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Archive-name: Slaves/fl1p1.txt

Archive-author: Mr. Anon

Archive-title: Fantasy Land - Fantasy One - Part 1

Hi, my name is Mr Anon and I'm a dirty old man.  Well, maybe not that

old.  Anyway, this is the first in a series of stories about my

experiences in a place I call Fantasy Land.

Everytime I go to Fantasy Land I end up in a different setting.  I

never know what to expect until I get there.  But one thing is

consistent, I'm always in charge and my word is law.

                                 * * *

This time I find myself waking up in a huge bed.  I sit up and look

around at the biggest bedroom I ever saw.  Then I hear a knock at the

door.  I say "Come in".  The door opens and in runs a girl who looks

just like my sister.  "I have wonderful news Master!" she says.

"Sylvia?" I say.  "Yes Master.  Oh, I see you're still a little

disoriented with your trip here.  I'll explain.  You see, you are

Master Anon and I'm your slave slut sister Mistress Sylvia and we are

in your Castle which you call the Desade..."

She rambles on while I look at her.  She's dressed in a camisole and

half slip that has slits on each side running up to the wasitband.

Garters hold up her fancy white stockings and her white shoes must

have at least six inch heels.

She's still talking but I haven't heard much.  I put my finger up to

my lips to signal her to be quiet and it works.  "Let me get this

straight.  You are my sister?"  "Yes, brother."  "And, you are my

slave?"  "Yes, Master.  Like I said, everyone on the estate is either

your slave or prisoner."  "Prisoners?"  "Yes Master.  You have a

dungeon full of them.  You have them kidnaped so you can torture

them."  "Why don't I just torture the slaves?"  "Oh, you do Master,

see?"  She pulls up her camisole and slip.  At first all I see are a

set of beautiful tits and a puffy hairless pussy.  I've always wanted

my sister and this sight is giving me a hardon to beat all.  She

starts walking toward me and continues "but, you prefer unwilling


As she grew closer I began to notice spots all over her.  They turned

out to be welts, scars and bruises.  "You're all beat up sis!  Who did

this to you?"  "You did Master."  "Oh no, I'm so sorry Sylvia".

"Don't be Anon, I loved every minute of it, really!  Hey, you've got a

hardon.   Do you want to fuck me?  Oh please, please."  "Sure sis,

take off your cami and slip and come sit on my cock."  "Thank you

Master, thank you."

No sooner had she finished saying those words was she stripped on

sitting on me with my cock buried to the hilt.  She put her hands on

top of her head and started moving up and down, fucking me so good.

"Come on Anon, hurt me!  Please.  Slap my titties and pinch'em,

bite'em, squeeze'em."  I hesitated for a moment before slapping her

right breast.  "Thank you Master.  Another please Master."  I slapped

her left breast and again she thanked me and asked for another, only

harder this time.  I grabbed a tit and started squeezing it.  "Oh,

thank you Master.  Harder Master.  Please.  Squeeze it harder."  I

kept increasing the pressure and she kept begging for more.  I was

squeezing so hard that some of the fresher scars started ripping open

causing blood to squirt everywhere.  When she saw this she really went

nuts.  She started screaming and moving up and down faster and faster.

"Master, may I please rub myself?"  I said yes and she brought one

hand down from her head to her clit and began rubbing so hard I

thought she'd rub it raw.  "Master, please put your finger nails in

the cuts and scratch them."  I let go of her tit and told her to stop

fucking me.  I grabbed a nipple and stretched her tit out while I

scratched her with my other hand.  She began crying.  The pain must

have been too much.  I was just about to stop when she said "I'm

cumming, please don't stop, I'm, I'm, ... cumminnnnnnnnng."  I was so

turned on that I started cumming too.  She noticed and started humping

me again.  Finally it was over.  She got off of me, wrapped her mouth

around my cock and sucked the last bit of cum out of it.  Then she

looked up at me.  The little drop of semen on her lip made her look so

sexy.  "Master.  I'm so happy that you decided to cum inside of me.  I

hope I get pregnant and if I do I hope you will whip the milk out of

my titties.  I hope I have a little girl.  I'd just love to torture

our daughter for you."  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  And

yet, I was getting into it.

"May we go now Master?"  "Where?"  "Oh that's right.  I forgot to tell

you.  The guards found a troop of girl scouts camping on your

property."  "Girl scouts?" I said with more than a note of interest.

"Yes Master.  I thought you'd like this news.  There's about 20 girls

around 6 to 14 years old and two adult females around 35.  The guards

brought them in to the holding area and should be finished processing

them."  "Process?" I asked.  "Yes, we interview each one.  We get her

name, age, address, phone number, sexual history and so on."  "What if

they don't want to talk?"  "We don't have that problem because we

inject them with a drug first.  May we go now Master?"  "Well I guess

so but what can we expect?"  "Oh goody, let's go and I'll tell you on

the way."

                                 * * *

To be continued???


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