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Archive-name: Slaves/fl1p2.txt

Archive-author: Mr. Anon

Archive-title: Fantasy Land - Fantasy One - Part 2

Sylvia jumped off the bed and put her cami and slip back on.  I got up 

and looked around for something to wear.  "What are you looking for 

Master?"  she said.  "Some clothes!" I responded.  "Clothes?  You 

never wear clothes when you are here Master.  Now, may we go, please?"  

It felt kind of weird to leave the room naked but I was getting into 

it.  "Oh Master I so excited.  I just can't wait to see all those 

little baby pussies and tiny titties.  Can I have one Master?  

Please?"  I was looking around as we walked to the dungeon and hadn't 

been paying attention to what she was saying.  The place was hugh.  We 

passed so many rooms I lost count.  Lots of paintings and photos were 

hung on the walls.  And they weren't your usual scenes either.  

Everyone of them showed one form of torture or another.  Then we 

walked down a hugh staircase and passed by what I guessed was the 

living room.  I heard screams coming from that room and went back to 

check it out.  

The ceiling must be about twenty feet high.  Lots of expensive looking 

furniture filled the room.  Then I found the source of the screams.  A 

large alcove had been cut into the far wall.  A naked young girl hung 

upside down suspended by chains attached to metal cuffs around her 

ankles.  The chains kept her legs spread wide open.  Her wrists were 

tied together behind her back.  A woman was whipping every inch of the 

girl tiny little body.  The girl was screaming and crying and begging 

"Stop mommy stop!  Please stop." but the woman only increased the 

strength of her blows.  "Why are they doing this sis?"  "Oh, this is 

your idea of living art.  They'll do that for about four hours and 

then another pair will take their place."  "The girl looks pretty 

young."  "She is.  She's 11.  And the woman is her mother."  Sylvia 

shouted to the woman "Samantha".  The woman turned toward us and said 

"Yes Mistress?"  "Eat her." Sylvia commanded.  "Yes Mistress Sylvia."  

The woman put the whip down and untied the girls wrists.  Then she 

moved in front of her and spread her legs open.  The girl was 

suspended at just the right height so her mouth lined up with her 

mothers' pussy.  "Eat mommys pussy darling and I'll eat yours." the 

woman told the girl.  The girl wrapped her hands around her mothers' 

ass and buried her face into her cunt.  "That's it baby, suck mommys 

clity."  She enjoyed the feeling for a moment and resumed abusing her 

daughter.  She slapped and pinched the girls' pussy causing her to 

scream.  "Yes honey.  Scream in mommys pussy baby."  Then she lowered 

her head and started biting the girls' pussy lips.  These weren't 

tender nibbles either, she was drawing blood.  The girl screamed until 

her mother let go then she went back to licking and sucking.  Samantha 

spread her daughters lips apart and licked her clit.  "Come on baby, 

let your clit get big and hard for mommy.  That's it, that's it.  Suck 

mommies clit baby.  That's right.  Ooohhh, I'm gonna cum baby.  Suck 

me harder.  That's it.... I cummmmmming!"  Right when she started 

cumming she bit down hard on her daughters clit causing the girl to 

scream like never before.  She grabbed her daughter ass and dug her 

long fingernails in deep as she shook from a tremendous orgasm.  The 

girl held her face to her mothers cunt the whole time.  When it was 

finally over the woman let go of the child and turned to us "Was that 

ok Mistress?"  Sylvia was just recovering from her own orgasm.  She'd 

been masterbating the whole time.  "Yes Samantha.  Now that's what I 

call eating a pussy!  Hee Hee.  You can go back to what you were doing 

now."  "Yes Mistress Sylvia" the woman said.  She was tying her 

daughters wrist up again as we left.

"I hope you like that Master."  Sylvia asked.  I had to admit that I 

did like, a lot and I would have cum if I hadn't just fuck Sylvia only 

moments ago.  "I did but where did you ever find a woman that would be 

so violent to her own kid?"  "Oh she wasn't always like that.  When 

she was first brought here she was like any normal protective mother. 

But with enough time and the right training we can make anyone do 

anything.  I think the best part is when they finally break down.  I 

still remember the day when Samatha hit her daughter for the first 

time.  They were both crying and she was saying I'm so sorry baby, 

please forgive me and the kid was saying its ok mommy I know they are 

making you do it but it hurts so much.  I must have cum a hundred 

times that day."

We were walking down another flight of stair when Sylvia said "Well 

Master?  Can I have one?"  "Have one what?" I asked.  "One of the girl 

scouts Master!"  "I don't know yet.  I'll think about it but right now 

I want to know what we are going to do when we get to them."  "Your 

the Master, Master.  You can do anything you want."  "I know I'm the 

Master but I'm still a little fuzzy from the trip so I want you to 

take charge when we get there and give me a good show."  "Oh thank you 

Master.  It'll be my pleasure."  

We finally arrived at the dungeons' entrance and two beautiful amazon 

type women guarding a massive wooden door snapped to attention.  They 

were dressed just like Sylvia except for the color, pink.  And each 

had a gun holstered around her waist.  Sylvia gestured to one of the 

guards who got out a set of keys and unlocked the door.  "What are the 

guns for sis?"  "They are tranquilizer guns in case anyone tries to 

escape."  "Has anyone ever escaped?"  "No Master.  Escape is 

impossible."  We walked through the door in to a long hallway with 

many doors.  The guard with the keys followed us in and locked the 

door behind us.  "These are the cells where we keep the prisoners 

Master.  And down there is the holding area."  We walked down the 

hallway until we reached a large open space.  A large cell was against 

one wall and behind the bars we could the girl scouts.  Another guard 

was standing near the cell door holding a clip board.  "Have you 

finished processing them?" Sylvia asked the guard.  "Yes Mistress, 

here are the results." the guard responded and handed the clip board 

to my sister.  "The leaders' name is Barbara.  She's 35, black hair, 

34b-22-34.  She has two daughters here too.  Christina is 6 and 

Shannon is 12.  Lets see.  She's had a normal sex life.  Never done 

anything kinky.  Oh, this is interesting..." she stops talking and 

reads.  "What's so interesting sis?"  "Oh, I'm sorry Master.  I'll 

show you."  She turns to the guard and says "Bring Barbara, her 

daughters and lets see here... Amanda to the viewing room and queue up 

her tape."  "Yes Mistress, right away."  Then Sylvia takes my hand and 

leads me to the viewing room.  There's a large couch and several 

stuffed chairs and a huge wide screen TV.  We sit on the couch and she 

says "We tape all of the interviews and this one is good.  One of the 

questions we ask during the interview is about sexual fantasies and 

the report I just read said Barbara has fantasies about girls, 

including her daughters.  I love doing this.  You see she doesn't 

remember what she said during the interview.  So when she and her 

daughters see the tape they'll get all embarassed and the girls will 

get pissed.  Oh, I love it!"  "What's Amanda for?"  "I'm going to use 

her to motivate Barbara."  

The door opened and several guards escorted the girls inside.  I 

noticed that they all wore the same kind of clothes.  Polo shirts and 

shorts with elastic waistbands.  The girls wore knee high socks and 

Barbara had one ankle socks.  We got up and Sylvia directed Barbara to 

sit in the middle of the couch with a daughter on each side.  Sylvia 

sat in a chair and with Amanda on her lap.  I sat in another chair.  

The TV turned on and a moment later we were watching Barbaras' 

interview.  The first part was boring.  You could tell Barbara was 

drugged because she spoke in monotones.  When it got to the fantasies 

question I started to get excited.  The interviewer, another guard, 

asked "Tell me about your sexual fantasies."  Barbara didn't hesitate 

"Well most of my fantasies involve little girls.  I love to look at 

their hairless vaginas and nubbins.  I look at my daughters every 

chance I get.  One night I even snuck into their room when they were 

asleep.  I pulled their covers down and lifted up their nighties.  I 

masterbated while I stared at their panties.  I got really horny and 

brave and move the crotch so I could see their pussys.  Another time 

Christina had a sleep over and invited 15 girls.  I got a chance to 

see each one of their pussies when they changed.  I must have cum ten 

times that night."  

"That's enough.  Turn it off." Sylvia said.  Then she got up and 

walked over to Barbara and grabbed her hands away from her face.  

"Crying Barbara?  I thought you'd be happy because now you can finally 

live out your fantasies."  "Those were my most private thoughts.  You 

had no right."  "Shut up bitch and kiss Shannon."  "I will not!" she 

replied and Shannon said "I'm never gonna kiss that dyke again!"  

Sylvia signaled the guards who were standing behind the couch.  The 

moved closer and looked ready to move if necessary.  Then Sylvia knelt 

down and called Amanda over.  The tiny six year old got off the chair 

and slowly walked toward her.  She was cute with red hair and 

freckles.  "Are you right or left handed dear?"  Sylvia asked.  

"Right." the girl whispered.  Sylvia gently reached out for the girls 

hand and caressed her slim fingers.  Then in a flash she bent the 

girls pointing finger til it broke.  Amanda screamed and Barbara and 

the daughters tried to get up but were held down by the guards.  

Barbara yelled out "Oh my God NOOOO.  Don't hurt her!  Please don't." 

Sylvia stood up, lifted her slip, grabbed Amanda by the hair and 

forced the childs face into her pussy.  "That's right baby, let it all 

out.  Now then, are you two going to kiss or do I have to break 

another finger?"  Barbara turned to Shannon and said "I'm sorry dear 

but we don't have any choice."  "I know mother.  Just do it and get it 

over with."   

Barbara leaned toward her daughter and gave her a quick little kiss 

her lips.  She didn't want to admit it but she was getting turned on.  

"Nooo bitch!" Sylvia yelled angrily.  She pulled Amandas' face away 

from her pussy by her hair and slapped the little girls face twice.  

Once with her open hand and the second with the back of her hand.  

"You're just not going to be happy until I kill this kid are you?"  

"No!  Don't.  We'll cooperate.  Just tell us what you want." Barbara 

pleaded.  "Kiss her again and this time make it a nice wet lesbian 

kiss." Sylvia commanded "And you, Christina.  Watch them real good 

cause you're next."  Barbara moved her hand behind her daughters' head 

and brought their lips together.  This time they kissed long and hard.  

"That's better bitch..." Sylvia commented as she forced Amandas face 

back into her pussy.  She started moving the kids' head up and down 

apparently using the girls nose to stroke her clit.  "Now stick your 

tongue in Shannons' mouth so she can suck it." she continued.  Barbara 

broke the kiss and stuck her tongue out.  Shannon had a look of 

disgust on her face as she reluctantly opened her mouth to let her 

mothers tongue inside.  Then she closed her eyes and lips and started 

sucking.  Sylvia relished that disgusted look on Shannons' face.  

"Good girls.  Now Shannon, spread your legs apart and stick your 

tongue in your mothers' mouth.  Barbara I want you to put your hand on 

the crotch of her shorts and rub her pussy while you suck her tongue."  

Shannon slowly moved her legs apart as she gave Sylvia a look of sheer 

hatred before sticking her tongue out.  This of course only made 

Sylvia that much happier.  Barbara seemed to be getting into it now.  

She rather quickly moved her hand down to her daughters crotch and 

eagerly opened her mouth to accept her daughters tongue.  Then she 

moved in a little closer so when she closed her lips they touched her 

daughters.  At first she gently rubbed Shannons pussy but she steadily 

increased both the pressure and tempo.  Shannon, being only human 

couldn't help but get aroused.  Her face started to flush and she 

started moving her hips around.  Sylvia has waited for this "Shannon, 

rub your mothers pussy too."  Barbara spread her legs as Shannon 

placed her hand between them and started rubbing.  She lost control of 

herself when she felt Shannons hand on her pussy.  She stopped sucking 

her tongue and started kissing again.  Shannon hesitated for a moment 

and then started kissing her mother back as they rubbed each other to 

a frenzy.  Sylvia let this go on until they were just about ready to 

cum then yelled "Stop!".  

Startled they jumped away from each other.  Surprisingly Shannon was 

the first to speak up "Please don't make us stop now.  It feels soo 

gooood."  "I know it does dear." Sylvia said. "But don't you think it 

would feel better if your mother licked your pussy?"  "Oh yes, can 

she?" Shannon asked.  "Ask her girl.  Go ahead and beg her." Sylvia 

replied.  Shannon turned to her mother and asked in a husky voice 

"Mother, would you please lick my pussy, please?"  "Of course dear.  

Here stand up so I can take off your shorts." Barbara said.  Shannon 

jumped off the couch and turned to face her mother.  Barbara lended 

forward, grabbed the elastic waistband of her shorts with both hands 

and slowly lowered them.  First the waistband of Shannons' panties 

came into view.  As more and more was revealed they turned out to be 

pink cotton.  Barbara lowered her daughters shorts to her ankles and 

Shannon quickly stepped out of them.  "Turn around Shannon and let us 

see." Sylvia command.  Shannon turned slowly until she was facing us.  

"Very nice.  Now take off your top."  Shannon criss crossed her hands 

to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and off and let it drop to 

the floor.  She was wearing a tiny white bra.  "Oh how lovely." Sylvia 

said "Is that a training bra?"  "Yes." answered Shannon.  "I'd love to 

see your mother wearing it wouldn't you?"  "Oh yes, I would."  "Good, 

we'll put it on her later.  For now I want you to lay across your 

mothers lap face down with your head toward Christina and rub your 

sisters' cunt."  "But what about my pussy?  You said mommy could lick 

it."  "Get into position now bitch or I'll rip your pussy off right 

now."  Shannon quickly got into positon. 

Poor, scared Christina didn't know what to do so Shannon grabbed her 

sisters legs and forced them open enough to get her hand on the six 

year olds crotch.  "Barbara, I want you to spank your daughter."  "No, 

please don't make me do this."  "Do it now and do it hard or the next 

finger I break will be Christinas'."  "It's ok mommy.  I can take it 

as long as I know you'll be licking me when its over." Shannon 

encouraged her mother.  Barbara raised her hand and swatted her 

daughters ass causing Shannon to yelped.  "Harder bitch, and get her 

legs and back too." Sylvia yelled out.  Barbara swung again, this time 

landing a slap to Shannons left thigh that was hard enough to cause 

the youngsters' thigh firm flesh to jiggle and leave a red hand shaped 

mark behind.   Barbara kept the punishment up, landing blows on her 

daughters panty covered ass, bare thighs, and back.  Shannon screamed 

with each slap but somehow managed to keep her hand rubbing 

Christinas' pussy.  

"That's better Barbara, now pull her panties down and rub her asshole 

and pussy." Sylvia commanded.  Barbara grabbed the waistband of her 

daughters pretty pink panties and slowly pulled them down to about mid 

thigh.  Then she gently spread her daughters ass cheeks and placed a 

finger of her left hand on her asshole as she slid her right hand 

between her thighs to her pussy.  Shannon spread her legs as far as 

her panties would allow.  "That's nice girls.  Now Barbara, stick that 

finger inside her ass."  Shannon squealed as her mothers' finger 

invaded her virgin asshole.  Barbara slowly managed to get her finger 

in up to the second knuckle making Shannon whimper the whole time.  

Then she started finger fucking her asshole and playing with her 


Sylvia let this go on until Shannon was sufficently turned on again, 

then she said "That's enough nice stuff for now.  Unhook her bra and 

turn her over."  Barbara removed her fingers from her daughtes private 

parts and reached for the bra.  She unhooked it and together they 

managed to get Shannon turned over with her ass in her mothers' lap 

and her head in her sisters' lap.  Shannons' eyes were red and tears 

trickled down her face.  "Good, now take off her bra and panties."  

Mother and daughter worked together until the 12 year old was finally 

naked.  She really didn't have what you could call tits yet but she 

wasn't flat chested either.  Small puffy mounds protruded ever so 

slightly from her chest.  Each one was topped with small, hard, pink, 

pencil eraser sized nipples which were surrounded by rings of pink 

flesh about the size of a nickel.  The bald, puffy, outer lips of her 

pussy meet each other forming a classic little girl slit.  It was 

obvious from Barbaras' wanton expression that she really enjoyed her 

daughters naked body as she sat there drinking in the site.  

"Very good girls." Sylvia said startling Barbara out of her trance.  

"Now Shannon, put your left foot down on the floor so your mother can 

have complete access to your pussy.  And little Christina.  Did you 

pay attention when your mother and sister were kissing?"  "Yes" she 

replied.  "Good, I want you to pick up your sisters head and kiss her 

while you, Barbara spank Shannon some more.  And be sure to 

concentrate on her pussy and titties."   Little Christina tried to 

pick up her sisters' head but it was very heavy.  Shannon realized her 

problem and moved a hand behind her sisters' neck so she could pull 

herself up.  They started kissing and then licking and sucking each 

others tongues.  Shannon looked like she was enjoying it but confused 

Christina was clearly just going through the motions.  

Then Barbara started to work.  At first she gently rubbed her hand 

over Shannons' pussy and nubbins.  Then she just hauled off and wacked 

her daughters' cunt.  The sound of the impact was deafening and its 

force caused Shannon to break her kiss with her sister and scream out 

in pain.  As the pain subsided Shannon tried to resume the kiss but 

Christina was crying.  "It's ok Christina." said Shannon. "I'm getting 

use to it so kiss me before we get into more trouble."  In fact, this 

being Shannons' first sexual experience, she was more than just 

getting use to it.  Even thought the slaps from her mother really 

hurt, some of the energy from those blows was absorbed by her clit and 

translated into pleasure.  Little did she know that she would forever 

more require pain to achieve the intensity of the orgasm she was soon 

to have.  Sylvia knew though.  She also knew that Shannon would soon 

crave to inflict pain on others.  Things were working out just as 

she'd planned.  Shannon would be lots of fun and eventually Christina 

would be too.  

Sylvias' arms grew tired from moving Amandas' head.  She yanked the 

girl backward and knelt down beside her.  She licked her pussy juices 

off the childs' face and kissed her and felt up her pussy as she drank 

in Shannons' screams and crys caused by Barbara's continued assault on 

her daughter.  "Amanda dear, fucking your nose was fun but I need 

something more to cum.  Take off your clothes for me like a nice baby 

slut ok?"  Amanda had long since stopped crying.  She was numb and 

confused but Sylvias' word eventually sunk in and she started to 

undress but as soon as she tried to use her right hand she screamed 

out.  Sylvia had one hand on her pussy and another on one of her tits, 

both moving vigorously.  "Come on baby, you can do it.  You better do 

it or I hurt you even worse."  Poor little six year old Amanda 

struggled with her crippled hand to remove her clothes.  Every 

movement caused extreme pain and she let that be known by her screams 

and crying.  Sylvia of course was really getting off on this but I was 

surprised when I looked over at Barbara and Shannon.  They had stopped 

what they were doing and were staring at Amanda.  Barbara had put one 

of her hands down her shorts and was obviously masterbating while the 

other hand was rubbing Shannons pussy.  They both seemed to enjoy 

Amandas predicament while Christina just cried for her friend.  

Eventually Amanda managed to get all of her clothes off and as soon as 

she stopped moving her hand she stopped screaming.  Sylvia was just 

starting to inspect the girls' vagina when she realized she didn't 

hear Shannon.  She quickly turned toward them and, looking directly 

into Barbaras eyes, shouted "Did I tell you to stop?"  "No Mistress."  

Barbaras' mind reeled wondering why she had said the word Mistress.  

Maybe she was just startled by Sylvias' sudden outburst.  Maybe it was 

because she'd heard the guards refer to her as Mistress.  No, it 

wasn't any of those reasons.  For the first time in years she felt a 

tremendous weight lifted her shoulders.  She'd always told herself 

that her fantasies where just that, fantasies.  But now that she was 

actually living her fantasy she knew better.  This was meant to be and 

Sylvia had made it possible.  Sylvia was her mistress now.  

"Mistress?" Sylvia said "Very good Barbara.  Yes, I am your mistress 

and you will do exactly as I say.  Now, punch your daughters cunt 

bitch." Sylvia said while she toyed with Amandas pussy and asshole 

eliciting squeals and yelps from the kid.   

"Yes Mistress." Barbara obediently answered as she made a fist with 

her right hand and punched it as hard as she could into her daughters' 

virgin vagina.  Shannon screamed and instinctively brought her leg up 

from the floor while she let go of her sisters' neck and moved her 

hand to cover her pussy in order to protect herself from another blow.  

But when she realized where her hand was she immediately started 

rubbing her clit trying to generate enough pleasure to override the 

pain.  As soon she had succeeded she stopped screaming and Sylvia said 

"Shannon!  I didn't tell you you could move.  Now put your foot back 

on the floor and use your hands to spread your pussy lips open for 

your mother."  

"Yes Mistress" Shannon acknowledged.  Shannon wasn't emulating her 

mother.  She meant to say the word Mistress.  Even though she hurt all 

over she remembered feeling the most intense pleasure she ever felt in 

her short life and Sylvia had made it possible.  She would do anything 

Sylvia said.  Shannon put her foot back down on the floor and spread 

her pussy lips wide open.  Sylvia looked at Christina and said 

"Christina, pinch your sisters nipples as hard as you can."  Christina 

moved her right hand and with thumb and forefinger, squeezed her 

sisters right nipple as hard as she could causing Shannon to cry out.  

Meanwhile, Barbara had snuck her hand down her shorts again and was 

masterbating furiously while her eyes alternated between her daughters 

pussy and Amandas'.  "Barbara." Sylvia said.  "Yes Mistress." Barbara 

replied trying to sneak her hand out of her shorts.  "Slap Shannons 

open pussy.  Nice and hard."  "Yes Mistress" Barbara said as she 

slowly raised her hand and quickly brought it down on her daughters 

self exposed clit and inner lips.  Shannon screamed out at the same 

time as Sylvia pinched Amandas clit causing her to scream too.  "Again 

Barbara and keep it up until I tell you to stop."  "Yes Mistress."  

Sylvia enjoyed Shannons screams as she made Amanda lie down with her 

legs spread wide and sat on her face.  Then she began to move her hips 

backwards and forewards using the little girls nose to stimulate her 

clit.  Occasionally she'd slap Amandas pussy and smile as the girl 

yelled into her cunt.   

Shannon was screaming up a storm but was also very close to cumming.  

Sylvia realized this and made Barbara stop.  "Shannon, is your pussy 

sore yet?" Sylvia asked.  "Yes Mistress." Shannon sobbed.  "Good then 

your ready for your first fuck...a finger fuck." Sylvia laughed.  

"Barbara put your fingers up her cunt and take her cherry." Sylvia 

said.  "Yes Mistress" Barbara replied as she forcefully poked one, 

then two, then three fingers up her daughters cunt until she finally 

broke her hymen causing Shannon to scream out in pain.  Soon we could 

see a trickle of blood emerge from Shannons' cunt and slowly flow down 

Barbaras' hand.  "Very good Barbara, now take your fingers out and let 

me see them."  Barbara withdrew her fingers and held up her hand.  The 

three fingers were covered with blood.  "Good, now put one in your 

mouth and clean it off."  "Yes, Mistress." Barbara said half heartedly 

as she slowly raised her hand to her mouth.  Barbaras' expression of 

disgust as she forced herself to suck her daughters' virgin blood from 

her finger delighted Sylvia and made her fuck Amandas' face harder.  

"Very good Barbara, now let Shannon have a finger."  Barbara withdrew 

her finger from her mouth, stuck out her middle finger and moved it to 

Shannons' lips.  Shannon opened her mouth and sucked it.  Her 

expression said she didn't enjoy the taste anymore than her mother 

did.  Sylvia was close to cumming as she hoarsely told Barbara to let 

Christina suck the third finger.  Christina opened her tiny mouth and 

started to suck it but the revolting taste and the length of her 

mothers' finger combined to make her gag.  Sylvia thought the girl was 

going to puke all over her sisters' face and this put her over the 

edge.  She started screaming out in ecstasy and cumming buckets in 

Amandas' face.  Suddenly, Amanda started screaming and thrasing about 

violently which only intensified Sylvias' orgasm.  

When Sylvias' orgasm finally subsided she stood up and looked down at 

Amanda.  Amandas' face was full of blood.  Sylvias' orgasm had been so 

intense that she literally broken the childs' nose.  Amandas' screams 

became an annoyance rather than a turn on now that Sylvia was 

temporarily satisfied so she lifted a foot, brought it down on 

Amandas' nose and ground it in until the little girl couldn't take 

anymore and passed out.

Barbara was frustrated, Shannon was sore and Christina was confused 

but Sylvia was content.  

"Barbara." Sylvia said.  "Yes Mistress?" Barbara asked.  "I saw you 

sneaking your hand down your shorts earlier.  Remind me to punish you 

for that the next time we see each other." Sylvia said.  "Yes 

Mistress." Barbara said softly.  "Good.  Now then, you and your 

daughters will be staying in your own private room for a while.  Let's 

go see it now."  With that, Sylvia walked toward the door as the 

guards gestured for the girls to get up and follow.  

The door closed behind them leaving me with a raging hardon alone in a 

room with a naked, passed out, seven year old girl with a broken nose.  

I stroked my cock as I fantasized about doing different things to this 

girl and wondering what Sylvia would come up with next.


                        * End * of * Part * 2 *

What's next?  What does Mr Anon do now?  What will Sylvia think up 

next?  What are Barbara, Shannon and Christina doing now?  What 

happens to the rest of the girl scouts still locked up in the dungeon?  

Any ideas for more living art?  What scenes are shown on the paintings 

and photos that line the hallways?   

                                 * * * 


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