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Archive-name: Slaves/evelyn.txt

Archive-author: Master Chris 51

Archive-title: Evelyn on an Adventure

  Evelyn received her instructions by courier late in the day.  The envelope

was a plain 8 1/2" by 11" and was marked 'Personal and Confidential'.  Just

seeing the package made Evelyn's knees quiver.  She and her boyfriend Peter had

talked last night about their next 'adventure'.  Over the past few months of

their steamy relationship, Evelyn had learned a lot about herself and her own

sexuality.  Before meeting Peter, Evelyn had thought that she was pretty

knowledgeable about sex and hardly considered herself a prude.  Once she and

Peter had gotten together, however, Evelyn found herself doing things that she

wouldn't have dreamed of before.  The second time she and Peter slept together,

he blindfolded her.  Evelyn had never imagined how sensitive she would become

when she couldn't see.  Every sense seemed heightened and not knowing where she

would be touched next drove her crazy.  The next time Peter tied her to the bed

and Evelyn found a depth of passion that she never imagined she could have.

The games had progressed from day to day and Evelyn found herself amazed at

Peter's imagination.  Evelyn was surprised to discover how much she enjoyed

being submissive.  Last night Peter had promised that today's 'adventure' would

be more outrageous than anything they had done before.  "Are you ready to

follow all of your instructions Ev?", he asked.  Evelyn felt a shiver run down

her spine as he asked.  "Yes.", she replied in a small voice.  "Okay then,

expect your instructions by messenger at your office tomorrow."

  Now Evelyn opened the envelope nervously.  What would be asked of her, she

wondered.   The envelope contained a single sheet with typing on one side:



         1. You are to be ready for your adventure promptly at


         2. You are to be wearing panties, bra, a garter belt and

            stockings, a light blouse that buttons down the front,

            a light skirt that is no lower than your knees, and


         3. You will be picked up at your apartment at exactly

            8:00 pm by limousine.  The driver will take you to

            where you need to go.  He may have other instructions

            for you.  You are to obey him as though he were me.

         4. Do not take anything else with you.  You will have no

            need of your purse or other belongings.

  Evelyn was dripping wet and her heart was pounding by the time she finished

reading the brief instructions.  The rest of the afternoon passed in a sort of

blur.  Evelyn couldn't seem to get her mind off of what would be happening that

night.  Although their games had been wild, they had always taken place in

private.  They had met at Evelyn's, at Peter's, and once at a motel but never

had Evelyn thought about someone else knowing about her submission like the

limo driver.  What if Peter had told the driver to have her strip for him or

something like that?  What would Evelyn do?  Did she trust Peter?  Although she

was very nervous about it, Evelyn was sure that Peter would never set up things

so that she would be in danger.  The thought of having to obey the chauffeur

and even to strip for him if he asked was, at once, frightening and incredibly


  By 8 o'clock, Evelyn had changed 3 times.  Now she was wearing a white silk

blouse and a white pleated skirt that swirled around her thighs.  Ev had taken

particular care with choosing her bra and panties, picking out the pink lace

set that she knew Peter liked.  The doorbell rang right on time and, taking a

deep breath, Evelyn left her apartment and headed downstairs to start her

'adventure'.  The limousine was long and black.  The chauffeur was in uniform

and Evelyn thought he looked stern.  'Did he really have instructions for her?'

Evelyn wondered as he held the door open for her.  The drive was as comfortable

as Evelyn imagined it would be although she wasn't able to enjoy most of it.

Her mind was churning, wondering if the chauffeur was going to ask her to do

anything and if so what and if so, when.  The limousine sped across town,

ending up in the industrial sector, and finally pulled into the entrance of a

warehouse type plant.  Evelyn tried to read the name at the entrance but the

car drove by too quick for her to see.  Once inside, Evelyn saw that the way

was barred with a gate next to a small building that served as a guardhouse and

security checkpoint.  The car stopped and the chauffeur opened the door for Ev

to get out.  He took her by the arm and guided her into the guardhouse.  Evelyn

realized that she had yet to hear the chauffeur say anything.  The small

building was about 15 feet square with a counter in the front.  A young man in

a business suit was behind the counter.  "I'll take it from here, John.  Thank

you," he said to the chauffeur.  The chauffeur smiled and turned quickly and

left, leaving Evelyn standing nervously in front of the strange but very

attractive man.  His smile was disconcerting.

  "Follow me, Evelyn", he said.  Evelyn followed him nervously to an office

tucked into the back of the building.  The room was bare save for a desk and

chair off to the side.  "Are you ready for your adventure to begin Evelyn?"

asked the man.  "Yes.  I think so," she said.  "Good.  You'll be required to

obey the instructions of everyone tonight and you'll experience pleasure that

you've not ever experienced before.  Some of the things that happen may be

embarrassing but they will all add to your excitement.  Now, first of all, I'd

like you to strip down to your panties, garter belt, stockings and shoes.

Please fold your clothes neatly and leave them on the desk."  Evelyn heard the

instructions as if from a great distance.  The man had spoken clearly and

concisely, but it was the matter-of-fact tone that threw Evelyn off.  She

waited for a moment hoping that the man would leave the room or at least turn

around but, of course, that would be hoping too much.  Her fingers trembled as

she reached for the top button of her blouse.  The man's steady gaze didn't

make it any easier as Ev removed the blouse to reveal her pink bra and then let

the skirt drop in a puddle at her feet.  Evelyn reached back and undid the

clasp to her bra.  She held it for a long moment, preserving the last of her

modesty and then, taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and pulled the lacy

garment from her.  She opened her eyes and looked up at the man looking at her.

He was smiling slightly.  It suddenly dawned on Ev that turning her back on the

man had not even occurred to her.

  "Fold your clothes and put them on the desk Evelyn."  Evelyn did as she was

told.  When she had neatly put all her things on the desk, the man came

forward.  "Turn around please and put your hands behind your back."  Evelyn

felt the cool clasp of handcuffs squeeze her wrists as they were fastened

behind her.  The man took her now helpless form by the arm and led her out of

the back room.  Evelyn felt a stab of panic as he brought her to the outside

door.  She found it difficult to catch her breath, but the man didn't hesitate.

A moment later Evelyn found herself out in the dark parking lot half naked.

It was the most bizarre experience she had ever had.  Here she was, completely

topless with her hands fastened behind her back, being led in the open by a

stranger to a warehouse where she knew that further indignities would be thrust

upon her.  Despite herself, she noticed that she had become very wet, and even

though the evening air was cool, she felt very warm.  Evelyn's long brown

nipples stood out in the cool night air until they were aching.  The man led

her into the warehouse through a side door and brought her right to the middle

of a large concrete floor.  The inside of the warehouse was completely blacked

out with the exception of a single spotlight in the middle of the floor.

Evelyn was guided toward the single pool of light and led right into the middle

of it.  She took a moment to look around but except for the few feet where she

stood, the entire room was black.  Suddenly Evelyn felt her underwear being

tugged downward.  The man had grasped her pink panties and quickly slid them

down her thighs to her ankles.  "Step out of them.", he said.  Now Evelyn was

completely naked with the exception of her garter belt and stockings.  "I want

you to stand absolutely still now," said the man.  Obediently, Evelyn stayed

where she was as the man moved off to the side.  She heard him moving about and

she wondered what he was doing.  A moment later her question was answered as he

wheeled-in what looked like a railing on wheels.  On closer examination the

contraption turned out to be a bar padded with leather that was at about waist

height and approximately 4 feet wide.  It was positioned on a solid metal base

that had wheels on it.  Evelyn could see straps coiled carefully at the base of

the bar.  The man pushed Evelyn up to the bar so that the top of her thighs

were touching the cool leather.  "Spread your legs Evelyn," she was told.

Obediently, Evelyn opened her feet about a foot.  The man chuckled.  "Much

wider if you please."  Evelyn spread her feet as far as she could and as a

result found her already wet pubis pressed against the leather bar.  Evelyn

felt straps being fastened around her ankles and then attached to the base of

the bar thus trapping her feet in the wide open stance she had taken.  Her

handcuffs were removed and loose straps were attached to each of her wrists.

The man moved around to stand in front of the pretty girl and smiled at her.

"Bend over the bar, Evelyn."  Evelyn leaned forward and the man pulled her

hands wide apart, fastening them near her ankles.  The helplessness of the

position was not lost on her.  She had never felt so vulnerable and exposed

before.  She heard the man moving around her and as he came into view, she

blushed, realizing that her very wet pussy and her bottom were completely

exposed to him.  The position had even spread her buttocks apart to reveal her

consterned anus.  The man whose name Evelyn didn't even know went out of sight

for a minute then returned to stand right behind her.  She couldn't see what he

was doing, but a moment later she felt it as his forefinger touched her bottom.

The cold clamminess of Vaseline was unmistakable. The tip of his finger teased

the opening for a moment before sliding firmly, deeply into her rectum.  Evelyn

gasped at the sensation.  Prior to meeting Peter, she had never imagined that

her ass could give her any pleasure.  The first time he had teased her there

she had tried to stop him, but he had been insistent.  Now she liked a finger

in her bottom when he went down on her.  Also, their dominance/submission games

had often included some kind of play with her bottom and she had come to know

the feeling of an anal plug while bound.  Being penetrated by this stranger,

however, was completely different.  She felt like she was exposing her most

intimate secrets to this man.

  The finger left her, but a moment later the tip of a butt plug was pushed

into her unexpectedly.  The thickest part of the plug was shoved past her

sphincter, and Evelyn gasped again as her rectal muscles pulled the plug inside

until the 'T' handle was tight against her anus.  The man gave her bottom a

little pat and moved to the side again.  Shortly thereafter, Evelyn felt the

sting of a belt striking her buttocks as the man began to strap her.  The belt

descended again and again until her bottom was hot and pink.  Being spanked

sexually was something else that Peter had introduced her to, and (just like

with Peter) she got more and more aroused as the spanking continued.  The man

eventually put the strap aside and moved around to her front.  Evelyn felt him

unfasten her wrists and pull her to a standing position.  A rope was dangling

in front of her and her wrist straps were attached to it.  The man stepped to

the side and pulled the rope upward to the ceiling until Evelyn was stretched

up on her tiptoes.  The position pulled her 36B breasts tight against her chest

and made her usually long nipples seem twice as big as they stuck out from her

tits.  The man walked back in front of her, released the bar, and studied her

stretched and defenseless body.  He then reached up and squeezed her nipples

tightly, pulling them out from her body until she moaned.  After a minute or

so, he reached down for a jar of something that had been on the floor.  Dipping

two fingers into the jar, he used them to spread a cool pink lotion on her

nipples and the surrounding aureole.  His hand moved lower and caressed the

wetness of her pussy, covered lightly with sandy brown hair.  The fingers

dipped back in the jar and then went to Evelyn's brazenly parted lips.  She

knew her aspect and was very ashamed, but she was equally helpless to do

anything about it.  The fingers slid along her wetness from the plug in her

anus to just below her clitoris, spreading the lotion with thorough ease.

  Evelyn felt more aroused than ever.  To make matters worse, she realized that

the lotion now on her nipples and pussy was getting warmer.  She started to

squirm in her bonds, pulling at the leather straps holding her, becoming

more and more desperate.  The touch of the vibrator at her pussy was

unexpected; it was already in her a couple of inches before she noticed.  The

long vibrating dildo slid slowly but surely all the way into her sensitized


  Evelyn thought she would go out of her mind.  The multiple sensations going

through her body were beyond anything that had ever happened.  The lotion on

her nipples had tightened them even more than they had been.  She wished that

the man would touch them or squeeze them or pull them or even strap them but he

did not.  The same lotion on her pussy lips felt like heat was being applied

directly to that very aware part of her.  She felt both the vibrator in her

pussy and the plug in her bottom, but together they seemed to reach right up

into her chest and fill her entire body.

  Evelyn felt the beginnings of her orgasm start deep within and move outward.

She cried out and pulled hard at both her wrists and her ankles.  Her whole

body convulsed and shook.  She was frantic to push at something but there was

nothing.  She felt her rectum clamp down hard on the unyielding plug in her

rearend and the sensation set off another wave of pleasure.  She shook again

and again until she was weak.  Finally the man pulled the vibrator from her.

Evelyn was hanging weakly in her bonds with her head lying forward on her

chest.  As she finally found the strength to look up, she saw that the lights

in the warehouse had been turned on.  To her shock, Evelyn saw that they were

not alone.  About 10 feet in front of her, there were 15 chairs all filled with

strange people.  All looking at her.  Evelyn looked wildly from face to face

seeing their smiles and appreciating looks.  The last person on the left was


  Seeing him had a calming effect on her.  At once she remembered that she was

safe.  Looking around again, she remembered her own nakedness and the spectacle

she had just put on.  She blushed crimson as she watched these fully clothed

men and women staring at her body.  A cold spray of water suddenly hit her from

behind. The man who had been toying with her all this time was now hosing her

down with a garden hose.  She was helpless to do anything about it.  The man

walked around her, effectively cooling her off.  When he was done, she was

soaked from head to toe and also quite refreshed.  Her ankles were released

and she brought her feet together, then the rope stretching her toward the

ceiling was released and Evelyn was allowed to lower her hands.  She was left

standing there for a moment while the man moved again to the side.  This time

he wheeled a low leather padded table to the center of the room.  Evelyn was

told to lie back on the table and within moments was again fastened, this time

in an even more exposing position.  Her hands were tied to the top of the table

and the straps at her ankles were moved up her legs until they were firmly

tightened around her thighs just above her knees.  They were then pulled out

and to the sides thus forcing her thighs wide apart and spreading her outer

pussy lips to expose the wet pink interior.  The position also exposed her

bottom, displaying the white plastic 'T' of the anal plug still lodged firmly

in her rear.  Evelyn was left like this for several minutes.  Knowing that the

strangers watching her could see right between her legs made her very, very


  She looked up to see her tormentor approach with another type of vibrator.

He started touching her all over with the tantalizing wand, first her lower

thighs and her feet then moving up to her tight nipples and belly.  He stroked

her swollen labia but carefully avoided her clitoris.  Amazingly Evelyn found

herself getting turned on again.  She felt her own juices start to trickle down

the crevice between her buttocks and she knew that her pussy was now blossoming

out even more than it had up until now.  She couldn't hold in the long moan

that came to her lips.  She started to squirm in her bonds.  Her feet, which

had been left untied, kicked back and forth, and the strangers observing her

watched her toes curl each time the vibrating wand touched her body.  'What

next?' thought Evelyn who was quickly being brought to another fever pitch by

the strange man.  The vibrator was turned off and she was left quivering in

anticipation of what was to come next.  Evelyn was so hot that she couldn't

stand it any more.  She heard herself begging for release, begging to be

touched, begging to be allowed an orgasm.   Suddenly she felt a sensation

between her legs that was unlike anything she had ever had before.  She lifted

up her head to look down and saw to her horror a dog licking her there.  The

rough rasp of the animal's tongue was making long licks from her ass through

her soaking pussy and across her over-sensitive clitoris.  Evelyn didn't have

the time to be disgusted or to think about anything other than the sensations

running through her body.  Each time the rough tongue dragged across the tiny

sensitive bud of her clit, Evelyn cried out.  She was sure she was about to go

crazy.  She thrashed as she pulled at the straps holding her firmly to the

table.  This time her orgasm seemed to take over her whole body.  She cried out

again and again and at one time she was sure she passed out only to come to

again still thrashing and crying with pleasure.  The orgasm seemed to go on

for ages until it was finally over.  When at last she could breath again, the

room was empty except for the strange man who had brought her to the most

intense orgasm she had ever had.  He gently removed the rectal plug and untied

her.  She was handed her blouse and skirt and was helped to her feet.  The man

led her out of the now empty building and back to the guardhouse where it had

all started.  The limousine was waiting with the chauffeur holding the door

open.  Evelyn turned to the man and asked her first question of him.  "What's

your name?"  The man smiled.  "Robert.  You'll be meeting me again I am sure."

Evelyn turned and stepped into the limousine.  Her boyfriend Peter was waiting

for her, and Evelyn let herself fall into his comforting arms.  Peter held up

a videotape.  "I have it all here from the moment you stepped into the

guardhouse.  You were incredible, Ev.  Did you like it?"  "Oh yes," murmured

Evelyn.  "It was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me."  Peter

looked down at her and realized that she had already dropped into a well-

deserved sleep.


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