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Archive-name: Slaves/erica.txt


Archive-title: Erica's New Slave

My name is Erica and besides being a lawyer I am a Dominate Lesbian.

My newest Slave Lori began work as my secretary a few months ago.

Lori was the third applicant that I interviewed.  She was just seventeen

and was very pretty.  She was about five foot six and measure around

30-22-34.  Her curly brown hair was cut short and it framed her faced

beautifully.  After glancing at her rather short resume.  Seeing that

she had only graduated from high school only two weeks ago.  I snapped

out "Why are you wasting my time.  You have absolutely no experience

except a measly high school diplomaS.  She immediately broke down a

began crying.  After whipping the tears from the her bedroom blue eyes

and stopped sobbing.  She said "I just have to have this job!!  Ms.R...

I can't go back and live with my Aunt and Uncle!  I beg you please give

me chance!  Pleasee Pleasee." She then told me her life story.

How her parents were killed in a car accident at fourteen and she

was sent to live on a farm with her aunt and uncle.  She told me her

uncle had forbid her to date boys and how she was not allowed to have

any friends.  On her sixteenth birthday, while her Aunt was in town,

her Uncle had brutally raped her that afternoon.  How from then on she

would hide from him every time her aunt was not a home.  How she had

gone to summer school so she could graduate early and leave.  She said

she hated him and all males and then broke down again crying.

I came around and sat on the arm of the chair and put my arms around her

shoulders and comforted her.  I asked "Why didn't you tell your Aunt about

being raped." She sobbed out "I was afraid to!  After raping me he said

that I was not to fucking around with any pimply faced high school jocks.

He said that he would see to my sexual needs.  That he intended to teach

me about oral and anal love the next time we were alone.  He said to

forget about crying to Sally because if I did he would beat the hell

out me and besides she would not believe me anyway." As I stoked her

hair and kissed her silken hair, I said "That's just like a Son of a

Bitching Male."

I managed to stay away from him for almost eight months then one

Saturday, while Aunt Sally was in town.  He found my hiding place.

He slapped me around a little, then said it was time for me to learn

how to please him.  He unzipped his pants and pulled his big thing out.

He dragged me into the house and into their room.  He threw me on the

bed and sat on my chest.  Saying "Suck my prick nice bitch and I might

let you taste my spunk."  I was so scared that he would hurt me again

that I just lay there.  He punched me in the mouth and said "Bite my

cock and you'll die slut." I knew he would really hurt me, so I just

opened my mouth, closed my eyes and waited.  He shove his big cock in and

fucked my face until he screamed "Here it comes Baby swallow my loadS.

I tried to pull back but he held my head.

Ramming that big horrible thing down my throat.  I gagged and thought I

was going to throw up.  After he was through he just patted my cheek .

He said I would have to wait until Sally was into town again before he

could screw my ass.  He said he could not get it up again before she

came back.  I hugged her tighter and said "That fucking animal." I then

ask where she was staying in town.  She said "The Star Light Motel."

I knew immediately that she would be a prime target for lesbian love.

Since she was staying at a flea bag motel on the outskirts of town.

It was apparent that she was low on cash and desperate for this job.

I told her that she could have the job but because she was so

inexperienced I would not pay her a full salary.  But that if she

wanted to she could stay in my spare room rent free.  If she would

do some things around the house for me like cleaning, washing, and

other little things.  Lori eagerly accepted my offer, kissing my hand.

She thanked me repeatedly saying how grateful she was for giving her a

change.  And that it felt good to finally tell someone what had happened.

I told her that since it was close to four o'clock that I would close

the office and we would go and get her things from the motel.

As we drove to the motel I kept glancing at Lori legs and thighs.

Her short skirt had ridden up.  I could just barely see the crotch

of her white panties and the top of her nylons.  I let my mind race.

I pictured her naked and kneeling before me begging to service my cunt.

Next she was spread out face down across my bed.  Her hips raised by

pillows and I was whipping her delicate bottom until it is red and hot.

I lay the crop next to her tear stained face before gently kissing

her abused ass.  I part the welted cheeks to slowly lick up and down

her crack.  I come back to reality as Lori says "Here turn here."

Lori lowers her head and shyly ask if she may have an advance on her

salary to pay the bill.  She used her last two dollars to buy lunch with,

she says.  I tell her to go pack her things and to put them in the car,

that I'll settle her account.

She seemed impressed with my home.  She kept saying how grateful she was

for me allowing her to stay with me and how beautiful everything was.

I put her things in the hall closet and told her she could help me cook.

And that after we ate I would help her to settle in.  After letting her do

most of the cooking we sat down and ate.  She must have been starving for

she attacked her food finishing well before me.  I had her get a bottle

of wine out of the frig.  I told her to pour herself a glass as well.

Lori looked surprised.  I said it was alright saying "I know you're

young and not very experienced or sophisticated dear but with my help

we'll change all that." Lori said "You are so beautiful and successful.

I hope you'll teach me what you know.  I would love to be just like you."

I reached over and patted her hand as I though.  Yes Baby I'll teach you

to eat my pussy and to be my slave and to obey me and you'll love it.

Lori appeared to like the fruity sweet taste of the wine.  She drank

three glasses and appeared a little tipsy.  I told her it was time to

unpack her things.  I wanted her inhabitations to be dulled and I knew

that the wine would help me to seduce her.

Lori was delighted with her room.  I opened the first suit case.  Lori

blushed saying "I could only take a few things when I left the farm."

It contained only dirty bluejeans and a few soiled top.  The second

contain some also dirty dresses and that was it.  The smallest only had

her underwear and bra's and a flannel night shirt, which looked to be

about worn out.  "We are about the same size Lori, you may borrow some

of my things until we can go shopping.  You will need a new wardrobe if

you're going to work in a office" I said.  Tears came to her sparking

blue eyes as she came to me and hugged my neck.

Erica took Lori in her arms and brushed her lips across Lori cheek.

Then whispered in her ear "You're beautiful darling, I will show you

a whole new world if you let me." She the ran her tongue into Lori ear

causing her to shiver.  There was no resistance, the wine had done its

job, so she slipped her tongue between her lips.  "an her tongue over

Lori lips and slipped it into her mouth and began to explore.  When she

retracted her tongue Lori's followed hers and began imitated her own.

While they kissed entwining tongues.  Erica unbuttoned Lori blouse and

slid it off her shoulder letting it fall to the floor.  Cupping the

rounded cheeks of Lori bum she squeezed and massaged her bottom through

the tightly stretched skirt.  Her hands slid up Lori's spine and around

to fondled her bra encased bosom.  She reached behind and unclasp

the plain cotton brassiere and pulled the cups away from Lori chest,

freeing the twins mounds she could hardly wait to suck.  She gently

began to caress Lori right tit.  Her fingers ran circles around the

areola before she rolled the nipples between thumb and forefinger.

She whisper "Your are so beautiful.  Your breasts are so firm and your

little nipples are rock hard already.  I must taste them, my angel."

She leans down and captures the left nipples between her lips while she

hear Lori softly moan "Hummm."  Erica gently bites then sucks hard moving

from nipple to nipple for a few minutes.

While feasting on Lori breast she reaches down and put her hand under

Lori skirt and forces her thighs apart a little.  Gently rubbing the

velvet skin briefly before settling her hand on the crotch of her white

cotton panties.  Liking the feel of warmth and wetness in the silken

nest between her legs, Erica could feel the wetness in the fabric and

knew that her kisses and caress where causing Lori pussy to lubricate

with excitement.  Just the way she knew it would.  She forced her leg

between Lori thighs and was not surprised when Lori began to hump her

pubic mound against her leg try to get herself off.

Erica gave Lori nipple a last lick then stood and removed her own blouse

and bra.  As Lori stared with wide shinning eyes she mumbled" Oh, God!

Your breast's are perfect.  May I please touch them Erica." Erica took

Lori trembling hands and placed them on her breasts.  As Lori hands began

to roam she said "Mmm, that feels nice, I can feel my nipples responding

already." Erica put a hand on the back of Lori Head.  "Kiss my nipple

darling, then take it between you lips and play with it.  After that

open wide and fill you mouth with my tit and suck hard, that makes me

feel really sexy.

Trembling, beads of perspiration standing out on her forehead, Lori licked

her lips.  Holding the beautiful breast in both hands her lips closed

around it.  "Mmm, that nice!  Make love to my titties, baby." Erica said,

as she stroked Lori hair.  She sighed again and said "Suck darling,

suck my beautiful titties and make me feel it right down in my pussy.

How delightful this is.  Keep sucking my pretty baby.  Think of all the

other things we're going to do.  Think of it Lori in just a little while

I will let you suck my pussy after I tasted you delicious slit."

"Mmmm.... mmmmm.... mmmm ..." was Lori reply, as she held and suckled

the beautiful breast.  She loved the way the nipple seemed to grow as

she sucked.  Erica cupped her other breast saying "Now this one darling

we don't want to neglect it do we?" Lori opened her mouth wide and nursed

hungrily at the other tit.

"You're going to love it, Lori.  Your tongue will go right into my cunt.

You'll give my pussy a lovely tongue lashing.  You'll lick my clit and

then my thighs will capture your pretty face and hold it there while I

climax, giving you my pussy cream to drink.  You will adore the taste

of my pussy juice angel.  Once youUve lapped my cunt you'll always want

to do it.  You'll never be able to get enough of my pussy pie and it's

slick sweet juices."

"I'll give you a lesson now, dear." Erica told Lori as she unzipped the

girls skirt letting if fall around her ankles.  "Lie back and open you

thighs wide for me darling.  I'm going to eat your pussy now.  I'll show

you the ecstasy that only a woman can give another female."

Eagerly, Lori lay on her back.  She raised her hips and Erica slipped

the panties off her legs and tossed them to the floor.  Lori parting

her legs slightly opening her crotch in erotic welcome to her new friend

and employer.  She was excited by what was happening and the sexy talk

was a turn on for her.

"You have a lovely pussy, Lori." Erica said and patted it gently, the

tips of her fingers parting the now moist lips.  "Not all cunts are

beautiful, as you probably know, but this one is very pretty indeed."

The lips were puffy and slightly parted.  Erica could see that the

clitoris was peeking out of its hood.  She wet her finger with the pussy

juice that was beginning to leak from Lori swollen lips and brushed her

wet digit across the clit.  This caused the girls hips to jerk wildly.

"I've never looked at another woman's pussy before."  Lori gasped out to

Erica.  Hush now baby and just enjoy what going to happen Erica whispered.

"You will put your face between my thighs in a little while, baby and

you'll have a good look at my cunt for the first time but certainly not

the last.  It's very pretty.  After youUve looked at it and fingered

it a bit, you will put your warm mouth right on it.  You will use your

tongue to lick and explore it and discover the erotic joy, the sheer

delight of sucking my pussy."

Slowly, teasingly, Erica brought her lovely face between Lori upraised

thighs.  Raising Lori's legs she bent and pushed them back so the knees

were almost touching the breasts.  Taking Lori's hands from her own breast

she had the girl hold herself open.  She paused to kiss and lick the

smooth ivory white thighs above the expanded tops of the sheer nylons.

She slipped her hand over Lori hips and reaching under her to savor the

firmness of the plump buttocks.

As she lifted that satin ass her tongue come out and moved closer and

closer to the tempting pink target of Lori pussy.  As Erica's tongue

parted Lori vagina Lori squirmed, sighed and moaned.  It was obvious

she was loving it.  Resisting was the farthest thing from her mind as

she took her lapping.  When Erica's tongue found the hard nub of Lori

clitoris she began to gently tease it, then to lap it and finally to suck

the now erect clit.  While she suck the throbbing clit between her lips,

she coated her index finger with Lori's pussy cream and circled the now

slick entrance to the girls cunt hole.  Easing the finger deep into her

vagina and worked it around and in and out.  Thrusting her finger deeply

she felt the cunt muscles contracting in the start of a powerful orgasm.

Lori gasp out "Oh, God, I'm getting close.  I'm going to cum!  Here...

I... uh.... cumeeeee......" Her hips jerked upward and her thighs clamped

Erica face tightly as her whole body shook at the height of passion she

never knew existed.  It was an orgasm of fierce strength.  Throughout it,

Erica held her with strong arms wrapped around her hips.  Lori jerked and

shook violently and her cries of ecstasy reverberated around the room.

As Lori fell back on the bed totally fulfilled by her orgasm.  She sighed

warmly and the opened her eyes.  Her eyes were wet with tears and shone

like a pair of jewels, wet with tears of bliss and ecstasy.

Erica sat up and licked her lips.  "I loved the way you responded with

your whole body while I was eating your sweet pussy.  Your thighs rubbed

my face so beautifully and your moans and shrieks when you orgasms where

a delight to my ears darling." "Oh, Erica, it was heaven, sheer heaven.

I thought I was dying!  It was so good!  It was so more intense that the

climax's that I get when I masturbate.  Will you do it again Pleaseee

and will you teach me how to suck your pussy.  Pleaseee!  Pleaseee!"

"Yes darling.  I'll part the gates of heaven for you." Lay back and I will

sit on your face.  That way you will be able to play with my beautiful

bottom as you eat my cunt for me.  Erica knelt with her crotch above Lori

upturned face and then used her fingers to part the tender pink lips

of her pussy.  She whispered "Look, Lori!  Look at my cunt as I bring

it to your mouth to be sucked.  Suck the nectar from the pink flower

of my pussy.  Take my cunt darling." She went on, panting a little

as she let her knees part.  Lowering her body with teasing slowness

to the waiting mouth.  "Hurry, Erica, give it to me!" Lori moaned.

"Bring your beautiful pussy to my mouth.  Oh, Erica, I'm dying to

suck you!  I want.... mmmmmmm....." The words were cut off suddenly as

the moist vagina was pressed down on Lori mouth.  Lori reached around

pulling at the silken buttocks shoving the cunt deeper into her face.

She sucked with such greed that it amazed even her.

"I'm doing it!" thought Lori.  "I'm actually sucking a woman's cunt.

It feels so good!  Her cunt is so soft and warm and juicy and she taste

so good.  I have the smell of her in my nose.  Its better than any perfume

that I have ever smelled.  Her beautiful bum is squirming in my hands.

OOOH it feels like her cunt is kissing my mouth.  I'll sucked her pussy

lips right into my mouth.  Now I must slip my tongue between the lips.

Oh it so sexy.  Every time I stab her cunt with my tongue her ass

squirms in my hands.  I've got to find her clitoris." As Lori tongue

touched Erica's clit her body jerks strongly, her loud gasp telling

Lori that she has found her hot button.  "Oh, yes...  yes.  I've found

her clit.  I love the way she moans and jerks when it lick her clit.

Do it some more.  Here... here... yes... yes...  Oh, God it's lovely the

way she wiggles on my face.The way she rubs her wet cunt on... so soft,

so warm and juicy.  Oh I think she going to come.  Yes, her body is

tensing, she's close to it.  A few more licks on her clit should do it.

It's exciting to know that I am making her body react this way."

Erica was climaxing, her cries were loud and rough as the spasms tore

through her body and her hot wet cunt smearing warm pussy juice over Lori

face, give her a highly erotic massage.  OOOH, Lori!" Erica sighed after

the orgasm had passed and she knelt up.  That was a magnificent climax!

Baby you really gave my clit a work out.!" She then lay down beside

Lori and took her in her arms.  Kissing her lightly on the lips Erica

savored the taste of her own pussy cream from Lori sensual pouting lips.

Lori pulled away and whisper "Erica I love you.  Say that is not some

one time thing.  Say that you love me too!"

Erica reaches down and running her fingers through the still damp public

hairs of LoriSs mons and says "I do like you but there is something

you must understand.  I'm a Dominate Lesbian.  I have never allowed

a man touch me and I control everything in my life and if you choose

to be become my lover.  You will have to give yourself to me totally."

"I will Erica!  only say that you love me and you won't sent me away."

Lori cried out.  "Then you're willing to be my slave, darling" asked

Erica.  "YES!  OH YES!  Erica just don't send me away.  I will do

anything you want" Lori sobbed and began to cry.  Erica smiled broadly

as she held Lori tightly while the young girl continued to cry softly.

Her hands now caressed the body of her new slave, her personal property.

When the tears ended Erica said "Go run a tub of water for me.  We will

start your slave training now.  You can learn how to properly bath

your Mistress."  Lori started to rise saying "Yes Erica."  When she

was forced back and Erica straddled her midsection and grasp Lori head

between her hands.  Starring into those sexy blue eyes.  Erica calmly

said "You are my Slave now Lori.  Always remember to call me Mistress

Erica or just plain Mistress.  No matter where we are or who is present

unless I give you permission to do other wise.  OK angel." "Yes Mistress"

Lori whimpered.  Erica stopped her talking with a passionate French kiss

that took Lori breath away.

When the bath was ready Lori came to the door of the bedroom and meekly

said "You bath is ready Mistress Erica." Erica rose and put her arm

around Lori waist and slowly headed toward the bathroom.  Once Erica

was settle in the tub she handed Lori a bar of scented soap, raising

her right leg out of the water.  She ordered Lori to soap her using

just her hands.  Lori dipped the soap in the water and lathered her

hands and began to do what she was instructed.  She wash each leg and

arm and then did Erica's back.  As she used her hands on Erica's breast

and nipples she realized she was actually enjoying what she was doing.

She could feel the points of Erica's erect nipple in the palm of her hand.

She could hardly wait to soap Erica's beautiful derriere and pussy.

Erica had her eyes closed.  Her head was leaned back enjoying the luxury

of what was being doing to her by her little slave.  After Lori used

a huge sponge to rise the latter from the firm titties.  Erica leaned

over and kiss Lori on the cheek.  Kneeling in the tub so her hips and

thighs were above the water.  Erica said "Make sure to clean between the

cheeks of my behind, little one, because you will kiss me there very soon

darling." Lori was very confused because she had never heard of anyone

kiss someone on the butt before.  The thought had never occurred to her.

In no time at all Erica's crotch and bottom was a mass of white foam.

Lori used both hands to wash up each silken thigh.  She loved the texture

of Erica's skin.  Her fingers even spread Erica's vulva to wash inside

the lips of her pussy.  Erica guided her hand further back until Lori

fingers were in the valley between her buttocks.  Lori finger brushed

up and down the crack.  She touched Erica's asshole a few times and

she wonder if she should penetrate it with her soapy finger.  She had

often penetrated her own bottom while bathing every since her Uncle had

threaten to put his big cock in her ass.  She liked the feel of her

finger in her butt, the feeling of fullness back there was exciting.

But the thought of big dick being shoved up her tiny hole frighten her.

Erica interrupted her train of thought by reaching out and rolling

her erect nipples before pinching them very hard.  Lori to sank back

and cry out "Please stop Mistress you're hurting them!" Erica released

the now aching nipples, reached for the sponge and rinsed herself off.

She stood up and stepped out of the tub.

She smiled down at the girl, caressed her face light with her fingers.

Cupping LoriSs chin she brought the girl to a kneeling position.

Erica moved to the vanity still dripping wet.  Bent from the waist

resting her arms on the top of it saying "Kiss my bum hole, Slave, to

show that you have washed your Mistress properly." Lori blushed beet

red and begged "Please No Mistress!  I have never doing anything like

that before.  Don't make me do such a nasty thing, Please No!"

Erica spun around and shook Lori by the shoulder saying "Did you not

just clean me there Slave?  Now you either kiss the cheeks of my bottom

and lick my butt hole, or you will receive a beating that will make

use wish that I shit in your mouth instead of just paying homage to my

beautiful bum." As tears of shame streaked Lori's face Erica turn and

bent.  Delivering her bottom to the now sniffling Slave.  Lori crouched

behind Her Mistress and kissed each cheek.  Sighing loudly she parted the

big buttocks and pressed her face between them and licked hurriedly up

and down the crack.  Erica spoke "That delicious Slave, now stiffen your

tongue and tickle my little pink anal ring with it." As Lori continue

to ream Erica she thought to herself "This isn't so bad after all.

At least it's better than getting a licking, and the way Erica ate my

pussy was a million times better than when that pig of an uncle raped me."

Erica turned and patted Lori on the head saying "You are a true

submissive.  Your were definitely meant to be owned.  You will be a

excellent Slave once you are properly trained.  You do love me don't

you darling?" "Oh Yes Mistress!" came Lori quick reply.  "But Please

don't hurt me!" "I will teach you Slave that their is pleasure in pain

as well as there is pride in humiliation and embarrassment.  Except to

shed many tears in the months a head baby.  You will be punished and

or humiliated often.  To correct mistakes as well as for the mutual

pleasure that it will give us.  I discipline you because I Love You.

You will soon learn that a spanking or whipping will make you very hot

and horny.  If you trust and obey me I will show you things that will

pale in comparison to the orgasm that you already had."

"Yes Mistress, I do trust you and I will try to be obedient to your wishes

but I fear the pain" was Lori teary reply.  "I will not do any permanent

damage to that beautiful body so calm yourself down and dry me off."

Erica said.  Adding "Then take a bath yourself and come to my bedroom.

You will sleep next to me tonight and tomorrow we will go shopping so

we can burn these awful cloths that you have."

When Lori finished her bath she rapped a large towel around herself and

enter the bedroom.  It was dark except for a small night lamp, Erica lay

naked reading a magazine.  Erica told Lori to turn on the overhead light

and come stand beside the bed.  Lori quickly did as instructed and stood

beside the bed with her head lowered.  Erica swung herself around and sat

on the side of the bed shaking her head.  She reached out a snatched the

towel downward, causing Lori to step back in fright.  Erica pulled Lori

closer by the hips and reached out and kissed her navel saying "Did I tell

you to cover your body after your bath Slave?" "No Mistress" Lori mumbled.

Erica order Lori to place the hands on top of her head to to extend her

elbows out to the side and to spread her feet apart.  Erica used her foot

to gently tap Lori ankle saying "Wider...  Wider... Wider..." until Lori

legs were at least three feet apart.  Erica then ran her hands over the

still damp breast before using the fingers of both hands to spread Lori

labia and blew gently into her pussy.  The puff of cool air across Lori's

still erect clit caused her hips to sway.  Erica then reached around

and shove Lori from behind causing her to fall face forward across the

bed beside her.

Erica slapped Lori ass hard causing her to squeal out.  Lori hands

instinctively flew back to protect her butt cheeks.  Erica quickly

pinned her wrist together and held them in the small of the back.

She quickly threw her right leg across the back of Lori knees.  She began

to rhythmically slap the quivering asscheeks with moderate force, just

enough to color them a light shade of pink.  As Lori struggle in vain

to escape.  Erica informed her that this light spanking was for covering

her body without permission.  The spanking abruptly ended.  Erica rubbed

the slight red cheeks and waited until Lori's sniffling had stopped.

Erica order Lori to reach back and to spread her buttock so the she could

see if her anus was clean.  With trembling hands Lori slowly reached back

and spread her behind open.  Erica gazed at the light brown ring of Lori

bum hole for a few minutes.  Knowing that this was highly embarrassing

for the girl.  To have to hold her behind open as if she were a child.

Who could not be trusted to clean herself properly.  Before she leaned

down kissing her directly on the asshole.  Lori immediately released the

hold on her buttocks and covered her face with her hands.  Her thought

running wild, "She's licking my asshole just like she made me do to her.

It feels fantastic.  Want her finger to penetrate my hole.  I hope she

eats my pussy again, I'm soaking wet.  I so horny."

Erica meanwhile continue to kiss and lick the delightful bottom that

was still warm.  She licked her tongue up the crack of the ass one more

time before saying "Get under the covers and I will cuddle and hold you

my little angel slave." Lori fell asleep cradled in her Mistress's arms.

Erica lay there listening to Lori breath quietly and thought of the days

and months of training that lay ahead and how lucky she was to find such

a young and beautiful girl who would submit to her dominance.

Erica's clock alarmed as it did every morning at 5am.  She began to gently

kiss Lori's closed eyes saying "Wake up angle Slave weUve got a busy

day ahead of us." Lori's head was fuzzy.  At first she thought she was

still at the motel the she realized she was naked.  The memories of what

happen last night came flooding back.  She was embarrassed and ashamed

at what she had done and said.  Erica was already sitting at her vanity

brushing her hair.  Lori sat up and pulling the sheet higher to shield

her nakedness and blurred out "Ms.  " what happen last night was wrong!

I'm sorry it happened but I don't want to a slave to you or anyone else."

She sank down and began crying into the pillow.  Erica came and sat

on the bed and turned the sobbing girl over and kissed her tears away

saying "Which part didn't you like.  When we made love it was beautiful.

Your body responded like it was supposed to.  You can deny that you

reached orgasm."  "Yes I did climax and when I did it to you it was

delicious but I don't want to be a Slave" Lori replied.  Erica just smiled

brushing the strands of hair from Lori's cute face and continued "I think

darling that if you admit to yourself that you have a submissive nature

you'll be a happier person in the long run.  I could tell that you enjoyed

giving me a bath and that little spanking I gave you did not really hurt

but in fact made you very horny.  I even bet that while I kissed your

bum you really wanted me to kiss and lick your sweet pussy and give you

another delicious come.  You even wanted to suck my cunt again too."

"Yes that true but...." Lori did not get to finish her sentence because

Erica had give her another soul searching kiss.  One that she knew would

turn the girl on.  Just to make sure she fondled Lori's sensitive titties

until she began to moan.  She stood up and threw a robe on the bed saying

"Put that on and go make me a cup of coffee.  I will be in the sun room

riding the exercise bike, bring it to me there." She quickly left the

room knowing that Lori had a big decision to make.  Lori lay there in a

daze, a mass of mixed emotions.  Should she get her stuff and just leave

or should she stay and be Erica employee and Slave.  What they had done

was exciting and highly erotic.  Erica was right even the spanking had

turned her on although it had hurt at first.  She sighed and thought

"Why not I can always leave if things get really scary."  She rose and

put the robe on and made her way to the kitchen to make the coffee.

Lori was smiling again when she brought the coffee in the sun room and

said "Your coffee Mistress." Erica dismounted the bike her shorts and

top a little damp from her workout.  She took a sip before she order

Lori to remove the robe and get on the bike and to ride.  Lori lowered

her eyes and a flush colored her features as she ask "You mean ride this

thing naked!" "Yes darling you have a gorgeous body and I like looking

at it.  You will ride every morning like this.  A Mistress must see that

her Slave keeps fit." Erica told her adding "Ride until I return then

after you shower we can see to your outfit for the day and I'll show

you how to properly apply makeup."

Erica return in about twenty minutes to a sweating slave for Lori was

truly out of shape even though her body was perfectly proportioned.

Eric pick out a seldom worn garter belt and a pair of nylon and added

then to the lace French cut panties that lay on the bed.  She also when

through her closet and chose a black wool skirt and a printed silk

blouse that would look good on Lori.  Since her brassieres would not

fit the girl she decide to make her go bra less, her titties were firm

and really did not need the support of a bra.  Once Lori was attired

in the panties, garter belt and nylons Erica sat her at the vanity and

show her how to apply make up and chose a color of lip stick that suited

her sensuous lips.  Lori was very attentive because no one had really

took the time to show her, not her aunt or any of the girl at school.

She never really had any friends, male or female, in the town where

she lived.  At seven oUclock she was allowed to finish dressing.

At the office Erica showed Lori how to take phone message and make

appointments.  She gave her several letters to type and warned her that

she did not tolerate mistake and if any where found she would be punished

at home for them.  She left for court saying that she expected to be

back in about forty five minutes.  Lori was to call the two people in

her appointment book and tell them that their meeting was postponed until

tomorrow.  Lori made the calls and typed the letter in short order, only

having to retype one of them.  She proudly presented the letters and the

few messages she had take.  Erica quickly read the messages and letters

and smiled broadly saying "Slave, you need clothes; lets go shopping."

At the mall Erica measured Lori foot whispering "I don't want some asshole

salesman looking up your skirt and staring at your pussy.  It belongs

to me, doesn't it baby?" Lori look quickly around then shyly replied

"Yes, Mistress."  Erica then picked out several style and pairs of shoes

for her Slave.  Next was a visit to a very high class jewelry store.

Erica talked in such hushed tones that Lori could not make out what

was being said.  The sales girl told Erica that she could pick up her

purchases in about two hours.  Erica took Lori by the hand and let her

to a boutique that specialized in lingerie.

Getting a dozen pairs of stockings, a beautiful lace teddy, and about

six different styles and colors of panties, and three brassiere's.

Erica decide it was time for her Slave to start paying for the things

she had bought.  While paying the young sales clerk, a girl no older

than Lori, Erica ask if they carried crotchless undies and brassieres

that would show a woman nipples while being worn.  When the clerk shyly

replied yes.  She guides us to a glass display case asking which ones

Erica would like to see.  Erica turned to Lori and said "Lori darling

which color of bra do you like.  You have been begging me to buy you

one so you could show off you long nipples."

Lori turned five shades of red with humiliation and embarrassment.

Erica turned to the sales girl and said "She a little embarrassed about

the size of her nipples.  When we get sexy together her nipples grow

about half and inch.  Turning to Lori she added "Don't they Baby!"

Facing the sales girl again she says "I don't really like crotchless

panties.  I prefer that Lori wear lace garter belts and nylons at home.

That way her crotch is open as well as having easy access to her bottom.

She likes having her bottom fondled and played with."

As the young sales clerk gasp out "You're Les..." Erica cuts her off

saying "I think we'll take that lace half bra there it should show her

fat nipples off delightfully and these two garter belts.  Lori holds her

head down as the tears trickle from her eyes.  She is unable to look at

the sales girl as she stand meekly by Erica.  Wishing she were a million

miles away.  Erica hands the bags to Lori then put her arm around her

waist resting her hand on Lori's bottom.  As she starts for the door

she saying loud enough for the clerk to hear "I can hardly wait to see

you model it for me darling." Once outside Lori begs "Please I want

to go home.  I was never so ashamed." Erica laughs and says "It might

have been embarrassing but it was exciting too.  That little sales clerk

was undressing us both with her eyes.  She could imagine herself naked

with either of us.  She wants her pussy eaten so bad she can taste it.

And don't think I didn't see the way you were looking at her either.

You wanted to make love to her admit it darling.  There is no shame in

desiring something.  I bet you slit is soaking wet, lets step inside

this rest room and see."

Luckily there was no one inside.  Erica walked to the last stall opened

the door and turned to Lori, who stood holding the bags.  Erica order her

to come to her.  Once inside the stall Erica took the bags and placed

them on the tile floor.  She reached down and drew the skirt upward.

She held the skirt up with one hand and gently slapped the front of

Lori's thigh with the other saying "Spread you legs wide!  Slave."

As Lori complied Erica could plainly see a wet spot in the crotch of

the panties.  Erica slipped her fingers under the leg of the panties and

began to massage Lori wet slit.  She slid a finger into her cunt hole

and heard Lori try to stifle a low moan.  As she fingered her Slave's

pussy she used her thumb on to stroke the erect button of Lori's clit.

"God! you're a hot little cunt, you're juices are flowing like a river.

Cum for me darling."

Erica gasped before bringing her lips to Lori's for a long French kiss.

Lori bucked and shuddered through a orgasm.  She moaned into Erica's

mouth as her tongue fought a dual with Erica's.  When the crisis had

passed Erica removed her finger from the sopping pussy and brought her

glisten fingers to Lori's lips.  "Taste yourself.  Suck my fingers angel."

Lori sucked with abandonment she love the taste.  Erica was right at

first she was humiliated but at the same time she was excited.  Her pussy

started to lubricate when the sales girl started to call them Lesbian's.

She did want to taste the girl's slit, to see her faced when she came

and she wanted the girl to suck her also.  She even picture the sales

girl and Erica together but quickly tried to erase the thought.  She did

not want to think that anyone else could give Erica pleasure.

Once in the mall again Erica stopped at a fashionable restaurant.

She ordered salads for both of them and a glass of milk for Lori and

a mixed drink for herself.  While they were eating Lori talked of her

life on the farm.  Erica was delighted to learn that Lori was very good

at sewing and this gave her some ideas.  While Lori ate her desert of

ice cream, Erica left her alone in the restaurant and returned to the

lingerie shop.

Erica was glad there was no one in the shop except the sales girl.

Erica approached her saying "Excuse me dear.  I forgot that I need to

get a special pair of panties for little Lori.  One size smaller than

the ones I bought and they must be very sheer.  You must be able to

see through them." When clerk returned she handed the panties to Erica.

As Erica started to examine the panties.  The sales girl ask timidly "are

you and your friend really Lesbians?"  Erica head snapped up "Yes, dear

I am a Lesbian.  A very special Lesbian; a Dominate one and Lori is more

than just a friend.  She is my Slave." The sales girl gasped "Your Slave."

"Yes dear, little Lori is a Slave.  I own her she is my personal property

like my car or the cloths I wearing.  She will do anything I tell her to.

She would suck your pussy to a mind shattering orgasm if I order her do."

Erica whispered.  "OOhh God that would be something" the girl mused.

Erica leaned very close and ask "Would you like for Lori to eat your

cunt for you."  "Yes, aaahh, no.  I'm not sure." the girl stuttered and

continued "I have often had a fantasy where a girl makes love to me and

I make love to her.  I have even had dreams where I spanked a girl, then

forced to do things to me."  Erica smiled and patted the girl hand and

said "Give me you name and phone number dear.  I will call you later

and we will make your fantasy a reality.  That is if you really want

to know what its like to have a female slave eat your pussy." The girl

quickly wrote the information a slip of paper saying "Take the panties.

No charge. Mother will never miss them."

As she handed the paper and panties to Erica.  Erica read the name

and looked up as she placed the things in her purse saying "You'll be

hearing from me real soon Tracy dear." Erica returned to the restaurant

hurriedly and found Lori looking very concerned.  Lori look relieved

to see Erica saying "I didn't have any money and you were gone so long.

I was afraid that you had abandoned me and the manager kept looking at me.

I thought he was going to call the cops." Erica laughed and kissed Lori on

the lips, Lori looked wildly around to see if anyone saw Erica kiss her.

She smiled happily as Erica said "Let's go home Slave where you can show

me how much you missed me."  They made two stops before leaving the mall.

One was the jewelry store, where Lori was made to stand outside alone

while Erica picked up her purchases.  The other was a photo store where

in twenty minutes Erica had several head and shoulder pictures of Lori

in hand.

Arriving home Erica had Lori rub her tired feet.  While she sat with

Erica's feet in her lap she said "I don't know how I'm going to pay you

for all the nice things you bought me today." With a horrified look on

her face she realized that she had omitted Erica's title of Mistress

in her enthusiasm.  She recovered by quickly saying "Thank you again

Mistress for being so kind to me." Erica smiled to herself and swung her

legs around and sat up and took Lori by the wrist.  Not letting go she

said "Kneel before me, Slave, I have something very special for you."

Lori sank to her knees and hug her head in submission.  Erica spread

her legs and placed Lori's hands on the slightly spread knees saying

"but first I need to cum, remove my panties and suck my cunt until I

explode darling."

Lori meekly ran her hands under the skirt while Erica lifted her hips off

the couch.  Lori grasp the waist band of the flimsy material and pulled

the panties down Erica's legs and over her feet.  Lori licked her lips

and slowly brought her face between the now spread thighs of her Mistress.

As Erica's fingers brushed her cheeks she extended her tongue and licked

up and down the lips of Erica labia.  Erica hands were now behind Lori's

head and was gently pushing her face deeper into her pussy.  She whispered

"OOHH Baby your tongue feels so good!" She released Lori's head and began

to fondle her own tits saying "Spread my pussy lip and tongue fuck my

hole baby.  Get it really deep.  I need this climax really bad."

As Erica became more excited and her moans of passion increased Lori was

pleased with her self thinking "she taste so sweet.  I could do this

forever."  Erica was now getting close to her orgasm her.  Her breath

was ragged and her nipples were fully erect.  She could feel her juices

bubbling from her cunt.  She ordered "Tease my clitty.  Take me over the

edge Slave!  Make me spend in you mouth."  Lori redoubled her effort and

soon felt Erica tense then buck wildly and her mouth was flooded with

sweet tasting pussy cream,and she could hear the now dying shriek's

of passion.  Lori gently kissed and caressed Erica's thighs before

kneeling back and licking her lips savoring the taste of her Mistress.

When Erica finally opened her eyes Lori laid her head on Erica's damp

pubic mound and cried out "I LOVE YOU!!  I LOVE YOU MISTRESS!  MORE THAN


Erica responded by saying "I'm glad that you adore me Slave.  I want

you to see what you will wear around your neck permanently when your

Slave Training is over." Lori's eyes open in disbelief as she stares

in the box from the jewelry store.  It contains a three inch wide gold

choker with a huge blue sapphire.  Erica removes the choker and places it

around Lori's neck saying "Yes it was well worth the thirty five hundred.

The sapphire really compliments your eyes.  Its engraved on the inside

would you like to see?"  "OOHHH Yes Pleaseee Mistress." Lori cried.

She could not believe that Erica would spend so much money on something

like that for her.  Erica showed the inside of the choker to Lori.


Erica puts the choker back in the box and goes to the bar where she

presses a hidden button.  The mirror behind the bar slide back to reveal

a large safe.  Once the choker is locked away she pours herself a brandy

and turn to Lori saying "I want you to undress now darling then we can go

to the play room where I will fit you with your training collar and cuffs.

Then after you are properly attired and restrained we will see just how

sensitive and responsive you breast are to certain stimuli.  While we are

doing that I will explain some of the things you will be expected to do.

Now hurry and get naked baby."

After making the girl put wrist and ankle cuffs on herself.  Erica placed

a three inch wide leather collar around Lori's throat and then clipped

a dog leash onto the d-ring set in the collar.  She led the girl to a

leather covered examination table complete with stirrups, the kind that

you would find in a doctor's office.  Lori looked beautiful strapped

to the examination table so exposed and vulnerable.  Her velvet skin in

such contrast with the harsh black leather of her bonds.

Erica standing between the splayed thighs was gently caressing the silken

skin with her finger tips.  She leaned down and kisses Lori's inner thigh

repeatedly knowing that in a little while these satin thighs will feel the

kiss of a another kind.  The searing kiss of pain from the birch switch

that was soaking in the corner.  Lori's sexy blue eyes were shining with

excitement and fear at the same time.  She timidly ask "Mistress what

are you going to do to me.  Pleaseee don't hurt me Pleaseee.  I'll do

what every you want Pleasee."

"I have been lenient with you up till now but you must learn Slave that

you belong to me body and sole.  You are my personal property I will

decide what is best for you.  I care about you!" Erica kissed her now

damp vagina lips before saying "You will learn that pain and pleasure

go hand in hand for a submissive.  You will feel pain but at the same

time you experience incredible sexual pleasures.  I would never allow

my most treasure possession to be permanent damaged.  Although you

should feel proud to wear the welts that I will put on you lovely body.

Wait and see darling.  Go with your submissiveness.  What I do to you

will really turn you on if yourself go.  Trust me baby!"

While teasing Lori's nipples to erection, Erica explained that starting

tomorrow Lori was to strip naked in the foyer.  She was to put her cloths

in the small wicker basket next to the door, when she entered the house.

Pinching the nipples very hard she said "You will stay naked unless I tell

you to put something on and you are not to touch your own breast or pussy

unless I given permission to do so.  In fact you must ask permission to

even go to the bath room.  Is that clear my little Slave?" A light was

flashing somewhere in the room as I started to respond.  Mistress tells

me it is the telephone and that I should think about what she has said.

Erica leaves the play room and I lie there thinking "she called me a

prized possession, she cares about me.  Does that means she love me.

I hope so because I know that I love her.  The way she makes me feel and

the things she does to my body are incredible.  She would never really

hurt me."

Erica stormed back into the room screaming "You lying bitch!  That was

Dugan the investigator that works for me.  I sent him to your home

town to find out a few things about you.  It seems you are a runaway

and the cops are looking for you.  You are just a sophomore in high

school and only just turned sixteen three weeks ago.  Lori begins to cry

stammering that she had to get away and that the rest of her story was

the truth.  She cried out "I was raped and forced to suck my Uncle cock.

Pleaseee Erica don't send me back.  I'll just run away again.  I known

you love me.  Let me stay here with you.  I will do anything you want.

Pleasee don't make me go back Pleaseeeeee!"

Erica mutters DAMN and leaves the room.  She is gone a very long time

and Lori muscles begin to cramp up.  When Erica finally returns she

tells Lori's that she must be punished severely for lying and that if

she agrees to finish high school she will see to it that she never has

to see her Uncle again.  Lori quickly agrees.  Erica tells her that

her punishment will be five lashes to her cunt with the birch switch.

Erica gets the birch and stand between Lori's spread thighs.  She lays

the tip of the switch between the lips of Lori's pussy and slowly bring

the switch up.  There is fright in the girls eyes.

The switch arcs downward and the shrieks were deafening.  Erica waits

until the contortions have ended and the screams have subsided to a

whimpering moan.  Then she ask "do you want a gag Slave?" Lori begs

"PLEASEEEEEEEE Mistress don't hit my pussy again.  I didn't mean to

lie to you.  OOOOOOHHHHHH PLEASEEEE DONUT whip me on the cunt anymore.

I want every do it again.  I'll be good I promise." The pleading stops as

Erica put a ball-gag in Lori mouth.  As Lori continues to babble through

the gag, Erica fastens another strap around Lori's waist then retrieves

the switch from the floor.  Gently Erica puts a ice cold wash cloth on

Lori's cunt to ease the burning pain.

As Lori pleads with tear filled eyes to be spared Erica says "I am going

to do what a Mistress should never do.  I will give a Slave a choice.

I will untie your hands and you will hold you pussy lips open and receive

one more stroke of the switch or you can remain tied and I will whip

your cunt four more times.  What will it be Lori?  Nod your head yes

if you want the one stoke.  Lori's freezes in her bonds and her eyes

get very large with disbelief.  Erica waits for her Slave to decide.

Lori lays very still before she franticly nods her head up and down.

Erica removes the wash cloth and unties her hands.  Standing between

the spread legs she waits.  Lori slowly bring her hand toward her crotch.

As tears run off her cheeks she uses the fingers of both hands to spread

the lips of her pussy open.  It is obvious she is turned on.  Her clit was

erect and exposed.  Erica lays the switch directly on Lori's clitoris.

Lori's closes her eyes as the switch is pulled back but instead of

the pain she is expecting she feels Erica's soft wet tongue touch her

throbbing clitty.  Her eyes fly open wide as Erica teases the tasty nub .

With a final lick Erica slides up the prone body and kisses the tears away

saying "I'm very proud of you baby!  You were very brave and submissive

to hold your darling vagina open like that knowing that I would hit

your clitoris.  Because you showed the right attitude your punishment

is over.  I will allow you to have an orgasm now.  But you must obey me

always and never lie to me again."

Erica kisses her way back down to a now dripping pussy all the while

she continues to caress and play with Lori's tits.  After eating Lori to

orgasm she releases her from her bonds.  Lori lays there floating back to

reality as Erica rubs a healing ointment into her crotch.  As Lori's opens

her shinning eyes Erica said "Lets go upstairs darling.  After you give

me my bath we can cuddly and talk.  We have to figure someway for me to

become your legal guardian.  We don't want the cops or the courts to send

you back to your aunt and uncle, now do we my beautiful little slave?"

Once settled in bed Erica tells Lori that she will send Dugan to confront

her Uncle.  "If things go right I will be give custody of you or Uncle

"ichard will go to jail as a rapist and child abuser" Erica beams.

"olling over on her stomach Erica places a pillow under her hips elevating

her ass, she tell Lori to go get the coconut oil that she wants a message

while she makes a few phone calls.  When Lori returns from the bathroom

Erica is already taking on the phone.  She hears Erica say "Come by the

office in the morning, and you are to tell the bastard that he signs or

he will spend forty fucking years behind bars.  I want her and I'm going

to have her.  That all there is to it!" Lori's eyes fill with tears of

happiness and joy, Erica really does care about her.

As Erica slam's down the phone Lori rushed her saying "I LOVE YOU


SLAVE YOU ALWAY" WANTED." Giving Lori a long French kiss while caressing

her delightful body she finally replied "You will be the submissive

you were born to be but a Slave must be watched over twenty four hours

a day.  Go get my purse I'm going to call Tracy that sales girl we

met at the lingerie shop.  I talked to her while we were at the mall.

I could train her to be a Mistress, she has dominate traits, that way

she could look after you will you are in school and on weekends we both

could dominate you."

"Noooooo Pleaseee Mistress I don't like her.  I only want you!  It would

be to embarrassing and humiliating.  Pleaseee don't let her be a part

of what we do together." Lori whined.  Erica responded "A Slave does

not question the wisdom of her Mistress.  Now go and get my purse or it

down to the play room for another taste of my switch." Lori definitely

did not want to feel the switch in such a delicate place again so soon.

"unning down stairs she returned with the purse.  As Lori watches her

dial the number Erica reminded her that she was suppose to be giving

her a message.

While rubbing Erica's shoulders and back with the sweet smelling coconut

oil she listen to Erica side of the conversation.  "Tracy darling this

is Erica ".  I was in your mother's shop this afternoon with my little

Slave Lori do you remember me dear.  Good!  Do you recall our little

talk while Lori was in the restaurant.  Excellent darling!  May I ask

what high school you go to? You will be a freshman at Franklin High

this year?  That's on Grant Street isn't it dear?  Yes Lori, will be

going there this fall its only two blocks from here.  Hold on a minute

darling I'll ask her."

Erica looks over her should and ask "You will be a sophomore? "

Lori begs "Pleaseeee don't make me take orders from and obey a girl

who is younger than I am Pleaseee.  Pleasee Mistress." Erica looks at

her sharply and says "don't forget to kiss my ass cheeks respectfully

before you coat my bottom with that oil." Returning to the phone Erica

continues "Yes!  she giving my ass a lovely massage right now.  Yes,

dear, that's why I called.  Do you work in your mother's shop full time?

Then you have plenty of time to pursue your fantasies.  Would you like

to help me train Lori?  I could show you how to be a Mistress and you

could be in charge of Lori while you are both at school.  Fine darling!

Why don't you come by Friday afternoon and plan on staying the night.

You and I have a lot to talk about and little Lori can pay homage to

her new assistant Mistress."

Hanging up the phone Erica tells Lori "Stop playing with my ass and eat

me baby.  My cunt on fire!" Erica signs warmly as Lori's mouth touches

her crotch.  Her hands cover Lori's which are kneading her breast and she

whispers "squeeze my nipples hard and get your tongue deeper.  MMMMMM I

can hardly wait until Friday!  It's going to be heavenly to see you suck

Tracy's little pussy." Lori's tongue had found her passion button and

Erica hip thrust upward and she clamps her thighs around Lori head.

In a few moments Erica screams "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH THATU" IT SLAVE.


When Erica breathing had returned to normal Lori was still gently licking

her sticky outer pussy lips.  Erica pulls the girl up beside her and

kissed her deeply.  Lori whispers "Mistress are you really going to

share me with this girl Tracy." Erica sigh "Yes Slave, but first I must

introduce you to bondage and restrains.  You have yet to feel nipple clamps on those adorable nipples.  You do want to make me proud of you

when I show Tracy what a beautiful and obedient Slave I own don't you?"

Lori did not answer but hugged Erica tightly.


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