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Archive-name: Slaves/drembeth.txt


Archive-title: Dream of Beth

Oh SHIT.  My dream came true.

     I was quite happy on this Saturday night.  I hadn't been able to come over 

to Beth's place in a while, classes had been pretty hectic for the both of us.

Seeing your girlfriend during the day just AIN'T the same as seein' her at 


     I smiled as we walked down the stairs to her room, as she lived in the 

basement.  Beth is 5'9", with green eyes and long flowing red hair that caught 

the light just right.  I suggested her braiding it a few times, since I like 

the look of braided hair, but she just hadn't gotten around to doing it yet.  

We'ld been goin' out for. . .a year now.  She was wearing white pumps, and a 

long blue skirt which matched her blue blouse.  She had just done her nails.

I had some idea something was planned for tonight.  Beth's thoughts always 

showed on her face.  I snapped back to reality.  Beth was explaining how her two

housemates had left for the weekend.

     As we entered her room, she lit her assorted candles and turned off the 

lights.  "Time doesn't exist here." She said, unplugging the clock.  The display

blanked.  We smiled and hugged in the flickering candlelight.  I started to rub 

her back.  I felt it sag beneath my fingers.  "You seem tense.  Would you like 

a massage?"

     "Yes.  Thanks." As she rolled over face down onto her spare bed.  She had

a spare one only because she found an intact one being thrown out.  She's not

the only University student who likes picking up things like that.  I took off 

my shoes and socks and straddled her thighs.  I kneaded her skin through her 

shirt, feeling it loosen and melt under my fingers.  I noticed that she wasn't 

wearing a bra.  I smiled.  This makes the massage SO much easier for me and more

comfortable for her.

     Eventually my hands slid under her top, gently lifting it up her body.

Beth looked so comfortable that she could fall asleep.  When the shirt reached 

her armpits, Beth bent up and finished taking it off, as the massage continued.

I liked giving massages almost as much as she liked receiving them.  They're so 


     At once she started to come awake and smile.  She rolled over onto her

back, with me still straddled over her thighs.  I stopped the massage, but got

her idea as she wordlessly held my wrists, and led my hands to her breasts.

     Beth's breasts are average sized, but nicely perky and firm.  I smiled

as thoughts of playing with them entered my head.  As I started to massage

her breasts, she took off my shirt.  I felt her breasts stiffen and rise

underneath my fingers.  I flicked one of her nipples.  Beth gasped.  I lightly

pinched one, pulling it, then let it go.  Again she gasped.  With both hands

I started lightly flicking her nipples.  I knew she liked it when I did this.

I stopped and looked back and forth between her breasts.  Beth knew what this 

meant.  I was deciding which one looked ripe.  Left.  I leaned down and licked 

the edges of her breast, slowly encircling it, spiraling upwards.  I then got 

to the top, as she gasped in delight.  I gave it a few playfull flicks with my 

tongue.  Each one go the desired gasp from Beth.  As I continued, my mind 

wandered.  Beth was acting odd.  She was QUITE happy to see me and with what I 

was doing, but she wasn't doing anything of her own.  Usually I couldn't keep 

her away if I had wanted to!

     She seemed to be quite happy with me massaging her breasts, but as time

went on, one of my hands strayed down to her jeans.  "Yes." She moaned.

     I undid the zipper and touched.  She wasn't wearing any panties.

Shocked, I said "YOU seem to come prepared!"  "Come?  Not yet."  I couldn't tell

if she was joking or oblivious of the outside world in her pleasure. 

     Hey, if she's enjoying it THIS much, I might as well continue.  I wondered 

what the evening had in store.  Grim prospects.  Oh well, SHE'LL be happy at

least.  I was laying along side of her in our favorite postition for this: Her 

face up, me on her right.  My left arm was over her right shoulder, and under 

her head, with my hand holding her left wrist.  My right foot was pushing 

against her left calf, while my right arm and tongue were free to go as they 

pleased.  And they DID please!  

My finger wandered down to her crotch.  She was prepared, RATHER wet.  My finger

went about pleasing her with it's rythmic motions.  Eh, why not?  I slid down

on her, my tongue leaving a wet trail.  When it reached her belly button,  Beth

got the idea.  She stared and gasped.  I loved being the reason she did that.

I probed her sex with my tongue, remebering fondly the first time that she 

shaved it.  Fondly for the BOTH of us.  I made sure to examine each and every

crevice.  Too bad that my tongue tired before she did.  I slid back up, my 

finger taking the honored spot of pleasure, as my tongue went about batting her 

nipples between my teeth.  The batting excited her more than nipple nibbling.  

After short order, her body tensed, then relaxed.  Oh well, so Beth's orgasms 

weren't too visually breathtaking.  She enjoys them.  Unfortunatly she's never 

orgasmed with someone inside of her, despite my attempts.

     Beth's kiss on my lips brought me out of my dreaming.  My mouth responded,

as my tongue made explorations of her mouth.  As I went to hug her, my hands

brushed her breasts.  "Yes!" she gasped.  What the hell.  I'll go for it again. 

I slunk back onto my side, continuing to please her body.  I don't get any 

sexual pleasure out of fingering her, but watching her gasp in pleasure IS 

sorta fun!  This time took a little longer, but after. . Oh well, the clock is 

unplugged.  She stiffened yet again, relaxed, and gave me a gracious hug as she 

collapsed into my arms.  

     We kissed in the candlelight.  Her red hair caught the light spectacularly.

She was pretty.  "I love you." I wispered.  "I love you too, Marc.  I think 

it's time for bed." she replied sleepily.  We got up from the spare bed, and

headed over to the comfortable one.

     As the realization that it was done for the evening was arriving, Beth

straightened up and gave me a knowing, awake smile.  "Now it's YOUR turn."  

I smiled nervously.  I like surprises.  She laid me down in the middle of the

bed.  Beth reached up to the top legs of the bed and pulled out cuffs made of

cotton and nylon webbing. They were attached to each leg of the bed by a strap 

of nylon webbing.  She strapped down my arms.  She smiled and walked down to the

foot of the bed, pulling two pieces of fabric out from underneath the mattress. 

They were already tied to the foot of the bed.  She had planned for THIS one.  

She pulled my ankles together and tied them there.  I tried pulling them up.  

They were secure.  "I have to go and change" she said, giving me an impish 

grin, and dissappearing into the next room, where the bathroom and her clothes 

were.  I pulled on my arms and my legs.  I was held down firmly.  I smiled.

     As she left, I noticed that she put in three screw eyes into the bed.

She'ld gotten a junky mattress, and screwed the three screw eyes through it.

One was at each hip, and one was under my crotch.  I didn't know what she was

planning, but so far I liked it!

     As I heard undiscernable noises in the next room, I tried to imagine what 

she would be wearing.  I loved seeing her in her "private" outfit of her black

MINI-skirt, high-heels and fish-net stockings, with a bikini top.  Or maybe

a white teddy, perhaps some garters to match.  THAT'LD look good!

     I knew she'ld take a while to let my anticipation build.  She always did.

And it always worked.  She's SOME woman.  Beth reappeared at the door.  She was 

dressed in faded blue jeans and an old T-shirt.  My face dropped.

     Beth walked into the room, looking quite happy and refreshed.  She had

braided her hair.  It extended halfway down her back.  It looked MARVELOUS!!

But the jeans and t-shirt just didn't cut it for what I had in mind.  She 

apparently didn't notice that I expected something devilishly sexy about now.

     She meandered over to the foot of the bed, and gave me a playfull tickle 

under my feet.  Surprised, my foot tried to retract.  I'm AWFULLY ticklish 

there, and dispite liking being tickled, I thrash when someone does it.  Or TRY 

to thrash.  

     Beth seemed almost surprised that I was ticklish, dispite the many tickle

fights of the past, most of which ended with her begging for mercy.  "Oh?  

You're ticklish there?" She inquired, knowing well the answer.  She tickled me 

again.  My feet couldn't get away.  I was laughing so hard, and squirming 

attempting to get away from the fabric holding my feet.  I tried, but I was well

bound.  When she was done, she walked up to my head.  Beth bent down, smiled, 

and noticed my reaction as she tickled my armpits.  I laughed for I don't know 

how long!  I squirmed attempting fruitlessly to get away.  I laughingly yelled 

at her to stop.  

     She suddenly stopped.  I was surprised.  She seemed jokingly taken aback.  

"Are you SURE that you don't want my fingers to tickle you?"  She asked, giving 

me a hurt look.  I was panting too hard to answer, trying to catch my breath, 

still surprised that she actually STOPPED!  She musta KNOWN that I was kidding!

     "Ok.  If that's what you want." She said, pulling something out from

underneath the bed.  She turned to face me and held the object behind her 

back.  I knew something was up by her knowing grin.  After a few seconds of

staring at each other, I unconsciously squirmed.  Her eyes and her smile grew, 

as she drew the peacock feather out from behind her back!  "Revenge for all

of those tickle fights!  Revenge!"  My meek laughing "no. ." was lost as the 

onslaught continued.  Again she ticked my feet and my armpits until I couldn't 

stand it!  Luckily she ignored my protests and CONTINUED tickling me!  

     Finally she was done.  She bent down and gave me a hug.  We passionatly 

kissed.  I wispered "I love you."  "Marc, I love you too." she replied.  We

kissed again.

     She gave me a thoughtfull look.  "You seem pretty securely bound.  I can 

do WHATEVER I want to you.  And since *I'm* satisfied, I can do it ALL that 

much longer.  She smiled as I stared at her, getting RATHER excited by her look

and my thoughts of things yet to come alone.  She slowly pulled off her T-shirt,

revealing a white teddy.  I realized that I'ld never seen it before.  

     "Do you like it Marc?  I got it just for you.  It matches. . "  She 

reached for her jeans, and flashed me a smile.  The calm before the storm.  She 

undid the zipper and pulled them off, leaving white gartered stockings on her 

legs.  She kept kept watching my expression and smiling as she pulled off her 

jeans, I guess she liked what she saw.  God knows I sure did!! 

     "Gee!  You seem to come prepared as well!" She commented, glancing 

downward.  I looked down and noticed my penis was straining to get through my

jeans.  I was more interested in her than me at the moment.

     She gave me a look that wordlessly said "I KNOW I'm in control.  I'm going

to have some FUN with you."  She grinned as she sat on the bed beside me.  I

was busy staring at her, breathing RATHER deeply.  She put her hand on the 

crotch of my jeans.  I lifted to meet her.  She started stroking it.  My cock 

was really trying to get through the jeans.  "Hhhmm.  Your cock really wants to

excape there."  Beth muttered.  We had a tendency to think alike.  She continued

rubbing it as I strained up to meet her.  "Harder!"  I begged.  Her grin showed

that she liked me asking that.  But she didn't increase her pressure.  My hip

nipped an eye hook.  I should ask her why they're there.  Later.  I enjoy 

her stroking me too much!  Her massage continued.

     Wordlessly she undid the zipper on my jeans, and started to slide them 

off.  She smiled as she noticed that I was wearing my jock strap underneath like

she'ld asked me to tonight.  I gasped as I realized what that meant.  She LOVED 

to carress my cock through the jock strap, and loved my reactions even more.  

Boy was *I* going to be excited tonight!!  I was already hard, and she'ld only 

BARELY began!  With one hand, she slipped the jeans down to the fabric tying my 

ankles together, continuing idly toying with my cock with the other hand.  I was

moaning and squirming, bucking up to meet her hand.  My eyes had glazed over 

from love and lust after this woman idly tracing the outline of my cock with her

white fingernails.  As I bucked up, she'ld withdraw, so I'ld STILL only feel a 

trace of her.  "Please." I begged.  It was too hard to talk amid my gasps to 

continue the request.  Again Beth smiled as I asked, but toyed with me all the 


     Beth then got serious.  She rubbed my manliness with her palm of her hand,

pressing harder as I rammed into her.  What a feeling!  A few times I may have 

skimmed the eye hooks at my hips.  I didn't notice anymore.

     I looked at Beth for an expression; some idea of what she was planning.  

My eyes were too glazed over from pleasure to focus.  I fell back to squirming, 

rolling, and moaning.  I thought that my jock strap was going to be ripped off

of my body from the force of my penis pushing against it.  Unfortunatly it was

holding as well as always.  She toyed with me all the more, stroking and 

flicking my cock, bulging as it tried to break through the jock strap.

     I didn't notice her devilish grin, but she stopped the rub.  I felt her

hands pull down the jock strap.  She climbed up and straddled my thighs.  

God!  Those stockings felt SO good on my legs.  I moved my legs to rub up 

against them.  By the time my eyes focused, she was straddling me, holding a 

two foot white nylon strap and smiling.  Once again, I KNEW something was up by 

her smile.  She had me RIGHT where she wanted me.  Tied down on her bed.

She tied the strap to one eye hook at my hip, then pulled it over my hip to

the one near my crotch.  Beth pulled it through that one, then through the eye

hook at the other hip, and pulled it across my waist to the first hook.  She

tied it snugly there.  "Triangle of Pleasure." she muttered happily.  She turned

around and untied my feet, pulling off the jeans and jock strap, throwning them 

onto the floor.  She turned to face me.  "You won't be needing THOSE for a 


     At this point her smile went from ear to ear.  She lightly touched the

head of my cock.  I strained up to meet her hand, but the straps held me fast

to the mattress.  All of a sudden I remembered telling Beth of a fantasy I

had, in which I was tied to a mattress and teased helplessly until I agreed

to serve my girlfriend/tormentor for a week.  With my resolve, that would be

a LOT of teasing!!  "Oh no.  You're not going to. . ."  I started to ask slowly.

     "Yes I am, Marc!  Beware!  Ask and ye might receive!"  She said gleefully.

This was going to be a LONG night.  I started to regret that dispite being well

endowed, I hadn't ever been able to orgasm outside of a girl.  She could tease 

and excite me for a LONG time, and there was NOTHING I could do about it.

     She put her hand lightly on top of my cock, just touching it with her 

fingernail.  She laughed to herself as I pushed against the straps holding my 

crotch down, for then I fell back with a moan.  She rubbed her stockinged legs 

against my thighs and shins.  Since she was sitting on my thighs, I couldn't

raise my legs. I moaned as my mind wandered to how her legs would feel up 

against my penis.  Beth was in COMPLETE control, and I LOVED it.  She smiled

as she saw how much I loved what she was doing to me.  

     She slid down to sit on my knees.  She looked down at my crotch, then up at

my face.  If I would have been able to see her, I'ld have known what she was 

going to do.  I leapt against the straps holding me down as her tongue touched

the tip of my 10 inches.  I DID say that I was well endowed.  So did Beth, but 

not now.  Her mouth was OTHERWISE OCCUPIED.  She playfully batted my stiffness 

around with the tip of her tongue, eliciting a gasp each time she did it.  She 

probably liked making me gasp as much as I liked making her gasp.    

     She started switching between licking, sucking, and just batting my cock.

I was almost passing out from breathing too hard.  Oh!  How I WISHED that she

would let me inside of her now!  I wanted SO much just to ENTER her, pushing

in ALL the way!  Her mouth made a FULL review of my cock.  FULL review.

     She suddenly stopped and looked up at me with a sad face.  Her legs were

"accidentally" brushing up against by 10 inches, which had been sticking 

straight up for quite some time.  Beth was saying something.

     After a few seconds, I came close enough to reality to hear what she was 

telling me.  ". . . to swim.  You look AWFULLY out of condition.  I'll just 

have to CONDITION you."  She pulled out a bottle of conditioner from under the

bed.  This is one of the things that she surprised me with in the shower one 

glorious eve.  Conditioner felt even better on my 10" than oil.  It was ALMOST 

as good as Beth's sex.  ALMOST.  I cried out as Beth's hands, with the small 

puddles of conditioner met my cock.  I was still snugly tied down to her bed.

     By this time I was FAR oblivious to the outside world to notice what else 

she might be doing.  As hard as I pushed up to raise the pressure of Beth's 

hands on my cock, the straps held me tight.  Beth touched me only as hard as 

SHE wanted to, I had NO say in it.  "Please?" I moaned again.  

     "Do I have to GAG you?" she asked.  I was thankfull that she took my 

wordless moaning as a "no".  She continued pleasing me slowly and carefully, 

whether I liked it or not.  She knew DAMN well that I did.  And knowing all 

the things that turned me on, she KNEW that I LOVED the way her stockings felt 

as her legs slid along mine.  I was shocked as she slid my cock by her sex.  I 

was too pleasured to notice that she took off her teddy with one hand as she 

pleased me and teased me with the other.  She was happy with herself for this. 

She rubbed my penis a few times past her hole.  She was still (or was it 

again?) wet.  Beth gave me a concerned look.  "I just CAN'T seem to find the 

hole!"  Considering how much *I* felt it as she rubbed me along it, I knew she 

was kidding.  I was moaning too much to comment.  Oh yeah.  I said the same 

thing the last time I tied HER down.  Revenge can be sweet!

     She finally found the hole, and I slid smoothly into it.  Halfway.  Then

she started pulling out.  Beth KNEW that I couldn't orgasm like this, as MUCH

as it excited me.  She was being MEAN!  I was still sliding my upper body side 

to side, straining against the "Triangle of Pleasure" and moaning.  I don't know

HOW long I'ld been doing that.  Beth was right.  Time didn't exist here.  

     "I'm only going to let you come if you agree to be my sex slave for the 

next week." She told me.

     "no." I moaned.

"OK." she said, unflustered.  She continued going in S-L-O-W-L-Y and only half

way.  After 30 seconds or so I changed my mind.  I NEEDED to come!  "I WILL be 

your sex slave for a week."  

     "Maybe I won't LET you be my slave." She taunted me.  

     "PLEASE Mistress, I BEG to be your slave!"

     "You'll do my every wish, fufill my every command?" She asked, still only

going in HALFway.

     "Yes!  PLEASE!" I pleaded.  Beth increased the tempo, ramming in all the 

way to my balls.  After the third or fourth ram, I tensed and gave a final moan,

as I filled her excess space with my gift.

     She gave me a HUGE hug as I shuddered, still shaking from my orgasm.

"Thank you mistress.  Thank you."  We just laid there, exhaused from our 

excercise.  It was SO pleasant just resting with her on top of me.  Eventually 

I recovered and twitched my cock, still hard despite the orgasm.  "May I have 

another, mistress?" I asked.

     "No." She said thoughtfully, pulling away from me.  "You'll be kept 

for. . .OTHER times."  I knew she meant "HER times", not "my times".

     Leaving me tied, Beth slid off to my side, pulling the blankets over 

us both.  She then gave me a hug, and a deep and passionate kiss.

        "Goodnight, Marc. We've SO much to do tomorrow." She gave me a

wicked look.  "People to meet, and places to go."

        As I wondered just how much Beth planned and what, I drifted into 

slumber with a nervous grin of anticipation on my face. 

                         ----- Marc -----

Subject: Oh-Shit 2

     We were camping, far away from home.  The afternoon weather was sunny and 

bright.  Then it was evening.  Beth (my girlfriend) and I were at a campfire 

with a strange dark haired man.  We listened intently to what he was saying.  

The man asked "If you could be anyone that you wanted for one week, who would 

you be?"  I thought about it for a while, then I turned to Beth.  "You my dear.

And you would be, me." I said.  "Then so shall it be." the man replied.  I 

blinked.  When I opened my eyes, I was in Beth's body.  She was in mine.  I 

looked down at my new body, absolutely shocked.  I looked down.  The legs in

the mini-skirt were mine!  I moved my legs.  The sight of stockinged legs moving

as I wanted excited me.  The feel of the stockings rubbing against each other

was so new.  So sheer.  And SO erotic.  

     The hand that was but a few seconds ago mine flicked one of my nipples.  

I gasped at the new sensation.  The other hand flicked my other nipple.  Then

they started to massage them.  I was dripping wet, helpless against the touch.

     In the tent, I was nude.  I was pressing into Marc's crotch, trying to get

his cock inside of me.  I needed to be filled, to feel his cock pumping inside

of me.  To be filled with his seed.  I pressed toward him.  Something stopped

me.  I tried again to buck into his crotch.  And again!  But something 

was still stopping me from getting his erect penis inside of my dripping hole.

I tried to hold him!  To press him! . . .

     I suddenly awoke in a sexual arousal to see Beth's face smiling down at me.

I tried to pull her on top of me, but my hands were tied above my head.  Her 

hand was lovingly caressing my crotch, still held fast to the mattress from last


     The memories of last night hit me suddenly.  Me fingering her until she

came, then her tying me down and teasing me, then undressing me, then teasing

me, and teasing me more, into a sexual frenzy.  I wanted SO badly to enter her,

to orgasm in her hole.  She was wonderful.  She held back, and not letting me 

orgasm until I. . . was her sex slave for the next week.  I had to do WHATEVER

her slightest whim was. . .  

     "Now the RULES of your week."  She began, still massaging my crotch.

"You must unquestioningly follow my every command."  "Ooooohhh..." I moaned.  

My moan wasn't from what she said, but from the fact that my erectness was 

stopped from entering her, despite my attempts to buck into her.

     "You must call me 'Mistress' at all times"  She continued.  I managed to 

get out a "Yes, Mistress" through my sexual excitement.  This was going to be 

an INTERESTING and LONG scene. . . 

     "And, since your body belongs to ME, you must ask permission to come.  It

is a priveledge, and will have to be EARNED."  I knew THAT rule would be coming

into play a LOT in the next week.

     By this time I was getting incoherent with excitement, barely able to catch

the words she's saying.  I might have missed a rule or two.  This worried me.

Beth's hand suddenly stopped.  She carefully leaned on top of me from the side,

so that nothing touched my crotch.  She arms swept about me to give a loving 

hug, as our mouths met in a kiss.  My tongue darted inside of her mouth.  

She released my hands, which immediatly sprang to return the loving hug.  

We hugged, lips locked together.  My Mistress loved her slave.

     She reached down and undid the straps holding my crotch to the mattress.

     "Slave?" She asked. 

     "Yes Mistress Beth?"

     "If you are my pet, why do you not wear a collar?"

     "Because I have not earned one yet?"

     "BEG for one my pet!"

     "Mistress, may I PLEASE wear your collar in order to serve you better?  I 

BEG to wear your collar and PLEASE you."

     "Turn around, and stick out your neck."  I did so.  She slipped a dark 

collar around my neck, and fastened it in the back with an audible "click".  I 

reached up to touch it.  It was leather, with a movable ring on it.  It had

something inscribed in it.  My hand explored it, but I couldn't tell what it 

said.  I felt in the back.  Mistress had the foresight to use a collar with a 

built-in lock.  I was gratefull.

     "Make me some pancakes." She ordered.  

     "Yes, Mistress."

     "And wear only an apron."  

     When I put on the apron on my nude body, I felt even more open, more

bare, more nude.  It excited me, wearing nothing but an apron with a noticable

bulge.  I looked in the mirror at my collar.  The engraving read "Beth's pet". 

I made the pancakes and brought them to her bedroom.

     "Massage me, slave." She said, offering me her stockinged feet.

I carefully massaged my Mistress' feet as she ate.  She KNEW that feeling the

silkiness of the stockings would get me aroused.  She KNEW she had me in her


     When she was done eatting, she looked down at me.  "Are you a hungry

slave?" She asked.  "Yes, Mistress." I answered meekly.  "I take good care

of my pets.  You may eat."  I looked at the empty plate.  She spread her legs.

     I started to hungrily lick my breakfast.  And I nibbled.  And sucked.  

I flicked my tongue at her clit, eliciting a gasp at each hit.  She flowed

freely.  I was sure to lick up the juice.  I didn't want to clean it up later.

As she neared climax, I reached up to her tits, fiddling and massaging them.  

Her thighs tightened about my head, pressing it into her clit.  With a big

scream, her body tensed, then relaxed, releasing my head.  I've pleased my 

Mistress.  "You're learning well, slave." She said as the shuddering of her 

orgasm wore away.  

     She laid there in silence for a few minutes, then calmly reached under

the bed pulling out a dog leash.  She clipped it onto the ring on my collar.  

Luckily her bed sheets prevented me from seeing just what ELSE she had hidden 

under there!

     "Crawl." She told me, standing up.  I followed her on all fours.  She led 

me on a tour of the house, starting in the living room, then the kitchen, then 

the bedroom, nitpicking.  She instructed me exactly WHAT had to be cleaned, 

wiped, moved, straightened, swept, brushed or vacuumed.  

     "We are having GUESTS tonight.  I want this place SPOTLESS.  You will 

treat them like you treating me, following their EVERY order."  She laughed 

devilishly.  "Oh!  Don't get too eager, no penetration is allowed.  You won't 

get off THAT easy!"  Beth snickered at her double on-tont.  My mind wandered,

thinking of another night of helpless teasing.  My hard cock was quite noticable

under the apron.

     I started to clean the living room.  Mistress Beth walked in with a tall

stack of magazines, spread them out, then sat down on the recliner and started 

to read. I glanced at the stack.  It was all various B&D magazines.  It excited 

me to know that she was getting ideas to try on me.  And getting wet.

      After two hours passed, Mistress called me to make chicken chunks.  

When they were fried, she told me to bring them to her, along with a blindfold

and a pair of handcuffs.  She cuffed and blindfolded me, telling me to kneel at

her side while she ate.  She ate the first few chunks, ignoring me.  I wondered

when or if I'ld get fed.  I opened my mouth.  Mistress Beth started hand-feeding

me chunks, covered in sweet & sour sauce.  Blindfolded, I got quite a lot of the

sauce on my face.  And Beth gave me another.  And another. . . That one. . 

That one wasn't sweet & sour!  That was her SEX!!  I heard Mistress Beth 

giggling at my reaction.  She gave my crotch a few teasing rubs before 

uncuffing me, and then sent me on my way.

     When I had finished cleaning the house, I went back to Mistress Beth.  

I noticed the wet mark on her pants.  She eventually looked up at me, giving 

me a stern look.  I quickly knelt at her feet.  Beth smiled, enjoying playing

Mistress and having absolute power over me.  Wordlessly, Mistress started 

rubbing my cock.  It responded, just as she'ld planned.  When I was my full 10",

Mistress tied the base of my cock with some thin twine.  She then wound the 

twine up my cock tightly,  looping it up and up, then a loop around my waist, 

then continued winding it up, and tied it snugly at the top.  My erect penis 

was now package wrapped between my legs.  She handed me my jock strap, and told

me to put it on.  As I started slide it up my legs, I realised that this wasn't 

my jock strap, she'ld bought another one a few sizes tighter.   Beth made a 

good Mistress.

     She then handed me a pair of frosted goggles.  I put them on and looked 

around.  I could see only shapes.  I saw Mistress' sillouette, but not her face.

     Mistress told me to put my arms behind me, and to grab my elbows.

She slid a leather sheath around my arms, securing them together with two 

velcro straps.  The sheath had two additional straps.  One strap clipped to my 

collar, preventing me from removing the sheath, and another strap around my 

chest, so that I could not move my sheathed arms from my back.  As she 

reattached the leash to my collar ring, the first car pulled into the driveway.

I knelt at her side.

     The guests wandered in.  They were all female.  They all ignored Beth's

pet, collared and kneeling obediantly at her side, leash leading into her hand. 

Beth greeted them all warmly, and told them to gather in the living room.  My 

heart stopped as Beth asked one of them to take a picture of her with "Her pet".

The lady laughed, and accepted Beth's camera.  I saw the flash.  I was totally 

in Beth's power now.

     The guests filed into the living room.  When they were all seated, Mistress

Beth walked in, with me crawling behind her.  "Would any of you like a foot

massage from my slave?" Beth offered.  To my dismay, everyone in the group 

accepted her gracious offer.  Mistress took off my arm sheath, and I began 

massaging the first lady's feet, unable to even see her face.  One Oriental

commented "A man in his rightful place-At the foot of a woman!"  Everyone 


     As the evening went on, I continued around the circle of my Mistresses, all

who ignored the lowly slave massaging their feet.  Being unable to tell who's 

foot was who's (for I soon lost track of where Mistress Beth was), I was 

carefull to treat each foot as if it belonged Mistress Beth, for I did not want 

her wrath.  

     "Slave!"  some woman yelled.  "Bring us drinks!"  I hurredly got up and

brought in a tray of drinks, serving them out to the ladies.  

     When I offered a drink to the Oriental, she picked one off of the tray,

and looked at me, asking "Slave, I take a drink from you, won't you take a 

drink from me?"  She separated her legs.  This got a chorus of approval from 

the rest of my Mistress' group.  Someone grabbed my arms, and pulled them

behind me.  The arm sheath was quickly re-attached.  I knelt down in front of 

her, and poked my head under her skirt.  I then probed her crotch with my 

tongue.  She wasn't wearing anything underneath the skirt!  My tongue darted

in and out of her clit, teasing her.  Then her hands were on the back of my

head, forcing me in.  She was the Mistress, and me the slave.  

     She forced my mouth all the way up to her sex.  Her thighs clamped down on

my ears.  I couldn't hear ANYTHING what was going on in the room, my only sounds

were her breathing becoming more rapid and pronounced.  My tongue strummed on 

her G-spot.  I licked and sucked her, urging her to flow into my mouth, lapping

up what fluid flowed.  As her thighs clamped tighter on my ears, she exploded 

into my mouth.  Mistress' hands held me fast, and I hungrily lapped it up.

When she was clean, she released my head from her grasp.  I pulled my head from 

under her skirt.

     The Mistress who I was pleasuring was the last guest left.  She stood up,

smoothed out her skirt, and walked to the door.  As Mistress Beth showed her

out, she turned toward me.  "Hurry to the bedroom, slave!"  Mistress Beth 

yelled.  The last guest chuckled and closed the door.  I scampered to the 


     Beth followed me in, and pointed to the bed.  I laid down on it.  Mistress

Beth spread-eagled my legs to the bedposts.  My arms where still held behind

my back by the arm sheath.  She then took off the frosted goggles and strode 

out of the room.  My mind wandered wondering what she had in mind.  I dare not 


     "Oh!  I'm glad you're still here!" Mistress Beth chuckled as she returned,

one hand hiding something.  She pulled the hand out from behind her back, 

clearly showing me the cordless razor.  Mistress wanted me to KNOW what was 

coming.  She turned on the shaver and started to shave my ankles, alternating

between the two.  She proceeded up to my shins, shaving both of them, feeling

them to be sure that she didn't miss anywhere.  Then my calves.  When she got 

to the knees, she stood up and admired her work.  She absently unwrapped my 

penis from the twine, then went back to shaving me.  I knew what was coming, 

but as her obediant slave, I could do NOTHING to stop her.  The shaver went 

higher and higher up my thighs, taking off any hair that fell in it's path.  

The higher the shaver went, the bigger Beth's smile became.  When Mistress 

reached the top of my thigh, she didn't stop.  I watched as Mistress took short 

strokes, trimming more and more off of the sides of my pubic hair, thinning

it, thinning it, until there was nothing left.

     "There!" Mistress announced when she was done.  I looked down.  I had no

hair from the waist down.  She lightly touched where my pubic hair had just been

with the tip of her fingernail.  I leaped and gasped at the new sensation of 

feeling her fingernails with no hair in between.  

     Mistress untied the ropes from the bed, leaving them on my ankles.  As I

laid on my side, She looped the ropes up about my waist, tying them the arm 

sheath.  Once she had finished, I tried to struggle and escape.  Beth LOVES 

seeing me squirm helplessly on the bed.  My arms were securely fastened behind 

me by the sheath.  My ankles were snugly tied to my waist, and to the sheath, 

so that I couldn't bend my waist.  

     Mistress smiled and laid down in front of me on the bed, piling pillows

behind her.  Her fingernails lightly brushed my crotch.  I unconsiously squirmed

again.  Mistress tied me well.  She smiled, seeing me excited and SO helpless. 

She smiled at me, rubbing my 10" as I squirmed helplessly.  

     Beth snuggled up to me, brushing my erect cock against her wet spot.  She

held my erect member in one hand, gliding it back and forth over her glistening

hole.  With one slow, smooth motion, Beth grabbed my shoulders and rolled onto 

the pillows, pulling me on top of and into her.  Except for the weight that was 

now supported by her hands on my shoulders, my entire weight was now on my 

crotch, driving me deeper inside of her.  She started to squeeze me with her 

sex.  Her pinkies slipped from my shoulders into my armpits.  I'm QUITE 

ticklish there, and it made me squirm.  No matter HOW I squirmed, it drove me 

deeper and deeper inside of her.  And she kept on squeezing me, then releasing 

me.  Then a squeeze, and a release.  My eyes glazed over.  The tickling 

continued, and I couldn't stop squirming, wriggling my penis deeper and 

deeper. . . "Mistress?" I managed to squeak out, "May I have your permission to 

come?"  "You may, slave!  You may!"  She said delighted.  I had asked just in

time.  I couldn't stop wriggling as my body tensed, depositing my semen inside of

her.  I collapsed into her open arms.

     Light peered in through the curtain, awakening Mistress Beth.  "Make

me waffles, slave."  She muttered, still half asleep.  So was I, but I hurredly 

left to do her bidding.  So far I had escaped her wrath.  It was a good habit 

to get into.  

     I brought the waffles down to her basement bedroom, and massaged her feet 

as she ate.  She'ld taken off her stockings.  She finished all of the waffles,

leaving none for me.

     "Cleanse yourself, then clean the house."  She ordered sternly.  She 

smiled widely, knowing that although we'ld been dating for a year, I MUST 

do what she says, NO QUESTIONS asked.  The Mistress doesn't NEED to do ANYTHING.

I showered quickly, then beginning to clean the living room from the party 

I heard Mistress taking a shower as I clean.  By the time Mistress is done with

her leisurely shower, the house is in decent order.

     "You did quite well last night, slave."

     "Thank you, Mistress."  I bowed my head in appreciation.

     "You did so well that I will allow you clothing today for a walk in the


     "Thank you, Mistress."  I did NOT want to test how far she'ld make me go. 

I was GRATEFULL she was allowing me clothing!

     She held up a pink blouse and a long white skirt.  My face dropped.  My 

penis rose.

      Beth smiled as she got out her pink nail polish.  She sat me down and 

carefully polished my toes, wiping off any excess.  I was silent, still in 

shock, wondering how the day would turn out.  She lightly blew on my toes to 

dry them, then applied a second coat.  

     When the second coat was dry, Mistress handed me a pair of pink stockings.

"Put these on, slave."  They fit perfectly.  "Mistress knows her slave well." 

I thought.

     When I stood up, Beth was smiling, holding something behind her back.

I was apprehensive.  I KNEW by the look on her face that it would be 

INTERESTING.  She pulled out a handfull of leather straps and buckles, grinning 

triumphantly.  I looked at the heap of leather, still trying to figure out 

what it was.  

     She put a four armed cross of leather on my crotch.  It was a body harness,

with Beth's planning, it was made to size.  

     One strap went around each leg, buckling closed.  Each leg strap had a 

clip on the front.  I wondered WHAT THAT was for.  

     Beth pulled the third strap up my chest.  It had belt loops at three 

heights.  She clipped onto the ring of my collar, testing it to be sure it was


     The fourth strap had a loop that held to my penis.  My penis wasn't hard 

then, but I had faith in Beth's deviousness that it would be rock solid by the 

time she was done dressing me.  Mistress pulled the strap up my back.  It had 

three straps off to the left, and split into two straps, one for each shoulder.

Mistress Beth attempted to connect the straps to my shoulders.  The straps were 

a few inches too short.  Mistress looked me in the eye, smiling.  I wondered if 

this too was planned.  She pulled up on the strap going through my crotch, 

pulling me up on my tiptoes, and MADE it fit around my shoulders!  This pulled 

my shoulders back, and also made the strap going through my crotch tight.  My 

faith was true.  As my cock was getting hard, the strap was becoming all that 

much tighter.  

     Mistress threaded the remaining three straps through the loops in the 

front strap, back to the rear, buckling each one in the back.  The second one

had clips on each side, similar to the thigh straps.  I was harnessed like the 

pet that I was for the week.

     Mistress then pulled out a silky pink teddy.  It had slits up both sides

and was quite attractive.  Mistress had put water-balloons in place as breasts.

I stepped into it unbidden.  Beth pulled the shoulder straps on and "smoothed

out the teddy" around my crotch, making sure too feel my enlarging shaft as 

much as possible.  With my shoulders back so far, my "breasts" stuck out QUITE 

far!  She wasn't planning for me to to go OUTSIDE like this was she???

     Mistress then dressed me in a pink blouse, and buttoned it up the back.  

As she put it on me, I noticed that she'ld made some small holes in the elbows

and the wrists.  It was SO feminine.  I HAD to get back at her sometime for 

this.  I HAD to.  

     Beth slipped the skirt around my legs.  It had two front pockets and 

extended down to my ankles.  I took a trial step.  The skirt was so tight around

my ankles that my steps were limited to one and a half feet!  THAT'S why she

didn't choose a mini-skirt!  

     Beth then ordered me  "Do your nails.  Long and pink.", then laid back on

the bed, ignoring me.  I read the back of the package.  I carefully applied 

the long nails to my hands.  I then got the nail polish, and carefully polished

my nails pink to match the clouse and stockings.  Not accustomed to the long 

nails, I made many mistakes.  Mistress Beth looked at how I've done.  "Ha!

Silly slave!"  She quickly cleaned up my manicure.  "Sit!"  She said, pointing

to the chair in the middle of the room.  I sat, and she arranged my hair.

With no mirror, I have no idea what she's doing to it.  Then she gave applied

make-up.  When she's done, I still have no idea how I look.  She could have

dressed me up as a toad without me knowing.  "How do I look Mistress?"  

     "Be silent, slave." Beth smiled as she put a fake neck brace on my neck,

hiding my collar.

     Beth put a pair of her 4" high heels (pink of course!) on my feet.  

Luckily the shoes fit.  "Walk feminine." Mistress commanded.  I take a step.  

The crotch strap tightens on my hard penis, and I stumble across the room.  

Mistress is laughing.  "Keep your head straight." She instructs.  I manage to

keep my balance better the next attempt.  I continue walking back and forth

across the room for a few more passes, attempting to follow Mistress's comments 

about my lack of femininity.  "Lean over the table, and look away!" she yelled. 

I quickly do so.  Mistress pulled up my skirt, revealing my bare bottom, with my

cheeks totally unprotected.  Mistress walked across the room, then returned, 

snickering slightly.  I dared not turn around to face her, not wanting to get 

spanked more that I was going to already!

     Beth's hands came sensously down on my rear, gently massaging my cheeks.  

My rear loosened up, despite me knowing that her spanking lurked still.  Her

gentle massage allayed my fears, loosening up my muscles.  She slid aside the

teddy and the crotch strap, to probe further into my hole.  Her fingers probed

in, and out.  And further in.  They were wide.  And out.  And further in. . 

that's not her fingers, that's a dildo!  Mistress slid the fake penis all the

way inside of me, filling me both in length nad depth.  I felt satin straps 

looping around my legs, then Mistress tied them closed.  I stand up, gasping as

I feel the new sensation of the dildo moving inside of me.  

     "Walk femininly." Mistress ordered.  I walked across the room again.  

"Yes, Susan, I think that you walk just fine!"  Mistress is smiling.  I have 

pleased my Mistress and done well.

     Mistress Beth gently led me outside, grabbing something along the way.

Once we were outside, she locked the door, smiling at me.  I didn't need to

be told that all of my MALE clothing was LOCKED inside, and that SHE had the

key.  Mistress Beth rolled up each arm of my blouse, putting a cuff on each of 

my elbows.  Then she put a strap on each of my wrists, rolling down the arms

of the blouse.  Mistress Beth pulled the straps from my elbows through hidden

holes in the blouse, clipping them to the side of the body harness.

     "Put your hands in your pockets." She commanded.  I did so, and Mistress

connects my wrists to my thighs with an audible click.  I looked like 

like your average woman walking with her hands in her pockets.

     "Or so I hope. . ." I think as we headed for the park.

			----- Marc -----


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