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Archive-name: Slaves/friends.002


Archive-title: The Man, His Wife, and Her Friend

"Mandy's been evicted from her apartment," Sheila announced some weeks


"What a shame. What's she going to do?"

"Look for something else, I suppose. We could help her if we want to,


"How's that?"

"She could come live with us," Sheila replied.

"We don't have an extra room," Kevin protested. "Where would we put her?"

"It would give us an excuse to buy the king-sized bed we've always wanted.

Then she could sleep with us," Sheila smiled conspiratorially. 

"I think you're playing a game with me," Kevin countered.

"Not at all. Wouldn't you like to sleep every night with a naked woman on

each  side of you?"

"Well . . . ."

"Of course you would! The only problem you'd have would be deciding which

one us to fuck!"

"I could live with that problem," Kevin grinned.

So Mandy moved in with Kevin and Sheila. After, on her own initiative, she

began dressing as a slave girl every evening upon coming home from work,

Kevin confiscated the G-string so her blond-haired groin wouldn't be hidden

from his view. A few days later he repossessed the tit tassels, and the

quarter-cup brassiere soon vanished also, leaving her with only the tassel

skirt and high heeled shoes to decorate her  voluptuous body.

 Kevin decided he thoroughly enjoyed having a virtually naked woman

around the house. He found no dearth of opportunity to fondle her and

when, on rare occasions, he passed one by, she would pout and shake her

bare breasts in his face until he took them in his hands and/or sucked their

nipples (which always seemed to be erect).

Sheila's prediction that he would have to decide daily whether to lay Mandy

or his wife proved correct. At first he tried to make both of them before all

three succumbed to sleep but that soon became not only physically but

emotionally impossible. In fact, keeping two horny women sexually satisfied

was a full-time job. If, for instance, he screwed Mandy on Monday and Sheila

on Tuesday, by Wednesday Mandy would be clambering for his penis, and

vice versa.

In the beginning Sheila applauded Mandy's decision to stay naked even

when they weren't in bed. She was excited by the sexual electricity it

produced at even the most mundane times almost as much as Kevin did. But

she soon discovered that she was in competition with Mandy for his

attention, for her friend aggressively flaunted her nudity, demonstrating not

only her availability but her urgent desire to be laid at any and every

moment. And Kevin made no attempt to resist the temptation.

So Sheila began wearing only the transparent bra though which her pointed

nipples protruded, along with the G-string, which appeared black because of

her lush public hair visible through it. She considered her legs to be one of

her best features and she emphasized them by wearing the high-heeled

mules Kevin had bought for her. Thus, whenever Mandy waved her much

larger breasts at her friend's husband, Sheila would stretch forth a leg and

trail her fingers over her thigh. The competition between them became


Ultimately Kevin decided enough was enough. He was simultaneously 

massaging Sheila's vulva through its filmy covering and nuzzling one of

Mandy's breasts when he abruptly said, "This has got to stop, ladies. Both of

you are sex bombs  I know it and you know it. Neither of you has to prove

that she is sexier than the other. So I think it's time for you to start wearing

clothes, regular clothes. When I want you naked, I'll let you know."

"But I like being naked," Mandy pouted. 

Kevin patted one of her swelling breasts and said, "I know you do, but you'll

be my obedient slave girl and wear clothes, nevertheless. Run along now,

both of you, and put something on. When you come back, we'll talk about all


The women returned.  Mandy wore a brightly colored silk muumuu that,

though loose, nevertheless clung to her full bosom. Sheila, more demure, had

donned a simple light blue cotton house dress whose short skirt did not

reach her knees. Both of them were barefooted.

"These last few weeks have been extraordinary," Kevin began. "Sheila, you

always were sexy as hell, but now you've turned into a virtual

nymphomaniac! And, Mandy, maybe you've always been sex-crazed, I don't

know. But what I do know is that I can't keep up with the two of you. Don't

get me wrong. I want to keep up with you, but I simply can't.

"So I have a solution to propose, actually two solutions. The first is the

obvious one, that you begin pleasuring each other  when I'm here to watch

and when I'm not. For all I know, you've been doing that all along, but if so,

it clearly hasn't been sufficient."

"It's not the same thing," Sheila said, "and, besides, I'm not really bi-sexual

and certainly not a lesbian."

"Neither am I," Mandy chimed in, "though I'm more bi-sexual than she is, I

think. Your wife is one sexy woman!"

"That's about the way I read it, too," Kevin said thoughtfully, "and that's why

I have a second suggestion, which doesn't necessarily replace the first one,

but supplements it.

"Most men would give their eye teeth to be in my shoes. And I know several

who would be more than happy fill them on occasion. You see what I'm

proposing: what if I get some of my friends to come around and service one

or both of you from time to time?"

Slightly shocked, Sheila and Mandy looked at each other for a moment and

then broke out in broad grins. Kevin had his answer.

Nothing more was said, but that night they had the wildest sex they had

enjoyed for many days. Kevin even ejaculated into both  of their slippery

vaginas before he drifted off to sleep with a different woman's leg wrapped

around each of his and four warm breasts pressed against his body.

The next evening Kevin came home to find both his wife and his slave girl


"Tomorrow morning," he told them, "you will have a visitor. His name is

Travis. He knows there are two of you, but I told him he could only have one

this time. So you may decide which of you Travis will fuck. Whoever is

designated will have no need to seduce him, of course, but she might

pretend, if she wants to, in order to add a little spice. I look forward to the

observer's report!"

When Kevin left the next morning his two women were still asleep, naked in

the big bed. When he returned in the evening he found them, dressed,

preparing dinner in the kitchen.

Without preamble, he asked, "Ok, which of you had the honor?"

"I did," Mandy said with unusual shyness.

"In that case, Sheila, tell me what happened. I want all the lurid details."

"With pleasure!" Sheila replied.

"First," Kevin intervened, "How did you settle on Mandy?"

"We couldn't decide at first because both of us wanted the 'honor,' as you put

it, so we simply tossed a coin and she won. And then we planned how we

would act. I won't tell you about the plan. Instead I'll report what actually


"When the door bell rang, I answered it. Travis was a nice looking man, a

little younger than I expected and somewhat timid  he wouldn't look me in

the eye, for instance.

"I said, 'Oh, you must be Travis! Come in. There's a beautiful woman here

who desperately needs to be screwed!'

"I boldly took his hand and led him into the living room, where Mandy lay

on the couch totally naked, except for her stiletto heels.  'Mandy, Travis is

here to fuck you,' I said. 

"She stretched her body and stood, holding her huge breasts out toward him.

"Oooooh, Travis,' she said seductively, 'I'm soooo glad you're here! My

bobbies ache for your lips. Please suck them . . . please.'

'He didn't need any more urging, but eagerly held her breasts in his hands

and bounced them up and down, telling her he liked big tits like these,

before he sucked each of them, rather thoroughly, I must say.

'I simply sat down and watched from then on. After accepting Mandy's

initial offering, he took complete charge, forcing her to her knees where he

told her to stay while he got out of his clothes. His penis was erect  of

course! -- rather short but thick and I could imagine how it would stretch

Mandy's cunt when it entered her. 

"He entered her, alright, but not her cunt. He pushed his tool into her face,

ordered her to open her mouth, and held her head tightly while she gobbled


"It was quite a mouthful, too," Mandy interjected.

"Did you swallow his come?" Kevin asked.

"He didn't come in my mouth," Mandy answered.

"No," Sheila resumed, "I could tell he was about to from the way his face

looked, but he pulled out, made her get on all fours, and fucked her from

behind. (You know, there's something inherently ludicrous about a man

humping a woman that way!) His fingers were dug into her bottom and his

head was thrown back while he pumped away in her cunt. Then he leaned

over, reached around and grabbed her enormous breasts, which, naturally,

were dangling down toward the floor, without missing a stroke. He didn't let

her tits loose even when he came. In fact, it looked to me as though he might

yank them right off her chest, he pulled on them so hard."

"Did it hurt?" Kevin asked.

"A little," Mandy replied, "but I was so busy coming I couldn't have cared


"So what happened then?"

"He slipped out and Mandy crumpled onto the floor. He held his still stiff

shiny penis in his hand and looked at me quizzically, obviously wanting to

stick it into me, too. But I just smiled and shook my head. So he put his

clothes back on.

"I accompanied him to the door, where he blatantly looked me over from

head to toe, pausing to stare at my chest and between my legs. I should

prepare for him to fuck me  the next time, he said. I told him I'd really like

that I was hot as a pistol, let me tell you!  but whether or not there

would be a next time was up to Kevin."

"Do you want there to be a 'next time,'" Kevin asked.

Sheila paused before answering, "Yes, but with someone else. I'm certain it

would be wonderful to be fucked by Travis, but it would be a mistake for

any one man to become a 'regular' with Mandy and/or me."

"She's right," Mandy agreed. "You're  our 'regular' and Sheila and I agree we

want to keep it that way. The others I'm assuming now there will be others

are gravy. I had a fabulous orgasm with Travis, but I really don't want

him again. Variety is the spice of life, you know."

"That's a wise decision," Kevin said, "but you have to recognize that I might

have some trouble finding a new man for you every day. Inevitably there

will have to be some repeats."

"Oh, Kevin!" Sheila exclaimed. "How insatiable do you think we are? As long

as you keep laying us, we'd be happy with a 'new' man just once a week."

"That's probably too often, even," Mandy put in. "Once a month would be

quite enough."

"How about if we agreed on once every two weeks?" Kevin asked. "I know

enough horny men for that kind of schedule."

"Fine," said Mandy.

"Agreed," said Sheila.

"I must say that I'm delighted that neither my wife nor my slave girl were

seduced away by handsome Travis."

Mandy and Sheila both laughed and Mandy said, "Heavens! So he's nice

looking. Big deal! All he is, really, is a stiff dick. And we get that from you

every day."

Kevin touched the front of his trousers. "If truth be known," he smiled,

"you've got it right now. Let's all  strip and put it to good use."

And so they did.


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