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Archive-name: Slaves/hyde01.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Shame on You, Mr. Hyde - 01

                            PART 1

   Tom Hyde couldn't believe his good luck. He had stopped into a

local tavern on the way home from the office for a couple of drinks

and to listen to some music. Tom was twenty-five and single and,

since he lived alone, it was a good way to kill a little time and

maybe meet some interesting people. He was listening to the music

and glancing around the room when he first noticed her checking him

out. She was beautiful. Tall, attractively built with dark hair and

eyes, and legs that caught his attention immediately. She was

wearing a very business-like outfit consisting of a knee-length

skirt, dark blazer and high heels and appeared to be in her mid-

thirties. Tom smiled back at her a bit shyly and was surprised when

she got up and walked over to sit down right next to him.

  "I haven't seen you in here before" she said, easing herself into

the chair and crossing those gorgeous legs almost teasingly.

  "Well, I don't come here often" Tom replied with a smile, then

added "But I certainly do like the looks of the place." Tom was

pleased with his cool act and openly let his eyes flick down at her


   She smiled as she noticed his downward glance and stuck out her

hand. "My name's Beverly."

   "Nice to meet you, Beverly, my name is Tom. Do you come here


   "I have an office around the corner and I occasionally like to

stop in here after work on my way home" she replied.

   "What do you do in your office around the corner?" Tom asked,

trying to act as charming as possible but unable to conceal a small

shakiness in his voice.

   "I'm a Graphic Artist. My office is also my studio and I tend to

spend a lot of time there, but occasionally I need to get out for

awhile and just let my hair down".

    "I know what you mean" Tom said, shaking his head. "I work in

a small office myself about a mile from here -- Venture

Publications. Just my boss, a couple of co-workers and a secretary.

All women, which definitely has its benefits, but I also tend to

spend far too much time there. I live alone and don't really have

any responsibilities dragging me home at a regular time each night.

It is good to get out once in awhile and just meet some new


    "Sounds like we have a lot in common, Tom. Say! I don't suppose

you've had dinner yet, have you?"

    "No, just a couple of bourbons so I'm nicely mellow. What did

you have in mind?"

    Beverly smiled at him invitingly. "I know this GREAT little

place about a mile from here. Very quiet and very casual...

actually, it's my place."

    Tom looked at her a bit stunned but recovered in time to give

a small shrug and a smile.

    "With all the kooks running around, I'm not in the habit of

inviting men I just met back to my house, but I feel very

comfortable with you. I tend to trust my instincts."

    "Sounds good to me" he smiled. Should I follow you in my car?"

    "Actually, I usually walk to work on nice days like today. Why

don't we both go in your car, if you don't mind?"

    "Let's go." Tom said, peeling off a few bills to leave for the

tip and standing up. In her high heels, Beverly was about half a

head taller than Tom, but she didn't seem to take notice of it and

led the way to the door. Tom followed her, staring at the way her

ass moved under her skirt as she walked.

   Beverly gave Tom the directions and soon they were parking in

the driveway of a modest single-level house. As Tom was preparing

to get out of the car Beverly reached over and patted his knee

gently and smiled at him. Tom waited for Beverly to walk ahead of

him to the door. Any excuse to get another look at that luscious

ass of hers. He felt his dick begin to stir a little and tried to

will himself to calm down. He didn't want the embarrassment of

walking into her house with a hard-on.

   As soon as the door was unlocked and they were in the house

Beverly asked Tom to sit down while she changed out of her work

clothes. When she returned a few minutes later, Tom was surprised

to find that she had changed into a loose robe and slippers. Whoa!

Things were all of a sudden moving very quickly. The older woman

saw the look of surprise on Tom's face and smiled down at him.

  "What's the matter, Tom? Haven't you ever been seduced before?"

Well Tom hadn't, but the way his cock was pulsing he knew that

tonight was going to be something special indeed.

   Beverly quickly moved to sit down on the couch next to Tom. She

crossed her legs so that one perfectly formed leg stuck out through

the opening of her robe and was bared almost to her hip. Tom's eyes

were riveted to it and Beverly laughed a little as she placed one

hand on his crotch and the other around the back of his head. She

moved over him and planted a full kiss on his lips, squeezing his

cock gently with her other hand. Tom moaned as her tongue darted

into his mouth.

   "You're pretty hot, huh Tommy baby?" The older woman cooed over

him. "Well that's just fine. "I have a feeling you're going to get

a lot hotter before the night is over." She then opened her robe a

little so Tom could see that she wasn't wearing anything under it.

   "You want some of this tonight?"

   "Mmmmm..." Tom moaned. His mind was reeling. Something in the

way she had so quickly taken control of the situation seemed to

make his erection even harder, more urgent.

   "You just be a good boy, sweetie, and Beverly will give you the

best fuck of your life!"

   That would certainly be the case, for although Tom had had a few

girlfriends and was generally good looking, he had never actually

had sex with a woman before. He was beginning to be afraid that he

might be the only twenty-five year old virgin in the world. But not

for long! Beverly was working magic on him and he knew it. He

wanted her desperately and SHE knew it too. As Beverly opened her

robe wider his hands found her breasts and instinctively began

cupping the mounds of soft flesh and fingering the nipples. His

whole body was shuddering with desire when suddenly she pulled away

and closed her robe.

   "Wait a minute Tommy. You don't get any of this until I've had

my fun too. And right now, what I want more than ANYTHING is to see

that cute little ass of yours and to hold it in my hands. Why don't

you get out of those clothes?" As Beverly said this to the shocked

young man she was rubbing herself through her robe, knowing inside

the effect she was having on the inexperienced young man.

   Tommy was burning up with lust. He was confused, but he was also

out of control. He had never been completely naked in front of a

woman before but he slowly began removing his clothes, as if he no

longer had a will to resist.

   Beverly exulted in his apparent bashfulness and was enjoying the

way his hands trembled slightly with his shirt buttons. After the

shirt and tee-shirt came off, Tommy fumbled a little with his belt

buckle. One glance at Beverly sitting there licking her lips and

showing off her legs was all it took, though, to get him back on

track. Tommy kicked off his shoes and socks and with a deep breath

let his pants fall to his ankles. As he stepped out of them he was

standing there before this gorgeous woman, dressed in only his

tight jockey shorts. Tommy's head was swimming. This woman had been

a total stranger just an hour before and here he was about to stand

stark naked in front of her so she could look at his ass!

   Beverly looked him up and down approvingly and then made a

motion with both of her hands that he should also remove his jockey


   Tommy's face flamed red as he placed his thumbs into the elastic

waistband and slowly lowered and then stepped out of his underwear.

He stood there nervously with his hands over his genitals. Beverly

motioned for him to move his hands away and he blushed even deeper

as he dropped them to his sides. Beverly gazed at his exposed front

with an appraising smile and nodded her head.

 "That's fine Tommy, now turn around slowly...stop. That's it. Now

bend over from the waist and put your hands on the arm of the sofa.

   Tommy couldn't believe it but he was actually doing what she

wanted. He had never in his life been completely naked in front of

a woman! He was INTENSELY shy about his body and here he was, naked

and bending over a piece of furniture so that this woman could get

a better view of his ass!

   He blushed deeply but at the same time he felt a kind of relief.

This was to be his first sexual experience and all he had to do was

follow instructions. He didn't have to worry about botching things

up or making the wrong move and being laughed at. One of his

overwhelming fears was of doing the wrong thing and being laughed

at by a woman, and this more than anything else was the reason he

was still a virgin. But now that fear was gone, replaced by an

excitement and a desire to put all of his trust in the hands of

this woman. Beverly reached over and began softly caressing and

then molding his asscheeks.

   "Oh, beautiful, baby! You have a great ass. I can see I'm going

to have lots of fun with you, and if you play your cards right and

be a good boy, you'll have lots of fun too! If not then you can put

your clothes back on right now and leave and never come back.

What's it gonna be?"

   Tom felt a slight panic at her ultimatum. The feel of her hands

on his asscheeks was pure ecstasy. Without realizing what he was

doing he began unconsciously rotating his hips just a little bit.

Almost unnoticeable, but Beverly noticed it. And she smiled a self-

satisfied smile as she waited for his response. Yes, she was going

to have some fun with this one...

   "Yes, Beverly. I'll do whatever you say. Just don't make me

leave. Not now...I..." He was moaning now and rotating his hips in

larger circles. Beverly reached one hand through his legs and began

lightly stroking the underside of his penis. Starting at the bottom

and lightly brushing the underside near the head. Tommy was almost

out of his mind. "Y-E-S, Y-E-S" he began moaning over and over. His

knees were shaking.

   Suddenly Beverly stopped and walked over to a closet from which

she brought out a medium sized cardboard box.

   "I'm going to fuck you Tommy. I'm going to blow your mind, but

it's got to be on my terms. Do you understand me boy?"

   "Yes Beverly, I'll do anything you want. You're so beautiful...

and, I love you." Tommy was almost crying now.

   "I can see that you do!" Beverly remarked. Then, taking two pair

of handcuffs out of the box, she told Tommy to lie down on the

floor on his back. She took the first set of handcuffs and placed

one of the cuffs on his right ankle, then bent his leg upright and

grabbing his right arm and pulling it up to meet his foot she

clicked the second cuff over his wrist, thus shackling his right

wrist to his right ankle. Tommy was confused and before he could

really grasp what was happening she had the second set of handcuffs

in her hands and had already snapped one end over his left ankle.

   "Wait a minute!" he cried, starting to panic. "Wh-what are you


   Beverly spoke gently and assuringly, "I told you Tommy, you're

going to have to do it my way or no way at all. You either trust me

completely or leave. There's no compromise. Now give me your left


   Tommy was confused and scared. He was scared of what was

happening to him, but he was also even more scared of not going

through with this. To lose his one chance at that luscious body. He

looked at Beverly and suddenly he felt that he really could trust

her. He slowly lifted his left arm to her. CLICK. With that sound

it was all over. A split second afterwards he finally began to

realize the incredibly shameful position he had just been chained

into! He was stark naked in this strange woman's house, lying on

her rug on his back with his knees bent and his legs up in the air.

Left ankle chained to left wrist, right ankle chained to right

wrist. He was open and exposed. More exposed than he had ever been

in his life. More exposed than a man could EVER be... or so he

thought. For Beverly was just beginning with him... Just



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