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Archive-name: Slaves/harold.txt


Archive-title: Beth's Fiance

I can't resist telling about my first introduction to Harold, my cousins's

submissive pantywaist husband.  Beth and I are more than just cousins, we

were best friends and eventually lovers.

Beth and I had both been reared in household's were our mothers believed in

the conviction that the proper role of males was to be subservient to the

superior female sex.

Her father was totally dominated by Beth's mother and her two younger

brothers were subjected to strict petticoat discipline.

I had wondered if college would change her attitude toward men.  Beth was

now teaching at the university and working on her master's degree.

She called me and announced she was engaged and would be bringing her

eighteen year old fiance home for the holidays.

Harold she told me was in his freshman year.  His influential father had

gotten him pledge to his old fraternity, but the sissy hadn't been able to

cut it and had been black-balled .... literally!.  After voting him out of

the frat, the members had stripped him naked, painted his balls back with

paint and tied the poor thing to the porch of the Phi Mu sorority which was

where Beth had first seen him.  She had been working late in her office just

across the street from her old sorority house.

She had managed to meet him soon there after and discovered him to be very

shy and something of a sissy.  He wasn't subservient, but Beth immediately

recognized the possibilities.  She told me he had only been in training for

only a short time and the females of our families shouldn't expect to borrow

him right away.

Our special little clan always gather at my mother house for the holidays.

Beth's father had died, but her mother and her petticoated brothers were

there.  Timothy had been required to wear a pretty pink taffeta party dress

with petticoats for the occasion.  Tommy was decked out in a white angora

sweater and leather mini-skirt.  My father Frank had drawn maid duty for the

night and was in a darling little maid's outfit with fish-net stockings.

Morene was there with her husband, Ted, who was standing in the corner.  His

panties were lowered to his knees and his butt a bright red from the padding

he'd just received from my twelve year old daughter, Karen.  June my baby-

sister, who now shares my bed since my husband death two years ago, was

lecturing Timothy and preparing him for his spanking.

Beth and Harold arrival interrupted Timothy's disciple.  Beth was dressed in

long slacks and a pastel blue sweatshirt with bright red letters reading

Mistress on it and Harold wore a matching sweatshirt but with the words Slave

and nylon shorts.  Harold's shorts were cut high and there was a tantalizing

glimpse of what appeared to be lace at the leg opening when he moved.

He dutifully followed Beth around the room, seeming to ignore the other men

present and bowing to each of the women as he was introduced.  As he bowed to

me, my daughter laughed and exclaimed.  "My Gawd Mom, I think he in diapers!"

"But of course," grinned Beth, patting her husband-to-be on his sweet

derriere.  "Harold is obedient, but he will always need training and

discipline.  I have decide to deprive him of his last possible sanctuary --

the men's room.  Let's face it, unless they're dressed as girls and can

accompany was to the ladies room, we don't know if they squat as instructed

when in a men's room.  Worse yet, the little sissy's could disobey us and use

being in there as a opportunity to relieve the tension in their little

weenies which they know are meant only for our pleasure!  Harold is more

embarrassed by diapers than a cock cage and harness.  No!  Diapers will be

his potty away from home or when we travel.  I wouldn't be surprised if he

doesn't need a change right now."

The beet-red color that flashed into Harold's cheeks answered the question,

he was wet and in need of changing.  To add to his further mortification, my

daughter, Karen offered to help change the big sissy baby.

"Well, lets change him into something more appropriate," smiled Beth.

June and I spread a blanket on the floor and Beth ordered the young man to

lie down on it.  She pulled up the waist of this shirt and then pulled off

the nylon shorts to revel a darling pair of adult-sized rubber panties with

ruffles across the rear and around the leg openings.

"How darling," my mother exclaimed.

"Yes Aunt Helen," grinned Beth.  "Unfortunately, Harold doesn't seen to

really appreciate them, on more than one occasion, the ruffles at the legs

have caused some nasty comments and taunts for my little baby.  But hey do

keep his clothes dry, of course, now he has no reason to flee to the men's

room.  In fact, if he ask permission to pee, I simply insist that he use his

diapers right then and there."

"What a wonderful idea," my sister Morene said.  "You must tell me where to

get some.  I've always suspected that my Ted masturbates in public rest-rooms

when we go out.

The look that her husband/slave had on his face as he glanced over his

shoulder at Harold was one of pure disgust and horror.  Morene marched over

to him and slapped his buttock with her open palm saying.  "Put you nose to

the wall you're doing penance remember or do you want little Karen to warm

you up again.

Beth proceeded to pull down the baby panties and unpined the wet diapers to

reveal yet two more surprises.  First, Harold was quite well endowed and

second, that he was hairless as the day he had been born.  All his pubic hair

had been shaved off.

"I insist that Harold remain shaven at all times." Beth cooed, slipping her

hand around his privates before grasping his now hardening shaft and giving

it a good squeeze.

Beth's domination and control of this sissy was apparent but such a public

display was quite another thing.  Harold quickly shut his eyes.  Tears slowly

began to trickle down his cheeks and he tried to hold back but soon he was

sobbing his heart out at this newest humiliation.

Beth released his cock and took hold of his balls.  Applying pressure she

commanded.  "Hush now Harold, these women are family, after we are married

they will all be you mistress's.  Little Karen evens disciplines Frank and

he's her grandfather, females in my family know what best for our males.  Now

stop or I give you something to really cry about."

Beth handed Karen a baby-wipe telling her to clean Harold up.  Karen knelt

down by the still sobbing boy and cooed sweetly.  "Now Harold there nothing

to be ashamed of I seen every male in this house naked at one time or

another.  Now move you hands out of the way so I can clean your little

dicky."  Slowly he moved his hands to his side clinching his fists as Karen

washed his penis and testicles with the damp cloth.  As she continued to

fondle the still sniffling sissy she commented. "Mom his balls are even

bigger than Tommy's, can I make him spurt his juices, please!"

"No Karen he not family yet!  He belong exclusively to Beth and she may not

milk him like we do the males that belong to us.  Now stop teasing the poor

sissy and go and throw that baby-wipe in the trash."

Harold was cock was fully erect and looked as if he were about to erupt. As

soon as Karen stood up he quickly used both hands to cover himself and he

avoid looking at any one in the room by keeping his eyes tightly shut.

Beth was soon back from the car carrying the outfit she had chosen for Harold

to wear. It was a darling little pink and white tennis outfit.  It had a

white blouse and a very short, pleated pink skirt.  There were matching

white tennis panties with rows of white lace ruffles across the bottom and

around the legs.  The skirt was so short that any movement would give

tantalizing glimpses of the darling little panties.  She also was carrying a

white lace brassiere and foam pads.

Harold looked relieved when he was finally dress even if it was women

clothing he was wearing.  He shyly looked around the room as he tugged at the

short skirt.  The men acted if noting strange had been going on, my father

continued setting the dinner table and the rest of our sissy were engaged in

a quite conversation as if nothing had happen.  The ladies of our clan could

not help but to complement Harold on his darling little outfit.  We each gave

him a hug and kiss saying how we hoped he would soon be a part of our little


Father came out curtsey and announced that dinner was ready.

After a delicious meal all the men were in the kitchen cleaning up and

washing the dishes while all the ladies and Harold enjoyed coffee and

cigarettes in the den.

Harold obediently sat at Beth's feet while she told us all about how she

acquired Harold.


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