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Archive-name: Slaves/domestic.txt


Archive-title: Domestic

10-Jan-88 07:27pm

Subject: Part 1 of 6

     After what seemed like hours you finally hear me come

through the door. After that, nothing.  You know I'm in the house

but you can't hear where I am.  You suddenly feel a presence

behind you but you discount it as your imagination but the

feeling persists and you start feeling scared.  You feel two

rubber-clad hands gently grasp your head where the lower jaw

connects with your skull.  You know better than to speak or move.

I rotate your head 90 degrees and you feel two soft lips pressed

to yours as a sweet tasting tounge sweeps through your mouth and

just as quickly the tounge and lips leave and your head is

returned to the forward position.  You feel two clothed arms wrap

around your shoulders and my soft lips nibbling on your ear.

     "Stay perfectly still, little boy, and you'll be just fine,"

I whisper in your ear, followed by a quick tounge flick. I then

sit on your lap -- you sense what feels like a leather skirt --

and rest one arm over your shoulder while my other hand is

stroking your thigh and hip -- avoiding your very rigid penis.  I

gently press my cheek to yours and say, "You did pretty well for

a boy except you didn't put 'hospital corners' on the bed so I'll

have to punish you for that.  Mrs. Schueler next door said that

she saw you take out the trash wearing only a dish towel over

your crotch.  She liked what she saw, and so do I.  Come, time to

have a bit of fun!"

     I hop up off your lap and order you to get on your hands and

knees.  You do as you are told and instinctively spread your legs

wide apart.  "Very good, Slave, I see you've done this before,"

say right before a  on your buttocks.  "What do

you say, Slave?"

     "Thank you, Mistress, may I have another!"

     " Thank you, Mistress, may I have another!"

     " Thank you, Mistress, may I have another!"

     "That's enough for now, slave. When you come back tomorrow,

I will expect everything to be perfect or you'll wish you were'nt

here.  Now, close your eyes as I remove the blindfold.  It's

about time you saw your Mistress, who you will be serving."

     I stand in front of you and remove the blindfold.  I tell

you to open your eyes and slowly rise and behold me. First thing

you see when you open your eyes are my black leather (low heel)

shoes and black stockings.  As you rise to your knees, you follow

my stockings up until they stop about two inches below my black

leather miniskirt but my black silk garters bridge the skin gap.

As you rise to your feet you see my slim, bare midriff between my

skirt and a tight-fitting knit black long sleeve halter top with

a crew neck.  You see my nipples pressing against the fabric at

the tips of two beautifully shaped breasts.  Your eyes wander up

to my face and gaze at my wavy shoulder-length light brown hair,

my two deep blue eyes, my petite nose, and my very kissable lips.

You are in awe of my angelic face on an angelic body dressed like

a harlot.  I break your blank gaze at me by snapping the black

latex gloves off my hand and tossing them aside.

     "What do you think," I snarl.

     "Uh, uh, uh, uh..." You babble.

     "Shut up, slave, and put your hands on top of your head," I


     You wonder how such a sweet looking thing like me can take

such command over you instead of the other way around.  I toss

your shirt at you from behind and order you to put it on. I then

come up behind you and attach a heavy leather belt around your

waist and buckle it in back with the click of a padlock.  I then

buckle leather bonds to your wrists and padlock them to the rings

on their respective sides of the belt.  To finish off the package

I attach a collar around your neck and lock it into place with a

little silver lock.  I take you to a full length mirror so you

can admire yourself.

     I can tell you like what you see because your cock is

standing straight out and jiggling away.  "Slave, lay on the

floor on your back!" I command.

     You have a bit of trouble but you manage it without damaging

the goods.  I then straddle your head so you can see right up my

short miniskirt.  I ask you what you see.  You reply black

panties. I tell you they are black leather panties complete with

little cilia inside tickling my lips and twat.  I tell you that

whenever I walk, sit, or even move my lower body, those little

cilia do their little dirty work on me. I tell you that someday

you will have the privilege to remove those panties and take over

for those little cilia but until that time you must prove to me

that you are as good as those little cilia.  Since obviously

housework isn't your speciality, I expect you to have a

speciality which will make my home life easer PLUS be able to

have my house perfectly clean or else your little friend between

your legs will never know what is under these panties.

     I stand away from you and order you on your stomach. Again,

you have difficulty but only slightly damage the goods because it

kept getting in the way.  You finally get into position with your

dick hanging between your spread legs.  I unlock the belt and

wrist cuffs.  I then order you to your feet. You stand before me

looking so crestfallen because you're not getting any pussy


     "Aww, poor baby.  Just to encourage good behaviour, I want

you to hold me close," I purr.  I put my arms around you with one

hand firmly grasping your ass while you slip one hand under my

top while the other pats my buttocks.  We kiss passionately as we

trade tounges and our lips lock.  I'm so busy kissing you and

feeling your ass that I don't feel your hand sliding down my ass

and pull up slightly on my skirt and then tickle the crotch of my


     "YOW!!" I squeal, jumping away from you but falling on my

face because your hand got caught in my hem.  "Why you dirty

little boy!  I'll show you!" I laughingly scream.  I order you up

against the wall on your back.  I get out a sheer condom and a

big, fluffy feather.

     I put the condom on you and then tell you that I'm gonna

show you how that felt.  I take the feather and tickle your cock.

We're both laughing to tears as you and your cock jiggle

violently while I'm tickling your friend.  When you finally cum,

I remove and dispose of the cum filled condom as you lean against

the wall to rest.  When I return I have regained most of my

composure and only have a big grin on my face.

     "You are so beautiful and wonderful, Mistress," you say

while giving your cock a rubdown.

     "Get out," I exclaim.


     "Get out.  Don't forget to come back tomorrow with cleaning

skills and some other domestic skill."

     "What about my pants and this collar?" you whine, your

laughter ceased.

     "I have to punish you somehow. Your punishment is to go home

pantless and wearing a dog collar.  Be thankful I don't make you

go home totally naked with you hands cuffed in front of you."

     "Yes, Mistress," you say heading for the door.  But just

before you go over the threshold, I decide that maybe you should

go totally naked.  You take off your shirt and head out to your

car and go home.

     "Yeah, see you tomorrow, Slave," I snarl to myself.


     Sorry this is so long but I typed it offline and I just got carried away.

I probably could have conserved space by adding more lines per section but I

forgot how many lines per message so I assumed 25.  I hope you liked it and



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