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Archive-name: Slaves/diffopin.txt

Archive-author: Kalthanas T. Mortal

Archive-title: A Difference In Opinion


   Where was the dragon? Kalthanas smelled the acrid fumes in the air and

hurried his pace, all the while trying to stay silent, else he was dragon


   He saw a large shadow behind him. It was too late! The dragoon had found

him and was even now bearing down on him for the kill....

   Waking with a start in a sweat-drenched bed, Kalthanas sat up, his heart

pounding and his forehead throbbing. The usually unmade bed was even more

unmade because of his somnambalistic struggles. A nightmare, he told

himself, only a nightmare. He w as about to settle himself back in when he

heard an intake of breath. Squinting into the shadows, he caught the

outline of a witch in a red robe with day-glo astrological signs sewn into

the fabric. Sighing, he sat back and said "I thought I smelled sulfur,


   She giggled and approached his bed. Grinning, she said, "You would do

well not to taunt me, mortal." and stepped out of her robe. His pulse

quickened as her bare form was revealed in the moonlight in all its


   "Come to me, wench." he said with a smile.

   "I'll teach you to call me by my proper title, mortal." she was saying

as she crawled across the bed towards him. Pulling aside the sheets from

his still-sweaty form, she saw the

stiffening rod she so longed for. Purring, she said softly, "Some day...."

   "...but not tonight," he finished for her, flashing another mischievious


    She crawled over his body, pausing here to caress a thigh, there to

lick his belly. At last she stopped, on all fours, suspended above him.

They kissed, deeply, his tongue and hers caught in a fiery embrace. His

agile fingers stroked her breasts twirling around the distended nipples.

    They broke, breathless.

    Turning, she reversed her position above him and wiggled her hips

invitingly, offering her dripping snatch to his face. "Come, Master," she

said with a sarcastic tinge to the word 'master', "Tame your horny witch

yet again, else she will slip from under your power."

    "My slave you are," he said lovingly, "and slave you shall remain.

But," with a tone of reluctance in his voice, "I am also your slave." With

that, he plunged his expert tongue deep into her, causing her to gasp. His

tongue danced and whirled wi thin her, doing things no other being

could approach. Slowly, then quickly, he caressed her swollen clitoris, her

juices falling on his face in a comparative torrent.

    Moaning, Ariel started to occupy herself with the wand that had so

enchanted her. Licking its entire length, she stroked his balls and ran her

fingers through his pubic hair. Long, slow licks that made his cock bob in

anticipation. Slowly, she took him into her mouth. First, the head, which

she swirled with her tongue, and pressed itsopening at the tip. Engulfing

his penis inch by slow inch, Ariel showed her expertise, if not mercy.

    Kalthanas paused in his meal,mmmming in respones to Ariel's

ministrations, then plunged back in with a will, sucking up her juices like

a starving man.

    Finally, she reached the end of his towering member. Her mouth full,

she started in on the long strokes that started Kalthanas aquiver. He laid

flat, feeling her moistmouth caressing his long shaft. When he started

moaning softly, she stopped, and licked off the single drop of cum that she

had brought up. He again licked her dripping cunt, teasing her clitoris. He

stopped and got to his knees on thjhe bed. He stroked her back and thighs,

cupping her ass in his hands and slipping a finger in her pussy.

    "Mmmmmm," she said, or something close to that.

    Cupping one breast in one hand and guiding his cock into her from

behind with the other, Kalthanas fucked her, plunging the long shaft deep

into her dripping cunt. Ariel arched her head back and her toongue lolled

out of her mouth, a noise halfw ay between a grunt and a moan escaping her


    She increased the movement of her hips in response to his, her hands

clenching the satin sheets tightly. "Yes," she gasped, "oh, Kal, yes!" and

she came, bucking her hips wildly, her head and long blond hair thrown back

almost viciously in her org asm. They slowed, and she disengaged from

Kalthanas, pushing him back on the pillowcase. Again, she started on his

rock-hard shaft. Slowly licking it of her juices, she took her time kissing

it and running her hands up and down his hairy chest.

    She looked him deep in his half-closed green eyes and then plunged down

on him, taking him fully in her mouth. Shaking, he was on the edge of

coming after a couple of minutes of this, and she stopped. She pulled

herself up to the bed and straddl ed him, her hand holding his cock at the

entrance to her sopping slit, slowly running its head back and forth along

her pussylips. She centered the head of his penis in her cunt. Kissing him

deeply, she descended on him, feeling him fill heryet again . Moving

slowly, she started a rhythm he was quick to pick up, his hands cupping her

breasts. They still kissed, passionately, as the rhythm quickened.

    He finally came, the swiftness of the rhythm almost a blur, and they

both collapsed exhausted on the poor bed, its unmade covers made evn more

in disarray by their actions.

    They lay next to each other, the setting moon casting shadows on the

wall as their pulses slowed and blood cooled. She ran her fingers through

his hair and whispered, "Master..." He smiled at her and whispered back,

    "My master."



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