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Archive-name: Slaves/

Archive-author: Robert Hatington (1989)

Archive-title: Deskjob

This story is true, none of the names or facts have been changed to protect

the pleasured.  It all happened on a unusually warm night for December,  in

1988.  I work for a law office in the Capitola area, as I work on a computer

much of the time I often come in to work in the middle of the night.  This

particular night was just one of the many that I spend sitting in my private

office tapping away at the keyboard.  I was working on a secret project of

mine when I heard a noise, and it didn't sound like any I had ever heard

before.  I left my office.  The atmosphere was quite sinister, I used all my

years of Chuck Norris films to make my way to the source.

I peeked around the last corner and saw quite a sight.  Julie, a secretary we

had just had to fire was on her knees carefully sawing the legs of her ex-

boss's chair.  She was cutting carefully so that the first time he sat down it

would break and drop him to the floor with a mighty thump.  I cleared my

throat with a carefully measured "Hrumph."  She immediately bolted

upright, quite surprised by my intrusion into her little game of revenge.

Still on her knees she tried to explain herself, but soon realized that it was

all too obvious what she had been up to.  Since she had already been fired

she wasn't worried about losing her job, and started to leave.  I suppose she

thought that was all that I could do.  She was wrong.  I warned her that this

was actually a criminal offense, and that it could bring her some jail time.

That worried her, she had to stop and think for a few seconds.  Then she

asked me what she could do to stop me from reporting her.  Her eyes shot

straight into mine and then averted to stare at my waist, there was no doubt

in my mind what she had thought of to get her out of this mess.  I smiled and

explained that I wasn't sure what she meant, I then stared at the fine mounds

protruding from her chest.

She bent down to her knees again and crawled to my feet.  I stood my

ground, watching her every move with my hands on my hips.  She reached

up and put her hands on my belt, looking up at me with her big brown eyes.

Her stare made me feel quite aroused.  I think she could tell from the bulge

in my pants, now just inches away from her face.  She undid my belt and

unzipped my slacks.  The pants fell down to my ankles as if pulled from the

very center of the Earth.  My jockey shorts were now all that was keeping my

cock from that cute little mouth of hers.  Some pre-come had soaked through

the shorts, marking where the tip of my cock was.  She used the tip of her

tongue to lap it up with two quick strokes.  I was now straining to be

released.  She put her hands on my thighs and ran her fingers up and under

the edges of my shorts.  Her hands played with my pubic hair and brushed

gently by the base of my shaft.  After teasing me for about five minutes in

this way without touching my cock, she pulled my shorts down.  I had never

seen my cock so stiff and rigid, it stood out like an enormous gun on a battle

ship.  One of her hands pressed around the base, aiming my cock towards

her wet red lips.  She moved them close to it and gently blew on its head.

Her other hand went to my balls, her fingers forming a skin cage for them to

push against.

She looked up at me again and slowly licked her lips with her tongue until

they were glistening wet.  She bent down--still looking at me straight in the

eye--until her lips were just resting on the bright purple head of my

engorged penis.  She closed her eyes with a sigh just as I did when she

grabbed my bare ass and pushed my cock into her lovely mouth.  I arched

my back toward her and grabbed her head with both hands, twisting her

hair between my fingers.  I fucked her mouth like it was a warm pussy, her

velvety smooth lips felt sensational wrapped around my cock.  Her head was

bobbing around like one of those wobble-head dashboard dolls.  She was

able to take me completely, her lips touching my balls every time she went

down.  She stopped for a moment and let my cock slide out of her mouth.

She then gently ran her tongue down the full shaft to my balls.  She kissed

them and suckled one of them into her mouth.  I gasped from the amazing

feeling as she ran her tongue between them, then  back up to the head of my

cock.  She licked it lovingly and then pushed her lips together tightly and

placed them in front of me.  I tried to push my cock in, but it was like trying

to enter a virgin.  After a couple hard thrusts I had fought into her mouth

about two inches.  Julie then clamped down even harder, trapping my poor

cock halfway into her sweet little cocksucking mouth.  Her tongue got into

the picture as she flicked the head of my cock hard. I couldn't stand it, I was

on the verge of coming.  I tried to push my cock further into her mouth but I

couldn't, the frustration was wonderful.  After a bit more of this clever

torture she gave in and my cock sunk in as far as it ever had.  Her mouth

fitting perfectly around my cock as she moved it in and out.  I resumed my

mouth fuck, thrusting deep into her as she licked and sucked my hard dick.

The silky smooth feeling of her warm mouth and lips were quickly bringing

me to orgasm.  I could feel her fingernails digging into my ass as she tried to

pull me deeper inside of her.  I pumped even harder, working myself into a

frenzy of motion.  I could feel the come rising, but I just kept going.  I had

never had a women let me come in her mouth before and I wasn't about to

stop this time, she wasn't either.  Each time my cock passed by her lips I felt

a pang of pleasure, the feeling soon built into the most intense I had ever

felt before.  The sensation was so great that my knees started to shake, but

that didn't stop me.  I just kept fucking, and she kept right on sucking.  I

shuddered hard as I shot my wad of come down her throat.  She swallowed

once and kept moving her head, licking up every drop and leaving my cock

clean as a whistle.

I tried to pull away but she held me in place, my cock still deep in her mouth.

She brought her hand around and held my cock, as her other softly caressed

my thighs and ass.  She swallowed again and slowly drew her lips up off my

shaft, as her lips withdrew her hand encased it.  Holding my cock tightly in

her fist she looked up at me again with those innocent eyes.  I could see that

she wasn't quite finished with me yet, but my cock was getting softer every

passing moment.  She asked me if I had ever tied a women up and made love

to her.  I replied that although I had never had the opportunity, that I had

often thought about it.  She then stood up and told me to undress her.  I

didn't really need much more coaxing than that,  I grabbed her blouse and

with a clean jerk lifted it off.  Her bra was straining to hold her enormous

breasts close to her body and her nipples showed plainly through the thin

material.  I placed my hands on her tits and pushed them up and together

making a beautiful valley between them.  She let go of my cock and reached

around her back and undid her bra, letting it fall to the ground.  As I sucked

and gently nibbled her magnificent breasts she unbuttoned her skirt and let it

fall to the ground next to her bra.  I let go of her and stood back to take off

what was left of my clothes.  As I took off my button down shirt I gazed

down at her panties, I was quite pleased to see that they were a very sexy

white lace g-string style. I could see a bit of dark cunt hair through the thin

lace.  I finished with my shirt and discarded it in the growing pile of clothes

on the floor.  I watched as she moved her hands around her body, feeling her

breasts and playing with her ass and stomach.  She reached down and let her

hand go under her panties, she fingered her clit and then undid the small

string that was holding the panties up.  She was now standing in front of me

completely naked, with her finger stuck in her pussy.  My cock noticed this I

guess, as it was quite hard and ready again.

She walked to the closet where her ex-boss kept some spare suits and found

a couple of ugly ties that he had hidden there.  She explained that they were

gifts from his children and he couldn't bear to throw them away.  She asked

me if there was something that I thought I could do with them.  I took them

from her and grabbed her hands, I tied them together behind her head and

then ran another tie around her neck to hold her hands tight.  I then picked

her up and carried her to the desk.  I placed her against the desk bent over on

her stomach, with her ass sticking up.  I then took her long hair and slammed

it into the top drawer of the desk, leaving her head completely trapped.  All

that was left was for me to tie her legs to opposite legs of the desk so that

they were wide apart, leaving me a nice view of her ass and cunt.  I slapped

her ass cheek with the palm of my hand, it was a very nice firm sound.  I

reached down and slipped a finger into her cunt, she was ready for action,

her pussy was extremely wet and slippery.  I leaned up against her and

placed the head of my cock to her inviting opening.  She seemed to be very

quiet so I asked her what she wanted.  She replied that she wanted me to

fuck her right now, hard and long.  I was never one to disappoint a lady so I

rammed my cock up inside of her waiting pussy.  It went in with just a touch

of resistance, but that was to be expected since she had a very tight little

cunt.  My cock felt like it really belonged in there as she pushed her cunt

walls around it.  I humped her in and out, with my thighs hitting her ass

every time I was completely in.  She tried to move with me but I had tied her

down too well, she was helpless.  I fucked her harder and harder, each time

her body was pounded into the desk.  My cock slid in and out of her juicy

pussy in a well timed rhythm.  She moaned for me to fuck her harder, and I

could tell that she was really enjoying getting her cunt shafted.    I pumped

my cock faster and harder, her moans now turned to little gasps and cries.

Her pussy contracted and she lifted her ass into the air as the pleasure swept

over her.  I pumped a few more times, then stopped just before I was about

to come also.  I didn't want to come just yet, I had another idea.

I let her hair free, but left her ankles tied to the legs of the desk.  I then

pushed her over so that she landed gently on her back in the thick plush rug.

As her hands were still tied behind her head she was very much at my

mercy.  Her legs were spread wide apart, held tightly in that position by the

strong bindings.  I decided for the next step I should probably blindfold her.

I used my shirt to cover her eyes, but I left her mouth accessible.  I lay down

beside her and let my hand roam across her voluptuous body, gently

running my fingers against her bare skin.  I played with her breasts for a

moment then skied down to her vulva.  My fingers caressed her mound, then

made their way inside her cunt.  I fingered her clit until she started to moan

again, I then pushed two fingers deep inside of her as far as they would go.

As I brought her to another orgasm  I gently nibbled her nipples with my

teeth, running my tongue around them to make them erect.  Her body shook

from the release and I mounted her, my knees on either side of her body with

my dick sticking into her face.  She couldn't see that is was there as the

blindfold was doing its job, but she knew.  I teased her with my cock, letting

her get her lips on it and then taking it away.  Sometimes I even let her take

the whole thing deep into her mouth, but only for a brief second.  I then

leaned back and grabbed both her tits, one in each hand.  I pushed them

together and put my cock between them, tit fucking her.  I kept each nipple

hard with my index fingers as I rocked back and forth rubbing my cock in

the tight valley I had discovered.  I really enjoyed watching her breasts

move, bouncing around with a stiff hard cock between them.  A couple times

I thrust so hard that I ended up with my cock between her lips, which wasn't

such a bad place to be.  She liked to lick my cock as it made it nice and


After a while she complained that she wanted my hard dick in her pussy.  I

undid the ties around her legs and moved between her legs, her cunt was

ready for another dose of fucking.  I slowly lowered my cock into her as her

legs wrapped around my back, pulling me in.  Her hot twat felt really

fantastic, it seemed to wrap itself around my cock and pull at its sides. Every

time my cock tried to pull out of her cunt, it seemed to be held back by the

hugging walls of her pussy.  With each plunge it form fitted around my cock,

making my cock feel like it belonged there.  I fucked her softly and slowly

then hard and fast, making sure to keep her off balance.  I pushed into her

deep and pulled her legs up so that they were resting on my shoulders.  This

gave me a nice view of her heaving chest and also made her pussy even

tighter. My cock shot in and out of her like a piston at high revs. The feeling

of my balls slapping against her ass coupled with having my cock embedded

deep inside of her was really starting to have an enormous effect.  The

feeling started deep inside my balls and raced up the length of my dick

straight into her silky soft pussy.  I came with a passion I had never had

before, spurting load after load of come deep inside of her.  Even after I had

come I still let my motion continue, letting my cock slowly in and out, in and


I untied her hands and she put them around me.  We held onto each other

letting our bodies recover from the onslaught we had just put them through.

I let my hand wander over the curves and mountains beside me, feeling the

tight ass and breasts beneath it.  She fell asleep in my arms, looking very

innocent for a woman that had just done all those naughty things with me.


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