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Archive-name: Slaves/drgslv2.txt

Archive-author: Don CA

Archive-title: Drug Slave - 2

                            CHAPTER 2

                        CATHY'S TRAINING

     Mike reached out with both his hands, grabbing as much of 

Cathy's firm tits as he could, kneading the pliant flesh with his 

hard fingers.  He worked her nipples, hard and standing straight 

out, with his thumb and forefinger, tweaking them until he heard 

her moan with pain from his abuse.  He tormented her orbs for a 

few minutes longer.  When he moved his hands away, he saw her 

once milky white skin was now beat red from his abuse of her 


     "Very good slave,", Mike told her, "you are coming along 

very nicely in your training.".

     "Thank you, Master.", Cathy replied to him, unsure of what 

else to say.

     Mike grabbed her shoulders and spun her around, so her back 

was to him.  He reached up and checked all the straps on the 

glove restraint, making sure they were tight all the way up to 

her shoulders.  Satisfied with the straps, he quickly put his 

pants back on, then walked over to his desk and opened a drawer.  

Reaching inside, he pulled out a chain dog leash.

     "Come here.", he ordered her.

     Cathy had seen the leash when he pulled it out, and knew 

what was coming.  Without hesitation she walked over to him, 

lifting her head back so he could have easy access to the collar 

encircling her neck.

     Mike smiled to himself while he watched Cathy walk towards 

him, her breasts jiggling with each step.  As she lifted her head 

back, Mike reached up and snapped the leash onto her collar.

     "Follow me.", he ordered, leading her out of the room with 

the leash.

     As they walked through the door, Cathy saw Linda standing 

next to the wall.  Had she been there all this time, Cathy 


     "Linda, go inside and clean the room.  Be sure to pick up 

all her clothes.", Mike ordered at her.

     "Yes Master.", Linda replied, and then moved swiftly into 

the room to do his bidding.

     Mike led Cathy through the house, into the kitchen were he 

unlocked a door and led her down into the basement.  At the 

bottom of the stairs there was another locked door.  Mike opened 

it and reached inside, flicking on the lights.

     Cathy let out a small groan of despair when she saw what was 

inside.  The room was obviously some sort of dungeon, with 

various apparatus spread throughout the large stone room.  

     Against the far wall were several cages, the size for large 

dogs, but Cathy doubted if a dog had ever been inside one.  On 

the other wall were chains and cables connected to pulleys.  

Everywhere along the floor were rings set in cement.  There were 

also various chairs and tables in the room, most with straps on 

them for tying people down.  Some had electrical cords running 

around and through them.  Cathy tried not to think what they were 


     "Hello Luan,", Mike said, "and how are we doing now?".

     At first Cathy didn't know who he was talking to, until she 

heard the muffled moans coming from across the room.

     Looking over, she saw what appeared to be a young, dark 

skinned girl tied standing to a pole set in the concrete floor.  

     Probably Mexican, Cathy thought.  Her head was covered with 

a leather mask so she couldn't see her features, but she noticed 

long dark hair flowing out of the bottom of the mask.  From the 

moans and grunts she heard, she knew the girl obviously had some 

sort of gag in her mouth.  Her hands were tied behind the pole, 

and various straps crossed her body to hold it tight.  Her legs 

had been tied to two of the rings on the floor, spread in a wide 

v.  Under her pussy on the floor, Cathy saw some sort of machine. 

It was a large box, about two feet long, one foot wide, and a 

foot and a half tall.  There where several dials and gauges on 

it, plus a red and green light.  The lights would alternate every 

few seconds.  One of the gauges would go to zero when the red 

light was on, and the girl would struggle and cry against her 

gag.  A metal pole reached up from the machine to the girls cunt, 

were it increased in diameter and disappeared inside her.  

     "Electric shock to her pussy.", Mike explained to Cathy.  

     "Luan was twenty minutes late with lunch today, so she gets 

a few hours of this as punishment.  In the future, I'm sure 

she'll be more punctual.".

     Cathy looked at the poor girl, a sudden feeling a dread 

overcoming her.  My god, she thought, what have I gotten myself 

into.  Still, it could not possibly be worse then the drug 

induced pain she had felt earlier.  Nothing could be worse than 


     "Come here, Cathy.", Mike ordered her.

     While she wasn't looking, her Master had moved over to some 

sort of restraint device.  It looked like the old medieval 

stocks, but it had a short table connected to it.

     When she moved over to him, Mike undid her collar and glove 

restraint, momentarily freeing her.

     Cathy sighed in relief, her arms and shoulder had begun to 

throb in pain from being bound firmly in the same position so 


     "Lie down on the table Cathy," Mike ordered her, "with your 

head and arms through the stocks.".

     Cathy began to lie face down on the table, moving her hands 

toward the stocks.

     "No.", Mike said.  "Lie down on your back."  He raised the 

half arm of the stocks so she could slip inside.

     Cathy obeyed him, turning over.  Her head and hands were now 

in the stocks, her head hanging down without support as Mike 

closed the stock on her.  It was a tight fit, the padded wood 

holding her wrists firmly in place.

     Mike moved to her body after securing the stock in place.  

Her back was on the small table, but it wasn't quite long enough 

to hold up her pussy and ass.  In this way, her lower anatomy was 

completely exposed to him.  The table was just high enough that 

her legs could not touch the floor.  He reached under the table 

by her shoulder and brought out a strap.  He wrapped this around 

her ankle and then tightened it to a tie down ring on the table, 

pulling her ankle and leg, folded at the knee, up and back.  He 

moved to her other side and did the same thing.

     Cathy felt the straps on her ankles pulling her legs back 

and apart.  She could feel the cool air on her pussy and knew she 

was completely open to her Master now.  She stared up at the 

ceiling wondering what would happen next.

     Mike removed his pants and walked over to the front of the 

stock, were Cathy's head stuck through.  He had made the stocks 

at just the right height to hold his slaves head so they could 

give him blow jobs.  He grabbed Cathy's head, pushing it down, 

and shoved his semi erect penis into her open mouth.  He felt her 

begin to suck him in and run her tongue along his manhood's 

length as soon as he entered her.  He grabbed the top of the 

stocks for support and began to pump his dick in and out of her 

noisily sucking mouth, shoving his cock deep into her throat with 

each thrust, his balls slapping her face, then moving it back out 

till only the tip of the head was in her oral cavity before 

slamming back into her.

     Cathy saw him remove his pants and move toward her head in 

the stock.  She opened her mouth wide before he even had a hold 

of her, her tongue reaching out to lick the tip of his hot, 

fleshy missile before it entered her.  She moaned to herself, 

liking the salty taste of his penis as it slid into her sucking 

mouth and moved down her throat.  She ran her tongue along its 

length, stopping at the tip to plunge in and try to get some of 

his salty nectar, then back to its base as he shoved it back in.  

His rhythmic pumping was making his balls slap loudly against her 

nose with each stroke, her nostrils filling with the pungent 

aroma of his sweaty seed machine.  

     After several minutes, he pulled out of her mouth and moved 

forward, his scrotum sack lying on her mouth.

     "Lick my balls, slave.", Mike ordered her.

     "Yes Master.", Cathy replied, reaching out with her tongue 

to lick his sack of cum.

     She had a hard time licking his balls.  Not being able to 

hold onto them, they moved sideways and around, never staying in 

one place.  Still, she did her best, her tongue moving around 

first one of his testicles, and then the other, licking all of 

the sweat and dead skin off his hairy sack and between his 


     After a few minutes of this, Mike moved away.   He reached 

under the stocks and removed a dildo gag.  He shoved the two inch 

long and three inch wide rubber dildo into Cathy's mouth, pulling 

the straps tight behind her head and fastening them.

     Now it's time for some pussy, he thought.

     He walked around Cathy, grabbing her tits and pulling hard 

as he moved between her spread legs.  Her pussy lips were spread 

slightly, a white stream of her juice leaking down into the crack 

of her ass and falling on the floor.  Mike reached out and shoved 

a finger up her pussy.  He thrust a second in and began to work 

them in and out of her wet hole.  Her body reacted with each 

thrust of his hand, her hips trying to move to meet his thrusting 

fingers.  Taking his fingers out, he moved his penis against her 

moist opening, first coating it with cum from his wet fingers.  

With one hard push he forced himself into her, his cock smashing 

into her.  His huge member forced its way the length of her love 

canal, hitting her uterus and forcing it backward against her 

intestines.  He slowly withdrew his rigid tool, until only the 

head was still inside her, then thrust his hips forward again, 

sending his dick back into her depths, hearing her gasp when his 

groin slammed into her mound.  In and out he moved, picking a 

slow rhythm, enjoying the feel of her pussy walls grabbing his 

rod, her hips straining against the restraints to meet his 

thrusts, trying to keep it buried inside her.

     Cathy felt his hands move down her body, from her tits down 

into her pussy.  She was getting excited, the fingers moving 

inside of her were bringing her closer to climax.  

     When his fingers left, she knew what was coming.  His member 

tore into her, making her scream in pain against the dildo gag in 

her mouth.  As her Master started to fuck her pussy, the pain 

faded away, to be replaced again by her lust.  She tried to move 

her hips in time to his humping, the straps holding her body down 

making it almost impossible.  She could feel his huge rod moving 

up her canal of love, pushing her intestines out of the way as it 

spread her pussy further then it had ever been before.  Forward 

it went, only to withdraw again, sucking her walls together as it 

moved backward.

     Mike increased his tempo now, feeling his orgasm approach.

     God, this cunt is tight, he thought to himself.  His tool 

glistened with her juice as it moved inside her.  

     Finally he could hold off no longer.  He buried himself in 

her with one huge lurch into her body, his hands reaching up and 

grabbing a handful of her tits and squeezing as he started to 

cum.  His dick started spewing forth his seed, sending shot after 

shot into her hot depths.  As he started to cum, he felt her body 

quiver and go tense, and realized she, too, was cumming.  He let 

his cock stay inside her after he came, his jism mixing with the 

juice inside her cunt, as he laid his body on top of hers, his 

hands still clutching her breasts.

     Cathy felt him slam into her pussy the last time and knew he 

must be cumming.  His groin was pressing hard against her pussy 

mound.  As his cock began to spurt, she felt the shots of cum 

inside her, coating her pussy with hot liquid, sending her to the 

brink of orgasm.  When she felt his hands grab her tits, the 

sensations overloaded her already strained nervous system and she 

came with a pipeline orgasm, her body fighting against the straps 

that held her firmly beneath him as wave after wave of orgasmic 

pleasure engulfed her.

     Mike slowly pushed himself off of Cathy's body, their sweat 

making a sucking sound when he did.  He looked down at his now 

soft dick, covered with his cum and her juice, and saw that she 

also was leaking steadily, their mingled fluid falling on the 


     I'm going to have to do something about this, he thought, 

looking over at Luan.  And I know just the Latin girl to do it 


     He walked over to Luan and reached down, turning off the 

shock machine and unplugging it.  He quickly had her unhooked and 

untied from the pole.  He gave her a few seconds to straighten 

herself out.  

     She was a looker.  Very short, just 4'9" and 90 lbs, but 

what a body she had at 22 years of age.  He reached out and held 

one of her breasts, kneading it slightly until milk began to pump 

slowly out it.  He had made Luan take special birth control pills 

that made her milk glands develop.  What he got was a 36-22-34 

figure on a very small frame!

     "Think you've learned your lesson, Luan?", Mike asked her.

     "Yes Master.  I'm very sorry, that will never happen again, 

I swear it.", Luan answer him in a trembling voice, her Spanish 

accent making the words seem slurred.

     "Good, I'm glad we got that straight.", Mike told her. 

     "Now, do you see that dark haired girl tied to the stocks 

over there?", Mike asked.

     "Yes Master".

     "She has an extremely wet pussy.  As a matter of fact she is 

leaking all over the floor.  Now you get over there and clean up 

her pussy, her asshole, and the floor with your tongue", Mike 

told her.

     "Yes Master", Luan replied as she hastily moved over to 

Cathy's spread legs and knelt between them, her head lowering to 

her pussy.

     Mike moved over to Cathy's head and removed the dildo gag 

from her mouth.  He moved his dick over to her mouth.

     "Clean it slave.", he ordered her.

     Mike saw Cathy open her mouth, taking his gooey dick inside.  

He felt her tongue swirl around his soft rod, her mouth working 

to clean all their juice from it.  

     He looked over at Luan, who was busily sucking the juices 

out of Cathy's cunt, her hands spreading her pussy lips so she 

could get as much of her tongue inside her as she could.  She 

lapped at the salty fluid like a dog dyeing of thirst, her tongue 

moving deep inside of Cathy as she attempted to get every drop 

from her used cunt.  After she was sure she had eaten all of her 

Master's cum, Luan lowered her tongue to Cathy's asshole.  

Pushing it inside, she tasted Cathy's shit as she worked her 

tongue into her ass.  She made sure she got every drop out of 

Cathy's dark hole and off of her body before she lowered her head 

to the floor.  

     Luan's nose scraped the smooth concrete floor as her tongue 

moved in and out of her mouth, trying to capture all of the sex 

fluid that had fallen from Cathy's pussy.  Her tongue moved in 

large circles, getting smaller with each rotation, until all of 

the pussy juice and jism had disappeared into her eager mouth.

     Cathy heard Mike giving Luan her orders, then watched him as 

he moved over to her and removed the dildo gag from her mouth.  

Even before she told him what to do, she knew what he wanted.  

She opened her mouth wide, waiting for him to place his sloppy 

cock within.  She quickly sucked his oozing rod into her mouth, 

her tongue darting all over it, moving the foreskin back so she 

could make sure it was clean, swallowing the salty ooze as soon 

as she loosened it from his tool.  Once she was sure it was 

clean, she just moved her tongue up and down its length, her 

mouth gently massaging his tool.  She moaned to herself as Luan's 

tongue moved up into her cunt.  

     God, that feels good, Cathy thought.  She could feel her 

tongue darting in and out of her sore pussy, gently probing her 

insides.  Luan's mouth sucked with all its force to clean the 

jism and juice from her.

     "You like having Luan's tongue in you, huh.", Mike said to 

her, more of a statement then question.

     Cathy nodded yes, and it was true.  The tongue in her pussy 

was beginning to excite her again!  She felt Luan's tongue move 

down to her ass.   The hot, wet, little spear pressed against her 

rosebud until it wiggled inside, cleaning out her bung hole just 

like her pussy.  After a few minutes she stopped, and Cathy 

realized she had moved her head down to the floor to finish off 

their Master's orders.

     "I'm done Master.", Luan said several minutes later, looking 

up at her Master, hoping he would be pleased with her work.

     Mike removed his dick from Cathy's mouth and moved down 

between her legs where Luan knelt waiting for him.  He inspected 

her work for several minutes, feeling Cathy's pussy and ass, 

checking for any fluid she may have missed.

     "Very good, Luan.  An excellent job.  See, you can do good, 

when you want to.", said Mike.

     "Thank you Master.", Luan replied with joy, her cheeks 

turning slightly red from his praise.

     Mike reached under the table again, and removed a large butt plug that was hidden there.

     "Here, wet this good with your mouth.", he said to Luan as 

he handed the plug to her.

     She quickly put the plug in her mouth, her tongue moving 

over the uneven surface.  First she wet the skinny part by the 

flat end, then moved up to the wider section at the other end.  

She worked on it for several minutes, coating it with a large 

amount of her spit.  She had learned to always do a good job, you 

never knew whose hole the Master would stick something in.

     "Ok, that's good Luan.", Mike said after a couple of 

minutes, taking the rubber plug from her mouth.

     "I want you to go and get cleaned up.  Lets see, it's 9:30 

now.  I want you cleaned and waiting for me in my bed with 

something sexy on by 10:30.  Tell Linda and Melanie to get ready 

for their nightly drug dose.  I'll be through here shortly and 

then give it to them.", Mike told her.

     "Yes Master, I'll tell them right away and get ready for 

you", Luan replied, a smile spreading across her face.  He must 

really not be angry with me anymore, she thought.  After all, 

this is normally Linda's night to sleep with him.

     "Ok, get out of here.", Mike told.  He watched as she walked 

through the dungeon door, her butt swaying with her steps.

     Mike looked down at Cathy's spread pussy, her brownish 

asshole just below it, still gleaming from the licking job Luan 

had given it.

     He moved a finger down to her brown hole and pushed it in.  

It went in slowly, her flesh trying to turn outside in and follow 

it inside.  He worked his finger into her ass slowly, then pushed 

in a second.  A low moan escaped her lips when he began to work 

the second finger inside her tight bung hole.  After a few more 

strokes, he removed his fingers and put the large butt plug 

against her tight opening.  He pushed, harder and harder, a loud 

moan escaping from Cathy's lips as the tip of the butt plug moved 

into her.  He kept shoving, until it was at its widest section, 

three inches wide, with three inches inside her.  He looked at 

Cathy's quivering chest and realized she must be crying.  Her 

breath was coming in short, hoarse sobs, as he worked the plug up 

and down her dark hole like a dildo.  Finally, he shoved it all 

the way in and left it there, walking back to her head.

     Cathy heard her Master dismiss Luan, then felt his finger 

probing her tight bung hole.  She had never had anything up her 

ass before Luan's tongue, and she really didn't like the idea.  

But she bit her lip, the hope that she would get her drug fix 

driving her on.  As the second finger worked it's way inside her, 

she began to think this really wasn't so bad after all.  Then he 

removed the fingers and she felt the cold rubber butt plug 

against her dark hole.  At first she didn't know what it was, but 

as the pressure increased, and the tip slipped into her tight 

hole, trying to carry all of her flesh with it, she let out a 

loud moan.  

     My God, she thought, that thing was to big, it would rip her 

apart.  She felt it spreading her bung hole, until she was sure 

she must be ripped in two.  It slowly moved out of her hole, and 

she let out a big sigh of relief, sure her Master was through and 

would not do this to her any more, only to feel it again press 

back into her, trying to rip her into pieces.  Up into her and 

back out it moved, grinding its way into her dark passage.  The 

tears were rolling down her cheeks, her breath coming in quick, 

jagged gasps.  Finally it moved even further into her, and her 

bung hole closed around the narrow section, locking the plug deep 

inside her ass.  She felt her Master let go of the plug, and she 

strained to force it out.

     "You might as well stop straining, your not going to be able 

move that plug.", he told her.

     Cathy was taken by surprise.  She had concentrated so much 

on her pain, she never saw him walk back up to her head.

     "You've done excellent today Cathy.  So well in fact, I've 

decided to give you the pleasure drug.  Most new slaves take at 

least one day of adjustment before I let them have it, but you 

have done quite well.", he told her.

     "Thank you Master, I really tried.", Cathy told him, more in 

a cry than her actual voice.

     She looked up at him and saw he was holding a dropper with 

some liquid in it.

     "Open wide, my new slave.", Mike told her.

     She opened her mouth, hoping this was not another trick.

     When the liquid hit her tongue, she knew it wasn't.  Her 

mind exploded into a thousands orgasms, her body floating on 

cloud nine, each of her nerve cells sending signals of joy and 

ecstasy to her overloaded brain.  It seemed to last for hours to 

her, yet when it was over and she opened her eyes, her Master had 

not yet gotten the dropper back into the bottle. 

     Mike reached down to Cathy's dildo gag, putting it back 

inside her mouth, making sure it was secured tightly to her head.  

He reached under the stock just below her head, and pulled out a 

board so she could rest her head without it hanging down. 

     "10:00.  Well, Cathy, time for me to go to bed.  Have a good 

night here.", Mike told her as he walked out of the room.  

     Cathy saw him walk toward the door.  The lights went out and 

all she could see was the light from the open door.  This quickly 

left as the door swung shut.  She heard the locks turning in the 

door and her Master's footsteps going up the stairs.

     She was quite alone in total darkness.  She vaguely wondered 

how she had got into this mess.  The thought soon passed, though.  

What mattered from now on was she must please her Master at all 

times.  She wanted that pleasure drug, and never wanted to feel 

the pain again.  As her mind worked on ways she might become a 

better slave for her Master, she drifted off to sleep.  The 

cramps in her legs not bothering her, as exhausted as she was.



                                     CHAPTER 2


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