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Archive-name: Slaves/drlove1.txt


Archive-title: Doctor Love, Case 1

                        The Training of John Doe

My name is Doctor Love, and I'm a psychiatrist and counselor

specializing in "romance".  (No, that IS my real name, believe it or

not.)  Well, not too long ago, I was sitting in my office, when my

41-23-35 secretary (blonde), Colleen, walked in and told me there was a

client there to see me.  I told her to show him in.  When the client

walked into my office, I got a good look at him.  About five feet nine

inches tall, and about 200 pounds.  Immediately I could see what HIS

problem was.

  "Doctor, I need your help.  For some reason, women don't find me

attractive, and when I DO get a woman, she goes out with me once, and

then dumps me.  What do I do?"  All this with a whiny, nasal voice.

Fortunately, he came to the right man.

  "Well, Mister..."

  "Doe.  John Doe."  Yeah, right, sure, I'm getting paid, so I'll

believe anything these guys tell me.  "Well, Mr. Doe, I believe I can

help you.  First, we've GOT to work on your personality.  Stand up



  "No buts."  I started thinking.  Obviously I couldn't turn this guy

into a Casanova.  His temperament just wasn't in that.  But perhaps a

simpering submissive...yes, THAT had possibilities.  I continued.

  "I know what course of action I'll take.  Give me a minute."

  I stepped out into the outer office to talk with my secretary.

  "Colleen, could you get in contact with your friends Sheila and

Marissa?  I think this client is going to need special treatment."

  "Right away, boss."

  I walked back into my office.  Turning to Doe, I said, "Listen and

listen closely.  For the next six hours, you are to do EVERYTHING anyone

tells you to do, no matter what it is.  I don't care if they ask you to

lick their assholes clean, you do it.  Is that understood?"


  "Look, do you want to get laid, or what?"


  "Then SHUT UP and do as I say!  Get undressed completely, then wait

here."  He started stripping, so I went back into the outer office.

  About twenty minutes later, Sheila, a dark-haired 34-23-34, and

Marissa, an Oriental 33-22-32, walked into the office carrying a leather

bag with the tools of their profession.  "Where's the new slave?" asked

Sheila.  "In the office," I replied.  "Good.  Colleen, would you like to

join us?"  "I'd be glad to."  The three girls opened the door to the

office, and entered.  I waited a few seconds, then turned on the camera

I had installed in my office to watch the training of John Doe.

   Doe was standing in a corner of the office, covering himself with his

hands.  Marissa took a long, hard look at him and said "Take your hands

down.  Now."  Doe sheepishly dropped his hands to his sides.  Marissa

turned to Sheila and muttered "Not much, is he?"  "No, but we'll work on

that."  Turning to Doe, she said, "Good.  You're responding to orders.

Now, get on your hands and knees."  Doe complied.

   Marissa opened the bag.  She put it down, and the girls stripped.

Sheila and Marissa were both petite and taut, conditioned by a lot of

exercise.  Colleen was fit, but larger-chested, with coaster-sized

areolae.  All of them had neatly-trimmed pubes.  Sheila turned to Doe

and asked "Do you think we're sexy?"


  "First rule.  When you address us, you'll call us 'Mistress'.  Is that


  "Yes, Mistress."

  "Good.  Would you like to fuck us?"

  "Yes, Mistress."

  "Well, you're not going to.  At least, not yet.  We have other plans

for you."  She reached into the bag and pulled out a slim, 7" long rod.

She walked behind Doe and said "Spread your ass."


  "Rule two.  Don't speak unless we ask you a question.  Rule three.  Do

EXACTLY as we say, or it'll get harder on you later."  With this, she

grabbed his balls as hard as she could.  "Now, SPREAD YOUR ASS!"  In

agony, he reached back and pulled his sizable cheeks apart.  Sheila

inserted the rod into his anus about 3/4 of its length.  When she had

finished, she said "You are to leave that in there until we tell you

otherwise.  If it comes out..."  The rest remained unspoken.  She let go

of his balls.

   She then asked, "Would you like to lick my cunt?"  He said yes.  She

pushed her bush into his face, and proceeded to eat her out.  This

continued on for about a minute, when suddenly he pulled back and

started sputtering and spitting.  She had taken the opportunity to

relieve herself!  She grabbed his hair and pulled him to her.  "Get used

to that, slave.  You're going to have to do it OFTEN."

   Throughout the next five hours, the three girls forced him to commit

various sex acts, typically demeaning.  At the end, they got dressed,

removed the dildo from his ass, and left.  My secretary took her place

at her desk.

   I went into my office and told Doe, "Get dressed now."  I was sure

that he would not want to return;  he didn't look like he had enjoyed

the therapy.  I told him, "That'll be $100, just pay my secretary."  He

left the office, and I went to reading my newspaper.  A few minutes

later, Colleen came into my office.  She said, "I just came to let you

know, Mr. Doe has set up appointments for ten more sessions."


                            THE END


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