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Archive-name: Slaves/denise03.txt


Archive-title: Denise & Her Slaves - Part 3

Slave Peggy accepted her new role quite well.  Her new role was

one of a slave for loan, in addition to being my house slave. 

Her well trained demeanor made her a perfect slave for anyone and

all occaisions.  I told Peggy that the in an hour I would take

her to Mistress Denise for the weekend, and that I would get her

slaves in exchange (slave Lisa and slave Leslie).       

I told Peggy to wear nothing but her wide leather collar.       

Peggy looked particularly vulnerable when she was nude with only

a collar.  I put her in the trunk of the car and I drove to our

destination.  It took only about 30 minutes to arrive at the

house.  I parked in the garage and when the door was closed I

entered the house to tell Denise that I had her toy for the


Mistress Denise came out in her full dominant splendor, dressed

in a leather corset, making her small but shapely tits hang over

the top, and thigh boots covering her slender legs.  Hand cuffs

hung from one side of her belt and a whip from the other.  With a

leash that she had in her hand, she attached it to Peggy's collar

and pulled her out of the trunk.  I introduced Peggy to her new

Mistress and she immediately fell to her knees.  Denise

instructed her to kiss each toe on both feet, and she did so

without hesitation.  "She's well trained.  I think I'll enjoy her

this weekend" said Denise.     I followed Denise into the house

and I saw Lisa and Leslie on their knees in the living room. 

Both were nude, except for collars, cuffs binding their wrists

behind their back and ball gags keeping them quiet.        

As Denise lead Peggy down into the dungeon I walked over to my

slaves for the weekend.  I reached down to slave Leslie's nipple

and squeezed it firmly between my finger and thumb.  She didn't

move or show any discomfort.  I did the same to slave Lisa.  Her

younger stature and her inexperience showed as I squeezed harder

and harder yielding a moan, then a squeal.  I attached leashes to

their collars and I decided to take them to the dungeon too.    

I descended first.  I saw Denise attaching Peggy to a big wheel. 

She was attached spread-eagled with her arms and legs stretched

tight.  The pain of this postion was all over her face.       

Denise continued and placed ten clothes pins on each of Peggys

tits, biting visciously.  The pins on her nipples had little

nails embedded in them so that the points of the nails pierced

her flesh.  Once she was done, Denise flipped a switch and the

wheel began to spin to the right.  Slave Peggy could do nothing

except spin.  As her body turned Denise used the whip to knock

off the clothespins. One by one they fell off.  Not every stroke

of the whip hit a pin.  Sometines they missed entirely, only

making Peggy's agony last longer.     

As Denise enjoyed Peggy I decided to take slave Lisa and hang her

by her ankles from the ceiling.  Her arms were weighted to the

floor so she was stretched a bit.  Her legs were spread wide so

her young cunt was ripe and available for some fun.  I looked

around the room and I spotted some extra spiked clothes pins on a

table.  I put one on each of Lisa's nipples then attached a 3

ounce weight to each.  Her agony was exquisite.  She squealed as

I put them on and as I made the weights swing.  Leslie watched,

but she had no comment or concern for Lisa, her sister.  Leslie

was thinking of what her torture would be.  For Leslie I decided

that tit torture would be the venue.  I tied her to a slant

board with her arms under the board and her feet spread wide. 

The board was slanted at about a 30 degree incline with her head

on the high end.   Her tits were then roped with a thin piece of

laundry line.  Six coils around each tit made her tits really

stand out.  Their color turned somewhat reddish purple as I made

it tight.  Her nipples stood out like little bullets ready to

pop.  Leslie's pain was evident but not intense yet.  That was to

come.  I picked up a cat-O-nine and began to whip her lovely

tits.  I striped them but good before I stopped.  Every stroke

brought a scream from the bound slave.  As I tortured Leslie,

Lisa twitched and made her weights sway herself.  She did it both

by reflex and on purpose.  She was in agony as they swung, but

she craved it.  Even at her young age she knew what her body

craved.  Mistress Denise didn't even once look over to see what I

was doing to her daughters.  It was unimportant to her.  She was

intent on breaking slave Peggy, and taking her to a new plane in

her ability to withstand pain.   All of the clothes pins were

knocked off by now and Peggy had slipped into unconsiousness. 

Her body had betrayed her and made her sleep through the best

part of the torture, the last two nail clips on her nipples. 

Mistress Denise was like a surgeon, whipping them off one at a

time.  But she didn't just whip off a clip, she whipped off

exactly the clip she aimed for.  After all the clips were off,

Denise stopped the wheel and took her down from it.  Peggy was

now finding herself being put on the rack.  The rack was just

like the ones from the old movies of torture chambers.  It was

frightful, but Peggy had no choice.  Her arms were attached,

still very sore from the wheel.  Her ankles then found their

restraints too.  Then the crank turned.  Click, Click, Click.

Each click produced new levels of pain.  Click, Click and the

pain made her almost mad with agony.  Slave Peggy could no longer

make out who was doing what.  All she knew was the pain.  Denise

then produced a whip and proceded to whip Peggy's entire body,

including her face.  Peggy hardly noticed the whip, except when

it found her pussy.  The torture lasted for about an hour, but

seemed to Peggy to last for days.  Once she passed out from this

torture, Denise put her into a cage and went up to get a drink.  

All the while I was continueing to torture Lisa and Leslie.  I

whipped both of them with a cat and then picked up a bull whip. 

I looked at Lisa dangling there.  I found that the bull whip

wound itself around her body so nicely and made such a nice sound

when its tip found her flesh that I gave her about fifteen

strokes with it.  Of course it made her contort herself, which in

turn, made the weights attached to her nipples swing wildly. 

This made her nipples hurt alot and added to making her swing her

body.  I did this for three hours and then I reversed Lisa and

Leslie and started over.  This lasted the rest of the night and

then I went upstairs to see Denise.  Denise and I then ended up

in bed together, Master and Mistress in a house full of slaves.


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