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Archive-name: Slaves/helen-lt.txt


Archive-title: Helen Finds a Master

Helen fancies herself a queen.  She is intelligent,

attractive,with a marvelous voluptuous body.  But she has a

haughty,imperious, I-am-superior-to-you attitude that annoys many

people and absolutely infuriates others.  She is married to an

older man who obviously adores her, pampers her, caters to her

every whim,but who cannot at all control her and has never

satisfied her. Her husband travels extensively.  Just now he is

in Europe. Helen has gone to the symphony, alone, and there met a

man whom she had known well once, a tall, spare man of curious

temperament, a hedonist, a true male chauvinist,

stubborn,opinionated, willful- a type that Helen usually

detested.  That evening, after the concert, he offered her a

drink, and thinking of avoiding a long cab ride home alone, she

accepted.  The thought of physical involvement with this man,

though perhaps not repulsive, was certainly far from her mind. 

After stopping for a drink and a late, light supper, he did drive

her to her house,made the expected pass, and she responded by

giving him a stinging slap in the face.  He responded as no man

had before. He twisted her arm, turned her away from him, and

using a hard, barehand, slapped her fiercely across the rump. 

She reacted immediately, and when he slapped her fanny hard

again, she gasped aloud and all thought of resistance was gone. 

Recognizing her reaction exactly for what it was, as complete

submission, he led her to her bedroom, stripped her bare, spanked

her further and harder, and soon joined her nude in her bed, took

her in strange positions and in strange ways, vanquishing her

completely and satisfying her better than she had been satisfied

for years.He had peeled off the veneer layer from her, made her

feel like a true love slave, ready, anxious to please his every

whim.  Her husband will be gone for a month, and for that month

she has a master, one who owns her, will train her in the image

that he finds desirable.   He will spank her when he pleases,

perhaps in the privacy of her bedroom and perhaps elsewhere, with

otherswatching.  Now these spankings are not severe beatings-

only firm spankings applied with a bare hand or a leather strop

to her naked bottom.  They paint her rear end a bright pink,

leaving her heaving and gasping, and incredibly excited, looking

only for ways to please him even more.  And he promises her

nothing more than regular, almost constant excitement, wild new

adventures,exciting new friends, and orgasm, orgasm, orgasm!!!!

So she has found a master, a strong man on whom all her almost

juvenile feminine wiles of the past are useless, a man who has

captured her, has spanked her thoroughly and often and made her

love him for it, conquered her totally, used her sexually in

every conceivable way, introduced her to threesomes and foursomes

and orgies, photographed her nude body in unbelievable poses,kept

her constantly aroused and is now putting her through her paces,

a series of varied sexual adventures, all embarrassing to her but

marvelously, deliciously dangerous and exciting at the same time. 

The queen has become a willing sex slave to a highly imaginative

master, and never has she felt herself so much awoman as now. For

the past year and a half she and her neighbor, a particular pal,

have been taking belly dancing lessons- at first with agroup of

woman at the local YWCA- and at the end of that series,privately

from an older, very experienced belly dancer, anelegant, exotic

lady of Turkish extraction who had learned this dance in the old

country as a girl.  This older woman, now about 60, is an

incredible specimen.  She is slim, lithe, with a marvelous body

and more energetic than women half her age.  She has continued

the lessons with Sara and Helen, and has taught them things that

the YWCA classes did not- much more advanced things, and

especially she has taught them about the sexuality of the dance. 

She believes that belly dancing is inherently erotic,that it is

meant to excite both the dancer and the watchers, and that it is

senseless and practically impossible- for the dancer not to have

sex after she is through dancing.  If she has no partner

available, then masturbation is expected and encouraged. She

believes that belly dancing without orgasm following is absolute

nonsense. Helen has been delighted with the lessons- they are

real fun,marvelous exercise, and they give her the most erotic

feelings imaginable. When she began her lessons, she thought that

they might put some excitement in her otherwise hum-drum

existence. Well, she thought, they certainly have done that. 

Consider the basic movement in the belly dance- the thrusting

forward and backwards of the pelvis, an almost perfect parody of

the female movements in sexual intercourse.  Consider the source,

too. Belly dancing was first done in the Harems of the Sultans in

the Ottoman Empire, and the dancers were always harem

slaves,selected for having the perfect, voluptuous figure that

the dance demands- full breasts, firm, shapely legs and thighs,

and adelicious, magnificent bottom.  Helen's figure matches this

description exactly. And further, the slave is a Houri, a nubile

female whose whole purpose is pleasing her master, however he

might wish to be pleased.  It is her responsibility to excite

him, almost beyond control, so that he will then take her,

manfully, forcefully. During the early lessons at the YWCA, the

students  dress in sweatpants and shirts and tennis shoes, a

ragpack looking group,not in the least exciting in appearance. 

After the YWCA phase,the teacher suggested that Helen and Sara

buy the appropriate costumes, the diaphanous, filmy materials,

designed to show more than they hide, so that beautiful breasts

are apparent, nipples are protuberant and obvious, and thighs and

bottoms excitingly displayed as much as they are hid.  One

Saturday afternoon, the girls made an excursion to Greek Town to

an obscure shop, and bought the costumes.  Later in the week they

met, each to see how the other looked dressed.  Helen looked very

attractive- but Sara was absolutely gorgeous.  Her pitch black

hair, intense brown eyes, full shapely mouth, and dark coloring

gave her an Italian look, almost like Sophia Loren.  She was sex

personified in this costume, her gorgeous body almost completely

revealed and still hidden slightly.  She looked the perfect

Houri, the beautiful,nubile, voluptuous maiden that Moslems think

await them in Paradise, trained to excite and to give perfect,

exotic, never-ending sex in ways almost beyond the comprehension

of mortal man. Helen put on a tape, and they danced- first

together, and then,one for the other, obviously both very

excited.  Sara approached the end of her dance, and in Harem

manner, began to remove the few articles of clothing she wore.

First the pantaloons came off so she was dancing in her vest and

underpants.  Helen removed her own pantaloons.  Sara unbuttoned

the vest, showing Helen her gorgeous breasts for the first time,

utterly delicious looking love apples, high and full and firm,

with chocolate brown aurioles and nipples, fully erect, almost

demanding to be kissed. Helen stared, transfixed.  Sara danced

closer, took down her underpants, wiggled free of them and

danced, her legs spread, her podex wiggling, her black pubic

triangle in front of Helen'seyes.  She turned, her gorgeous bare

bottom weaving, the cute rosette now and then visible as the

cheeks parted, almost beckoning to Helen to come forward and kiss

it.  Helen stared,absolutely entranced, unable to take her glance

away from the heavenly sight of Sara, now turned again towards

her, her legs slightly spread, her unbelievable femininity

clearly visible,juicy, lovable, as it moved forward and back,

offering itself forher kisses. Helen pulled off her few items of

clothes and knelt before this dancing nymph and moved forward,

her face now between the dancers legs.  And for the first time,

she kissed that glorious cunny.  Her tongue found the erect clit. 

She massaged it wetly.  Now the two nude girls stand, the dancing

stopped though the music goes on.  They kiss deeply and wildly. 

In an instant they are on the couch, in a position of 69, each

feasting on the sopping, squishy. delicious cunt of the other. 

Both have found the only logical, the only possible end of a true

Harem belly dance when no man is present. And now, much later,

after Helen was captured, her new master has decided that Helen

will do a public performance of the belly dance, before a small

audience, in his own home.  The guests have finished dinner and

are relaxed, and Helen has gone to don her costume.  She will be

wearing a semi-transparent vest, deeply cut to show her cleavage,

and through which her nipples are easily visible.  She is wearing

the dancers pantaloons, again of a diaphanous material through

which can be seen her panties, again almost transparent, and

through which can be seen the shadow ofher pubic triangle and the

delightful cleavage of her behind. She is wearing a boxfull of

junk jewelry, assorted baubles and bangles of glass, in bright

colors.  She has on bright, vivid makeup, and a heavy squirt of

perfume in strategic places.  The perfume itself is a special

type, with a very sweet, aromatic scent.  It is potent when she

is still, but later when her wildmovements have caused her body

to heat up, the perfume vaporizes further and the air takes on an

exciting, erotic aroma, almost like incense.  This arouses her,

and she knows that it excites the audience.  There will not be a

flaccid cock in the room,later on. She hears the music begin- a

tape of Turkish music, exotic and slow and exciting, music one

can almost taste as well as hear. She dances in, her body

throbbing in time with the music, her sexuality obvious, her

excitement clearly showing.  Those present applaud, enjoying the

private show.  Very soon, the tempo changes, the beat picks up

and the pace of her movements change. Quickly her master signals

her.  Her pantaloons are removed.  She dances now, bare legged,

her scrumptious bottom in constant motion, more excited now and

more exciting now than before.  The master signals again.  Her

vest flutters down.  She now stands bare breasted before the

audience, her nipples erect, her excitement growing.  Will her

panties come off, next?  Of course they do.  Now she is nude,

continuing the motions, the parody. She knows what to expect

next. When the dance is done before a private audience in the

Harem, it concludes with the nude dancer being given for the

night to one or more of the guests.  Sometimes the person

selected will take her, then and there, with the others watching,

cheering him on. She will already be fully excited.  No foreplay

is necessary. The male selected may or may not need further

stimulation.  If so, the dancer is fully trained, and will use

her body in any way to excite him, to prepare him to take her. 

And when he takes her, he will take her however he pleases, in

any orifice in anyway.  Will it excite him to spank her naked

bottom with a strop or a cane?  Then he will do so, without

opposition from the Sultan or any other person there.  He is the

chosen guest and has been given the use of the dancer, and use

her he will, as he pleases. There is another historical custom

from the days of the Sultan. In those days, a eunuch was present,

usually carrying a bamboocane.  If the Sultan decided that the

dancer's pace was too slow,or if there was a certain movement

that he wanted emphasized, asign to the eunuch would tell him to

slash the dancer across her behind, a stroke guaranteed to bring

results.  This might be repeated a few times, or many if the

Sultan was cruel.  Tonight,of course, there is no eunuch and none

would be needed. This night, the audience is composed of the

master, three other men and a woman.  Helen dances on, now

turning her back to theaudience, bending far forward, and

slightly spreading her legs. Her marvelous buttocks are only a

foot away from those watching,her squishy femininity fully in

sight, her podex wiggling and wobbling, the rosebud of her anus

almost winking at those watching.  As she is bent forward, her

body so intimately exposed to those who watch, her own feelings

are of gigantic excitement. She knows that soon her master will

give her for the night to one or another of the guests- perhaps

one of the men, or perhaps to the woman, and she knows that she

will do her part to please this person.  She is playing out the

part of the harem slave, and it is as much as her life would be

worth to displease the Sultan if she really was a slave.  And in

a sense she is.  Since she has come under the control of this

master, she has been getting regular punishment- which she loves

and hates at the same time. There is no question that it is truly

painful to be turned over,rump-up and stropped thoroughly with

that leather.  But at the same time, she adores the wild

sexuality that she feels as her master uses her in strange ways

and givers her body for use by his friends.  Yes, in a sense he

has converted her from lady to whore, but never has she felt as

attached to or as involved with any man.  Yes, he totally is boss

and she would not willingly have him any other way. And she

absolutely revels in the joy she feels as her master shows off

her beautiful body to strangers and willingly shares her most

intimate charms with others. She dances on, her nude body

writhing and turning.  At times her back is turned to the

audience, and they then are treated to the sight of the muscles

working in her beautiful thighs and ass, a particular delight in

the eyes of her master and exciting absolutely to any man. 

Perhaps whomever gets her tonight will want her that way, she

thinks, and gives a special, exciting plunge that exhibits that

particular delight to the audience,signifying perhaps that there

is orgasmic joy to be had right here for a strong man.  And who

will the winner be, the one selected to conquer her, perhaps

right there in full view of all,on that pile of cushions?  Maybe

it will be the woman this time. She is attractive enough, about

40, shapely, quite well dressed,with a good, slim figure.  Helen

dances a little bit, just for her, and this is immediately

obvious to all.  Yes, that one mightjust spread her thighs  and

Helen would kneel between them cheerfully, gladly looking into

and then kissing and worshiping her delicious femininity. 

Perhaps it will be one of the men. One, seated in the center,

attracts her especially.  He is talland sturdy, perhaps 50, salt

and pepper grey in his hair, and astrong, powerful look-- and

obviously very excited. Now, she dances especially for him,

facing him, her thighs parted, her curly dark blonde triangle in

full view, and as she moves backand forth, her vulva opens and

closes slightly, her pink clit now erect and peeping out at him. 

The perfume is now at its fullest effect and the sight of her

nude body, obviously totally aroused, fully ready to be

conquered, has all of the audience incredibly excited.  They now

want the dance to end and to see Helen take upanother challenge-

the total satisfaction of another person. The master designates

an individual who wins tonight's prize. As she had hoped, it is

the stocky man with grey in his hair.  He seizes her immediately,

his hands rubbing across her back anddown over her bottom, and as

he grasps each cheek of her rump in a huge hand and squeezes, he

kisses her, a long, wet kiss, his tongue plunging deep in her

mouth.  And of course she responds to his kiss, offering her hot

tongue in a kind of duel, her nipples rubbing against his shirt. 

They are in full view of the others, but she does not care at all

who watches- in her mind she is afully stimulated slave girl who

will do her utmost, her absolute utmost to satisfy this man, the

man designated as her lover for tonight by her master.  He bends

slightly forward, taking a nipple between his lips and gives it a

hard, sucking kiss- almost too hard for her comfort, but still

tremendously stimulating.  He stands and his trousers immediately

drop to expose a monstrous erection, standing straight out, all

but pointing at her.  Helen drops to her knees as her master has

taught her to do.  She greets this appendage with a large, wet

kiss, massaging the head with her slippery tongue. The dance has

done what it always does for her-left her feeling almost

orgasmic.  Now she wants to pay homage to this lovely huge cock,

to make it even more ready sothat it will invade her body, give

her spectacular pleasure andthen squirt its full tribute into

her.  And she will willingly do as she has been taught- she will

relax totally, no matter where this monstrous cock is put, and

then participate in the pleasure whole-heartedly, giving as much

as she can, and cummmming with her new lover, cummmming for him 

again and again until he has had enough. He takes her to the pile

of cushions, and removes the rest of his clothing so that he,

like she, is nude. She wonders if this new lover will want to

spank her first- there is master's leather strop, hanging on a

hook on the wall.  Will he want to use this on her, to

demonstrate his total control?  He does not.  She drops back on

the cushions, thighs spread, ready to be pleasured by him.  He

kneels before her, first giving her delicious, wet pussy a deep

tonguing kiss.  She responds wildly, raising her bottom up to

meet him, throwing her legs up and back so they rest on his

shoulders.  He raises his head, thrusts a finger into her oily,

juicy nest, withdraws that finger and searches for and finds

another orifice for it, thrusting it deep into her bottom. She

gasps.  She knows that he will very quickly make her cumm for the

first time this evening- that she had practically been there a

number of times during the dance, but not quite, but this oral

stimulation and anal stimulation she cannot resist.  But not yet.

He moves his body forward so that his rigid cock is at her outer

portals.  She will get, will need, no further foreplay. 

Slowly,deeply, thickly, forcefully his rigid rod enters until

it's entire depth is planted in her.  He strokes back and then

forward again- totally in control, setting the pace that pleases

him best.  And suddenly she throws her arms around his neck and

says for all to hear, "ooooooh,oooooooh I'm

cummmmmmmmmmmmmmminnnng!!!!".  Her new lover smiles, his macho

feelings excited, he has conquered this delicious bitch.  He has

caught her, fucked her, and made her surrender his orgasm to him.

But he is by no means through.  He continues the slow pace.Though

she has just cum, her arousal has really not diminished at all. 

Her new lover is fucking her masterfully, slow, deep powerful

strokes, his finger still imbedded in her anus, keeping time with

the strokes of his cock.  Never has she enjoyed intercourse so

much as this instant, but at the moment she thinks how terrible

it is to do this with people watching, how embarassing, how

awful, how dangerous, how absolutely delicious. And her thought

goes to her master, who has orchestrated this whole event, you

might say choreographed it, and she loves him for understanding

her so well, for analyzing her needs for sensation and

humiliation and having them satisfied.  Her head turns, she sees

the audience watching, transfixed.  The woman is obviously

aroused, her legs now spread, her crotch pointed towards Helen,

though she has her panty-hose on.  They make eyecontact.  The

woman makes the sign of a kiss to Helen, and Helen makes the

response, her tongue emerging and making a licking motion.  Helen

knows, just absolutely knows, that when the othersleave, that

lady will remain, those panty hose will come off, andHelen will

be treated to a closer sight of those female delights and that

Helen's master will give her to a second lover tonight,and at the

thought, her body shakes and quivers as she goes through the

throes of a second orgasm.


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