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Archive-name: Slaves/dreams.txt

Archive-author: Princess Sheeba

Archive-title: Dream Come True

     (I dedicate this to my slave girl Mina, and to the honorable Trainer

     who are there always for me to preserve our goals together, forever.

                            Thank you Dream Land)

     We took the highway early in the morning to our weekend's destination. My

slave girl and I in a nice rental car.  Our costumes were in the trunk, the

fresh coffee was aromatic in the car, we shared a muffin while Mina drove.  My

private property...  She was wearing white lacy garters under her pants.  I

passed my hands along her smooth neck and through hair every once in a while

and she would turn around to give me a pleasant smile of deep contentment


     After passing through the U.S. border which was guiding us along our way

to New York -- the city of opportunities, I ordered her to stop at a gas

station, I took her to the restroom, unbuttoned her pants, lowered them, and

then inserted a butt plug -- gliding it against her clit -- nice and smooth

while I cleaned up the excess of Jelly...  Then kissed her bum and gave her a

slim sexy skirt which exposed her beautiful legs.  As we left the restroom a

couple of men waiting for their own woman to come out commented on her legs.

They wished they could enjoy her for at least the evening.  I felt proud.

Mina's beautiful cheeks turned pink as she blushed.  She passionately kissed

me on the lips as I felt the juices beginning to flow between my legs.

     Our journey continued... and we eventually reached destination.  As the

doorman at the Penta greeted us, and took our bags I couldn't help but notice

him staring at Mina's exposed bum.  I felt jealous as well as proud.  It was a

funny feeling.  I am a woman after all...

     The day was turning into late afternoon -- Friday night in New York City.

I ordered Mina to prepare our bath.  She did as requested.  When I reached the

marbled floor of the bathroom, she was kneeling down in the sumptuously

decorated room.

     She kissed my bare feet for a while, massaged my lower legs.  We caressed

one another's naked bodies, touched our hardened nipples, and tasted them...

When I then removed her butt plug I was greeted by her relaxed orafice primed

for my dildo.  We entered the bathtub, and I put my fingers into her open

hole. She was in heaven.  She proceeded to massage my body completely with her

sensuous mouth, her tongue gliding over all my sensitive areas.  When I had

had enough I took her out of the tub, took her to the bed and proceeded to

manacle her with my furry cuffs, her bum exposed.  I couldn't resist awarding

her at least twenty strokes with my bare hands.  Then caressed the heat coming

out of ass cheeks with my tongue.  I took a drink out of the mini-bar, and

while drinking I rubbed some on her bare chest and then tasted the alcohol.  A

little more spanking, and she was even hotter.  It was time for me to tease

her some more.  Taking out my dildo I slid the soft rubber against her clit.

She began to moan with my movements, her heavy breathing served only to

aroused me even more.  She achieved her orgasm with her entire body was

quivering, then she released a golden shower.

   I presented my clit to her mouth.  Now it was my time to have more fun.  I

ordered her to put three fingers into my vagina as she lapped my juices away.

I was in Heaven...  I called her sweet names.  She was my "Candy Teddy, my Sex

Kitten, my Slut", whatever she was, she was heaven to me.  My orgasm was

tremendous.  She drank my juices, and I kissed her wet face -- tasting myself.

   We caressed each other for a while.   A caress which meant "thank-you" to

my slave.  I took her out shopping for a while.  We bought her a beautiful

Victorian corset for some waist reduction.  It suited her so much.  She

thanked me and then expressed that her existance was only for me.  That was a

great satisfaction for a Mistress.

   After eating in Tempo, an expensive Italian restaurant, where many men had

admired us, we went on to have a drink at the Hilton and listen to the pianist

playing the forgotten tunes of yesterdays.

   The next morning we woke up with light caressing our nude and tangled

bodies.  It was time to go and join the convention members.  We met and

exchanged ideas with many others there from around the world who were also

shared our interest in S&M.

   That night as were dressing for the Ball, we assisted one other with our

royal outfits.  I was wore a black velvet gold trimmed dress, suited for a

Princess, and Mina had worn a beautiful pink dress, reminding me a young girl

going to her Ball Debutante.

    When we made the royal entrance to the big ballroom, practically everyone

turned to catch a glance of us.  Most had worn latex, rubber or leather.

However, no one was like us.  We made our Royal Statement.  The whole night we

danced, met more people into the scene, and exchanged addresses.  Than we went

to Vaults, a very bizarre S&M club in New York, unique it's own way.  Many

commented about my beautiful slave girl.  Besides Mina, I had trained a few

others there.

    Early Saturday morning we returned to our hotel, made passionate love and

then fell asleep in each other's arms until the check out time.  I woke up

earlier than her to watch her sleep in the morning light.  God, she was


                                           Royally Yours Princess Sheeba

PS: This a true story.  It demonstrates to some of you that S&M is not a pain

giving ritual.  It is exercised with love...  Although there may be few into

S&M for the wrong reasons, for me it's to get in touch with my higher self

while uniting with my S&M partner...  Till next time I hope you enjoyed the



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