!

That was one. She was a little surprised by the sound but her hand

felt good against the yielding flesh of Tom's ass. 

   "That's one" Beverly called out. "Ninety-nine more to go and

they better be HARD ones or they don't count."

   Linda began to get a rhythm going. As she slapped, Tom bucked

and sobbed and her two friends laughed their hearts out. Beverly

watched from the side, still directing the video camera.

   At fifty slaps Tom was sobbing out of control. At fifty-five

slaps, a loud buzzer started sounding. It made everyone stop to see

what was going on. Beverly opened her pocketbook and reached in to

take out what looked like a small kitchen timer. "Oh my!" Beverly

said, "looks like time's run out, and you haven't had your whole

spanking yet. What a pity!"

   Tom stopped sobbing almost instantly. He couldn't believe what

he was hearing! She wouldn't really do it, would she? She couldn't

possibly, could she? "NO-NO-NO, it's not fair! You can't do that to

me!" Tom fell off Linda's knees to the floor and began sobbing


   "What was that, mister!" Beverly barked as she walked over and

stood directly over his pathetic form. "Did I hear the NO word from

you, after I've warned you?" Beverly looked down at him and began

chuckling. "I was only going to say that since Linda had not

finished, you were going to have to beg her for some more time.

Tom's heart sunk. "But now you have to be taught once and for all

that you NEVER say NO to me." With that she reached down and picked

up the leash. "Let's go, chum. We're gonna take a little walk in

the fresh air!"


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