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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde02.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 02

                              PART 2

   Tom Hyde couldn't believe what was happening to him. An hour

before he had been in a business suit at a local tavern where he'd

been picked up by a gorgeous dark-haired woman in her mid-thirties.

Tom, still a virgin at twenty-five. Tom, who had never before been

naked in front of a woman, was now in this woman's house, stripped

naked and lying on his back on the floor in the middle of her

living room. He had his legs up in the air and knees bent. His left

wrist shackled to his left ankle and his right wrist shackled to

his right ankle left him completely exposed to the eyes of Beverly,

who was staring at him with her hands on her hips and a smug smile

on her face.

   "My my, you look absolutely yummy!" she said, shaking her head

and barely suppressing a slight giggle. Tom moaned and rocked a

little on his back. His wrists were cuffed to the inside of each of

his ankles so he was unable to close his legs. He tried to imagine

what he looked like just then but the thought made him shudder and

blush an even deeper red.

   "Now don't you worry about a thing, Tommy. Beverly's gonna take

real good care of you. But you've got to be truly mine, body and

soul. You've bared your body to me. Now I want your soul, too."

With that she sat down on the floor next to him and began lightly

running her fingers up and down the crack of his ass. He began

squirming and wriggling his hips and moaning "Oh..YES... I L-O-V-E

you!" His voice was shaking and his whole body twisting but she

gave him no relief. His penis was rock hard and laying flat against

his belly. She began lightly stroking it and then bent and touched

the tip of her tongue to the sensitive glans just under the head.

This caused his cock to jump up and down and his anus began opening

and contracting. Beverly cupped his balls and said in a cajoling,

taunting voice, "I want you to bare your soul to me. I need to hear

you confess your darkest and most embarrassing secrets to me. Tell

me, Tommy. Tell me so I can own your mind along with your body." 

  Tommy was writhing now. She would bring him near the point of

ejaculation but she kept backing off just before he could cum. It

was uncanny! The older woman could look at him and read him like a

book. In a way Tommy wanted her to own him. All his life, worrying

about meeting a girl and making love to her. Would he be awkward?

Would she know it was his first time and laugh at him? Tommy

couldn't bear that thought. Now here was Beverly. With Beverly he

didn't have to hide a thing. He wanted her to know his innermost

secrets. He thought a moment and began:

   "There's a teenaged girl who lives right across the street from

me. Her n-name is Linda." He was squirming a bit but he still

managed to get the words out. "She's a beautiful girl and she had

an incredible crush on me. I didn't know it but I guess she

fantasized a little and told some of her friends that I liked her

back and someday we'd get married. I used to watch her from my

window when she was outside. She's turning into a real beauty all

right. Long trim legs and a pretty face. When she'd bend over to

get something I'd s-stare at her ass... I know it was wrong of me,

but I couldn't help myself."

   "One day she was outside with two of her friends when I happened

to walk out to my car. She was dressed in pink shorts and sneakers

and she stood in the driveway smiling at me. All of a sudden I

started to get an erection! It was incredibly embarrassing. I tried

shifting my stance and hoped that nobody would notice it. I just

wanted to get into my car and get away before anyone saw it. Just

then her two friends came running up and said `Hello Mr. Hyde.

Linda was telling us how the two of you are going to be getting

married in a few years and live in your house. How exciting!' They

were giggling and it was obvious that they were taunting Linda. I

could have helped her out of this but I was so worried about

getting out of there before they noticed my hard-on that I snapped

back at her instead."

   "That's not true. Linda is a nice girl but she shouldn't be

making up stories. I already have a girlfriend and telling fibs

like that can only cause trouble." With that I managed to slip into

my car, my erection subsiding somewhat. Linda was shamefaced. I'd

never seen a girl blush so red before. Her friends pointed at her

and laughed and taunted "We KNEW you were lying. He already has a

girlfriend. See! Hahaha! What would he want with a skinny little

squirt like you anyway?" As I drove away I glanced in my mirror and

saw that Linda was close to tears. She was looking at my car and

I'll never forget how hurt she seemed that day. The next day I saw

her outside again and I wanted to go over and apologize to her but

as soon as she saw me she ran into the house. I've never felt so

low in my life. My carelessness had hurt her when all it would have

taken was a little more tact to help her out. I felt so ashamed I

didn't want to see her anymore and avoided going outside whenever

she was around. I wished there was something I could do to make it

up to her."

   "Don't worry Tommy, perhaps you will one day" Beverly said as

she continued to torment him on the floor. Now that the story was

over he began bucking his hips and pleading for Beverly to let him


   "Not just yet, Tommy, but soon." Then she disappeared into the

next room and came back with a small camera.

   "Now that you're almost ready, I want to take a few snapshots

for my personal use." Tommy started twisting when he saw the camera

but there was really nothing he could do about it. He was trapped.

Beverly focused the lens and  he was on film. She walked

around him clicking a half dozen more shots. She told Tommy to

smile once and to stick his tongue through his lips like he was

really getting off. He didn't want to do it but she touched him a

few times and promised that they were just for her own enjoyment

and that they would both get off looking at them later. Tommy

obliged. He had gone this far and each new step began seeming more

and more natural for him to take. She then rolled him over onto his

side and then up on his knees so that his head was on the floor and

his arms were between his legs, still connected to his ankles. This

brought his ass into prominence and she snapped a few more


   When she finally put the camera down she said "Time to get some

sleep Tommy, tomorrow's gonna be a big day!"

   "I can't stay here all night like this!" He cried. "Besides,

it's only Tuesday night and I have to go to work tomorrow!"

   "Tomorrow you are going to call in sick" she said, matter of

factly. "What's the name of your boss over there at Venture


   "Mrs. Peterson", Tom said. "Gloria Peterson".

   "Well Tommy, tomorrow morning you'll call Mrs. Peterson up on

the phone and tell her you've got a 24-hour bug and you won't be

in. Then you'll spend the day with me."

   With that she bent over and lightly ran her fingers up and down

the crack of his exposed ass once again and turned off the light.

As an afterthought she gave him one stinging slap on his ass as she

walked past him to her bedroom.

   "Good night, Tommy dear. Don't let the bed bugs bite!". Then her

door was closed and she was gone.

   Tommy knelt there uncomfortably in the dark and tried to figure

out just what had gone wrong. He was hot as a poker and the

stinging from the slap made his dick throb even harder. Hell, she

hadn't even let him cum yet!


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