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Archive-name: Slaves/gayle.txt


Archive-title: Gayles Punishment

This is the story of my punishment by my mistress. i was forced

to write this so she could tell everyone about how she treated

her slaves when they displeased her. Gayle

I was sitting at my desk in my office going over some financial

analysis reports when the phone rang.  I could see by the light

that my secretary had answered it.  A few seconds later the

intercom buzzed and she told me there was a woman on the phone

who would only identify herself as "Kay".  Since I didn't know

anyone by that name and certainly wasn't expecting a call, i was

a little bit puzzled. "probably someone trying to sell me

something", I thought.  "hello", I said after picking up the


"Is this Gayle?", queried the female voice on the phone.  I

froze unable to move.  Who was this that knew my deepest secret?

who was this that knew me by my feminine name 'Gayle'?  "I beg

your pardon", I stammered into the phone.  My mind was racing now

as the possibilities confronted my senses.  "Slave Gayle, this is

your Mistress Kay.  I hope you are in a very obedient and

submissive mood because I have need for a french maid slave this evening".

I was speechless and very much in a panic! I frequently visited

Mistress Kay at an S&M house downtown but it was always at my

instigation and by my schedule.  Although I had often called her

from my office, she had never called me here.  "Yes, Mistress

Kay, this is Gayle", I finally answered.  "Very good, Gayle, if

you had not taken my call I was going to call your secretary back

and tell her exactly who I was.  That I am your dominant mistress

who allows you to serve me only if you dress in sexy lingerie and

a very provocative revealing french maid's outfit. I was also

going to tell her that I would be willing to send her pictures

as proof if she didn't believe me. Think of that the next time I

call you".

Now I want you to listen very carefully to everything I am about

to say as i don't want any mistakes". "Yes, Mistress.  I am

listening very carefully". I pulled out a pad of paper to copy

everything down.  "Tonight I have a very special session with,

not one, but two slaves at the same time. I want you here as the

third slave.  I want to use you to not only serve me but also to

service both of my slaves.  I want them to leave here completely

satisfied and you are going to see to it that they are.  Now, I

want you to arrive at the rear entrance of the house at exactly

7:30pm.  Upon your arrival you are to be totally dressed as a

sexy french maid including makeup, wig, long polished nails,

black seamed stockings, and four inch heels.  You will be wearing

the very short french maid uniform with the frilly white satin

petticoat underneath and white apron in front. You are to park

your car in the alley behind the house and walk up the steps to

the second story porch entrance.  There will be a box with a note

in it.  Open the box and follow the instructions in the note

exactly.  Do you understand, me Gayle"?

I had been writing as fast as I could and what she was demanding

of me was just sinking in.  "Please tell me mistress, how am I

supposed to get completely dressed and drive across town? I am so

afraid of being exposed. I have always dressed for our sessions

after arriving at your place", I wined.  "I don't give a damn how

or where you get dressed but if you ever want to see me again,

you had better be at the back door at exactly 7:30pm and dressed

exactly as I told you and I want that slutty look to be a part of

it. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "Yes, Mistress, but"

"good" she said interrupting me.  "Oh, one more thing.  Your ass

had better be completely smooth and free of hair tonight or else.

Good bye", as I heard the phone click.

I sat there still holding the phone listening to the dial tone. I

looked at my watch realizing it was already 4:30pm.  My mind was

numb trying to figure out what I was going to do.  Mistress Kay

was the best and most exciting mistress I had ever seen.

Although I couldn't have sessions with her as often as I would

have liked, I always looked forward to serving her and wondering

what new twist she would invent.  Well, this one took the cake!!

I had only three more hours to not only be at her door but to

figure out how I was going to get there.  Fortunately I had my

clothes and makeup in the overnight bag in the trunk of my car.

I wrote down a quick timetable of what I needed to get done.

Motel reservation, a shave (buy soap and razor), apply makeup and

wig, corset, bra, apply nails and polish hope it's dark by then.

I got a room in a nearby motel-the kind that you can exit

directly to the parking lot from.  I don't know what I would have

done if all the motels around made you exit via the lobby.  It is

risky enough making the twenty foot dash to the car much less

trying to pass in the lobby.  Beside that an overcoat can only

hide so much.

I showered and shaved very closely.  Then I remembered her final

words smooth ass.  I carefully shaved both cheeks and in the

crack.  They felt deliciously smooth as I began rubbing baby oil

on them. After applying my makeup and pinning the long, curly wig

on I began to get dressed.  First I tightened the black satin

corset pulling my waist in.  As I pulled the laces tighter it

took my breath away.  I pulled the long, black seamed nylons up

over my legs and fastened the lacy tops to the six garters.  I

began to swoon as I pulled the black bikini panties over my hips.

Next came the strapless black bra with the foam nippled inserts.

I pulled on the black satin maid's uniform and the fluffy satin

petticoat and zipped up the back.  The coolness of the material

combined with the overall tightness felt wonderful.  Next I

clipped a pair a bright red earrings to each ear.  Finally, I

slipped on the shiny, black patent four inch heels and inspected

myself in front of the full length mirror.  The tops of the

stockings were just visible beneath the white petticoat and, if I

bent over just slightly, the lace trim of my panties was visible

in the rear.  I had saved putting on my nails for last since I

still find it impossible to do most anything with them on.

Carefully I applied each one and then coated each with bright

shiny red polish.  Looking back into the mirror, I could see that

my nails, lips and earrings were all the same shiny red.

It was close to 7:10pm-time to leave.  I peeked out the closed

curtains to see if there was anyone in the vicinity.  There were

a couple of people checking into their rooms and getting luggage

from their car.  Fortunately it was now dark but there were a

number of lights on.  I would definitely not be invisible.  But I

couldn't wait much longer or I would be late, and I didn't want

to risk that.  I pulled my overcoat over me hoping that would

conceal most of my outfit.  Even a real female in a short french

maid's uniform would draw stares.  I took one last look, held my

breath, and opened the door.  I walked straight ahead to my car,

noticing one couple about fifty feet away.  I reached in my purse

for my keys and panicked as I could not find them. Had I left

them in the room? Then at last I found them. I quickly got in and

started the car.  It was then I noticed someone up on the second

floor balcony looking down through the front windshield.  My coat

had open as I slid into the seat baring my legs and displaying

the tops of my stockings.  I could see the look of amusement and

astonishment on his face as I drove away.  I hoped that was the

only encounter I would have.

As I drove the five miles around town, I felt that all eyes were

on me.  Actually, everyone was into their own thing and the drive

was uneventful.  I turned into the alley and parked the car about

twenty feet from the back stairs.  It was now 7:27pm.  Just

enough time to adjust myself I thought.  I left the coat and my

purse in the car and locked it.  Not having any pockets in which

to put the key I decided to leave it on the front tire.  I

adjusted my stockings and petticoat and walked across the

courtyard to the steps. Fortunately there was only one light back

here which left it fairly dark.  I could feel the cool air on the

tops of my legs as i walked up the outside stairway.  I wondered

how I would have looked to someone walking behind and beneath me.

                        GAYLES PUNISHMENT

                            Chapter 2

On the porch was a small box with a note on top addressed to

"slave gayle".  I felt especially vulnerable standing out here by

myself dressed in such a short and sexy outfit but there was no

turning back now.  I opened the envelope and read the note.

"Slave gayle, you are to follow these instructions exactly.

Failure to do so will mean immediate dismissal from my presence

and your exposure. In the box you will find a number of items.

each has its own particular use. First, take out the four inch,

leather slave collar and fasten it around your neck.  Lock it in

place with the small, attached lock. Second, take out the leather

cock gag and place it in your mouth.  Tighten the buckle behind

your neck and lock it in place with the attached lock. Third,

pull your panties down around your knees.  Fourth, attach the

short, three inch leather strap to the ring in the front of the

slave collar. Fifth, kneel down and bend over and attach the

other end of the strap to the eye bolt on the porch floor five

feet from the door. Finally, place your wrists behind your back

and lock the handcuffs on. Someone will be out to get you soon."

I followed each order step by step, feeling more and more helpless as

each lock clicked into place.  As the handcuffs

locked I knew I was completely vulnerable and utterly helpless. I

was now on my knees, bent over from the waist with my face a

scant inch from the floor, a cock gag deep in my mouth, my

panties down around my knees, my bare smooth ass exposed, and my

wrists tightly secured behind my back.  Should anyone else come

up these back steps I was in deep trouble.

Suddenly the door opened slightly and I saw a piece of paper

pushed out and beneath my face.  It took me a while to focus my

eyes in the dim light. I read the note slowly. "Slave gayle, you

were not on your knees and restrained until 7:32pm.  I said you

were to be here at 7:30pm.  You will remain as you are for ten

minutes for each minute you were late.  You will remain tethered

on your knees with your panties pulled down for the next twenty

minutes. Concentrate on sucking the cock in your mouth. I want

your mouth ready."

Twenty minutes!!  My knees, jaws and arms were already hurting

me.  How could I kneel here like this for that long?  But what

were my choices?  Yell out? Unsnap the leather strap?  Unlock the

handcuffs and collar?  I was her prisoner and she knew it.

What's more, I knew it!  I heard all kinds of night noises over

the next twenty minutes.  At least five times I thought I heard

someone walking in the alley. If someone had come up here, I

couldn't even yell or explain that this was just a prank.  Oh,

how vulnerable my bare ass felt sticking up in the air and I knew

the short skirt did nothing to conceal it.  In fact, the black

skirt and black stockings probably framed my white buns. Then I

heard the sound of a dog or some animal. A cold nose touched my

bare fanny and a tongue flicked out repeatedly. It was agony and

yet stimulated me uncontrollable.

After an eternity, I heard the staccato clicking of high heels

and the door opened.  From my vantage point I could only see two

black, leather, high heeled boots coming through the doorway. The

boots stopped right next to my nose.  My whole world at that

moment consisted of the scent of leather.  Only the tightly

locked leather cock gag prevented me from licking each shiny toe.

"Well, gayle.  Don't you look cute.  Cute and very vulnerable." I

felt leather gloves stroking my smoothly shaven cheeks.  "I see

you followed my directions.  Your ass looks so sexy sticking up

in the air.  If I weren't afraid of drawing unwanted attention

from the neighbors, I'd get a slave out here and fuck you from

the rear.  You'd like that wouldn't you, gayle?  I'm going to

release you from your kneeling position now.  You will follow me

into the house with your wrists still handcuffed and you panties

around your knees.  You will have to prove yourself worthy of the

honor of wearing women's panties".

Slowly I got to my feet. The twenty minutes I spent in the

kneeling position made it difficult to balance on my stiletto

heels.  Mistress Kay exchanged the three inch leash for one about

eighteen inches long and pulled me after her into the house.

Although I had arrived almost thirty minutes ago, this was the

first time I could see what she was wearing.  She look absolutely

ravishing in a black leather miniskirt and matching top, thigh-

high leather boots with six inch heels, a black leather collar

around her neck, and black, elbow length leather gloves.  I would

have followed her anywhere, leash or no leash.

"Gayle, some of the other girls would like to see you.  They

couldn't believe you would actually arrive dressed this way.  I

assured them you would come dressed anyway I wanted.  Isn't that

correct?" I nodded my head unable to speak through the gag.

"First, I will remove your cock gag.  I don't want this leather

to interfere with your makeup and I want them to see your

shamefully painted bright red lips." She unlocked the gag with

the key she kept around her neck.  After slipping the wide

leather cock gag from my mouth, she carefully retouched my lips

with red lipstick, made me bend over and brutally inserted it

fully into my bare bottom. It hurt so much and was so

uncomfortable forced in as it was.  "Follow me, slut.  And you

better not embarrass me!"

I followed her down the hallway to the front of the house where

the reception area was located.  Upon entering the room I was

confronted by five beautiful women lounging on sofas.  Some were

dressed in everyday dresses while others wore low cut leather

outfits and spike heeled boots.  They seemed genuinely surprised

to see someone dressed this way on parade.  I also noticed a male

customer sitting on a chair off to one side.  His eyes widened at

the sight. "Girls, this is gayle.  As you can see, she arrived

dressed exactly as I ordered.  However, because she was late she

was forced to kneel out on the back porch for twenty minutes.

You will notice that her panties are pulled down around her knees

and she has a large cock forced painfully inside her tv pussy.

She will wear them there until she has earned the honor of

wearing women's panties".

"Bend over, gayle.  As you can see when I lift her skirt and

petticoat, gayle's ass is baby-smooth and lily white. With that

she gave the cock shaped dildo a wicked couple of turns causing

me to cry out. I can assure you that her ass will not remain white

for long.  These smooth cheeks will be a hot pink before she is

allowed to leave." Then one of the other women spoke up, "Kay,

why not let us begin her spanking right here.  Let each of us

give her five swats with your riding crop  or my leather studded paddle ?" The rest of the women all quickly agreed each obviously

very eager to be first.

It was decided that i was to kneel down, beg each woman in turn

for a whipping, thank each one, and then give the riding crop  or paddle to the next. While receiving my five swats, I was to

kneel in front of the next woman with my mouth right up next to

her crotch.  I was forbidden to touch any of them with my tongue

or lips.  No matter how hard I was whipped or how much it hurt, I

could not lunge forward away from the crop or paddle for fear of

touching their crotch.  Each in turn applied the riding crop  or paddle turning my cheeks a bright red and sending waves of sharp

pain throughout my body. As I was whipped by each another

manipulated the cock shaped dildo often pushing it savagely in as

far as they could.

I hurt so bad I was in tears.  Throughout each whipping, the

sweet scent of their cunts filled my senses.  My nose and mouth

were so close yet so far.  With some I was right next to a

leather-covered crotch, while with others I was under their skirt

up against thin, filmy nylon panties.  I would have knelt there

forever despite my pain and humiliation. "Let's go, gayle, you

have much more work to do tonight.  I have two slaves in the back

rooms who have been begging for release". As I stood to leave the

other women smirked, "suck well, slut. We'll see you later when

you have cum dripping off your lips". Mistress Kay led me off by

the leash with my wrists still tightly bound  behind my back and

my panties still down around my knees.  I could faintly hear the

laughs and remarks coming from the mistresses in the other room.

I followed my mistress down a long hallway and then up a flight

of dimly lit stairs.  From my position slightly behind and below

her she looked absolutely intoxicating.  Her long, leather

covered legs disappeared beneath her short leather miniskirt,

displaying only a few inches of black nylons and a single garter

on each side.  Her tiny, lace panties were just hidden beneath

the hem adding to my arousal. Her 6" heels only made her taller

and more powerful.  How I longed to fall to my knees and worship

her leather and lace with my tongue.

"In due time, slave", she said, not looking back.  "In due time

you will be on your knees before me worshipping my boots and

panties".  She had read my mind!   I guess I am not the first

slave to follow her up these stairs and have this view.  At the

top of the stairs she roughly dragged me forward toward the

corner of the hallway.  Suddenly i felt a large cock gag being

forced between my lips.  The strap around my head was pulled very

tight forcing the cock deeper into my throat.  A leather

blindfold was next placed over my eyes shutting out all light. It

too was pulled extremely tight around my head.

"Put your knees together, bitch!", she commanded.  A leather

strap was pulled twice around my legs just above my knees pulling

them tightly together.  Another strap secured my ankles together.

she then pulled my skirt and petticoat up and tucked them into

the bottom of my corset, exposing my bare cheeks to anyone who

might come by.  "You will stand here and listen to the sounds of

my two slaves being whipped.  You will also hold this leather crop in your hands behind you to be used by any of the other

mistresses who come upstairs with a slave.  With that she

proceeded to whip each cheek ten times with the crop before

placing it in my hand. The pain was like liquid fire over my

already flaming fanny. I could hear her heels clicking on the

hard floor as she walked down the hallway.

                        gayles punishment

                            chapter 3

I was completely and effectively immobilized!  the two small

leather straps pinned my legs together and left me teetering on

my pencil-thin high heels.  My knees tied together forced my

exposed ass to stick out and up in an obscene invitation. The

huge cock shaped dildo was still forcibly jammed in my poor tv

pussy. Thank god for that I thought, at least some protection for

me. I could neither see nor speak and it was all I could do just

to keep my balance.  In the distance I could hear Mistress Kay's

displeasure at her slaves' performance and the sharp sounds of

the resultant whippings.  I could hear her slaves begging for

mercy and for the honor of serving her.  It was fascinating; like

being outside myself listening to myself.  I became more aroused

standing there helpless and wishing my mistress would offer me

the punishments. then I heard another voice and the unmistakable

sounds of high heels walking towards me.  It was coming from

downstairs and it was getting closer.  In the distance behind me

I heard one of the other mistresses, "well, isn't this sexy!

Look, slave, Mistress Kay has left us a little playtoy bound and

gagged and helpless".  They were right behind me now and I could

feel their eyes taking in the whole scene.

"And look here, the little bitch is holding a leather crop in her hands.

I'm sure she would just love for me to get her cute

little bare buns blistering red.  Wouldn't you, bitch?". "Look,

slave, her panties are already pulled down and her skirt pulled

up." L felt her take the whip from my hands and could hear it

whooshing through the air.  "My slave will count these for you.

you will get ten on each cheek,  and you had better not move or

fall over"!  Suddenly, I felt like my left cheek was on fire.

The whip hit with such great force i was almost thrust forward on

my face.  How I kept my balance I'll never know.  As much as I

wanted to jerk away from each blow, bound as I was at my knees

and ankles, I was not only unable to move at all but I was forced

to keep my ass thrust out to await the next stinging blow.  This

has to be the ultimate punishment I thought.  Gagged against

screaming, blindfolded against seeing, and tightly bound against

moving away literally impaled on a massive cock form.  She then

placed the whip back in my hand and led her slave away to his own

punishment.  I was left there to contemplate my predicament.

Suddenly, I heard Mistress Kay's voice.  I hadn't heard her

approach from the end of the hallway.  "Come with me, slave.  I

am going to have some fun with you slaves tonight.  I hobbled

after her as best as I could, taking two inch steps at a time.

When we entered the room, she removed the blindfold and gag and

untied my knees and ankles.  I was startled by the scene before

me.  The two slaves were tied standing spreadeagled facing away

from each other, with their backs about five feet apart.  They

were both blindfolded, and gagged.  A leather thong was tied to

each slave's balls, run back through his legs and tied to the

thong of the other slave.  This had the effect of pulling their

balls backward and their cocks down and straight out in front of

them.  When Mistress Kay whipped the slave on the left, any

movements away from the whip not only pulled the thong tighter on

his balls, but had the same effect on the other slave.

Alternately whipping each slave produced an almost comical scene

of two slaves jerking forward and then quickly back into the next

whip stroke.

Mistress Kay introduced me to her slaves.  "Slaves, this is slave

gayle who is here tonight at my commanding and will attempt to

give you poor suffering whimps at least a little pleasure

tonight".  Although I didn't have any idea what my role was to

be, I was not kept in the dark for long.  "Slave gayle, you will

kneel down in front of this slave.  As he is receiving his

punishment, you are to wrap those luscious lips around his hard

cock and let him fuck your mouth".  My knees were spread wide

apart and thick leather straps securely fastened them to the

floor.  To ensure that I did not help him in any way, a leather

strap was tied from my slave collar back to the wall behind me. I

could not move my head at all forward.  To get his pleasure, the

slave would have to thrust forward into my mouth on his own. Of

course, this would act against the leather thong tied to his and

the other slave's balls.  Diabolical, Mistress Kay. So there the

three of us were.  Mistress Kay slowly and methodically applied

the leather whip to her slave's ass forcing him to jerk forward

into my mouth.  This induced sharp pain in both his balls and the

other slave's causing the other slave to pull back which in turn

pulled the cock out of my mouth which increased his pleasure and

lust to thrust back forward and the cycle was repeated.  Add to

this the uneven timing of the mistress' strokes and all three of

us slaves were in a constant state of arousal and confusion.

Slowly, the whipping and my mouth were beginning to have an

effect on the helpless slave.  I could feel that his thrusting

was becoming more powerful, despite any other distractions.  Just

as he was at the absolute pinnacle of his lust, Mistress Kay

pulled his erect throbbing cock from my mouth and gave it a sharp

slap with the whip.  "Do not cum, slave!" She then gave his balls

an equally sharp stroke effectively stopping any thought of an

orgasm.  The slave was dumbfounded-so close yet so far.  "This is

not for your pleasure, slave.  You did not, for a moment, think

that you would be allowed to satisfy yourself, did you?" The

slave, already blindfolded and gagged could only mumble an

unintelligible response. But his continued thrusting and

searching for my lips betraying his true feelings.

Mistress Kay then untied the leather straps securing me and

repositioned me in an identical position in front of the other

slave.  This slave only had a vague idea of what had happened to

the other slave.  He still did not know what feelings to expect.

I was forced to receive his cock as Mistress Kay brought him

close to the edge of release. The end result was two slaves left

in pain and each begging and squirming for sexual release.

It was then that Mistress Kay introduced her most devious device.

It was a two foot by four foot platform of wood mounted on wheels

raising it about four inches off the floor.  I was forced to

kneel on it and my knees and ankles were spread wide and tightly

secured to the platform with leather straps.  Then, I was forced

to bend forward and my slave collar was fasted to a ring in the

platform, leaving my face scant inches off the base. My wrists

were then each secured to leather straps at either corner.  I was

completely helpless with my ass thrust high in the air.  I

remembered my twenty minutes in a similar position on the back

porch.  But the difference with this device was the wheels.

Mistress Kay grabbed the leather leash attached to the front of

it and proceeded to pull my around the room. "see, slave gayle.

I can deliver your mouth or ass anywhere I feel it is needed.  I

can put you in my van and drive across town.  I can park in the

underground parking garage and wheel you along to the elevator

and place you inside.  Then I could push the button for the

fifteenth floor and leave you in there to ride on up to be met by

one of my mistress friends.  Can you imagine the surprise and

shock of anyone boarding that elevator on any of the intervening

fourteen floors?  Of course, you surely wouldn't be in any

position to see their expressions, would you?"

"But, that is not what I have in mind tonight.  These two slaves

have endured much pain and suffering tonight.  I plan on giving

them a small reward. I am going to release them from their bonds

but I am only going to give them ten minutes to satisfy their

lust.  I am going downstairs to join the other mistresses and the

slaves will have the unique opportunity to do whatever they

desire to achieve sexual satisfaction.  Remember, it has been

over a month since either of them has been allowed an orgasm and

they each know it will be at least that long before they are

allowed another.  I am going to leave you bound to this device in

the middle of the room and let them have some fun". While she was

elaborating on this scenario, she placed the toe of her right

boot on the platform right in front of my mouth.  I didn't have

to be told what was expected of me.  I strained forward to lick

her shiny boots with my tongue.  All the while that she was

explaining my upcoming ordeal in great detail I was obediently

tonguing her boot.  She then removed the massive cock shaped

dildo from my tv pussy.

When she finally released her two slaves, they were like animals

in heat.  She kept them gagged and blindfolded, adding to their

sense of urgency.  She led them over near me and coyly told them,

"Remember, slaves, it wasn't your mistress who teased you with

pleasure.  I only supplied the pain.  It was the sensuous mouth

and tongue of this slave gayle who is bound before you that

brought you to the edge.  Now, I am giving you a rare ten minutes

to ourselves.  I will tell you that gayle's panties are down and

her ass is bare and her lips are ready and waiting." Then she

departed announcing that she would return in exactly ten minutes.

i was absolutely helpless to their onslaught.  Once they

pinpointed exactly where I was, they fought each other for

position.  I felt like a piece of meat being fought over by two

lions.  In a sense i was.  One slave located my mouth and quickly

thrust his hard cock between my lips.  Almost simultaneously the

other slave had positioned himself behind me and was thrusting an

equally hard cock into my ass.  I couldn't move very much and

just had to take it.  With the knowledge that this might be the

last orgasm for week, they were each making this one count.  As if

on cue, they both began cuming into me at the same time. I was

being ravaged at both ends and could only respond to one at a

time.  But my body could not choose and reacted to both

instinctively.  But, they did not stop with just one.  They both

continued thrusting and clawing at my body.  My panties were

completely ripped off my hips and my head was firmly held in

position by the other slave.

Mercifully, Mistress Kay returned at the ten minute mark. She

quickly placed both slaves back in their bondage.  "It's late and

your mistress is in need of her rest.  You will all remain in

these positions for the rest of the night.  She gave each slave

five quick cuts with the crop .  Then she came over to me and lay

back on the floor against the gathering of pillows.  She reached

out and picked up the leash and slowly pulled the wheeled

platform towards her outspread legs.  My mouth rested only a few

inches from her satin covered pussy.  As she slowly pushed the

panties aside she said, "slave, gayle, Your Mistress needs to

unwind after a hectic day.  You are to lick my pussy gently until

I cum.  Since this is for my pleasure alone, you will be

blindfolded.  You are to be nothing but a tongue."

As I was enveloped in total darkness, my whole world consisted of

the wonderful smell and taste of my mistress.  I licked and

sucked the lips of her sweet pussy knowing that my only purpose

was to give my mistress unending pleasure.  I was in my rightful



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