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Archive-name: Slaves/drgslv1.txt

Archive-author: Don CA

Archive-title: Drug Slave - 1

     The following is a copyrighted adult story.  It may be 

freely distributed, unchanged, to any bulletin board with an 

adult only area.  If you find descriptions of graphic sex and 

sexual situations objectionable, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!  You 

have been warned!  The author retains all legal rights to this 

story and it's characters.

          Triloxakin:  A colorless, tasteless drug to 

          be taken orally, invented by the Matabin 

          Pharmaceutical company.  A pain killer for 

          those with severe terminal illness (cancer, 

          etc).  Fuses itself to nerve endings blocking 

          the sense of pain.  Sends a euphoric feeling 

          to patient, and a relaxed, subdued feeling to 

          brain.  Unfortunately, euphoric feeling only 

          lasts a few seconds (although patients have 

          described it as hours.  This seems to be an 

          after effect on the brain).  


          Side effects:  Drug is 100% addicting, both 

          on a physical and psychological level.  

          Physical addiction consists of a change in 

          the brain and nerve centers.  Patient feels a 

          need for the drug almost immediately after 

          use.  After 12 hours, the effects on the 

          nerves sends periodic spasms of fire like 

          pain throughout the nervous system at one to 

          two hour intervals, lasting for about five 

          seconds. After 36 hours, the spasm rate will 

          increase throughout the body from 

          approximately one hour intervals to fifteen 

          minute intervals, until 48 hours, when 

          patient can expect spasms every fifteen 

          minutes.  From 48 hours to 72 hours, spasms 

          will remain steady at fifteen minute, but 

          duration of spasms will increase until 72 

          hours.  At this stage, the nerve spasm is 

          continuous, patient losses all control of 

          their nerve cells and neurological functions, 

          making it appear he/she is in a coma.  

          Patient will experience the pain spasms at 

          all times in this stage.  There appears to be 

          no way to remove patient from coma except by 

          giving triloxakin or triloxan (see below).  

          Psychological effects seems to be an extreme 

          dependency on drug supplier as well as drug, 

          with a heightened fear of loss of drug and 

          supplier.  Appears to also act as 

          aphrodisiac.  No know cure for addiction once 

          given.  Matabin has stopped all research on 




          Triloxan:  Same as triloxakin, except does 

          not give feeling of euphoria.  Will "reset" 

          drug counter to zero to delay coma.



          Triloxcin:  An attempt to remove drug from 

          nerve endings to stop physical addiction of 

          triloxakin in patients.  Unfortunately, it 

          puts patient into immediate pain coma without 

          removing triloxakin from patients system.

                           DRUG SLAVES


                             Don CA

                           CHAPTER ONE

                       CATHY'S RECRUITMENT


     Cathy Breamer looked up at the two story house.  Its shape 

was outlined against Fridays early evening skyline as she walked 

along the cement path leading to the large double doors at the 

front.  The heat of the summer sun struck her body, warming it as 

she walked, her sweat glueing her red silk blouse and black skirt 

to her skin.  It was a beautiful house, she thought to herself.  

Sitting on about five wooded acres on a small hill looking over 

the Pacific coast ten miles away, with the sleepy town of Oxnard 

spread out below it.

     Very little had ever scared Cathy in her twenty three years 

of life, but what waited for her in this house did.  She had 

graduated from Harvard Business College a year earlier and landed 

a job immediately in southern California as a vice president of a 

large modeling agency.  She had originally applied there as a 

model, her slim 5'4", 105 lbs, 35-23-36 body with long dark hair 

and hazel eyes had made her a natural.  And when the company had 

found out she had brains, too, she had gone straight to the top 

in short order.  But last Wednesday, something had gone wrong.  

     It was an early Wednesday afternoon party, being given by 

the president for landing a contract with a large cosmetics 

company, worth over 50 million.  She had just taken a sip of 

punch when it hit her, a feeling of intense pleasure, like a 

thousand orgasms at once.  It seemed to last for hours, such an 

intense feeling she had never known before.  When it ended, she 

looked around her, sure that everyone must be staring at her now. 

To her amazement no one had noticed a thing.  Looking at her 

watch, she realized hardly any time had passed.

     Quickly excusing herself, she grabbed a full cup of punch 

and almost ran to her office.  She downed the punch, but to her 

dismay, nothing happened.

     She went home that evening to her Beverly Hills apartment, 

wondering if she had imagined it all.  No, she couldn't have.  

She had felt that pleasure, and she wanted it again, at any cost.

     As she stripped off her clothes in her bedroom, she noticed 

a wet feeling against her thighs.  Reaching down with her hand, 

she realized her pussy was sopping wet with her juice.  When her 

hand brushed her clit through her dainty panties, a low moan 

escaped her lips.  Her hand slipped down her flat, hard, stomach, 

reaching inside her panties to her cunt.  Her fingers brushed 

against her clit, rubbing the outside of her pussy as her other 

hand reached up into her bra and began to tug at one of her tits.  

She molded the firm mammary in her hand, pulling on the nipple 

until it hurt, then moved over to the other breast.

     She unhooked the latch on the front of the bra, removing the 

elastic material, allowing her two mellon size orbs to free 

themselves from their confinement.  Quickly her other hand pulled 

her panties down, ripping them in her haste.  She lied down on 

her bed, her smooth, tanned legs spread wide and bent at the 

knees so she had easy access to her cunt.

     "Owwww", she moaned, as her hand raced down into her sopping 

pussy.  Two of her fingers buryied themselves into her love 

mound, stroking her hot clit as they moved into her.

     She licked her lips, her loud moans turning her on even 

further.  She brought her other hand up to her face, sucking in 

her fingers like it was a mans dick.  Her tongue ran along the 

fingers, her mind wishing it was the real thing.  As her hand 

worked on her pussy, plunging in and out to meet her thrusting 

hips, she removed the hand from her mouth and started to rub her 

titties again.  First one breast, then the other, tugging on the 

nipples until they were hard and sore to the touch.  She 

continued, the fingers moving like pistons in and out of her love 

nest, bringing her closer to orgasm, the pain exciting her even 


     The orgasm shook her body, her fingers buried deep inside 

her cunt.  She rocked back and forth on the bed.  Her legs closed 

tightly together, her knees drawn up to her chest, locking her 

fingers deep inside pussy, her other hand gripping her breast in 

a vise like hold.  For 5 minutes she laid there and shook, but 

when it was over, her mind went back to the feeling she had at 

the party, wanting it again, not this pale comparison.

     She got up, took a quick shower, ate a light meal and went 

to bed, still thinking about the party, and wondering what had 

happened to her.

     Cathy awoke at 6:00 am the next morning, coming out of a 

dream where she was making love, but couldn't quite cum.  Feeling 

the wetness between her legs, she knew she had to shower again.  

     Shit, she thought, what's happening to me?  Am I becoming a 

sex freak or what?

     As she sat at her table, reading the morning paper and 

drinking her coffee, she couldn't get the party out of her mind.  

She wanted that feeling again, at any cost.  But how?  What had 

caused it?  

     Oh well, she thought, time to get to work.  As she rose from 

her chair, it hit.  A giant wall of flame seemed to engulfed her 

entire body, sending her sprawling across the kitchen floor.  She 

laid there in pain for about five seconds, panic spreading 

through her mind.  Then it ended.  Just as quickly as it had 

begun, it was over.  She stood on shaking legs, her breast 

swaying slightly in her bra as she sucked in air, trying to 

control her panic.  

     What the fuck is happening to me, she thought to herself?  I 

don't know what's going on, but someone is going to pay!  She was 

sure someone had spiked the punch, and was determined to find out 


     But she didn't.  No one at work knew anything.  She had 

listened and talked to everyone discreetly.  No one knew.  By 

noon she had two more attacks.  

     Cathy was now a very scared young girl. 

     When she got up the next morning, the attacks were becoming 

more frequent, waking her up like clockwork all night long.  

     By noon that Friday, she was ready to call a doctor.  The 

attacks were driving her crazy, and she couldn't get her mind off 

of them or her pleasure attack enough to get anything done.

     Right after noon, her secretary walked into her office, 

"Excuse me, Miss Breamer, but a young lady asked me to give this 

to you, saying it would explain your problem.".

     Cathy jumped up, "Were is she?", she screamed at the poor 


     "She's gone, Mam.  She just dropped this off and left before 

I could even as her name.".

     "I see.", Cathy replied.  Damn her, she thought to herself, 

stupid bitch!  "Give me the envelope and then you may leave.".

     "Yes Mam.", she replied, handing her the letter, and 

hurrying from the office.

     After she left, Cathy ripped the envelope open.  Her heart 

cried as she read it.

     "If you want to feel the ecstasy again, and stop the pain, 

come to 3200 Lincoln way in Oxnard after 5:00 pm today.  If you 

do not come today, do not come ever.  Do not come before 5:00, 

and do not tell anyone were you are going.  If you do, I will 

know, and you will never have the pleasure again, but the pain 

will last forever!".

     Cathy read and reread the note.  My god, she thought, what 

should she do.  But even as her mind raced with options, another 

pain spasm racked her body, and she knew she would go to this 

address, and give them whatever they wanted.

     It was 5:15 in the evening when she walked up to the house.  

She stopped for a minute, starring at the huge house in front of 

her, wondering if she should go on.  Even as she argued with 

herself, the pain hit.  The attacks were coming more often now, 

every fifteen minutes, and they appeared to last longer each 

time.  She fell sideways onto some flowers, her ankles bending 

from her high heels.  As the attack ended, she started to walk 

forward to hte house.  She knew that she had no choice.

     Cathy's trembling hand reached up and pushed the door bell 

button.  She stood there for several minutes, getting ready to 

ring again, when one of the giant doors opened.

     "You must be Cathy.  The master is expecting you, come in." 

     Cathy stood staring at the young blonde.  She couldn't be 

over eighteen or nineteen, Cathy thought, extremely pretty.  She 

was about 5'1" or so, about 100 lbs with nice size breasts, not 

giant ones, but adequate, with a nice butt, smooth legs, and long 

hair, down to her ass.  She was wearing a black silk body blouse 

with cute nylon runnering shorts on.  Around her neck she 

appeared to be wearing some sort of collar.  As the wind moved 

the blouse slightly, Cathy realized the girl wasn't wearing a 


     "Just who is this Master, and who are you?", Cathy asked in 

a defiant tone.  She already didn't like the way this was going.

     "My name is Linda, and that is all I am allowed to say.  The 

Master will explain the rest to you.  You must come in or leave 

here forever."

     "All right.", Cathy replied, taking a deep breath and 

stepping inside the entrance of the house, the coolness sending a 

quick shiver through her hot body. 

     Linda closed the door behind her and started to walk down 

the large hallway.

     "Follow me.", she said to Cathy as she walked away.

     Cathy followed her through the house.  As they passed 

through one room, she could see a spiral stairway.  At the other 

end she saw a plate glass window looking into the backyard. There 

she saw a large swimming pool, with a young black girl doing 

aerobics in a skimpy two piece bikini.

     "Wait here.", Linda instructed Cathy as they entered what 

seemed to be study, with books engulfing two walls, from floor to 

ceiling.  A large desk sat at the far end, with some chairs and a 

sofa at the end she was standing at.

     "Where are you going?", Cathy asked, but not fast enough, 

Linda had already left and shut the door.

     She looked around the room, sighing to herself, settling 

into one of the chairs to wait.

     After ten minutes, and one pain attack, the door opened.

     Mike walked into his study, looking at Cathy as he entered 

the room.  He stopped about five feet from her and stared at her.  

She is a looker, he thought.  She will make a great slave.

     Cathy rose as Mike entered.  She looked him over quickly.  

About 6'1", she thought, 180 lbs, short dark hair, and not bad 


     "I do not like being treated this way, whoever you are.  

What you have done to me is illegal and you'd better come clean 

with me if you don't expect to spend the rest of your life in 

prison!  Now what is your name, and why am I here.", Cathy said 

to him with a false sense of courage, hoping to put this stranger 

on the defensive.

     "My name is unimportant to you, you will address me as 

Master from now on.", he replied coolly to her.

     Her anger flared as she yelled back at him, "I will NOT call 

you Master, or anything else.  You have ten seconds to start 

explaining to me what is going on or else!".

     "Or else what, Cathy?  You aren't going to do anything.  If 

you don't like it, leave.  Right through the door you walked in 

to get here, Linda will lead you out.  Just forget about the 

elation you felt Wednesday, or the pain you've felt since."

     Cathy thought over her options for a few seconds, her false 

courage quickly leaving her.

     "What do you want from me?", Cathy almost whispered to him, 

the fight gone from her at the thought of never feeling the 

pleasure again.

     He just stared at her for several minutes, before it dawned 

on her what he wanted.

     "I mean, what do want, Master?", she asked, the tears 

beginning to move down her cheeks.

     "That's better.", he replied.  "Your attitude is improving.  

But before we go any further, why don't I give you another hit of 

that drug you like so much.  It will stop the pain attacks and 

make it easier for us to discuss payment."

     "All right.".  Cathy's body was beginning to tremble just 

thinking about the pleasure.  She must have it, she seemed to 

need it more than anything else.

     "Fine, just lie down on the couch there so you don't fall 

down and I'll give you some.".

     Cathy lied down on the leather couch as Mike pulled a small 

bottle from his pocket.  He took an eyedropper from the bottle 

with one or two drops of fluid in it.

     "Now just lie back and open your mouth, and I'll put it 

right in.", he said to her.

     She bent her head back slightly and opened her mouth wide, 

giving him her tongue as a target to drop the liquid.  She felt a 

drop hit her tongue and she quickly sucked it in, waiting for the 

intense pleasure to quick in.

     It didn't.  What did hit her was pain, the same pain spasms 

that had hit her before, only this one didn't stop.  She tried to 

cry out, but her body refused to obey her.  It was as if her 

entire body was on fire, and with each passing second it seemed 

to get worse.

     In the background she heard the Master sit in a chair across 

from her.

     "What you are experiencing, Cathy is the drug triloxcin.  It 

was made as an antidote to the first drug that was given you, 

triloxakin.  As you can tell, it doesn't work.  

     "I know you can hear me, even though any doctor that looked 

at you would assume that you were in a coma.  That is what 

triloxakin does to you after 72 hours if don't have another dose.  

I'm doing this to you to let you know what your life will be like 

if you don't do as I say.  You will go into this coma, and the 

doctors will put you on life support because your alpha brain 

waves will show you are still alive.  You will spend the rest of 

your life in a living hell, the pain getting worse every day with 

no escape possible.  If, on the other hand, you are a good slave 

and do as you are told, I will give you the pleasure drug once a 

day, and you will be happy for the rest of your life.  

     "I'm going to leave you here, like this for two hours to 

think about it Cathy.  When I get back, you have two choices, 1: 

get on your knees, pledging yourself as my slave to fulfill my 

every wish, or 2: walk out the door, to never return.  Once you 

leave, there is no coming back.  Think about it.", Mike told her 

as she laid on the couch, her body showing no signs of the pain 

going on inside.

     I'll do it, Cathy screamed to herself.  Stop the pain, I'll 

do whatever you want!  But no words would come from her mouth, 

and as she heard the door shut, she knew she was alone.  The pain 

was building, and she swore once he came back, she would do 

whatever he wanted.  She never wanted to go through this again.

     After what seemed like two years rather than two hours in 

her pain coma, she heard the door gently open and then shut.  

Footsteps came toward her, and she felt someone open her mouth, 

even through the pain.

     And it ended, just like that.  As fast as it started, it 

stopped.  She had control of her body again.

     "Well slave, time to choose.  Either go or kneel, make up 

your mind.", the Master told her softly.

     Cathy struggled off the couch, still a little shaky from her 

ordeal.  She looked over at the Master, standing back about five 

or six feet.  She quickly moved over to him, not even bothering 

to stand but crawling. 

     She got on her knees before him, saying,"Master, I promise 

to do whatever you wish.  I am your property to do with as you 

please.  Please take me as your slave.".

     "Very good slave, not a bad little speech.  You did not feel 

the pleasure when I gave you the drug this time.  That is because 

you will only be given that drug when you please and obey me.  

This drug will delay the pain coma for 72 hours.  Do you 


     "Yes.", Cathy lied.  She really didn't, but she wasn't going 

to take any chances.

     She never saw the hand, it came quickly from her left side, 

an opened handed slap on her cheek that sent her sprawling and 

left a bright red mark on the side of her head.

     "You will refer to me as Master, don't ever forget that!", 

he told her.

     "Ye, yes, Mas, Master.", she stuttered out to him, quickly 

getting back on her knees, not wanting to get hit again.

     "That type of behavior will not get you the pleasure you 

want. Understand?".

     "Yes Master.", she said.

     "Good.  Now stand up and remove your clothes.  Quickly!", he 

barked to her.

     Cathy jumped up, not wanting to get hit again, but also 

because she wanted to feel the pleasure again, and would do 

anything to avoid the pain.  She quickly removed her blouse, then 

her bra, her tits standing almost straight out, with very little 

sag.  She lowered her skirt, down to her ankles and stepped out 

of it.  Then her panty hose.  She carefully rolled them down her 

smooth legs and set them aside.  Next came her bikini panties.  

For some reason they were wet with her juices, leaving little 

streaks on her legs as she lowered them to the floor and kicked 

them out of the way.

     As soon as she was naked, she got back down on her knees in 

front of her Master.

     "Very good, slave.  Keep this up and you just might get some 

pleasure later after all.  Now stand up so I can have a good look 

at you.", Mike told her.

     She stood up, hands at her sides, head bowed, as Mike slowly 

walked around her, giving her the once over.

     "Spread your legs more.", he said.

     She moved her legs apart, giving him easy access to her 

dripping pussy.

     He reached out to her breasts, standing in front of her 

naked body.  He kneaded the firm flesh in his hands, enjoying the 

hot feel of her skin.  He roughly pulled at her nipple until a 

soft moan escaped from her lips.  

     She was a beaut, he thought.  He reached down to her pussy, 

parting her lips and slipped a finger easily inside.  She was 

wet, her cum beginning to run down his finger as he pumped it in 

and out of her.  He added another, so that he had two fingers 

slowly moving into her, brushing her clit with every stroke.

     The fingers inside her pussy were driving Cathy crazy.  She 

could not believe how turned on she was by all this.  She felt 

the fingers moving into her, rubbing her little clit with each 

stroke.  Her thighs began to move with his fingers, trying to 

keep them buried inside her.  His other hand was still rubbing 

her tits, keeping the nipples hot and hard, bringing her even 

closer to orgasm.  She groaned as she felt his fingers leave her 

pussy, not wanting him to stop. 

     "Suck my fingers like a cock, slave!", Mike told her as he 

moved his hand up to his mouth.

     Cathy opened her mouth when she felt his fingers pressing 

against her lips.  She sucked the digits into her wet oral hole, 

cleaning her salty fluid from his fingers as her tongue moved up 

and down their length like a real cock.  She felt his fingers 

leave her mouth after they were clean and move back down to her 

pussy.  They plunged back inside her moist hole, coating 

themselves again in her juice as they pumped up into her, only to 

leave and head back up to her mouth.  

     She didn't need to be told this time, her mouth opened and 

she sucked the fingers inside her.  She quickly cleaned them of 

juice, and they left again for her pussy.

     Mike watched his new slave squirm under his fingers.  He 

moved his hand back and forth from pussy to mouth for about ten 

minutes, as she continued to clean his fingers of her cunt juice 

each time.

     "Ok, slave, now put this one.", he told her, handing her a 

black dog collar.

     She looked at the collar for a second.  It looked just like 

the one she had seen around Linda's neck.  She took it and put it 

around her neck without a word, tightening it as best she could.

     Mike admired her for a second.  She looked great standing 

there in front of him, head bowed, legs spread, and wearing a 


     "Turn around and put your hands behind your back.", he 

ordered her, "Time for some restraints.".

     She hesitated for a second, then turned around, her hands 

locking onto each other behind her back.  She felt Mike pry her 

hands apart and force each of her hands into some kind of glove 

that ran almost up to her shoulders on each arm.  Then she felt 

him tighten up the restraint, and realized it actually was one 

glove and he was tightening it up her back, pulling her arms 

together so her elbows touched, then continued the rest of the 

way up to her shoulders.  When he finished, her arms were bound 

tightly together behind her, her shoulders being pulled back and 

toward each other painfully.

     Mike turned her around and looked at his handiwork.  With 

her bound this way, her chest seemed to push even further out 

from her arched body. 

     "Kneel and suck my cock, slave.  Be warned, if I feel one 

bite on my dick, your going to get a full 12 hours of pain 

drug.", Mike told her as he pulled his pants and jockey shorts 


     "Yes, Master.", Cathy told him, shuddering to herself 

thinking of 12 hours of pain.  The two had almost killed her, the 

last thing she wanted was more!

     She slid down to her knees and stared at his cock.  My god, 

she thought, the thing is huge!  At least 9", maybe 10", she 

judged, but so thick.  She was going to have a hell of a time not 

hitting her teeth on it.

     Cathy moved her face close to his erection, her nostrils 

catching the putrid smell of urine, sweat, and cum from his groin 

area.  She forced herself to ignore it and moved her mouth to his 

rigid tool, opening wide to take in much as she could, working 

her mouth half way down its length before starting back up.  Her 

tongue lapped at the underside on each stroke, then twirled 

across the sensitive top before starting back down.

     "Take it all slave.  All the way into your throat, till you 

hit bottom!", Mike ordered her.

     Cathy cringed at the thought, but tried to force more into 

her mouth.  When it reached the back of her throat, she started 

to choke and couldn't get any more inside.  She continued to lick 

as hard as she could hoping that would please her Master.

     The next time her mouth moved down his shaft, Mike was ready 

for her.  As his penis hit the back of her throat and she started 

to move back up its length, Mike grabbed her head and slammed 

forward with his hips, burying his cock deep within her mouth, 

her nose smashed into his groin.  She struggled to move back, but 

he held her firmly in place.

     "Stop trying to move, your not going to die, but if you 

don't sit still, I'll leave it in your throat until you pass 

out!", Mike told her.

     Cathy had felt him grab her head and knew what was going to 

happen, but it still surprised her when his cock slammed into the 

back of her mouth and ground itself deeply into her throat.  At 

first she panicked, not being able to breath, but once she heard 

her Master tell her to stop she did.  She did not want to get him 

mad at her again!  

     After a few seconds he relaxed his grip on her head and 

moved it backward, all the way to the tip of his shaft, then 

plunged it back down until her nose was once again against his 

groin.  He did this several times with her, keeping his dick 

buried deep inside her throat for about twenty seconds each time 

until he thought she had it down and then released her to carry 

on alone.

     Cathy felt him let go of her head after a few more strokes 

into her throat.  She quickly buried her head deep into his pubic 

mound, eager to show her master that she would do anything to 

please him.

     As her mouth moved up and down his hard manhood, her tongue 

was licking all along its length, moving up and down its length, 

tickling it with each stroke.  She was beginning to enjoy this 

for some reason, the throbbing cock feeling good when it was 

buried inside her throat, pushing against her air pipe.  The 

thought of the cum inside his balls was forcing her to work 

faster.  She wanted that cum inside her mouth.  She wanted to 

suck it all down into her stomach, to try and please her Master, 

who controlled the drug she so desperately needed.

     Mike could feel the orgasm approaching swiftly.  He reached 

down and grabbed her head again, this time finding no resistance 

from her.  He pulled her mouth onto his shaft, burying it deep in 

her throat as he began to pour his jism into her.  After the 

first few shots into her throat, he pulled her head back, forcing 

her to take the cum into her mouth.  Making her taste his seed as 

shot after shot hit her tongue, some dripping down the sides of 

her mouth to the floor below because she couldn't swallow fast 

enough.  He let go of her and watched her continue to suck on his 

torrid dick, her tongue licking up along the shaft to catch what 

was about to drip onto the floor.  After his shaft was clean, she 

looked down at his spilled seed on the hardwood floor and bent 

her head down and licked it clean, moaning to herself as she did.  

Then her head moved back up to his spent rod, her mouth taking it 

back inside.

     When her Master grabbed her head a second time, she knew he 

must be ready to cum.  As her head slammed into his groin, she 

felt his huge dick start to throb as it released its load into 

her.  She worked on his dick, trying to massage it with her 

throat.  As his hand guided her head back to his spewing tip, she 

knew what he wanted.  He wanted her to taste his cum before she 

swallowed it all.  She let her head rest with only a third of his 

rod inside her eagerly sucking mouth, trying to swallow his salty 

fluid as it poured into her.  She couldn't get it all.  Some 

leaked out onto his stiff member and down to the floor, but she 

still tried to get as much as she could, actually beginning to 

like the taste and feel of his jism inside mouth.

       After she was sure his cock was through shooting his seed 

into her mouth, Cathy used her tongue along the length of his 

softening manhood to lick up all of his nectar that had spilled 

out.  Looking down, she saw some had fallen onto the floor.  

Moaning to herself, she lowered her head to the floor, her tongue 

darting across the oak planks to gather the seed, now cold and 

hard from exposure to air, licking up the dirt and dust as well, 

swallowing it all as fast as she could.  She hoped this act would 

save her from punishment from her Master for dropping his cum in 

the first place.

     She moved back up to his soft dick, and took it back into 

her mouth.  After all, she thought, he had told me to suck his 

cock, and had not told me to stop yet!  Cathy moved her head 

slowly up and down her Masters flaccid rod, licking along its 

entire length as she went.  She got the entire amount easily into 

her mouth.  

     She was beginning to get sore from her sucking, her jaws 

ached, and her arms and shoulders definitely hurt from the tight 

restraint she was forced into.  But if she got the pleasure drug 

tonight, she thought, it  would all be worth it.  Besides, this 

didn't hurt nearly as much as the pain coma she had been in 

before.  She would do anything rather then let that happen to her 


     Mike looked down at his new slave.  She had moved back to 

sucking his dick without even being told!  She's going to be a 

good one, Mike thought, allowing himself to enjoy the attention 

Cathy's mouth and tongue were giving his tool.  Yes indeed, he 

thought, as he felt his tool begin to grow hard again in her 


     As Cathy continued to suck on her Masters penis, she began 

to feel the blood surge back into it, slowly making it grow in 

her mouth.  She worked harder, her cheeks bulging in and out as 

his stiff manhood began the long ride back into her sore throat.  

She buried him inside her, her tongue roving around the base and 

half the length of his tool.  For over a minute she kept him 

inside her throat, before she moved her head back to get a breath 

of air.  Up and down her lips moved, fitting him like a glove, 

his now rock hard staff glistening with her spit as it moved in 

and out of her oral cavity.

     "Stop slave, and stand up.", Mike ordered her.

     "Yes, Master.", Cathy quickly replied while standing up. 

     Her legs were so cramped she could barely move after 

kneeling so long.  But she stood before him as steady as she 

could, ready for his next instruction.

     I wonder what he'll have me do next, she thought to herself?


                             CHAPTER ONE


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