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Archive-name: Slaves/fl1p3.txt

Archive-author: Mr. Anon

Archive-title: Fantasy Land - Fantasy One - Part 3

I sat there stroking my cock contemplating the various things I could 

do to Amanda to satisfy myself when I realized that they wouldn't be 

much fun because she was unconscious.  

Frustrated, I let go of my cock and looked away from the naked seven 

year old.  I sat there and thought about the events that had occurred 

since I arrived.  I felt like I had 'leaped' into another persons' 

body, a person everyone calls Master.  "Master?", I thought.  Then I 

thought about the cell full of girl scouts as I looked back at Amanda.  

"Well, I've got nothing to loose.  I might as well test it." I thought 

as I got up and left the viewing room for the holding area.  I saw two 

beautiful guards and the girl scouts.  The girls were huddled around 

their remaining leader.  Some were asking questions, some where 

crying, and others where just there.  The guards snapped to attention 

when they noticed me and their action caused the girl scouts to stop 

what they were doing and look up.  One guard was standing next to the 

door of the cell that held the girl scouts.  The other blocked the 

entrance to the hallway that led out of the dungeon.  

There I was, standing naked in a room full of girls.  I reached down 

and gently stroked my cock as I looked them over.  My mind raced with 

fantasies as my eyes moved from girl to girl.  Then I spotted the one 

I wanted.  I pointed her out and told the guard to get her.  "Yes 

Master" she responded.  She unlocked the cell door and the other guard 

withdrew her gun, ready to shoot if anyone presented a problem.  She 

entered the cell and walked toward the girl while the others moved 

away from her.  She grabbed the girl and threw her out.  Then she 

locked the cell door and grabbed the clipboard. 

The frightened girl stayed close by the cell bars while the guard told 

me about her.  "Her name is Kara and she's 13 Master."  "Kara." I 

began, "I like that name.  Come here kid." I said in a gentle yet 

commanding voice.  Kara hesitated for a moment then slowly approached 

me.  She was cute, real cute.  Short blond hair, small face wearing a 

frightened expression.  Her breasts looked like they were coming along 

nicely, I guessed around 32B.  She was wearing a blue short sleeve 

polo shirt tucked into short, tight blue shorts with an elastic 

wasitband, knee-high socks and sneakers.  "Good girl." I said as I put 

my hands on her shoulders and guided us around so the rest of the girl 

scouts could both of us.  I felt her bra straps through her shirt.  I 

don't know why but it gave me a feeling of power.  I began to get into 

this role of being Master.  "Now then, give me a kiss." I said as I 

lowered my lips toward hers.  She yelled "No way!" and tried to back 

away but I held her in place.  I shook her a bit until she stopped 

struggling and said "Listen bitch, I'm very horny and not in the mood 

to pussy-foot around with you."  Then I commanded "Guard.  Go get the 

kid in the viewing room."  

The cell guard dashed away as I continued "Amanda didn't want to 

cooperate either.  Now she has a broken finger and a broken nose."  A 

moment later the guard came walking backwards in to the holding area 

dragging the unconscious Amanda by the hair to the middle of the room 

where everyone could see.  She let go causing Amandas head to fall 

some two feet to the hard floor.  The girl scouts all gasped and some 

cried out "Oh my God" while others just burst into tears.  

"Kara?  Are you going to be nice to me now or what?"  Kara panicked.  

She looked toward the cell to the other girl scout leader for help.  

Diane is a 35 year old mother with an eight year old daughter to 

protect.  She knew she should advise Kara to cooperate but she also 

needed to know just how bad the situation was.  She moved her head so 

very slightly from side to side to indicate to Kara not to cooperate.  

Kara, encouraged by Diane said "Never."  I grabbed her by the hair 

again and punched her in the jaw hard enough to send her backward and 

down to the floor unconscious.  I dropped the hand full of hair that 

had ripped out of her head as I said "Guards.  I think we need to make 

an example of this one.  I want her stripped and spread eagle standing 

up, now!"  "Yes Master" the guards replied in unison as one raced 

toward a control panel and pushed some buttons while the other quickly 

undressed the girl.  A door opened up on the far wall revealing a 

hidden cupboard while two small panels slid open near the floor and 

ceiling on each of the side walls.  The guard opened the cupboard and 

grabbed a set of wrist and ankle cuffs and dropped them on the floor 

next to the other guard who was just taking Kara's panties off.  Then 

she raced around to the four open panels, pulling chains from each of 

them to the center of the room.  Kara was being dragged to the center 

of the room and the chains were clipped to the cuffs.  Then one guard 

went back to her post at the hallway while the other went to the 

control panel and pushed another button.  The chains started 

retracting into the walls causing Kara slid across the floor a bit 

before they pulled her up and out.  I had the guard stop the chains 

with Kara's feet still on the ground.  Her legs were spread apart, her 

arms held up and apart, and her head was down to one side.  "Wake her 

up and keep her awake." I told a guard.  She went to the cupboard and 

came back with a hypo.  She found a vein and injected the drug into 

the little girl.  

Moments later Kara was wide awake, crying and struggling against her 

loose bonds.  "Very good, now stretch her out a bit."  The guard 

pressed a button and the chains resumed their trip into the walls.  I 

had the guard stop the chains when Kara started to scream.  She was a 

foot off the ground and formed a nice and tight X.  

I went to the cupboard to see what else was in it.  It was well 

stocked.  Candles, cigarettes, matches, lighters, a blow torch, whips, 

crops, clothes pins, clamps, paddles, lots of needles of various 

lengths and thicknesses, dildos, drugs, catheters, enema kits, etc.  I 

also found a panel with various wires and hoses protruding from it 

along with switches, dials and labels.  The labels read 'positive', 

'negative', 'water', and 'suction'.  The dials and gauges enabled 

voltage, temperature, water pressure and vacuum pressure to be read 

and adjusted.  I pulled out a drawer and found a supply of surgical 

instruments, from scalpels to rib spreaders.  I thought to myself 'If 

this is the just the holding area what can I expect in the torture 

chamber?' as I picked up a cigarette and lit it. 

I walked around Kara very slowly taking in all the details of her 

body.  Being a foot off the ground made her head even with mine.  I 

blew smoke in her face and it made her coughed.  I got very close to 

her, close enough for my cock to touch her pussy and her nipples to 

touch my chest.  I rubbed my cock against her for a bit while I 

finished the smoke.  I held the butt up and waved it in her face as I 

asked "Well ashtray, where should I put this out?"  Her eyes widened 

and she responded "Noooo.  Don't.  Please don't Master.  I'll do 

anything you say Master.  Just pleeeease don't hurt me Master."  "I'm 

so sorry dear but you had your chance.  Take comfort in knowing that 

your ordeal may save your fellow girl scouts some pain." I said as I 

walked behind her.  I squatted down between her legs.  She couldn't 

see what I was doing but the girl scouts could.  They gasped as they 

watched the burning cigarette butt move closer and closer to Kara's.  

They shouted "NOOOOoooo!" in unison just as I touched it to her 

asshole.  She screamed and they screamed.  She struggled and I moved 

my hand with her ass to keep the butt just touching.  The smell of 

burning flesh almost made me ill but her hysterical screams kept me 

going.  Finally I pushed it on her left ass cheek.  I made a nice 

sizzling sound as it went out.  Then I shoved it up her asshole. 

The girl scouts had all looked away except for Diane.  I was furious.  

I got up and went to the cell and yelled "Cunts!"  They all looked 

back at me.  "This is a demonstration.  I expected you to watch and 

learn.  The next one of you I catch not watching will win a date with 

me in the torture chamber!  Do you understand?"  Believe it or not 

they all said yes and shifted their seating so they could look 

straight ahead.    


Kara would have passed out from the pain but the drug the guard gave 

her wouldn't let her.  She just moaned and cried.  I moved in front of 

her and slapped her a few times to get her attention.  She was in so 

much pain but managed to focus on me.  "Please Master, no more.  I'll 

be a good girl.  I'll dooo...  what...whatever you say.  

Really I will Master."  I walked over to the cupboard and got a 

catheter kit.  I opened it up as I walked over to Kara and knelt in 

front of her.  I closed one end and brutally forced the other up her 

urethra.  Kara screaming aknew as blood trickled out of her body along 

the tube.  I knew I'd entered her bladder when I saw the tube fill 

with a golden colored liquid.  I placed the large cup near the end of 

the catheter and opened.  The smelling piss poured out of the little 

girl for some time until the dribbled to nothing leaving the cup half 

full.  I stood up and waved it in front of her eyes.  "If you really 

mean what you've been saying then you'll drink this now." I told her 

as I brought the cup to her lips.  She trembled a few times getting 

over the pain in her urethra before she opened her mouth allowing me 

to bring the cup to her lips and tip it towards her.  She drank it all 

but not without making several disgusting faces.  It was clear she 

didn't like it one bit.  

I turned toward the girl scouts.  Everyone of them was looking at us 

and paying attention.  "Did you girls see the face Kara made when she 

drank her piss?" I asked.  "She looked down right disgusted and I hate 

that.  Let this be a lesson to you.  When I make you drink piss you 

must look and act like you like, no, love it.                                 

I went to the cupboard and pulled the water hose out a bit.  I put a 

penis shaped dildo attachment on the end of it and adjusted the 

temperature to steam.  I shoved the dildo up Kara's dry virgin cunt.  

Streaks of blood soon ran down the exposed parts of it.  I went back 

to the machine and turned the valve.  Soon Kara's cunt was being 

steamed.  At first the only sign of what was happening was her screams 

and trashing about but soon excess steam started to escape between her 

pussy lips.  She was being cooked from the inside out.  The escaping 

steam was hot enough to burn her clit and the surrounding tissue.

I jerked on my cock I time with her screams.  I was really close to 

cuming but forced myself to stop.  I stopped the steam and pulled the 

dildo from her cunt.  I removed the dildo from the hose and restarted 

the steam.  I pointed the hose all over her body.  I opened her 

eyelids and steamed her eyes.  I pushed the hose up each of her 

nostrils.  She was screaming wildly so I had no problem putting the 

hose into her mouth and shoving it down her throat into her stomach.  

I went back to the cupboard and grabbed a short leather whip.  The 

handle was leather braid with a little knob on the end.  The other end 

consisted nine one foot long thin leather strips.  Each strip was 

studded with hundreds of tiny diamond chips on both sides.  

Kara's belly was starting to extend when I tried the whip on her face. 

First the right side since I'm right handed.  Then a back hand against 

the left side.  I let the whip fall idle at my side as I gazed upon 

her shredded, blood streaked face.

I needed so much to cum.  I looked over at the girl scouts.  They were 

mesmerized.  "Guard, wake Amanda up now but hide her pain!" I yelled 

as I resumed my attach on Kara.  The cell guard ran for the cupboard.  

She found a syringe and filled it with two different drugs.  She ran 

back to Amanda and injected the seven year old.   

Amanda comes around slowly while I whip Kara's breasts and stomach.  

Kara screams until she looses her voice.  Amanda stands up and looks 

around.  When our eyes meet she lowers her head.  "Amanda dear" I say 

"come here and kneel in front of Kara here."  Amanda does as she's 

told, her mouth level with Kara's burnt pussy.  I instruct Amanda on 

how to open Kara's pussy lips and point out her clit.  "Bite it 

Amanda!" I command as I whip Amandas' back.  She flinches but obeys.  

Little, naked, seven year old Amanda opens her mouth and moves her 

head toward 13 year old Kara's clit.  As soon as her lips are against 

Kara's flesh she closes her jaw.  "That's a good girl Amanda" I say 

"keep going, bite it off and eat it girl."  Amanda does as instructed 

and Kara silently screams as Amanda chews.  "Good girl Amanda.  Now 

put your finger inside her." I say as I guide her finger up Kara's 

vagina.  "Good, now another finger.  Good, now another and another.  

Very good, now your whole hand baby."  Amanda manages to put her 

entire hand inside Kara.  "Good girl.  Now push it in farther."  "It 

won't go any farther, I found an opening." Amanda 

said.  Amanda had found Kara's womb.  "Push your whole hand into the 

opening girl." I commanded.  "I've alreay done it Master." she 

responded.  "Very good.  Very, very good Amanda.  Now, grab a hold of 

anything you can and squeeze it as hard as you can and pull your hand 

out."  "Yes Master." she responded as Kara managed to make a noise 

after all.  I can't describe the noise but I can say it meant to 

convey pure pain. 

Amanda pulled her blood soaked hand from Kara's pussy.  Indescribable 

human tissue was intertwined between her fingers.  Kara was loosing a 

lot of blood between her legs.  She was fading fast.  I picked Amanda 

up, hugged her close to me and positioned my cock to her cunt.  I made 

her open her pussy with her hands and guide my cock inside of her.  

The drugs prevented her from feeling any pain so I easily filled her.  

She was very light and hung on to me with one hand.  I walked with her 

to the cupboard and got a scalpel and put it in Amanda's hand.  Then I 

moved in front of Kara.  I tought Amanda how to bounce on my cock.  I 

was feeling really good, just about ready to cum.  I told Amanda to 

make an X with the knife on Kara's chest and directed her aim so the 

lines would intersect her heart.  Amanda did as she was told while 

still bouncing up and down on me. 

I was starting to cum.  The first jet of sperm shot from my cock even 

before I started.  A couple of more bounces from Amanda and I was 

cumming.  "Shove the knife into the middle of the X." I commanded 

Amanda.  She did as she was told.  The knife met Kara's skin right at 

the intersection of the two lines and easily proceded inward some four 

or five inches.  Kara's head snapped upward, eyes and mouth wide open 

but no sound.  "Pull the knife out and stab her in the eye." I managed 

to say while my cum filled the litte seven year old.  Amanda did just 

as I instructed.  She pulled the knife out.  It made a kind of suction 

noise as it came out which was followed by a great deal of blood.  

Then she raised it up and plunged it into Kara's right eye.  Kara let 

out the loudest and longest and last sound of her life. 

When I finished cumming I pulled Amanda up off my cock and threw her 

away.  Her head smacked up against a wall and broke open, blood poured 

everywhere while her little body twitched.  Kara was finished too.  

The girl scouts, even Diane, had fainted away.  I was satisfied...for 

the moment. 

"Clean up this mess." I told the guards as I left the dungeon in 

search of my sister. 

                                 * * *


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