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Archive-name: Slaves/grace1.txt

Archive-author: Double Ampersand

Archive-title: Grace I

            I had seen her the first time, at the company meeting in

May. I was a junior manager working for her department, handling the

money side of things for the large construction firm we both worked

for. She was thirtyish and to my eyes, perfection personified. Her ass

looked so inviting, squeezed by her tight black skirt, her panties

traced out in smooth curves. While the general manager droned on about

quarterly targets and resource crunches and achieved goals, I began to

see in my mind, drops of her sweat mixed with her cunt juices

trickling down the hairy furrow between her smooth buttocks.  When she

caught me staring at her, she frowned, wrinkling her brow. I turned

away. My cock had become bone hard and hurt as it pulsed with every

beat of my hammering heart.  When my cock gets that hard, I cant think

anymore. I would have fucked my mother, holding her legs up against

her breasts and sucking her toungue into my mouth if I could. My cock

doesnt have a heart or a mind.

            I knew I had to get this woman. And I knew it had to be

soon.  I would probably never be in a strange city without Rita my

wife, with a hotel room all to myself, and hours to kill in the night,

and a aching cock thirsty for cunt juice, for a long time.

            There was only one thing to do. She was talking to a

director of the company and I could see that the director could barely

keep his mind on what they were discussing. Every now and then his

eyes would move to her breasts or the long legs encased in silk. I

took a risk of upsetting the man by going upto them , she seemed

relieved to be rescued from the boring pointless conversation he was

carrying on between peeks at her cleavage.  We got into a deep

conversation about federal taxes on construction. The director

wandered off as his ignorance began to embarass him.

           She looked me in the eyes and said "A bit uncomfortable 

are we ?"

           She was now looking at my erection that was driving me

crazy.  I saw her eyes widen and her nipples tighten under her black

blouse.  I thought there was no point in pretending. I asked her to my

room for a drink, and offered to throw in some old style rock as an

enticement. She smiled and told me to get her coat for her. I avoided

touching her or coming close to her as we sat in the cab I called, and

only made some small talk along the way. I thought about the musky

smell that she would reek of when I would get her panties out of the

way. The bush of dark hair that would beg to be parted to show me her

ruby flower lips that would beg to be rubbed and squeezed and spread

and fucked till they swelled and grabbed at my cock.

           We reached the house and I switched on the light. She said

she wanted to use the bathroom, and I showed her the way. She was a

while in the bathroom, and I heard moans and heavy breathing as I

stuck my ear against the door. It made me want her so much I wanted to

fill her navel with my thick pearly white seed. I went back to the

couch and filled our glasses with the best red wine I had in the room.

           She came back into the room, she had loosened her hair and

it now fell around her shoulders. By now the alcohol had done its work

on her and her masturbation had left her relaxed. I invited her to sit

in my lap.  I told her it was her it was her proper place as she was

higher up in the scheme of things. She laughed and I smelt breath

freshener mixed with chianti pour out of her mouth. I put my arms

around her and held her breasts through her blouse. I have big hands

and she was around 35 C and her tits fit easily into my hands as I

softly squeezed. She would stop in the middle of a sentence and jerk

as my hands massaged her breasts in slow sweeps from the base to the

nipples. I fingered her right nipple while I squeezed and kneaded her

left breast . I rolled it between my thimb and forefinger through her

blouse. She had stopped talking and her eyes were half closed, her

mouth half open and twitching. I bent down and kissed her throat,

licking her from chin to sternum, spreading saliva all over her neck,

I licked her till she began moaning and her nostrils flared. I licked

her left earlobe and nibbled and sucked it, tickling and wetting the

light golden hair that grew there, breathing into her ear and stroking

into her ear with my tongue.  I was holding her now hard with my left

hand, while with my right I drove between her legs and rubbed and

massaged her thighs above her stockings.  She clamped her legs against

my hand resisting my caresses. I began to rub harder and whispered in

her ear "Bitch, Im going to fuck you anyway, whether you let me or

not, Im going to spread your thighs and fuck you like the bitch you

are, so stop fighting and spread your legs for me, spread your legs

for me bitch, spread your cunt lips for your lover, baby" I was now

beyond control and my hands spoke to her body like twins do when no

one was watching. She moaned as if her will was being torn away from

her and her legs spread as if hypnotized. I moved my hand between her

legs and felt her cunt through sodden panties. I slipped my forefinger

along the valley of her slit and began to rub in circles, she began to

jerk involuntarily and thrust her hips in time with my stroking, as

she tried to rub her clitoris against my forefinger. The smell of her

wet, panting cunt filled the room. She grabbed my head with her hands

and kissed me, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth as she

shuddered and thrust continously against my hand, moaning into my

mouth, as she slid her wet tongue over mine and stroked it.

I carried her unresisting to the bedroom, laid her out on the bed,

lifted her skirt and started caressing her soft thighs, pinching her

with light fingers all over her silk covered legs, before returning my

attention to her swollen lips now almost sticking to the clinging

black silk of her panties, and kissing her again, parting her lips and

sliding again into her mouth.

Grace was kissing me with a desperation I could feel in the grip of

her thighs over my hand, I could feel it in the moans that escaped

her, and in the musky warm wetness between my fingers.

She was sucking now, on my tongue, dragging it deep into her mouth.  I

stroked the underside of her tongue with the tip of mine. Rapid

flicks, slow wallowing in the hot slick pool at the floor of her

mouth.  I stroked the back of her neck with my other hand.

I broke away from her, our lips parting wetly.  Her mouth was still

half open, her eyes closed tightly, licking her lips in sensous

caresses, as she bucked against my hand.

With my free hand I covered her mouth and planted my knee between her

legs, her thighs opening at the shock, letting my hand go free.  She

pushed against me frantically, her eyes now bulging, biting the palm

of my hand that covered her mouth.

I slapped her. She screamed. I slapped her again. Harder this time, my

fingers leaving red marks over her cheek. Tears were streaming now

from her eyes. I grabbed both her arms in my hand and pulled them over

her head, tying them to the bedpost nearest to us with the shoulder

cord that I tore from the purse she had brought along.

Fear was in her eyes. The mascara had begun to mess up and run in

bluish green rivulets down her face. I wiped her tears away with my

handkerchief.  She strained against the cord, and I watched it cut

into her skin, around her wrists.  She had begun to cry again, her

wracking sobs becoming louder.  I lifted my hand high and brought it

down on her thigh, the sound muted by the smooth silk. She jerked and

went rigid, her breath rapid and ragged.  The sobs turned into


I left her on the bed and searched in my room for something to tie her

with.  There was nothing in that room that I could use.  So I jerked

out the phone cords. I could do without the phone for a while.  I

pushed her knees back up till her feet were flat on the bed and passed

the cords under her knees and tieing them to the side of the bed,

making sure she was spread wide open. I could smell her cunt, wet from

the frantic petting we had done. The heat from her body was so

intense. I knelt between her legs and bent down. She stiffened. I

smelt the hot essence boiling out of her.  I passed my hands under her

ass and squeezed those soft globes, raising her to my lips. She was

squirming and trying to get away from me. I tore the panties from her

body, ripping it with my right hand, pulling it up towards her head so

that the crotch dragged into her cunt lips till I saw them bulge out

on both sides and she sobbed aloud. I brought the torn panties up to

her face. She tried to turn her head away. I held my hand over her

mouth forcing her to smell the wet crotch.

Her cunt was covered with thick black hair, half-way up her navel.

She had hair past her cunt, around her asshole. Her bush was parted

neatly at the middle, too neatly for it to be natural. The bitch

combed there too !

I climbed back onto my knees.  Bending over her I began to unbutton

her blouse.  Her bra was lacy and very light, her nipples were hard I

could feel through it.

Her eyes had a fixed look now.  She no longer resisted, but laid back


I was surprised to see she didnt shave her armpits.  Hair grew there

just like between her legs, wild and black.  I undid the fasteners at

the back. I let her breasts fall free, her bra still around her,

hanging by the straps.

Her nipples were hard.  I bent down over her, and kissed her nipples.

Running my tongue around the aureoles in ever-narrowing circles, till

I came to the hard little erasers.  I flicked my tongue on them like

vibrators do, better than any vibrator, warm, wet, and sticky. I

sucked them. Till they doubled in size and she shuddered each time I

sucked. I took them between my teeth and nibbled on them,

tongue-lashing them till she lifted her ass of the bed and began

pumping her hips, moaning.

I opened her purse and took out her hair-brush.  I hit her exposed ass

cheeks with the brush, leaving hundreds of tiny red marks on her

creamy skin, her tears running again, I hit harder, alternating

between her firm buttocks. Her lower legs jerked each time the blows

landed. I slipped a finger along her moist crack, sliding in the juice

she was pouring out, caressing her swelling clit, as the brush kissed

her ass. She was moaning again, her mouth wide open, tongue stretched

out searching the air. I slid a finger into her honey pot. She raised

her ass meeting the blows, stiffening at each impact.  Her juices

began to leak over her lips and trickle down, wetting the hair, all

the way down to her tiny rosebud.

I moved the brush higher and brought it down hard on her cunt.  A

spasm passed through her, all her muscles contracting at once.  I bent

over again and pinched her nipples, rolling them between thumb and

forefinger. Holding her neck down I kissed her lips silencing her

scream. I took the brush and held it at her swollen slit, sinking the

handle into her. As I sucked on her tongue, I shoved the handle in and

out of her, my thumb brushing her clit on every upstroke. She began to

relax, as I kissed her throat. She was thrusting involuntarily. I bent

her head so she could see the plastic base slide in and out. She tried

to resist, holding still for a moment. I licked her nipples, and

caressed the underside of her breasts; she thrust at the hard slippery

intruder in her cunt, watching hypnotized while it slid, spreading

open her inner lips as it pushed in, and dragging them out as she

pulled her hips back in long strokes. When I felt her stiffening, her

toes stretching, and her eyes fixed on her heaving hips, I let go of

the brush.  It was sticking out of her, about three inches inside, the

rest of the handle and the brush a parody of a cock.

"Please, please .. ", she pleaded.

I moved off the bed and walked up to her.  I unzipped my fly and took

out my pounding rock hard six-incher.  She opened her mouth, and

licked the pre-cum off, trying to force her tongue into the opening,

before covering the glans with her smooth soft lips.

She traced out a circle around the base of the glans in the groove

with the tip of her tongue.  I grabbed her head, and shoved it all in,

all the way to the back of her throat.

"Suck", I told her.

I pulled back and slammed in again, fucking her mouth.

"Suck", I told her again.

I held her eyes wide open with my fingers, holding the lids raised

against the ridges over them.  She swallowed and sucked harder, her

tongue sliding over the head, as I thrust my hips. It felt so good,

her rosy lips wet and glistening with saliva, as they rubbed against

my shaft on the way in, and sucked on my way out. I fucked her throat,

making tears come into her eyes, but I wouldnt let her blink, the

tears filling her eyes till she couldnt see clearly, rolling in huge

warm drops over her face.  I held my cock inside her mouth, the head

pushing the back of her throat, her lips tickling my long pubic hair,

half of the hair inside her mouth, my hands holding her head hard

against me, until she began to choke and heave for air, massaging the

sensitive glans with spasms of her throat, just like a womans pussy

does in orgasm.  I watched her turn a deep red as she choked.

Her struggles became wilder and her eyes almost popped out.  I held

her to me, like I wanted her life. I wanted her throat.  I wanted her

mouth sucking my organ, I wanted her lips to drink my seed.  As her

throat spasmed in involuntary waves, I began to come; it shot out of

me, I felt it shoot past my sphicter and flow as I groaned, tightening

my hold on her head, as I shot deep into her throat.

I let go of her head, her head slamming back to the bed, eyes closed,

breath heaving.  I was still spurting in thick white globs of sperm; I

climbed over her and held her still while I shot some of it onto her

lips, into her hair.  I moved down her and stroked with my hand as the

last drops flowed filling her navel.

"I hate you !", she screamed.

I smiled and spread her thighs.  The stocking on her left leg had

broken its garter strap and had begun to come unrolled, half down to

her knees.  Her whole body was covered in sweat, it poured off her in

streams.  It ran down between her legs mixing with her juices and

making the bed wet under her. The hair-brush was still inside her,

sticking out obscenely.  I ran my fingers in the hot valley,

collecting the dew that glistened in her crotch, and brought my hand

to my mouth, smelling her sweat, mixed with the woman scented cunt-oil

she had poured out. With a shudder that I could feel begin in my hard

cock I licked it from my palms and fingers, tasting like salty butter.

"You want ? " I asked her.

"Fuck You Bastard"

I stepped up to her, my pants still around my knees, and massaged it

into her tits, lovingly spreading it over her still hard nipples and

pinching till she winced and still harder until the tears began to

flow, down her face, down her neck and in streams over her throat. Her

nipples looked flattened and half-inch long sticking out like that.

I left her there to cry.

I went to the living room, after I turned out the lights.  I smoked a

cigarette.  Without thinking my hands went to my cock.  I stepped out

of my pants, stripped off all my clothes.  I looked at the cars

passing underneath the window, trying to control myself. I went into

the bathroom, and picked up an old fashioned razor blade, and looked

around for a jar of vaseline.  Couldnt find one, so I took the bottle

of gel conditioner.

I turned the lights back on in the bedroom.  She was crying silently.

I got onto the bed, and taking her left thigh, where her stocking had

come undone, I caressed it, sliding my hand over it slowly, sensously,

rubbing my fingers into her yielding flesh. I bent down and licked it

making love to her thigh, in slippery strokes. I licked closer to her

bush and I could smell her scents. Her sobs were now accompanied by

little indrawn breaths. Her leg stretched out.  I kissed the soft

underside of the knee where the cord was cutting into her, where it

had made grooves into her skin, I kissed and licked her calf, wetting

down the fine golden hair that grew there, pulling the stocking

further down her leg.  I rolled the stocking off her leg, and slid my

hands all over her silky skin. I kissed her toes, tickling her feet

with my tongue, kissing the underside making her squirm. I held her

leg rigid in my hand and used the other hand to tickle her foot with

my fingers. She began to twist in her bonds, her sobs broken with

gasps that began to turn into giggles and grew into screams. I grabbed

the hair-brush and stroked in and out of her, tickling her foot with

the other hand. Her eyes closed, her arms straining at the cord. I

pulled the brush out and slipped in a finger sinking into her hot

depths feeling her cunt walls slide past slowly, searching for the

spot under her clit.

"Ah, No...No... Dont ...", she was giggling uncontrollably, both her

legs stretched out tense, her skirt fallen over her belly.

I found the spot, slightly raised , and stroked around it, rubbing in

circles. Her clit had become engorged, pushing the hood up, becoming

erect. I let go of her leg, still she held them up straight in the

air, tied at the knees. I leaned forward and blew on her clit.

"Mm.. Ah.. AAh.. MMMmm", her moaning would rise and fall.  She was

nearing climax, I could tell.  I stopped.

Leaning over her I picked up the razor blade and drew it slowly and

lightly over her soft white thighs, first her left and then her right,

the edge drawing lines that suddenly burst into flower with blood.

Thin lines that ran from her hips to mid-thigh.

She started forward, and uttered a piercing cry, as she craned her

neck and watched the razor blade travel slowly, the touch almost

pleasurable on her delicate skin of her thighs at first before the

edge broke skin.

I rubbed the blood into her, looking into her crazed eyes, before

diving forward, spreading her clittoral hood, and exposing her bright

pink clit, hard and sensitive. I closed my mouth over it, sucking it

into my mouth as I tapped it with my tongue, flicking it as fast as I

could. I raised her ass off the bed and held her against me as she

tensed and let out a groan that went on and on, my lips sucking on her

clit like a child sucks on its mothers nipples, sucking it like I

wanted her cunts milk, squeezing and massaging her swollen breasts,

holding them by the nipples and jiggling them back and forth.  I kept

at it. Licking the inner lips, tongue lashing the hood, biting her

thighs, while she went through one orgasm after the other, not letting

her stop.  My cock had started hurting, from being so hard for so


I licked down her lips past her slit, to the little clearing in her

hair, between her sweet asshole and her cunt. I rubbed it with my

forefinger, and her legs seemed to spread even wider.

My fingers crept down to her little closed up asshole, and traced wide

circles around it. I spit on my fingers and rubbed it into her tightly

clenched opening. Her hips shifted each time I touched her there, a

moan escaping her throat.

I reached around for the shampoo gel and spread it over her animal

musk smelling backdoor, rubbing it into her, sliding my ring finger in

slowly, as I watched her face tense fighting my intrusion, arching her

back and clenching her sphincter. I felt a twinge of pity and even for

a moment thought of her as a little girl, but still I pushed harder, I

could feel the muscle ring at her entrance try to stop me, clutching

at my finger.  The gel had done its work and all she managed to do was

milk my finger, in pitiful little spasms, as my finger slid into the

hot slick tight depths of her ass. I slid it back and forth slowly,

letting the gel spread into her, feeling her sphincter relax, her hips

shifting back and forth, in time with my thrusts. I watched for a

while, my fingers raping her ass, as they plunged again and again into

her. I twisted my finger inside her, forcing little gasps from her.

I got off the bed and undid the cords around her legs.  They fell to

the bed with a thud; they had gone to sleep, and she was trying to

move them. I climbed back on to the bed, between her inert legs and

raised them, over my shoulders, reaching down and rubbing my cock at

her asshole.

"Let me go please, please let me go, I won't tell anyone, please ...

Aaaa , Nooo! Oh My God, I said no, dont, Mmmaaaaah, please nooo !!!",

she said, her voice going into a lisping moan as I used my thumbs to

open up her wet asshole, placing my cock against it, and thrusting in

small but persistent strokes, till the head slid in the gel, and

forced past her desperate resistance, and I felt the warmth of her ass

squeezing me. I had an inch or so inside. She had started flailing her

legs but now they were trapped within my arms, as I bent over her.

We were really sweating now, and it ran off both of us.  I felt the

garter belt on her other leg rub against my lower chest and the back

side of her thighs against the hair on my belly.

I looked at her, helpless, her breasts swollen and full, the nipples

hard, probably painfully hard, moaning from the pain.

I drove down into her in hard strokes, sinking my cock into her hot

bowels. It was so tight inside her. I thrust harder and harder loving

the way she groaned, impaled on my cock. When I was all the way in, I

let her legs down, moving my weight, first to one arm, and then the


Her arms were still tied, so I wrapped my arms around her, under her,

holding her close to me. She was trying to avert her face from me,

twisting into the soaked pillow. I held her face rigid in my hands and

held my self still, my cock just a inch inside her clutching passage.

I licked her ears and kissed her lobes, teasing the tiny hair that

grew there, blowing softly, thrusting with my tongue.  I spoke into

her ears.

"I want you for me, I want you close to me."

I kissed her neck.

I kissed around her lips and kissed her nose, caressing the skin below

her nose above her lips.  I forced my tongue into her, making love to

her.  I felt her body relax, the tension going out of her.

I sunk into her ass, centimetre, by centimetre, kissing her deeply,

muffling her groans, as my cock spread her virgin asshole in slow


"I want you to hurt for me."

I thrust all the way in, in one stroke.

"I want you to suffer for me, because I want you to suffer for me."

I wiped her tears away.

"I want you so much I need to make you scream, bitch !"

I stroked in and out furiously, as her voice wavered between deepening

moans and the gasps of pain.

She was making the connection between pain and pleasure.

I shifted my weight on to my elbows and held her hard breasts in my

hands and squeezed, in time with the downstroke.

"Hurt for me"

I fucked her ass in hard strokes, I licked under her arms, where the

her hair grew thick and was wet with her sweat, I kissed her through

the sweat, and kissed her mouth and held her, sucking her breath out,

as I began thrusting in a frenzy.

I could hear her ass grip wetly as my cock pulled out, and I could

feel her body shake from the force of my thrusts. I felt the soft

round lips slide around my cock, wetly, as my seed rose in a fountain

from deep inside; me burst the dams and shot in a white river I could

see in my mind, into her, deep into her.  When she felt the stream

flow inside her she moaned and threw her legs around me, and I felt

her asshole milk my cock of its last drops.

That's how Grace became my slave.


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