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Archive-name: Slaves/friends.001

Archive-author: Cyrus Lovely

Archive-title: A Man, His Wife, and Her Friend

The Man

The doorbell rang and Sheila answered it. "Oh, Mandy," she said, "I'm so glad

you stopped by! Come on back to the kitchen. What a coincidence. My

husband was just saying that, since I'd mentioned you so often, he'd like to

meet you. And here you are!"

"Yes, here I am," Mandy laughed. "Are you sure I haven't meet your husband

some time?"

"If you have, he doesn't remember it. And I don't think he'd forget someone

as stuning as you." Mandy was indeed stuning. Honey blond and wearing a

bright, wining smile, she was slim in the  hips with a flat tummy and

curvacious bouncing bosom. 

"Oh, you're just saying that!" Mandy protested, unconvincingly.

"Not at all, I'm just stating the obvious."

A tall dark-haired man rose to greet them when they entered the kitchen.

"Kevin, this is Mandy," Sheila introduced him.

"Hello," Mandy said hesitantly, blushing and turning her head, for Kevin was

completely naked.

Sheila put her hand on her friend's arm. "Don't be embarrassed," she

reassured her, "he almost never wears clothes when he's home. It's OK."

"But couldn't he put on a robe when your friends come around?" Mandy


"Don't be silly, Mandy," Sheila chided her, "that's just the time when he

doesn't wear a robe. Isn't that right, Kevin?"

"Yes!" Kevin said.

"Come on now, Mandy," Sheila coaxed, "I think he's really, really attractive.

Look at him and tell me if you agree."

Mandy turned her back to Kevin and said to Sheila, "This is crazy. What have

you two got going, anyway? I come in and you show me your husband as

though he were a wonderful new set of china. What am I supposed to do?

Ooh and aah?"

"That's a great idea! Let's hear a great big 'OOOOH" for Kevin!" Sheila laughed

happily. "But you've got to see  him first," she added. 

When Mandy just looked at her, Sheila continued, "Ok, ok. It's a game Kevin

and I play. We take turns being each other's 'slave' and today was his turn. I

told him this morning he'd have to stay naked all day, even - and perhaps

especially - if some of my friends dropped in. The rules of the game require

the 'slave' to do whatever the 'master,' or in my case the 'mistress,' tell him

to do. He isn't allowed to speak, incidentally, unless I address him directly. 

(I have the suspicion, by the way, that I'll get the same treatment when my

time comes!) So be a sport, Mandy. Turn around and ogle him, look him up

and down. Don't hesitate  he's just a 'slave'!"

"You guys are weird," Mandy declared, but nevertheless she glanced at

Kevin, looked away, and looked back, this time not diverting her eyes from

his body, though Sheila noticed she avoided looking at his face.

"Kevin," Sheila said, "bring me a clean dish towel." He went to a cabinet  the

women watched his dangling penis swing when he walked  and returned

with the requested item, which she tied around his head, covering his eyes.

"Now, Mandy, you can look without him looking back. Doesn't that make you

feel better about it?"

"Yes, I guess it does," Mandy admitted, scrutinizing Sheila's naked husband

more boldly. "He's limp," she said, begining to get into the spirit of the

game, "and that's an insult to me. I  thought I was sexier than that."

"Oh, no, you're as sexy as ever," Sheila replied, "all it means is he's even

more embarrassed than you are! But that's a benefit for us because now we get

to watch his prick get hard."

"It doesn't seem to be doing that now," Mandy said skeptically.

"It will - you can make it happen."

"How?" Mandy asked, eager now.

"Rub his nipples! Go on: pinch them, roll them between your fingers, pull

them. And if you want him really hard, suck them. Kevin! Mandy's  going to

play with your tits!" Kevin put his hands behind his back and thrust out his

chest. Sheila, though not Mandy, noticed his penis twitch.

"Are you sure it's alright?" Mandy queried, "He's your husband."

"Of course, it is! Isn't that right, Kevin."

"Yes," Kevin answered, and this time Mandy, too, saw the twitch.

She stood at arms length from him. Gingerly, she put her hands on the

reddish pimples protruding from his hairless chest, and began slowly to

rotate her palms over them, feeling them stiffen with her touch.

"Be sure to watch his prick, Mandy," Sheila said. Mandy looked down and

discerned that, indeed, the male organ was firming. So she took each pseudo

teat between a thumb and forefinger and compressed it. The penis rose,

though still pointing downward at a 45 angle. When she pulled the nipples

out from his body, tugged, and the angle became perpendicular, she clamped

her lips onto his left breast while rolling the right between her fingers.

"Oh, Mandy!" Sheila gasped, "Look!" 

Mandy raised her head and followed instructions. Kevin's penis, thick and

trembling, stood at a 90o angle from his body. "May I touch it?" she breathed

to Sheila.

"Yes, of course, please, please do!"

Her hand crept to the throbbing rod of male flesh where she fitted her

fingers around the glans and lightly caressed the tiny hole in its center with

her thumb. Kevin bent his knees and moved his pelvis in an effort to force

himself further into her hand.

"Lie down, Kevin," Sheila said softly, "Lie on your back on the floor." He

immediately complied, Mandy's hand maintaining its hold on the handle her

caresses had produced. 

The two women knelt on either side of him and together they fondled his


Sheila flicked his erect and sensitive nipples with her forefingers and

Mandy flicked his erect and sensitive penis with her tongue. 

Sheila stroked the hair under his arm and sucked his tongue deep into her

mouth. Mandy stroked his iner thighs and and sucked his root deep into

her mouth. 

Kevin squirmed under their touch and moaned.

In a barely audible voice Sheila said, "Would you like it truly   in you?"

Mandy raised her head and asked plaintively, "May I? May I, really? You

don't mind? I mean, after all, he's, well, he's . . . ."

"Be my guest, Mandy. Enjoy!"

Urgently, Mandy kicked her shoes away, stripped off her pantyhose, and,

lifting her skirt, moved to straddle her friend's prostrate husband.

"Wait," Sheila said. "Your dress is in the way. Take it off, in fact, take off

everything. And I will, too. We can enjoy him together!"

Naked, they faced each other across the equally naked male with a fully

erect penis pointing toward his navel. Mandy stood at his feet, Sheila at his 

head. Together they were an exemplary illustration of the similarity, yet the

difference, in female forms:

Sheila was compact and petite; Mandy was taller and more fleshy. 

Sheila's legs were short and delicate; Mandy's legs were long and sturdy.

Sheila's short dark hair was reflected in her thick and curly pubic thatch;

Mandy's long straight blond hair likewise harmonized with her thin and

wavy genital pelt. 

Sheila's breasts, small with longish thin nipples, drooped scarcely at all;

Mandy's breasts, very large with plump dimpled nipples, swung down and

out from her chest.

They grined impishly at one another and Sheila said, "Ready?"

 At the same time Sheila knelt over his head, separated her vaginal petals

with her fingers, and lowered them to his lips. "You may lick me now, Kevin,"

she said, and he eagerly began to lap over, around, and within her covert


Mandy slowly moved her vagina upon the welcome visitor within it. "I am

very well filled, very well filled indeed," she said and leaned forward to rest

her hands on the floor beside Kevin's body, a motion that caused her heavy

breasts to swing down, brushing his chest.

Sheila kept herself from settling completely onto Kevin's face, so he could

breathe while he executed  cunilingus, which is a husband's pleasurable

duty. As his tongue on her clitoris increasingly excited her, she stroked

Mandy's soft blond hair.

Suddenly she said, "Mandy, may I hold your breasts?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Mandy gasped as Kevin thrust against her and her climax


Sheila seized the double handfuls of uniquely female flesh that hung beneath

her and breathed, "Stop moving, Mandy; hold off, if you can."

Breaking his silence, Kevin panted, "I can't hold off, no matter what she


"Just keep sucking me, yes, oh yes! Suck, suck, suck!" Sheila screamed, and

then, "Fuck him, Mandy, fuck him! Let's come !"

And come they did, the three of them together in a gigantic corporate


The women dressed and Mandy left. Only then did Sheila take the towel

from Kevin's eyes.

The Wife

The doorbell rang and Kevin answered it. "Oh, Mandy," he said, "I'm

delighted you stopped by. Come on back to the family room. What a

coincidence. My wife and I were just reminiscing about the last time you

were here. She was remarking about the marvelous time she'd had."

"Then I can reminisce with her. Because I, too, had a marvelous time. How

about you?"

Kevin simply put his hand to his chest, rubbed his left nipple through his

shirt, and smiled. She returned his smile and squeezed one of her own

breasts. No words were needed.

As Mandy preceded him through the hall, Kevin admired her rippling

bottom, the cheeks of which were encased in skin-tight designer jeans.

Because he had been blindfolded during almost the entire time when she

was there before, he hadn't had much opportunity to observe her charms,

though he definitely had felt them.

As they entered the light wood-paneled family room, Kevin said, "Guess

what, Sheila: it was Mandy at the front door."

Sheila wore an almost transparent front-close soft-cup bra with small holes

through which her erect nipples projected, a matching G-string darkened by

her pubic hair visible through it, and high-heeled open-toe mules. She did

not speak.

"A-hah, Sheila, so its your turn to be the 'slave,' " Mandy said.

"How did you guess?" Kevin responded. "Fetching outfit I got for her, don't

you think?"

 Mandy made herself comfortable on the sofa and agreed, "Absolutely

charming, I suppose now you're going to send her out for cigarettes in it."

"That's an interesting idea," Kevin said, "but the rules of our game don't allow

it. She's not permitted to cover up when visitors come, but I can't make her

expose herself in public."

"Too bad," Mandy feigned a sigh.

 "I suppose you'd suspend that guideline if you were playing this game,"

Kevin laughed.

"Oh, definitely," Mandy quipped, "I wouldn't have any rules at all. Anything

goes! What's the point in having a slave if you can't make her - or him -

obey outrageous orders?"

"You have a point there," Kevin said. "What do you think, Sheila? Should we

abolish the rule?"

"No," said Sheila.

"See?" Kevin shrugged, "Nothing to be done about it."

"Too bad," Mandy said again. Kevin wasn't positive she was kidding this time.

He reached over and plucked one of Sheila's bare nipples as if he were

picking a berry from a bush. "Nice juicy tid-bit here," he commented and

leaned down to give the tit a quick suck.

"May I do that?" Mandy asked from the sofa.

'Sure, if you want to. Sheila, take your boobies to Mandy so she can suck


Sheila leaned over and rested her hands on the sofa back, which neatly

positioned her spandex-sheathed breasts for Mandy's mouth to fit onto their

exposed tips.

While Mandy sucked, Kevin said, "My program today is to find out how

many orgasms Sheila can have between ten and twelve o'clock. Since its

almost ten right now, you got here just in time to help me produce them."

Mandy took her lips away from Sheila's nipple long enough to say, "You can't

produce her orgasms; only she can do that."

"Is that right, Sheila?" Kevin asked.

"No," Sheila said and shifted her breast slightly in Mandy's mouth."

"See?" Kevin said. Mandy's response  was to nip her friend's tit with her

teeth and Sheila yelped.

"I didn't tell you to speak!" Kevin said with mock sterness and then went

on, to Mandy, "I'm also going to make her come in different positions and

places." He glanced at his watch. "Ten on the dot; time to start. Would you

mind pulling down the G-string and checking if she's prepared?" 

 Mandy drew away the patch of cloth covering the fuzzy mound in front of

her, put her hand on it and fingered the dark hairs. She moved her head

affirmatively without removing her mouth from Sheila's breast.

"I thought she would be," Kevin said. "Ok, Sheila, you may straighten up

now." When she stood her reddened and elongated nipple popped from

Mandy's lips and the wisp of fabric that had covered her groin fell to her


"You really ought to 'do' the other tit, Mandy," he said, "but we must get on

with the experiment."

"I'm disappointed, of course," Mandy pouted prettily, "but I'll survive."

"That's a relief!" Kevin laughed and settled into a chair. 

"Ok, Sheila, it's time for 'O number 1.' Mandy says you're the only one who

can produce orgasms so we'll begin with one you do all by yourself. She and

I will sit here and watch while you masturbate. It would be nice if you could

come standing up, but if that becomes difficult please feel free to sit or

lie on the floor."

Sheila looked a little dismayed, but she  stepped out of the G-string, kicked it

away with one of her heels, and immediately held her breasts, looking down

at them while she gently stroked their bare tips with her thumbs. Then, with

closed eyes, she raised her fingers to her shaved armpits and trailed them

down her sides to her hips and around to her iner thighs before squeezing

her mons veneris  with one palm and her gently swelling belly with the

other. (Kevin noticed that, outside her jeans, Mandy's  hand pressed onto her

own mons.)

Her feet wide apart, Sheila separated her vaginal lips with two fingers of

each hand and began to massage them, first gently and then with steadily

increasing intensity. The muscles of her hips and buttocks tightened and her

breasts strained against the filmy cloth containing them. Suddenly she thrust

two fingers deep into her vagina and pressed her clitoris firmly with

another. The only sound came from panted breaths escaping her parted lips. 

For their part, Mandy and Kevin held their breaths as Sheila kept her fingers

motionless for what seemed an interminable time. Then abruptly the fingers

in her vulva began to piston in and out of their slippery envelope and the

finger on her clitoris began to revolve rhythmically. At the same time her

pelvis thrust against the fingers within and on it and her heavier breathing

caused her out-thrust bosom to swell and tremble.

She maintained this excited motion for what seemed to her audience to be a

very long time. Just as suddenly as she had begun, she stopped and, without

removing her hands, rested, her head thrown back, her eyes still closed, her

mouth open, her breasts rising and falling as much as the brassiere would


And then, with one mighty shove she buried her fingers in her vagina and,

furiously rubbing her clitoris, came with an ecstatic cry, her entire body

shaking with tension's release. And still she stood, though she swayed on her

high heels.

When the convulsions subsided, she moved her feet together, put her hands

at rest behind her, and stood very straight.  "Number One!" she said with a


Kevin looked at Mandy, who rather sheepishly took her hand away from her

groin. He then glanced at his watch. "About thirty minutes," he said. "At that

rate, we should get many  more before noon."

"I doubt that," Mandy commented. "The next ones will take longer - and

may not even be possible."

"Is that true, Sheila?"

"I don't know," Sheila replied.

"So we'll just have to find out. Won't we?"

"Yes," Sheila said.

"Take off the bra. I think it's time we let the tits loose," Kevin said. Without

her brassiere Sheila was totally naked except for her mules, which Kevin had

determined she would retain all morning. 

"Sometimes I wish I had breasts like that," Mandy mused.

"Why?" Kevin asked, puzzled because he thought the plain white blouse she

wore bulged very nicely indeed.

"They're small enough not to sag but full enough to be a good handful," she

replied. "Mine literally droop."

"I liked it when they 'drooped' onto my chest the other day," Kevin smiled at

the memory.

Mandy returned his smile. (They both ignored the silent and demurely

naked Sheila.) "That's right, you couldn't see them, could you?"

"I had a towel over my eyes, you may remember."

"I'm tempted to show them to you now, but you probably don't want any

diversion from your 'experiment.'"

"Oh, I don't know, another bare-bosomed woman might be just the thing to

bring on the next orgasm." 

"You don't fool me!" Mandy laughed as she unbuttoned her shirt and slipped

it off. "You just want to see my naked titties." Her bra followed her shirt onto

the floor. "And here they are!" She leaned forward and dangled her heavy

breasts before him.

Kevin looked at them appreciatively. "Very nice, indeed," he said, "You're

welcome to 'droop' them over me any time you want to. But I was serious,

partly at least, when I said your bare bosom could help generate Sheila's

next orgasm. More than that, though, would you be interested in fondling her

to climax  while I watch?"

"May I? I'd love it!"

"Then she's all yours. Bring her off as quickly as you can, though. I haven't

given up on a grand total of at least four. Ready for 'O number 2,' Sheila?"

"I'm ready," Sheila replied and ruffled her pubic hair.

Mandy held her own abundant breasts in her hands and gently rubbed their

button-like nipples against Sheila's little spikes before taking her friend

fully into her arms. Their four breasts pressed close together, Mandy rubbed

her jeans against Sheila's naked groin. As she did so, she placed her lips

on those of the dark-haired woman. Sheila returned the kiss with a passion that

surprised Kevin, who realized he was learning for the first time that his wife

was capable of ardent sex with another woman.

Without breaking the kiss, Mandy caressed Sheila's shoulders and back,

finally reaching the buttocks, which she kneaded with her finger tips.

Sheila's response was slowly to rotate her pelvis against Mandy's jeans and

to nestle her cereal bowl-sized breasts against the milk jugs opposite them.

After a few moments, the two female bodies literally writhed against each

other. Mandy's fingers wrapped in Sheila's hair ensured that their glistening

lips and flicking tongues did not lose contact. Sheila reached between their

bodies, separated her vaginal petals, and then ground her open vulva and

exposed clitoris against the coarse cloth concealing Mandy's corresponding


Seconds later, Sheila's body stiffened and shook. Her knees buckled and only

Mandy's tight embrace kept her from sinking to the floor. When her legs

would hold her again, Mandy released their lips, fell to her own knees and

planted a moist kiss on her friend's already moist nether hair.

Sheila, her eyes glazed, smiled at Kevin. "Number Two!" she said.

"That was beautifully done," Kevin said to Mandy, who was still kneeling on

the floor. "And expeditiously, too. It's exactly eleven o'clock with time for

two more orgasms before noon."

Mandy stood and shook her long blond hair. "She can't do it, she simply can't

do it."

"What do you think, Sheila?" Kevin asked. "Are you still willing to try?"

"Of course," Sheila replied. "A slave obeys orders and I'm a slave."

"But you look like a rather exhausted slave," Kevin said kindly. "Lie on the

sofa and relax a bit."

Gratefully, Sheila stretched out on the large divan with her feet together and

her head on a small throw pillow. She folded her hands on her abdomen and

closed her eyes.

"She's really very beautiful," Mandy said. "Thank you for letting me make


"It's I who should thank you. It took you less than twenty minutes to elicit

her second orgasm. But it must be a little frustrating for you not to climax,

too," Kevin replied.

"Only a little. And I didn't mind, after all, I knew her orgasm was what really

was important."

"I'll make it up to you some day - if you want me to, of course."

"Is that a promise?" Mandy grined broadly.

"That's a promise," he declared with emphasis. "But now we must make haste

toward 'O number Three.' 

He sat on the couch beside his recumbent wife and put his hand on her thigh.

"Are you ready, Sheila?"

Sheila opened her eyes. "I guess so," she answered a trifle hesitantly.

Kevin combed his fingers through her luxuriant damp hair and said, "We'll

take it slow and easy. All you have to do is focus your mind on your clit." She

nodded and closed her eyes again.

He went to a side table, opened a drawer, took out a dildo, and noticed that

Mandy's eyes widened at the size of it. "I wish my prick was this big," he


"You don't have to," Mandy said, "it's not the size that matters, it's what you

do with it  and I have evidence that your's is a whole lot more than

satisfactory in that regard!"

"It's kind of you to say so," Kevin responded, seating himself again at Sheila's


He laid the vibrator on the sofa, gently massaged her belly, and then cupped

her breasts, which he fondled tenderly while he moistened their nipples

with his tongue. She responded with soft purring sounds, raising her bosom

to welcome his ministrations.

"May I help?" Mandy asked hungrily.

"No," Kevin replied quickly, "this orgasm is mine." Without replying, Mandy

seated herself nearby and cradled her bare breasts in her hands, reconciled

to being an observer.

Kevin eased Sheila's legs apart and studied the ever-strange region between

her thighs. How exotic this familiar female anatomy would always be - and

how enticing, how desirable, how exciting. He slipped a finger into the cavity

hidden by puckered skin and hooked a knuckle around her pelvis bone to

press upon the so-called G-spot, which was corrugated in comparison with

the smoothness of the tunel leading to it. Sheila raised her hips and


Keeping his finger buried in her vagina, Kevin switched on the vibrator with

his free hand and moved it on her pelvic area, coming to rest over her

clitoris. He did not press down but let it hum lightly on the hood of flesh that

shielded the focal point of her sexual excitation. Sheila exhaled - "Aaah" -

and stretched her body, luxuriating in the exquisite pleasure.

Slowly Kevin moved the vibrator into the velvety canal between her clitoris

and the entrance to her vagina. He held it there while he extracted his finger

from her warm interior and used it to move away the hood, revealing her

tiny "female penis," red and pointed in arousal. She flinched when he

unexpectedly touched it with the tip of his tongue, but when he continued to

lick she responded with rhythmic movements of her pelvis and a look of

something approaching bliss on her face.

He momentarily interrupted his attention to her clitoris - exciting to him as

well as to her - in order to insert the delicately buzzing vibrator into her

vaginal cavity, where he held it as he returned to her almost infinitesimal

focus  of arousal. 

He had barely begun to tongue when she erupted in orgasmic spasms that

racked her body not once, but many, many times. Kevin did not even dream

of leaving her body until she had completed this most massive orgasm of the


 Sheila didn't open her eyes, but merely clutched her breasts and opened her

thighs further when she triumphantly said, "Number Three!"

"That was more than number three," Mandy observed. "I think you should

count it as three, four, five, and six, at least."

"No matter how you count," Sheila said from the couch, "it's not enough. I

want more, more, many more!"

"She's kidding," Mandy declared.

"Are you kidding?" Kevin asked.

"Definitely not!" Sheila sat up and thrust her pert breasts forward. "And I'm

ready now."

"It's only 11:20. Maybe you can get two more in before twelve," Mandy said.

"No need to get sarcastic, Mandy," Kevin said. "She seems really to mean it."

"I know. I'm jealous that's all."

Kevin chose to ignore that and facing Sheila, proceeded to take off all his

clothes. "This time," he said, "we'll do it the way it should be done."

"It's really not fair to waste that lovely tool on her," Mandy interjected.

"She's already had as many as six orgasms. Use it in a woman who'll really

appreciate it  me!"

"Now, Mandy," Kevin said gently, holding his erect penis in his hand, "you

know I can't do that."

"I'm sorry," she replied, "but I'm so horny I can't stand it. Don't worry,

though, I can handle that myself." She stood, stripped off her jeans and

panties, and stuffed three fingers into her vagina.

"That's a good girl. You'll feel better in a few minutes," Kevin grined.

"I'd better!" Mandy declared, but she smiled, too. 

He then turned his full attention to his naked wife who, despite her

declaration that she desired another orgasm immediately, was still flushed

and quivering from the last one.

"Really, Sheila," he said, "I think we ought to wait until you've rested some


She leaned forward, rested her elbows on her knees, and stared at his penis

as though she had never seen it before. "No," she breathed, "I want it. I want

it inside of me. I want to feel it move inside of me. And I want it now."

He took her hand, indicating that she should stand, and held her small,

compact body in his arms. With her erect nipples squashed against his chest

and his upright penis compressed between their equally denuded bellies, he

kissed her tenderly. Then, his lips moving against hers, he murmured, "I

want to do you doggie style - here, on the floor."

"Any way you wish," her lips brushed his in reply, "just so you do  me."

Kevin relaxed his grip on her buttocks and her body flowed from his arms to

the carpet, coming to rest on her elbows and wide-spread knees, her raised

bottom prepared for his entry. 

He knelt behind her and carefully opened the double doors to her womb

with his fingers. The reddened juicy interior beckoned but he contented

himself with passing a thumb over the taut pin at the base of her vertical

opening. Sheila gasped and pressed her breasts to the floor, which raised her

lower offering even further.

He held her slippery portals of flesh apart with the wide-spread fingers of

one hand and, with the other, positioned his now throbbing penis at the open

door thereby provided. Slowly, oh, so slowly, he entered until he was fully

inserted, his  hardened testicles, unable to follow, pressed against her

quivering facade. He rested his hands on the rounded twin hills framing the

cavity his rigid appendage visited and remained motionless for the moment

it took to observe Mandy, her gaze intent on the coupling of her married

friends, feverishly manipulating her own sexual center.

He then began his exploration of Sheila's intimate portion by deliberately

moving within it. His right hand gripped her right cheek but his left moved

beneath his testicles to touch her clitoris and press a finger upon it. Thus

holding her body between his hands, he increased his movements, both

penis and finger.

 Sheila  moved with him, moaning at first and then crying out, "Oh, fuck me!

Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck me!"

And fuck her he did, pounding into her with such force that only his grasp of

her buttocks kept her in place. She came then with a mighty shove upward

onto him and an ecstatic scream that pierced the heretofore stillness of the

morning. Her knees refused to support her further and Kevin gently allowed

her to sink to the floor, his still erect  implement slipping reluctantly from

its sheath.

At the sight of his beautifully pulsating erection, dripping with Sheila's

secretions, Mandy's orgasm exploded also and her lovely naked body

quivered rigidly in the chair where she was sitting.

Sheila raised her head and, before, dropping her cheek back to the floor, said

blissfully, "Number Four!"

Kevin sat beside her and possessively caressed her spine. He looked at his

watch. "There's ten minutes yet available," he said, "but I think we'll let the

record stand at four orgasms or, if Mandy has her way, seven."

Sheila turned on her side and propped her head on one hand. "It was four,"

she said definitely, "the others were merely aftershocks." She smiled then at

her unadorned female friend, "We should count yours, too, and make it five!"

Suddenly she sat bolt upright. "It should have been six. Kevin, you didn't


Kevin patted his softening penis and said, "My time will come."

"It could come in the next ten minutes," Mandy said quickly. "Stick that

gorgeous sword of yours in me and we could make it six before the clock

strikes twelve!"

"That's kind of you, Mandy, but the only ones that count are Sheila's."

"Kind, hell," Mandy stood and swung her large breasts before his face. Kevin

reached up and squeezed the nearest mammary gland but she pulled away

and, slipping on her jeans and shirt, stuffed her panties in a pocket and

made her exit.

"What a fabulous morning!" Sheila said.

"It was indeed," Kevin agreed, "but now that the game's over for today, how

about if we  go to bed and act like wife and husband?" She reached down

and cupped his genitals.

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Sheila came into the bathroom where Kevin was shaving one morning and

popped the question: "Mandy asked if she could join our 'master-slave' game.

What do you think?"

He wiped some shaving cream from around his mouth so he could talk

without swallowing the stuff. "You mean the 'mistress-slave' game, don't


"I might, but she called it 'master-slave.'"

"Interesting. I'm not sure. Apparently you're willing, since you brought it up.


"Well, the fact is she's been an observer and part-time participant each of

the last two times we've played it. It's almost as though she's already in."

"It's OK, I guess, but even though she's sexy as hell, I wouldn't want her

around all the time."

"That's pretty much the way I feel about it, too," Sheila said. "But," she

added, "I make one restriction."

"What's that?"

"She can never be the mistress; always  the slave. I don't want her ordering

you around!"

Kevin flicked a glob of saving cream at her. "That's my possessive wife, for


"You damn right!" Sheila said seriously and pinched his right nipple.

"Very well. Suits me," he laughed. "When shall we play again?"

"Tomorrow morning," she replied. "I've already told her. She'll be here at


The Friend

Mandy found a note inscribed with her name taped to the front door. She

opened it and read:

Slave Girl:

     1. Come in.

     2. Strip. 

     3.When you are completely  naked, open the bag in  the hall closet and

       wear the garments in it.   

     4. Walk to the kitchen.    

                        --Your Master

A tingling wave of excitement passed through Mandy's body. Sheila had told

her that, if she wanted to join them, she would be expected to play the slave

part and she had agreed. But to be addressed, on paper no less, as 'slave girl' 

made it even more exciting. She folded the note and put it in the hip pocket

of her jeans; it would be fun to read it after.

Once inside, she lost no time in getting out of her clothes, including, since

she had been instructed to strip completely   naked, her wrist watch, the three

rings she always wore, and the two pins that kept strands of blond hair from

falling into her face. Now that's naked,  she thought.

On the closet floor was a small travelling case that opened from the top.

When she swung the lid up she found a piece of paper covering the stacked

trays designed for jewelry and other small items. It was another note:

Slave Girl:

          Attire yourself with the items in the order in  which you find Them.                   


                          --Your Master

Beneath the note was a  wisp of a bra stiff dark red satin cups rimmed by

dainty black lace with a clip to hold them together. Mandy eagerly wrapped

its string strap around her back, fitted her considerable bosom into the cups,

and closed the clip. The effect was startling even to her, for although the bra

lifted her breasts and pressed them together, it covered only the lower

one-third of their area and caused the exposed two-thirds to bulge upward

with their exposed nipples  standing out in most remarkable fashion.

Keen to discover what other wonders resided in the case, she lifted out the

top tray and set it aside. Beneath it were two tassels, one with a tuft of black

yarn attached to a black circle of soft plastic with a hole in the center by a

thick red braid about six inches long. Otherwise identical, the colors were

reversed on the other one  red tassel, black braid, red plastic circle. 

There was no note, but Mandy didn't need to be told what these were for.

Steadying her left breast with one hand, she carefully placed the black

plastic circle over its tip. The circle completely covered the breast's areola

while her stiff nipple protruded through the hole. She pressed on the circle

and it clung to her flesh. Then, when she had fastened the red plastic circle

to her right breast, she waved the tassels to and fro, intrigued that they

tickled a little when they brushed her upper abdomen. Kevin and Sheila

were certainly dressing her as a slave girl should be!

The bottom of the case contained a pair of unmatched shoes - one was red

and one was black - with the highest heels Mandy had ever seen (could she

walk in those?) and a skirt composed of red and black cords with tassels

attached, identical to those hanging from her breasts, that were fastened to a 

black band at about two-inch intervals. She stepped through the band and

drew it to her waist where it refused to stay, slipping instead to her hips. It

was not a skirt designed to conceal the body of the woman who wore it.

When she reached for the shoes, Mandy noticed that something seemed to be

inside one of them. There was. It was a G-string of red satin with black lace

that precisely matched one of the bra cups. She pulled it on, fitted the patch

of satin over her blond-haired pubes, and felt the thong between her legs

snuggle across her anus. 

She slipped her feet into the shoes and tottered a few steps before she

became comfortable walking virtually on tip-toe. By the time she reached

the kitchen, however, she stepped confidently, the tassels dancing about her

as she did so.

Sheila scarcely looked up from her newspaper when Mandy came through

the door, but she called out, "Kevin, your slave girl's finally here."

"Tell her to come to me." Kevin's voice came from the bedroom.

'You heard him. Go," Sheila said.

Kevin, naked, sat on the edge of the bed fondling his penis. "I need a

discharge, slave girl," he said, "so you'll have to work for your breakfast -

which will consist of semen."

Feeling for all the world like a real slave girl, Mandy dropped to her knees

between his legs, licked a drop of pre-come from the tip of his semen

dispenser, and then took it fully into her mouth and throat.

Leaning back on his arms, Kevin watched Mandy's head bob up and down

and mentally congratulated his wife for finding and choosing the slave-girl

costume at Frederick's of Hollywood. And, though he hadn't been at the time,

he was now grateful to Sheila for encouraging him not to ejaculate inside her

the previous night. Save it for Mandy's breakfast, she had said.

His thoughts didn't stay on those extraneous matters for long, however,

because Mandy's exertions were fast  producing their intended effect. Her

lips alternately closed around his glans and slid silkily down the length of his

shaft. At the same time she manipulated his testicles separately with the

fingers of her two hands. The result was exquisite and almost painful

pleasure, which he maintained by sheer force of will until that became

impossible and his body involuntarily ejected two days accumulation of

semen into her throat. 

She swallowed but kept the penis in her mouth until it became soft enough

for her to bring in the testicles as well, thus filling her mouth with his

genitalia. Then a surprising thing happened, surprising, at least, to Kevin,

though Mandy had hoped the continuing action of her tongue and the

sucking of her lips would cause his erection to return. As the penis stiffened,

the gonads slipped from her mouth and once again her lips surrounded 

firmer male flesh.

Kevin put his hand on her head. "Let's stop now, slave girl," he said. "You've

had enough protein for the moment - and I want to save any I have left for

later." Reluctantly, Mandy abandoned the delicious morsel she had proudly

created and rose to her feet. 

Kevin stood, too. His polished penis stood with him and the sight of Mandy's

erotic body in her erotic costume did nothing to encourage it to subside. He

started to move toward her when they heard the front doorbell ring.

"That will be the man coming to repair the refrigerator," he said, "go let him

in and bring him to the kitchen and don't hesitate to 'entertain' him while

you do it."

In the back of her mind, Mandy had expected something like this, and she

also had a pretty good idea as to what Kevin expected of her in the way of

"entertainment." Her already erect nipples became even harder with

excitement as she walked through the living room to the door, her oscillating

hips making the tassels bounce about her legs.

The doorbell rang again and Mandy said, "Just a moment, please." She

extended one bare leg through the tassels and put the opposite hand on her

hip beneath them. Only then did she turn the knob, placing her hand on her

exposed thigh as the door swung open.

"Yes?" she said in a low sultry voice.

The repair man, who thought he had seen everything when it comes to

at-home customers, stumbled back a step and looked at his feet. He was

short and perhaps a little past middle age with long straggly thining hair.

His belly, which hung over the belt of his baggy jeans, was too big for his

shirt adequately to cover, so it bulged whitely through the space left by two

unfastened buttons. In one grease-stained hand he held a metal tool box.

"Yes?" Mandy said again, "What may I do for you?" Only a deaf man would

have failed to hear the suggestion in her words.

He looked directly at her then and said with a lecherous grin on his bristly

face, "I've come to fix the frig , mam."

Mandy sensuously stroked her thigh and made her bosom quiver. "Oh, yes!

It desperately needs attention!" she breathed. "Come  .  . .  after me."

She locked her hands behind her neck (which, of course, raised her breasts

and caused their tassels to tremble) and turned slowly on her stilt-like heels. 

Emphasizing her hips with every deliberate step, she strutted slowly toward

the kitchen, knowing full well that the swinging tassels left none of her

fany to his imagination.

Sheila and Kevin, wearing robes, sat at the kitchen table, coffee cups in hand,

studying the morning paper. Sheila looked up when she saw Mandy with the

repair man panting after her. "You must be the one who's going to fix the

refrigerator," she said as though there was nothing out of the usual.

"That's right," he replied gruffly, "what's wrong with it?"

"The light won't go on when the door opens. It's so anoying!" Sheila told


"Alright then," he said busily, "let's just take a look at it."

Mandy pulled open the door and, as he bent to peer in, one of her tit tassels

brushed his balding head and he leered up at her lustfully. He immediately

got out a screwdriver and began to remove the door switch. (Kevin knew the

only problem was the bulb, which he had deliberately broken.)

Watching him, Mandy leaned her breasts over the low door and made sure

that one of their tassels swung on either side of the repair man's grizzled

face. He turned his head from side to side against them as he worked,

obviously taking his time to remove only two screws. When the switch

finally was unbolted, he pulled it out and unattached the wires, holding it up

for Mandy's approval as though he had done something marvelous. Then,

when he bent down to examine the wires, one of her nipple tassels caught in

his beard bristles and it came off with a quiet pop.

"Gee, I'm sorry, mam," he said and made as though he would hand it back to


"I'd love  for you to put it back on," Mandy purred. "You are so  handsome!"

He didn't need to be asked a second time. When he gingerly tried to fit the

plastic circle over her nipple, she moved her breast every time he was about

to get it centered on its target.

"It's hard to hold still when I'm so excited,"  Mandy whispered down to him

over the refrigerator door between them. "I need your help."

"Yes, mam!" he replied and grabbed her mostly naked breast with his free

hand, squeezed it tightly (too tightly for Mandy's comfort), and roughly

placed the circle around its distended tit.

"There you are, mam, good as new!" he declared, apparently not noticing the

greasy finger marks he left across the light blue veins of her swelling white


"Have you found the problem?" Kevin asked.

The repair man looked around the door toward the table, which he could see

between Mandy's naked thigh's beneath her G-string from which peeked a

few stray blond hairs. "Not yet, sir," he answered, "it doesn't seem to be the

switch, though."

"That's good," said Kevin, "have you tried the bulb?"

"That's next," he said and left grease marks on Mandy's leg when he ducked

back behind the door. He replaced the switch and started to loosen the bulb.

"Maybe you should test my bulbs, too," Mandy said. "They only seem to light

up when they're tested." And she leaned further over the door to swing her

'bulbs' over his head. 

"Be happy to," he smirked at her, "but I gotta take'em loose to do it."

"Then do! They need to be tested!" Mandy smiled down at him coquettishly.

He seized the two dangling tassels and unceremoniously jerked them off,

then put a grimy hand on each breast and rudely hoisted it from the red and

black quarter cup supporting it.

It took an effort, but she refrained from flinching and faked a sigh, "Oh, you

are so manly." Whereupon he squashed one of her large breasts between his

palms and clamped his teeth onto her nipple.

At the table Sheila raised an eyebrow at Kevin. He nodded and spoke loudly,

"Was the bulb out? Was that the trouble?"

The repair man released the nipple, though not the breast, in order to

answer: "I'm still checking, sir."

"Then hurry up with it, will you?" Kevin said irritatedly.

"I think you'd better do that, gorgeous man," Mandy advised. "My bulb's in

good order now."

He literally wiped his hands on her breast as he released it and turned to the


A silently laughing Mandy was replaced by a serious looking Kevin at the

refrigerator door and so it was Kevin he saw when next the repair man

looked up.

"Yes, sir!" he said, "let's shut the door and see what happens." He stood and,

puzzled, looked around for Mandy, but she was nowhere to be seen. And, of

course, the replaced bulb worked perfectly.

Kevin thanked him, paid him, and ushered him to the door. He was doubled

up with laughter when he returned to the kitchen. "I bet that guy is, right

now, wondering what sort of dream he's just had."

"It was damn near a wet dream," Sheila was laughing, too. "Did you see the

bulge in his pants?"

"No, but he wouldn't be human if it wasn't there," Kevin answered and

opened his robe to demonstrate how human he  was, himself.

"Wow!" Sheila exclaimed. "Is that for me or for Mandy?"

"I think Mandy should have it, don't you? She's earned it."

"I certainly did," Mandy emerged from her hiding place, her freed breasts

liberally streaked with grease from the repair man's hands. But she, too, was

laughing. "Wasn't I a good little slave girl?"

"That you were," Kevin said. "And, moreover, you still are - but we've got to

get you cleaned up, you're a mess."

"He really was a boor, wasn't he," Mandy said, "but - you know?- the fact

that I would never, ever, have let him lay me, made it even more exciting -

that plus the fact that you two were listening to my tease."

She considered Kevin's audacious extremity. "Now do I get to drink from the

fountain again?" she asked eagerly.

"Maybe," Kevin answered, "but two things have to happen before you can

drink: you've got to be de-greased, and the fountain has got to spout inside

your cave."

"Oh, marvelous," Mandy exclaimed and slipped a finger inside her G-string

onto the entrance of her cave.

He tossed his robe onto a chair and ordered, "Follow me, slave girl." And,

penis swaying, he strode toward the bathroom, where he turned on the tap

and let tepid water run into the tub.

"Take off the shoes and skirt - but not the G-string - and climb in, slave

girl," he said and handed her a bar of soap and wash cloth.

"Aren't you going to wash her yourself?" Sheila, who had come with them,


"No, I want to watch her do it." He lowered the toilet lid, sat on it, his feet 

flat on the floor, and leaned back with his hands behind his head. "Now, slave

girl," he said, "clean the titties."

"May I?" Sheila, who still wore her robe, asked and, without waiting for an

answer, seated herself on the floor between Kevin's legs and began fondling

his erection. Kevin did not object.

Mandy stretched herself out in the tub, keeping only her head above water.

Then, sitting up for Kevin to see her, she soaped her breasts, squeezing them,

pushing them together, and pinching their nipples so the buttons stood

proudly firm. Even with that thorough treatment, some grease remained, but

rougher application of the cloth quickly eliminated all trace of the repair

man's  grubby paws.

"It was delightful watching that cleansing," Kevin remarked.

"And this slave girl enjoys being watched while she bathes," Mandy grined,

stepping out of the tub and applying a towel to her backside.

"Are you sure the slave deserves this? Just because she let a service man

grope her?" Sheila asked plaintively. She rolled his glans between her thumb

and two  fingers.

"Of course she does!" He stood, took Mandy's body in his arms, and pressed

her full breasts against his chest before dropping to his knees and dragging

the wet G-string to her ankles. He promptly separated the folds concealing

her "cave" and placed his tongue on the lilliputian sentry guarding it.

"Oh! That's very   nice!" Mandy sighed and, leaning over, put her hands on

his cheeks. But Kevin had no intention of proceeding with cunilingus.

Instead, he stood, clasped her breasts, and gave each nipple a single lick. 

"Come with me!" he said hoarsely and marched away. She almost

unconsciously slipped on the super-high heels he had provided for her

before trailing after him.

In the living room, he threw a pillow from the couch on the soft carpet and

urgently told her to sit on it and then lie down. Thus properly positioned, she

opened wide her legs and spread the aperture to the cavity within her in

anticipation of his entry.

Kevin stood above the naked woman and admired her long curvacious legs,

smooth belly, and flattened though still swelling bosom.

"She's really quite beautiful, isn't she?" Sheila commented.

"She's very beautiful," he agreed. "Almost too beautiful to fuck."

"No woman's that  beautiful," Sheila said. "Fuck her!"

Kevin knelt between Mandy's legs, held his fully rigid penis in his hand, and

teased her exposed clitoris with its tip. Her body quivered and, with a moan, 

she lifted her body to meet him. Slowly, then, he inserted his instrument

until it was completely absorbed by her pliant flesh. Only then did he initiate

the in and out motion that would produce the friction necessary to release

the fluid stored in his testicles, a release that swiftly followed.

It was a magnificent orgasm for Kevin, one that seemed literally to drain, not

only the semen, but the energy from his body. Mandy, however, though she

trembled beneath him, had not experienced the corresponding release and

Kevin wanted that for her. Gently, he withdrew his wilted penis and,

flattening himself on the floor, replaced it with his tongue. The taste of his

own ejaculate was new to him and he was not certain he liked it very much,

but that did not deter him from urgently licking and sucking her blood-filled

clitoris, an action that almost immediately caused her to scream and buck

against his mouth before gradually subsiding into limp rapture.

After Mandy had dressed, gathered up the slave-girl costume (which Kevin

insisted belonged to her), and left,  Sheila and Kevin retired to their marital

bed, where he brought Sheila to a towering climax by cunilingus.


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