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Archive-name: Slaves/gogoclub.txt


Archive-title: Go-Go Club, The

He was such a nice guy. Sometimes his messages were a little strange

... like when he sent the ones about spanking you. But those were

always because you were naughty. And the idea of getting a spanking

excited you.  You liked imagining it. He always just pretended anyway.

He just used it as an excuse to get you on his lap.  Was he too shy to

just say he wanted you naked in his arms?

Well you were going to find out how shy he is very soon now. You

invited him to meet you downtown for lunch.

He suggested Camelot and gave you the address. Let's see ... 1823 M

Street. Here it is ... GOOD LORD! It's a GO-GO place. You see him

standing next to the door. And he walks up to you with a big smile.

He quickly suggests a different place, but explains that Camelot really

is a very nice, clean restaurant. It caters to the business-suit crowd,

he explains. Are you feeling adventurous? Well you've seen go-go places

in movies ... like in Beverly Hills Cop. What makes this place

different, you wonder. He talks you into peeking

in the door.

You see a long, narrow room. The place smells clean ... no cigarette

smoke or perfume. The small tables all have linen. And there are quite

a few well- dressed men eating lunch. In the middle of the long room is

a small platform. A very tall, beautiful woman is slowly dancing to a

soft popular tune. Very classy, very nice chassis, and very nude. It

certainly is NOT like the raw sex you always imagined.

Before you can back out, he and the hostess urge you to sit at the

table near the door. He give you the seat with the best view. He takes

the seat opposite you with his back to the dancer. Well, you think, the

door is near.  But he better not make any false moves! You grab the

menu and stare blindly at it.

He quickly suggests a burger and a beer. You agree with his choice. The

waitress comes to take your order. The music stops.

There is quiet applause for the dancer, which He joins. You look down

the room and see two men standing in front of the platform. Each man

tucks a folded bill into the woman's garter, which is her only item of

clothing. She smiles nicely at them. The next record from the jukebox

starts ... and she goes back to her quiet dance.

After the beer arrives, you start to relax. He is very polite ... and

seems almost amused at you. He explains that another "regular" place

would have been fine with him. He was just seeing how adventurous you

were. He is very pleased at your bravery. Well, he certainly made it

easy to have something sexy to talk about. He draws you into a

conversation about women enjoying looking at other naked women. He

notices that your eyes keep shifting to watch the dancer.

When he notices how much you are enjoying the dancer, he excuses

himself. He walks down to the platform and tips her. He spends a moment

whispering to her ... and you see both of them look in your direction.

She smiles and nods, and he returns to your table.

"I tipped her for you, and she said say, 'Thank you.'" You see that it

is her last dance. She is slipping on her lace outfit. She helps the

next woman get onto the platform. Then, as the music starts again, she

comes over to your table ... and asks you if you would like company.

She is twisting a twenty dollar bill in her fingers ... and you have a

strong feeling that she just got it from him.

He motions you forward to whisper in your ear. He says that she loves

to party ... and that now is your chance for that "experience" you said

you always dreamed about with Renee. His hand has closed on your arm to

pull your ear close to his lips. His breath is warm against your ear.

You are feeling dizzy and allow him to nuzzle your cheek. You are

suspended ... it seems like forever.

From the corner of your eye, you see him reach out to the dancer.

She lets him pull her into the seat next to you. What are you getting

yourself into, you ask yourself, as you slide your mouth around to his.

The sudden, unexpected presentation of an erotic fantasy has thrown you

into a pulse-pounding dream. You were prepared to consider ... and

probably reject ... a pass from him.

But you were not prepared to reject something that you have been

reaching for for years.

As you fall into a passionate kiss with him, the dancer takes your

hand. She slips her fingers between yours, locking hands and palms with

you. Then she pulls your hand toward her and slides both her hand and

yours inside her loose top. She firmly rubs the back of your hand up

and down and around her bare breasts. You can feel her skin clearly.

Your thumb is free, and she encourages you to use it to stroke and

squeeze her nipples. She lets go of your hand, and presses it against

her breasts until you continue your touches on your own power.

At the same time, her other hand reaches over to you. Her hand explores

your breasts ... finds your nipple ...  and begins to milk you. You

cannot breathe. You cannot think. Everything is a haze as you become

lost in an erotic fantasy. You can't get enough of his mouth as you

kiss intimately and deeply with him. You can't get enough of touching

this dancer's large breasts and swollen nipples. Her freed hand has

slid under your skirt between your thighs while the other continues to

stroke and squeeze and pull your nipple over and over. And his hand has

slipped down your arm and has begun doing the same with your other

breast. Under the table, his knee has pressed between yours ... enough

to keep them apart for the dancer to reach your dripping pussy.

You finally come up for air. Her fingers in your pussy did not satisfy

you. You want more! You want to get naked and get into bed with her.

And with him. You want to feel his cock inside you.

What happened? This started out as a simple lunch date. You were going

on a blind date with someone from the boards. It was only supposed to

be a hamburger and a few laughs. Now, all of a sudden, you know you are

not going back to work. You will go wherever he says.

He and the dancer whisper for a moment. Then she leaves. He asks you if

you have time to drop by her apartment upstairs. Upstairs? He explains

that the dancers often work for tips, room and board. She is going on

break now, and asked he to invite you to join her.  Oh why does it have

to be so easy? Why couldn't it be a tough decision?  So you could say

No?  He sees your temptation. He leans close and tells you that the

dancer is waiting. She is on her bed waiting for you.

That was too much. You silently nod yes. He drops a few bills on the

table to pay for lunch. Then he takes your hand and pulls you towards

the back of the restaurant. You follow blindly. He stops with you at

the platform and whispers to the new dancer there. You are only a foot

away... and you can see her pussy peeking through her trimmed bush. Is

the dancer upstairs naked? You hope so.

The stairs are narrow and dim. Halfway up, he stops. He pulls you close

... and kisses you. It is a shy kiss.  He lets you lead it into more

passion.  You search for his tongue with yours.

He lets you rub your body against his. You lean back against the wall,

and pull him to you. He leans into you with his weight. You can now

feel the hardness of his cock pressing against your thigh through his

pants. You slide over and press your pussy hard against it. It feels so


"Do you trust me?" he asks. Trust him? What does he mean? "Do you know

I won't harm or hurt you in any way?" he asks. Of course, you reply.

Why? "She wants to tie you up. But I won't let her unless you trust me.

You have to be sure! If we play this game with you, we won't untie you

when you ask. We won't untie you when you beg.  We won't untie you

until she is ready. But only if you trust me. Do you?"

You search his eyes, heart pounding. NO! Not that! You tell him that

you don't know him well enough. You just met.  He nods, OK. And he

takes your hand to lead you back downstairs. Wait! What about the

dancer? He explains that this is her place. If you are not ready for

her game, you won't be asked to play. Wait! you ask. You are torn

between the excitement and the fear. You waver for a long time. But he

didn't have to warn you. If he wanted to hurt you, he would have

tricked you. OK. You don't say anything ... you just take his hand and

pull him back up the stairs. Your heart is pounding.

There is a long hall at the top of the stairs, with quite a few doors.

He leads you to a door marked with the number 6. He knocks quietly. The

light from the peephole is blocked for a long moment by someone on the

other side.  The door opens.

The room inside is very neat. It is decorated with murals and posters

depicting erotic scenes, but nothing blatant or pornographic. There is

a large bed piled high with colorful pillows, a couch and armchair,

dressers, and so on. It's just an ordinary place. You almost expected a

dungeon ... but this place looked normal.

He puts his finger to his lips, motioning you to be silent. The dancer

is smiling in anticipation. Her hand strays to her crotch for a second,

as if to catch a drip of moisture trickling out. She suddenly nods,

more at herself than at you. She made up her mind. He nods back and

hugs you. "Are you ready for some fun?" he asks.  Your heart starts

pounding again!  Weakly, you nod.

The dancer steps close to you and nuzzles your neck. Her hand

delicately moves upward from your hip to your breast. She allows you to

hug her for a moment, while she fondles you. You can hear her breathing

in your ear.  As she gets herself more excited, she begins to get more

insistent in her probing. She rubs herself up and down against your

body, forcing you back against the door behind you. You look over her

shoulder and see that her other hand is stroking the front of his


Suddenly she stops. "Tie her up!" she commands him.  He looks at you,

waiting for your nod. "Last chance to back out," his eyes are saying.

But the dancers hands had a strong effect on you. You want more. You

hold your wrists out silently, in a "cuff me" motion. He leads you over

to the bed.  You are a little surprised that there is nothing exotic or

fancy. He simply stretches you out on your back in a classic spread-

eagle position. There are no special padded cuffs ... just plain

clothesline at the four corners of the bed. When you are secure, the

dancer says, "Now you," to him.

Aren't they going to undress you? Apparently not. Both of you are still

fully dressed when he carefully lays down on top of you. He supports

most of his weight with his elbows and knees. But his body is very

firmly against yours. You can feel his hardness against your inner

thigh. He smiles shyly, and kisses you. At that moment, the dancer

brings more cords up and ties him to the same corners. You realize that

whatever happens now, he is in the same fix you are in. This dancer

better be nice, or he is in BIG trouble with you. He can move around a

little ... even get up on hands and knees ... but he can't untie

himself. "Now. Up!" the dancer commands. He lifts himself as far as he

can and looks down at you. The dancer begins to unbutton your blouse.

When your blouse has been opened, she slides one hand inside your bra

and begins to caress and stroke you. She is kneeling by the side of the

bed, watching his face. You see him begin to look dizzy. You realize

what is going through his head right now; he wishes it was his hand

instead of hers.  When her hand leaves, the cup has been pulled down,

exposing your breast.  "Don't move." She commands him. She reaches

under you and unsnaps your bra.  Then she pulls it up around your neck,

exposing your breasts fully to his joyful view.

She moves further down and pulls your skirt up around your hips. Her

hand reaches inside your panty waistband and strokes you delicately.

Your moisture begins to drip and itch, and you slide your hips around

trying to find her fingers. But she never quite touches you where you

want it, even though her hand comes out dripping. She wipes her hand on

his mouth. "Kiss her."  He drops down on you and pushes against your

open mound. You grind against him as he kisses your mouth. You can

taste your juices. He spends some time nuzzling and sucking your


"UP!" she commands. While you were kissing him, the dancer took all of

her clothes off. She is the only one really undressed. She opens his

pants.  When she pulls them down around his knees, you can clearly see

his bulge through his briefs. She strokes it slowly, as his eyes begin

to roll back in his head. He is going crazy.

"Do you think he should get any pussy today?" she asks you. You are

surprised that you have a choice, and eagerly nod Yes. She kisses you

on the mouth ... on your bare breasts ... on your exposed belly ... on

your damp mound through your panties. The she tugs your panties down

until he can look down at your nakedness. "Kiss her."

He tries to reach your pussy, but the ropes won't allow it. He settles

for a quick nibble on your exposed nipples. Then he lowers himself

against you and grinds away again. This time, only his underpants

separate you as you eagerly kiss him.

"UP!" she commands. She exposes his cock to you. Her hands stroke him

up and down his long shaft. You can see him clearly. His cock bounces

lightly in a regular pattern. You can tell it is the blood pounding in

his veins.  She bends down between you. You can't see, now, but you can

tell from the way his eyes are rolling that she is sucking on him.

There are a lot of wet slurping noises. Oh if only she would let you do

that to him!

"OK. Time for some pussy." She says with a big smile. Your hopes soar

... and are suddenly dashed.  She crawls between the two of you, facing

you!  "Fuck me" she commands him as she impales herself on his cock.

"Suck me" she commands you as she squeezes her breasts together to get

both nipples in your mouth. From her excited movements, you realize

that he has indeed found the mark.

Her moans of pleasure swiftly reach a peak. She bounces wildly against

your face, and throws her hips around in grinding circles for a long

time ... subsiding finally into long, low murmurs. She kisses your face

for a while.  Then slides out from between you.

"UP!" she commands him, again.  She whispers in your ear, "Now it's

your turn." She begins to stroke your breasts with both hands while

kneeling next to your head. His knees are between your thighs and you

rub your legs against his. Then she straddles your face and lowers her

pussy onto your mouth. "Eat me," she commands.

So this is what it is like, you realize. And from the taste, you also

realize with joy that he has saved himself for you. There is no trace

of semen mixed in her fragrant juices. Her legs are vibrating with

tension next to your ears. As you suck on her pussy, she falls forward

and slips between you and him. You can feel her pull your panties

further down your legs. Then her tongue enters your yearning love box.

There is a pause in her action on you ... and from her continued

gyrations, you realize what is happening. She is probably sucking on

him again. His rocking motions soon confirm your guess. But the pattern

changes soon.  She slips aside a little, and you can feel something

pressing against your pussy. It feels good, and, by wiggling down a

little, you realize that you have captured the head of his cock. But,

as you try to get more of it, it is withdrawn.

"Satisfy me first," she says to you over her shoulder. You return your

attention to her. As her excitement builds, you feel her allowing him

to enter you again. It feels so wet and juicy down there that you

realize she is licking your pussy and his cock while he slides in and

out. You have waited so long for this! As her gyrating pussy in your

face builds to a climax, she allows him to push deeper.  His cock feels

wonderfull ... thick and long. Your own pleasure builds rapidly.

Finally, the three of you all race to the top at the same time in a

long series of pushing and pumping and squirming and grinding and

squirting and rubbing orgasms.

After a while, she unties the two of you. You all lay together in a big

pile, loving and caressing each other.  The dancer says, "Next time you

won't get yours so easily. He told me you were a virgin, lesbian-wise,

so I came right away. When you come back, I have a girlfriend named

Renee Holmes that will be waiting for you."  She then whispered in your

ear, "And you don't have to bring HIM."


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