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Archive-name: Slaves/decept14.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements - 14

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                  CHAPTER 14

        Jennifer was facing for the first time she could remember, the

    possibility that she might fail in turning someone on. Jack trembled in

    fright when Jennifer made him rub her nipples. They hardened under his

    touch and Jennifer spoke softly to him, but poor Jack could not curb

    his fear.

        "I won't hurt you, Jack" Jennifer said to him. Jack said that he

    knew that, but he didn't feel comfortable in this situation.

        One thing that can be said for Jennifer, she would not force

    someone to engage in a situation that he/she did not want to.

    "Why don't I get dressed and we go downstairs and get a drink?" She

    asked him.

    "You don't mind that I can't do anything with you?" He asked almost


    "Not at all" she smiled at him. "I'm sure you didn't come here

    expecting to be with a woman." Which was true. Von Kerr had kept the

    whole thing secret until the very last moment. It seemed that when the

    moment arrived, no one had the chance to voice their opinion on the


        Jennifer slipped her panties back on and donned her gown once

    again. She looped her arms through one of Jack's and said.

    "Come one, Jack.. Let's blow this taco stand." As they opened the door

    and walked out.

        Christine picked up a leather paddle from the table and looked over

    to where Cheryl stood facing the wall. She reached under Cheryl's short

    maid's dress and pulled the frilly panties down her legs.

    "Hold your skirt over your ass!" Christine spat out at her.

    Cheryl shivered in nervousness as she did her bidding.

        Christine moved behind and to the side of the young woman.

    "Now, missy. you'll make damn sure this place gets cleaned up properly

    the next time." She said harshly before popping Cheryl's bottom fast

    and furiously.

        Cheryl hollered in pain as she rose to her toes and turned her hips

    from side to side to avoid the acute sting of the paddle . The rapid

    fire spanking Christine was giving Cheryl soon had the young woman

    begging for mercy while the woman in black spandex swatted her ass with

    great gusto.

        When the fast paced punishment ceased, Cheryl brought her hands to

    her bottom and rubbed in vain to quench the fiery pain that the paddle caused her.

    "Turn around Cheryl." Christine snapped. Cheryl jumped to obey and

    faced her tormenter.

    "Take my clothes off, missy" She commanded. Cheryl blinked through her

    tears and gingerly helped Christine off with her tight blouse.

    Christine had the largest tits Cheryl had seen on a woman. They burst

    into the room and looked as if they weighed 50 pounds each.


        Now she had to kneel to help Christine off with her shoes. They she

    reached up and peeled the black skintight spandex from her legs.

        Christine laid down on the carpet and told Cheryl that she wanted a

    tongue bath. Cheryl had to lean over and kiss her way from Christine's

    feet to her neck. She slowly worked her way up one leg then down the

    other. Then bringing her mouth up to her stomach, she did the same

    thing to her upper body.

        Now Christine turned on her stomach and Cheryl had to do the same

    thing all over again. When Cheryl finished with her back, Christine

    reached behind her and spread her asscheeks.

    "Oh yes, I seemed to have neglected to wipe my bottom when I used the

    bathroom the evening." Cheryl looked down at the woman's ass with

    horror when she understood what Christine wanted her to do.

        "Well what are you waiting for?" Christine said over her shoulder.

    "Clean my ass off!" Cheryl was about to get up and walk out of the

    room, but she was afraid of what Jennifer might say or worse yet.. what

    she would DO if she were to do so. So fighting off nausea, she leaned

    over and placed her lips against Christine's asshole.

        "Oh yes.. That's good, Cheryl.. stick your tongue in." Cheryl had

    been quite relieved to discover that there were no traces of shit

    around her asshole. There was no smell except the musky scent of woman

    as she leaned over to lick her asshole. She stiffened her tongue and

    drilled it into the hot recesses of her asshole while Christine

    squirmed delightfully under her.

    "That is so nice, Cheryl!" Christine sighed as she turned over on her

    back again.

    "I want you to go get that strap on dildo.. and put it on." She told

    the young woman. Cheryl got up and obediently strapped the dildo on.

        Christine was up on her knees when Cheryl walked back over to her.

    She reached around and placed her hands on Cheryl's sore bottom and

    started giving Cheryl a blow job.

        Christine sucked on the dildo for several seconds before pulling

    her lips from it. the rubber prick shined with her saliva when she

    pulled back.

    "Fuck me, Cheryl"  She said, lying down and scissoring her legs open.

        Cheryl knelt between her spread thighs and guided the dildo to her

    snatch. She had often fucked Jennifer like this and was quite adept

    at it. Christine moaned loudly when Cheryl sank the rubber prick into

    her snatch.

        Christine lost her stern manner when Cheryl began fucking her with

    the dildo.

    "Oh yes!.. Fuck me, Cheryl.... Oh.. please make me come" she was

    panting heavily and tossing her hips up to meet the strokes.

    She let out a tortured cry when she came. Cheryl thought she had hurt

    the woman until Christine moaned in obvious pleasure...

    "Ohhh so good!.. Take it out, now" She said. Cheryl knelt above her

    while Christine smiled at her then turned over and got up on her knees.


        "Hurt me, Cheryl.. Shove that big cock in my ass and make me hurt"

    was her next request. She got behind her and guided the dildo to her

    ass, pressing steadily in until it popped past her sphincter. Cheryl

    stopped then to give her time to get used to it.

        "Don't be gentle, Cheryl!.. Slam it in me.. make it hurt!" It was a

    strange request to Cheryl, but she grabbed the woman's hips and did as

    she was asked. Cheryl had to wince at the loudness of Christine's cries

    when she battered the woman's asscheeks with her stomach.

        Cheryl didn't realize it, but Christine was actually in an almost

    constant state of orgasm from the strong pounding her asshole was

    receiving from the young brunette behind her. Christine chanted

    incoherently for several minutes before becoming overcome with passion

    and fell onto her stomach.

        When Cheryl realised that Christine had passed out, she gently

    eased the dildo from her asshole. Christine was out for about 5 minutes

    before coming to and rolling over to see Cheryl hovering over her, a

    look of concern on her pretty face.

        She smiled up at Cheryl and held her hand out for the young woman

    to help her to sit. "I'll be ok in few minutes" She said to her.

    "You know you really scared me" Cheryl said, she had a damp cloth and

    was wiping it over Christine's forehead.

    "Oh" she laughed " Maybe I should have told you beforehand."

    "I have to ask you something." Cheryl said as she found her panties and

    was pulling them on her legs. "Did you REALLY forget to wipe yourself?"

        Ron and Josie came down the stairs to find Jennifer and Jack

    talking with Bruce and Myra.

    "Well" Ron said. "Did everyone have a good time?" Jack looked away as

    Jennifer answered him. "Sure did. What about you?" The look on Josie's

    face was all the answer Jennifer needed.

        Harold and Andrea emerged from the stairs, Harold went straight to

    bruce who took his chin in his hand and kissed him. They walked arm and

    arm toward the bar.  Andrea sat down and told no one in particular that

    it was a shame that Harold was gay. Myra giggled and said the same

    thing about Bruce. Andrea noticed that Myra was sitting rather


        Laurie clung to Brad's arm as they saw the group sitting around and

    made their way toward them. Jennifer was glad that Laurie was having a

    good time. She really needed to let herself go.

        Brad looked up and saw Cindy and Janice coming down the stairs. he

    couldn't help but see that Cindy had a somewhat strange look on her

    face. Her eyes lit up when she saw Brad watching her. She flung her

    arms around him and hugged him tight.

    "Hey, Cindy" he started.. "I was just wondering, do you have one of

    those maid's outfits?" Cindy tilted her head and eyed him thoughtfully.

    "No, but i'll get one if you want. and we MUST invest in an enema bag."

    She said giving Janice a sly glance who overheard and smiled.


        Almost everyone had completed their adventure and were filtering in

    the room by twos. Most had silly smiles on their face when they joined

    their friends in the large room. Cheryl had gotten into a conversation

    with a man named Mark who was telling her that he had a real maid at

    home that looked a lot like her.

        Christine walked up to Cheryl and said. "So, you want my husband

    too?" she asked in mock suspicion as she put her arms around Mark.

    "Your husband? he just told me that you had a maid that looks like me."

    "Yeahhhh" She said with a giggle.

    "Oh, do you treat her like you did me?" Cheryl asked coyly.

    "Oh heavens no!..She would whip my bottom if I got out of line with

    her!" Christine laughed.

    "Well, if your maid ever goes on vacation, you should give me a call.

    I'll be glad to fill in for her." She said as she winked at her.

        Laurie cornered Bruce and Harold and told them that they must come

    over for dinner soon.

    "Harold and I will put on maid's outfits for you." She said linking her

    arm in Harold's "Would you like that, Bruce?"

    Bruce gave her a sidelong glance. "As a matter of fact, I would like

    that. You have a date."

    "Oh yes, I hope you don't mind. But I simply must take this man to bed

    with me. I'm told he's got a nice cock." Harold blushed at his friend.

    Bruce gestured toward the stairs. "Be my guest." He smiled at her.

    Genuinely liking the sexy redhead.

    "Come on Harold. Our time has come!" she said leading him toward the


        Cindy was sitting on Brad's lap and was telling him about what

    Janice had done to her. His eyebrow shot up when she told him about the


    "Would you like me to do that to you?" He asked as his arms wrapped

    around her waist.

    "I don't think I would like it, but you know you can do whatever you

    want to me." She said, looking deep into his eyes.

    "Good." He said. "Because I can't see myself doing that." He pressed

    her lips to his own and kissed her affectionately.

        "Hey" Ron said. "Did anyone see who Donna got matched up with?" he

    asked the whole group.

    "Yeah" Cheryl answered. "She got the Baron.. I think he said something

    about his private bedroom." Ron nodded silently and shrugged his


    "You know" he said to Jennifer who was holding hands with Jack who

    seemed to be a bit more comfortable with her. "He always told me that

    he wanted that girl." Jennifer smiled and looked up at him.

    "Do you think he plans to keep her?" Ron laughed.

        Donna laid curled up against Von Kerr in his bed. Her ass was a

    bright red from what had to have been a very severe whipping. She was

    gently kissing him all over his face while he had his hands on her


    "Hey, what is your first name?" Donna asked him curiously.

    Von Kerr studied her for a moment. "You know, i've never told anyone

    here my first name."


        "I know.. Will you tell me?" she said looking at him with her

    bright eyes.

    "Yes, I think you should be the first to know it. It's Wilhelm"

    "Wilhelm." Donna rolled it on her tongue like it was a wine she was

    sampling. "I like it!" He chuckled and pinched her cheek.

    "So glad you approve. But we'd better get up and tell them."

    Donna made a pouty face. "I wanna stay here for awhile longer."

    He lovingly patted her scorched bottom. "Plenty of time for that, my

    dear... Now get your lovely self out of bed and get dressed."

        Cheryl sat down next to Brad and Cindy. "Cindy, do you mind if I

    talk to Brad for a moment, alone?" Cindy smiled at the young woman.

    "Not at all. I think I need a drink anyway." She climbed off of his lap

    and walked away. Brad followed her with his eyes.

        "She's a nice woman." Cheryl told him. "Are you happy?" she asked.

    "Yeah, I really am happy. We're going to move in together."

    "Oh that's wonderful, Brad!" Cheryl said. "I wanted to fully explain

    why I had to break our date that night." Brad held his hand up and

    shook his head.

    "You don't have to, hon. I understand."

    "No, I want to. You see, Jennifer came into the store and invited me to

    dinner. Or rather she TOLD me to come to dinner. I took one look at her

    and knew I had to say yes. When I told you that I forgot, I was only

    half telling the truth to you." Cheryl stopped for a moment then


    "I just wanted you to know that I am truly sorry that I lied to you

    that day. I mean about Jennifer being my aunt and all that. I just hope

    we can be friends. You know I really do care for you." Cheryl said to

    him with a hint of a tear in her eye.

        Brad leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I think one day i'm going

    to have to put you across my knee and give you the spanking you

    deserve." He said in a lighthearted voice.  Cheryl hugged him and then

    smiled while she touched his cheek.

    "Yes you should. I'll be looking forward to that day." She said as she

    kissed him briefly on the lips and stood to walk away.

    "You know, I think i'm gonna go sit Cindy down and tell her how lucky

    she is." She said to him with a sparkle in her eye as she walked away

    toward Cindy.

        She walked up to Cindy and hugged her. "Thank you, Cindy. I had

    something to say to Brad that i've been wanted to get off my chest for

    a long time."  Cindy took the young woman's hands in her own and smiled

    at her.

    "I know.. Brad told me how you and he used to date. Is it all cleared

    up now?" Cheryl giggled

    "Yeah... He told me that he was going to spank me one day." Cindy

    laughed with her.

        Wilhelm Von Kerr came down the stairs with Donna possessively

    holding on to his waist. They moved to the bar as Ron sat down next to

    Jennifer and watched them go by. He caught that far away look in his

    step daughter's face.


        Von Kerr had made himself a drink and then said loudly.

    "Can I have everyone's attention" Conversations went silent as they

    waited to hear what he had to say.

        "I want all of you, my friends to be the first to hear this news."

    Pausing for effect, "Tonight, Donna had consented to become the

    Baroness Von Kerr." Loud clapping broke out among the partiers along

    with a few congratulations from some who were standing hearing to them.

    "But for tonight... it's anything goes.. find a partner or partners..

    And have a good time!" The party would last until late Sunday night.

        Ron sat back and looked at Jennifer. "It looks like my little girl

    is really growing up." He mused with a rueful smile. Jennifer nodded,

    "It's almost a shame to lose her. I'm sure she'll no longer work with


    Ron sighed as he looked at how Donna's face radiated happiness.

    "And i'm just a little too old to be starting a new family." He said

    with a grin. Jennifer laughed and said. "If that was a proposal, sir!".

        At this point, Josie walked across the room and seated her ample

    bottom on Ron's lap. She put her arms around his neck and pouted at


    "We get our report cards tomorrow, daddy. I'm afraid I didn't do very

    well."  Ron grinned first at Josie, then at Jennifer.

    "Then again.." He said, wrapping his arms around Josie's waist.

    "There's a lot to be said for raising a family." Jennifer tossed her

    head back and laughed before patting Josie on the knee and getting up.

    "I think I know when i'm not needed." She giggled and walked up behind

    George. They exchanged a few words before he nodded and took her hand

    as they walked toward the stairs. The look of elation on his face lit

    up the room.

    Authors Note:

        Although this is a work of fiction, I've taken great care to make

    the sexual scenes sound like they COULD happen. For you, the reader...

    I hope you find this effort to your liking. As always, I welcome your

    comments and suggestions.

          Thank You

          Robert 42

    COMING SOON..... SOMETHING A LITTLE SPICY.. The story of the spicier

    side of sex.


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