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Archive-name: Slaves/denise02.txt


Archive-title: Denise & Her Slaves - Part 2

     By the time the auction started about fifteen people and

been seated by slave Lisa.  All of them were given drinks and had

a chance to peek at the cages.  Mistress Denise ordered her other

daughter, slave kelli, to take over the serving of the drinks so

slave Lisa could fetch the slaves for the auction.  Slave kelli

was 13, very good looking for her age.  Her tits hadn't really

started to grow yet.  They were just cute bumps on her chest, but

her nipples were top quality.  They are small, very round and

dark.  She also had her mothers features, only younger and

smaller.  Both of Denise's daughers were absolute slaves and

eager only to please.     Slave Lisa drug out the first slave for

sale.  She's a 16 year old blonde girl that had been captured

only two days earlier.  Her body glistened in the light from the

sweat of the cage and her fighting her bonds.  She was handcuffed

with steel cuffs on her wrists and steel cuffs on her ankles. 

Another set of cuffs attached to her upper arms behind her back

kept her from doing anything with her arms.  A leather collar and

leash completed the outfit.     Lisa put her up on a platform and

poked and prodded her to move as Mistress Denise ordered.  Denise

also whipped her just to show all the bidders what she sounded

like when tortured.  It was music to our ears.        Then

Mistress Denise opened the bidding at $1,000.  About fifteen

minutes later the bidding was over and she was sold to an older

man with a strange smile on his face, for  $6,000.  She was lead

back to her cage and the next package was delivered to the

platform.  One after another they were put on the platform.  Each

posed to get the best price.  Mistress Denise was an expert

auctioneer of fine slaves.        She was just about 250 years

too late for the real slave trade.  Some times she wished she was

born back then when it was done in the open and not in

sub-cellars in hiding.  I bid on all the slaves that had been put

up but the price very quickly rose above my budget.  Only one

slave fit my budget and I won the bidding on her.       Slave

Merry, a 22 year old brunette with a slight larger than desired

ass, but other wise quite nice, was put up on the platform.      

 The bid only got to $3,000 and I won.  She was quite attractive,

although not as young as the other slave girls.  She had,

however, been captured about three weeks before the auction, and

had some training.        She had resigned herself to her new

life, as a slave.  She had been photographed during severe

torture, and other kinky activities.  These pictures were given

to Merry's friends and family with a note that explained her

disappearance as one of seeking out her new lifestyle, with the

photos provided to explain what that was.  Her friends and family

accepted it and she had been broken.       After the auction was

over all the slaves were put into strict bondage and placed in

the trunks of their owner's cars.  Mistress Denise asked me to

stay and talk about Peggy.  After Merry was loaded into my car, I

went back into the house and we sat and talked about Peggy. 

Denise asked if she could borrow Peggy for a while.  She was so

enthralled with her the day before that she wanted to torture her

some more.  She had a hard time torturing Lisa and Kelli because,

even though they were very willing slaves, they were still her

daughters.  Punishment would be given, but pleasureable torture

was hindered by the fact they were Mistress's daughters.  Denise

wanted to completely torture a willing slave from top to bottom. 

I understood, and I told Denise that we could make a deal.  I

would let her borrow Peggy, and I would borrow the rest of her

family.  Denise told me that she had one more daughter than was

there for the auction, slave Leslie was 18 and had an

exceptionally good figure.  Her tits were firm, and full, and her

body new every form of sex and torture known to man.     I told

Mistress Denise that I would bring Peggy over and that I would

torture her slaves there in the dungeon and elsewhere.  "Anything

goes" was the only instruction we gave each other.  I then left

telling Mistress Denise that I'll bring slave Peggy over at 9 the

next morning.     When I got home with slave Merry in the trunk I

first went in to see slave Peggy.        She was in her normal

place, in her cage in the basement.  I told her that I had luck

and that I bought a slave and that her name was Merry.  I also

told Peggy that she was not to act like an overseer to Merry

unless I told her to.  Both slaves were to be equally low.  Both

would be like furniture in the house, like the rug, there to do

with as I pleased, nothing more.  Peggy understood this and

accepted it happily.       I told Peggy to get Merry out of the

trunk and put her in a cage next to her own.        Peggy did as

she was told.  Once slave Merry was locked up I turned my

attention to Peggy.  She has been a good slave, and has helped me

to expand my stable of slaves.  I decided to reward Peggy in a

way she would find pleasant.  I told her that I will allow her to

name how she'll be tortured that evening.  Peggy absolutely loved

being tortured.  Pain is her pleasure.       Peggy asked that I

torture her tits while she is tied to the bondage cross.  I then

put her up on the cross and strapped her in very tightly.  I

stroked her tits.  I fingered her nipples and took them both

between my forefinger and thumb and I squeezed them very tightly. 

Peggy moaned as I squeezed. As I squeezed harder I lifted her

nipples up higher.        This made her moan even more, followed

with a soft wince before I let go.       Before the feeling went

away I put six clothespins on each breast with one of them biting

at her nipple.  Each of the clothespins were flicked and tugged

on as she moaned and cried out.        A riding crop  finished the

torture as I slapped the crop on each nipple, causing it to fall

from her tortured flesh.  After all of the clothespins were on

the floor I decided that I would tell slave Peggy about Mistress

Densie and the deal I had made.


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