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Archive-name: Slaves/frbrandi.txt


Archive-title: For Brandi (#1)

The following is my first attempt at writing this sort of thing... I'd

appreciate feedback. It's a mutual fantasy inspired by a young lady friend of

mine who I promised I'd thank... so thank you, Brandi... 


The shades are drawn and the lights are dim in your apartment. I look across

the couch at you. I see you wearing a long, flowing skirt and a loose shirt; I

can see the hint of your nipples through your blouse, and from what I had

previously noticed I can tell that you are wearing nothing else. The blouse

flatters your curves; the skirt caresses your legs lovingly. As for me, I am

wearing shorts, boxers, and a button-down shirt. I was glad to get back

together after having been apart for a few months. (I had missed you,

actually.) I drove to your house, and took you out... We caught up on stories

and were just back from going to dinner and a movie. (I've spent a lot of the

evening admiring your ass through your skirt, and from the bulge in my pants I

feel sure that you've noticed my interest.) We are sitting on the couch,

watching TV, talking quietly. I lean over and start kissing you, letting my

hands wander your body, trying to arouse you. I smile as I feel you tremble,

remembering how beautiful you looked in my arms before as you trembled...

beautiful and vulnerable... and very, very attractive. I sensed your

hesitation, but I forced my tongue into your mouth just the same. You warm

into the kiss, finally, and I relish the feeling of our tongues caressing each

other, my hands roaming over your breasts, your thighs, touching briefly at

the growing wetness between your legs. 

You reach up and run your fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to you. I

let you pull me closer, our bodies touching, until I am nearly lying on you. I

can feel your nipples pressing against my chest, despite the two layers of

cloth between us. I smile quietly, and grab both of your hands. Holding them

together, I pull them over your head, holding them with one hand and

positioning you on the couch with the other, so that you are lying comfortably

there. I take my free hand and pull your blouse up to expose your breasts to

my view... to my tongue... I begin to lick your nipples, biting them, kissing

them... I can feel from your trembling that you are growing more aroused, and

I can see a small dark spot on your skirt that tells me more explicitly that

you are. 

For reasons that still elude me, you start to fight. You struggle against my

hand, trying to get away. I frown at you and pick up a length of rope. Over

your struggling, I tie your hands together behind your back. Holding your arms

firmly, I pull you over to a chair, sit down, and pull you over my lap. I push

your skirt up, baring your ass. I pause to admire the ass I had imagined all

night... the ass I remember so well from our previous encounter. I can feel

you trembling. I assume that you know what is coming. 

I smile down at you, but you cannot see. ``You fought me, dear.''

You didn't say anything.

``I'm going to spank you for that one. I want you to thank me after each

spank, is that clear?'' 

You nodded. ``Dear, that's not good enough. You're mine now... I assume you

know what to call me.'' 

I could feel you tremble again. ``Yes, master.''

``Good.'' And I started.

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

No-one has ever called me master before and meant it. I didn't think I would

like it as much as I do. 

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

I can feel you trembling on my lap. I look down at you, at your face, at your

perfect ass. I can't help but think how beautiful you are. 

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

You're in my lap. Surely you can feel that my interest is growing. I can feel

that you are as turned on as I am. 

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

 *smack* ``Thank you, master.''

Over and over again... I watch your ass turn pink, then red, as I spank you.

Finally, I stop... I don't want to push you too far... I want you to be able

to come later... but I don't let you know that my ambitions are so noble.

``Have you learned your lesson?'' 

You nodded. ``I'll be good now.''

I spanked your ass hard again. ``Excuse me?''

``I'll be good now, master.''

I smile, and I help you to your feet. I stand, and I pull you to the vertical

climber. I push down on one pedal with one foot, so that the two pedals are

even. I push you against the vertical climber so that your back is against it.

I untie your hands. ``Hold the handles,'' I command. You comply. I tie your

hands to the handles. I take a small pair of scissors out of my pocket, and

cut your shirt off your body. Your breasts hang beautifully, your nipples

erect, a slight blush further underlining your arousal. I take saran wrap and

begin wrapping your arms to the climber above your head, securing your arms so

they cannot move at all. I move down your body, wrapping your torso, securing

you so that you cannot move at all... I am, though, careful to leave your

breasts free. With a lick to each nipple, I listen carefully to your moan.

Reaching into my pocket, I take out a gag, and fasten it over your mouth. I

smile, and suck one nipple into my mouth. I hear your muffled moan, and smile.

Your legs are left alone, because you are supporting your weight there as it

is. Just to make things even, I take the scissors and cut off your skirt. I

stand back to admire you for a moment. Naked, fully bound, gagged. You are

again beautiful in your vulnerability. 

I start to tease you. I lightly stroke your body, playing with your nipples,

fingering your wet pussy. I kneel before you, licking your pussy, driving you

crazy. I can hear more muffled moans from above me, but I ignore whatever

pleas you might make. I part your buttocks, and lick you between your ass

cheeks. I can feel you twitch when my tongue touches your asshole, but I can

feel you relax as I push it a small bit inside. I return to your pussy,

sucking on your clit, pushing my fingers into you. I can feel you squirming

and I can hear that you are trying to say something. 

I stand, but let one hand continue to torture your pussy. I loosen the gag.

``Please, please let me come,'' you moan to me. 

I pinch your clit hard. ``What did you say?''

You realize what I meant. ``Please let me come, master.''

I put the gag back on you without answering. After a pause, I took my hand

away from your pussy. ``Look at yourself. You can't move. You can't talk. I

could go out right now and leave you hanging there. I could go out and pick up

another woman, bring her back here, and fuck her in front of you. Don't forget

that you're mine.'' I paused for another moment, and kissed your forehead. 

I kneel before you again and bury my face in your cunt. I lick your clit,

flicking my tongue over it, while I slide four fingers into you. Once I feel

that they are sufficiently lubricated, I slip one finger into your ass. I add

another finger to the first, and then another, stretching your anus. I'm

fucking your ass with my fingers and licking your shaven pussy and I can feel

you trembling, moving as much as you can under the restraints. I can hear you

moaning louder. I fuck you harder, and lick you more furiously, and I can feel

you twitching as you approach your orgasm. 

Finally, I feel your ass contracting around my fingers, your juices flowing

over my tongue. I can hear you clearly through the gag as you nearly scream in

your pleasure. You are trying to move, but given the saran wrap, you end up

just tensing your body against the restraints. 

I wait until you have calmed down, then stand up and remove your gag. Without

even having to be prompted, you say, ``thank you, master.''  

``That's a good girl.''

I drop my shorts and boxers. My erection throbs. ``Tell me what you want,


You remember this from last time. ``I want you to fuck me. Oh, fuck me please,

master.'' I drop my shirt. We are both naked. I put on a condom and press my

cock between your legs. I take your legs and put them around my waist... you

are supporting your weight uncomfortably by your arms, so I put my arms around

you and hold you up. 

I enter you slowly, filling you up. I fuck you like that, secured to the

vertical climber, unable to move, loving having you at my mercy. I am enjoying

the feel of your tight pussy around my cock, and I can see that you like me

sliding in and out of you, varying my pace. I lean forward and bite your neck;

I can feel you shiver slightly at this. I kiss you deeply as I fuck you. After

having played with such a beautiful woman for so long, I can feel that I won't

last much longer, so I fuck you harder. My orgasm is starting to approach...

you can feel my thrusts become harder, but slightly irregular. I groan into

your ear as I come inside you. 

After a moment, I pull out of you, and let you rest your weight on your legs.

I kiss you deeply, and release you from your bindings. You press yourself

against me, holding me tightly, kissing me deeply.  

Exhausted, we go into your bedroom and fall onto the bed. I've got my arms

around you; sleep comes quickly for both of us.


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