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Archive-name: Slaves/denise01.txt


Archive-title: Denise & Her Slaves - Part 1

     Peggy is a well trained slave for household use.  She is 5'

5", very athletic with brown eyes and short brown hair.  Her

figure is very reminiscent of many athletic women, slender, few

curves and small, but firm breasts.  She's 30 yrs old and is only

interested in pleasing her master, me, no matter what it takes.  

  During the day I allow her to work to help pay for her slavery. 

She works at a local bookstore specializing in adult magazines

and toys.        This particular bookstore prides itself in

having the best S/M collection of magazines, videos and equipment

in a three state area.  For serious customers, Peggy is often

told to model the equipment.  For instance, for one very shapely

woman, Peggy was ordered to demonstrate different whips (to

demonstrate the type of marks they leave on a slave's flesh). 

For that she was stripped and chained spread-eagled in the middle

of the S/M section of the store.  The woman then tried out all

the whips in the store.  First she tried a cat with several wide

thongs.  The whip kissed her ass about five times before a

satisfactory welt rose.  Peggy didn't cry out at all during this

whipping.        Then whip after whip was tried.  Welt after welt

rose on various parts of her body.  The woman seemed to

concentrate on Peggy's tits.  When the shapely woman picked up

the bull whip Peggy started to shudder in fear, but let out no

sound.  When the bull whip kissed her, it wraped itself around

Peggy and the tip of the whip found her left nipple.  Peggy

shieked with that.  Everyone in the store knew what had happened

and applause roared from the entire store.  Five strokes of the

bull whip topped off the whip demonstration.  The woman then felt

all of the welts looking for the "best" one.  The woman then

bought only one whip and left, thanking the store owner for such

a nice demonstration maniquin.     Peggy didn't mind the torture

at the store.  Actually she enjoys being nude and tortured by

complete strangers.  She doesn't even care whether it's a man or

a woman doing the torture.  The only thing the store owner

doesn't permit is fucking in the store.  Everything else is ok,

especially torture.     One day a beautiful, forceful looking

woman walked into the store.  She was 5'10 with black hair and

brown eyes.  She introduced herself as Denise and told Peggy that

she was looking for some nipple clamps, particularly nasty nipple clamps.  She said "I heard that in this store the S/M merchandise

can be demonstrated on a live maniquin.  Is that true?"  Peggy

said that it was and that she was the maniquin in question. 

Denise then said "Would you demonstrate your most viscious nipple clamps on your nipples?  I want to see the ones that get very

tight, and those that are sharp and actually pierce nipples or

what ever they are attached to?"  Peggy told her "I'd be happy to

demonstrate the clamps.  Would you like me topless, nude or nude

and helplessly bound for the demonstration for realism."  Denise

opted for the latter, of course.       Denise told her to refer

to her as Mistress Denise, and told Peggy that she would be

referred to as slave.  Peggy liked that.  Peggy was then stripped

and chained with leather cuffs and chains to the far wall.       

A gag was put in her mouth to keep her quiet during the demo. 

Mistress Denise then applied five different particularly nasty

nipple clamps to Peggy's nipples and tit flesh.  Peggy struggled

against the bonds when the pain was intense.  Mistress Denise

watched her and was impressed at her pain tolerance.  During the

torture, Mistress Denise asked Peggy if people often came into

the store looking to find a connection to buy a slave.  Peggy

said that some customers, the regular ones heavy into S/M often

asked, but they didn't know of anyone who had slaves for sale. 

Mistress Denise then told her that she had slaves for sale and

that Peggy could spread the word to trustworthy customers. She

also told Peggy of a slave auction that takes place once a month

at her place.  Mistress Denise removed the gag and asked Peggy

"does your master want to have more slaves?"  Peggy said yes, and

asked her more about the auction.  Mistress Denise told her "I

always have ten slaves at each auction.  The bidding starts at

$1,000 and they go to the highest bidder.  All slaves are prime,

although they may or may not be trained, depending on when they

were "acquired" during the month prior to the auction.  Do you

want to bring your master over to inspect them before the

auction?  The next auction is saturday night, two days away." 

Peggy didn't know if I, her master, would want to buy a slave,

but she took the address and directions to get there, just in

case.     When Peggy told me of the slave auction and that ten

slaves were there for sale, I decided to go and see for myself. 

I only took $5,000 with me, not knowing the going rate for

slaves.       I arrived at Mistress Denise's house about 6:00 the

next evening.  The house seemed pretty ordinary, although fairly

large.  I rang the bell and a voice quickly said "Who wishes to

have an audience with Mistress Denise?"  I replied "My slave told

me that Mistress Denise had some merchandise I may wish to buy,

and that I should inspect it first.  Tell your Mistress that I am

Slave Peggy's Master and that I am here at her invitation."  A

moment later the door opened and a very attractive slave motione

me in.  The slave introduced herself as slave Lisa, daughter and

slave to Mistress Denise.  Lisa was 15 yrs old and was very well

developed for her age, looking very much like her mother, only a

little shorter.  Slave Lisa was wearing only a slave collar and

cuffs, nothing else.  A leash dangled from her collar between her

tits.  She asked me to take the leash and allow her to lead me to

Mistress Denise.     Slave Lisa led me to the living room where

Mistress Denise was sitting reading a bondage magazine.  I was

introduced and Mistress Denise rose and shook my hand, thanking

me for Slave Peggy's attentiveness and ability to endure the pain

of the demo.  She complemented me for Peggy's training and asked

what my secret was.  I told her that it was no secret, just

constant work and punishment.       Denise then told me about the

auction and the slaves she had.  She asked me if I wanted to

inspect them before the auction that starts in two hours.  I told

her that I wanted to and we then went down into her dungeon.     

       As we went down the stairs I noticed a significant

collection of bondage and torture equipment.  Some of it looked

medieval and others looked modern.  She remarked that some of the

best tortures were developed centuries ago, and that she was

somewhat of a historian.  We got to the bottom of the stairs and

then through a locked door.  Inside the locked door was ten

cages, all about three feet apart.        Each cage contained a

nude, bound slave ready for auction.  I looked them all over and

asked if I could touch.        She said "of course you can.  Just

be carefull.  They aren't all broken yet.   Some were only

acquired a few days ago, and hadn't accepted their fate yet."  I

examined each slave, in detail.        I pinched and slapped them

all over looking to see how they respond.  After a while I was

satisfied as to the quality of the merchandise.     Mistress

Denise then told me that it was just about time for the auction

and that it would take place right here.        She led me to a

seat and Slave Lisa poured me a drink to wait for the auction.   


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